Friday, 2 October 2020

Theater at End of City: Former Judino Drvo Transforms into Split's Newest Theater

October 2, 2020 - Famous Split music venue and club Judino Drvo has closed its doors. The Kopilica space will now be used to host Split's newest theater. 

Dalmacija Danas reported that "Theater at the end of the city" is located in Kopilica, the infamous location of Split's 'metro' and club Judino Drvo. Now, however, it will become a place where Split locals will enjoy theatrical performances.

The space, most commonly known to Split's alternative population as Judino Drvo, has been turned into a small theater with an audience of 200 seats and all the accompanying contents. In addition to the atrium, ground floor and gallery, there is also a large stage for performances, excellent sound and lighting, and something crucial for the audience - free parking.

The main actors in this move are the UC collective led by Iris Buric.

"We are very happy to announce the imminent opening of the "Theater at the End of the City", a project that is so much needed by our city, which for years has been crying out for additional space where cultural events will be offered. From the first day I saw this space, I associated it with the theater and I believe that the audience will fall in love with this charming theater at first.

"Theater at the end of the city" is conceived as a multimedia center that will offer citizens cultural and educational content under its roof. We will open it with the autumn theater season, but our plan is to soon expand the program to children's theater performances, guitar school, acting and much more. This city does not lack content and will, it lacks adequate space and we believe that "Theater at the end of the city" will very soon become an important actor in the cultural scene of Split,"  said Buric.

Amadeus Events, which is very well known to the Split theater audience, is in charge of the program part of the theater season.

"We have been cooperating with all the most successful Croatian theaters for almost a decade. Behind us are hundreds of successful performances throughout Dalmatia in all cultural locations. But we have been dreaming for a long time to provide the citizens of Split and its surroundings with just such a place. And after almost a year of preparation, we can say with satisfaction that we have succeeded. Autumn rich in theatrical performances awaits us and we know that our audience will be very satisfied with what this theater will offer them.

We would also like to thank Građa d.d. which again had an ear for cultural projects in our city. They have once again confirmed their slogan, so when the "Theater at the end of the city" is born, the materials always stand by you!" said Amadeus.

The actresses who will soon have the opportunity to perform on Split's newest stage also commented on the news:

"The news that a new theater scene is opening is always sensational. And when something like that happens in the middle of a global pandemic, then it’s so much more. Then it’s another confirmation that theater is desperately needed. And indestructible. And to all of us who live for theater, an indispensable injection of optimism.

I am overjoyed that my new play, Vla Vla Vlajland cabaret, will be registered as the first play to take place at the Theater on the outskirts of the city," said Ecija Ojdanic.

"When we no longer have a small theater at the beginning of the city, here is a small theater at the end of the city. In addition to our large HNK, Youth Theater and Puppet Theater, we have been crying out for years for a space where we could perform plays, hold concerts and organize similar events that would enrich the cultural events in the city. And here is a small theater where we will be able to perform small and large plays - a Theater at the end of town. We wish them a happy start to the season without the coronavirus, joy and happiness for the elderly and youth," said Arijana Culina.

"Everything related to the theater in Split that is new, every man who loves this city should be happy. Culture is a mirror of our society. That is why I am especially happy that such a project with such a resounding and appropriate name "Theater at the end of the city" is being prepared in our city. From the very idea, place, concept, visual identity and program, this is a project that will change the vision of the culture of Split. I have to admit that after this project I am optimistic and a bit euphoric after a long time. A project that will raise the bar high in the city," concluded Ana Gruica Uglesic.

"Theater at the end of the city" will open its doors with a cabaret play "Vla Vla Vlajland" by author and director Ivan Leo Lema, featuring the always top performance of Ecija Ojdanic on October 9 and 10 (Friday and Saturday) at 8 pm, and October 11 ( Sunday) at 7:30 pm.

Tickets are on sale for 90 kuna from Monday, October 5, at the box office of the theater (Kopilica 24) from 3 pm to 7 pm. You can also book tickets by calling 091 9720 540.

Free parking is provided for all visitors to the theater, and the organizers also emphasize that all epidemiological measures in force will be respected.

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Friday, 23 February 2018

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