Saturday, 7 September 2019

Kali Tuna Expands Horizons With Brand New Plant in Hong Kong

Tuna reared in Kali tuna's cages has now taken its place on the vast market of Hong Kong, China and East Asia, reports.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 7th of September, 2019, Jiro Kambe, the owner of Kali Tuna, has now founded Kali Tuna H.K. Co., Ltd, and the new tuna ''plant'' for the market there opened there on Friday, September the 6th, 2019.

China's "Kali Tuna" opens the day after the scheduled completion of Asia's largest fishery industry trade fair, Seafood Expo Asia 2019, which was scheduled to begin Tuesday and run until Thursday, but was delayed due to the concerning situation currently playing out in Hong Kong.

J-Trading's Hong Kong-based plant will, among other things, be equipped with ten very powerful freezers that store tuna at -60 degrees, the type which freezes the tuna immediately after being removed from the cage. In addition, there will be two large refrigerators to prepare the tuna steak for human consumption.

As Jiro Kambe said, the mission of this largest producer of high-quality tuna is to offer this premium product not only to luxury restaurants, but to all possible consumers across East Asia, including Hong Kong. And in the presentation materials, before the opening of the plant, the main emphasis is placed on quality and the purity of the sea in which the tuna was farmed, as well as that of the tiny blue fish that feed the tuna as they grow, such as anchovies and others that are the same as those frequently consumed by humans.

The tuna meat from the cages of Kali Tuna has long been on the tables of top restaurants across the world, not only in Japan, but from California to Dubai, where the local sushi restaurant Nobu, co-owned by the famous Robert De Niro, has been using the meat of Adriatic bluefin tuna for specialties for a couple of years now.

This business move of J-Trading and its affiliates, and of Kali Tuna itself to the vast market of Hong Kong, China and East Asia, has been one of the most important business moves since the very establishment of Kali Tuna, ie, the beginning of caged tuna in the Adriatic sea.

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Monday, 27 May 2019

Zadar's Aquaculture Impresses European Federation of Animal Science

As Morski writes on the 27th of May, 2019, Prof. Dr. Matthias Gauly, a professor at Bolzano University and President of the European Association of Animal Science (EAAP), one of the largest animal breeding associations in Europe, has been in the Zadar area in recent days.

With the help of doc. dr. sc. Ivan Župan from the Department of Ecology, Agronomy and Aquaculture of the University of Zadar, he got better acquainted with Zadar's local aquaculture. Namely, EAAP didn't have a section on this aspect of agricultural production, which was recently established by Dr. Župan. Gauly got to know the production processes which take place in Cromaris and with Kali tuna out in the field, and he's leaving Zadar with positive impressions, according to HRT Radio Zadar.

''Our department was actively involved in the co-organising of the EAAP Congress last year in Dubrovnik, where we presented, along with other participants such as AGRRA and Cromaris, the state of aquaculture and our scientific work. Nearly 2,000 participants from all over the world participated in the congress, and in our section there were thirteen speakers. This year, we continued our activities. So far, we have fifteen registered participants and we're trying to create a working group that would further enhance aquaculture within this association,'' stated Dr. Župan.

A working visit was an opportunity for Dr. Gauly to understand how aquaculture is developed in a county that hold over seven percent of the state's entire share. With deputy professor prof. dr. sc. Slaven Zeljić, they visited Cromaris and Kali Tuna, where they could see how production is done live in the sea. The whole process of production was explained to them, from getting younger fish to the aspects of fish processing, which left an obviously good impression.

''As a department, we want to connect more tightly with the economy, but also with the businesses involved in fisheries and aquaculture, we're closer to the associations that can help them in their production. EAAP covers all aspects of livestock production, poultry farming, cattle breeding, general livestock farming, but so far, we have not included aquaculture as one of the fastest growing branches. This will also provide opportunities for advancement to scientists and businesses,'' said Župan.

EAPP covers a number of topics that are important to manufacturers such as health, genetics, and environmental protection.

Gauly says he has positive impressions of what he saw in Zadar and is impressed with everything he has seen there, in terms of scientific work and in terms of the collaboration with Zadar's local producers.

"I've been convinced that the production takes the environment into account and that it has a future because it's viable. I appreciate that from the beginning, the owners have collaborated with the industry, and given feedback on the state of the environment so researchers can continue to lead them. It is very positive that students are involved in all of this, who have a very critical approach. I've seen a lot of young professional people who can stay here where they are educated and who like to work. Our association also has a platform for young scientists, who will be able to express their potential through it, working with colleagues from other countries,'' noted Gauly.

The EAAP brings together experts from all European countries and better connects them with the industry.

"What I've experienced over these twenty or so years is that we gain a much better understanding among people through co-operation. I think that's more important today than ever. The friends I met at the beginning of my engagement today, I understand now much better than I ever did before. Although we differ, we retain our identities in many things. As far as Zadar University is concerned, it's very active, it's been involved in our activities from the very beginning and I look forward to our future cooperation,'' concluded Gauly.

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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Nobu's Celebrity Chef and Robert De Niro's Business Partner Visits Croatia: "I want your Adriatic tuna!"

Japan's most famous chef and restauranteur of 'Nobu' fame wants a piece of Croatia's Adriatic tuna.