Sunday, 29 May 2022

Five Freshwater Destinations in Croatia for a Summer Dip

May 29, 2022 - While it may sound silly not to take advantage of the summer to enjoy the Adriatic Sea to the fullest, this time of year is ideal for visiting other destinations beyond the coast. In case you are far from the sea and need to take a dip, here are some freshwater destinations in Croatia to cool off!

Summer in Croatia is synonymous with turquoise waters, paradise islands, and sailboats. For many, if your vacation does not include any of these, then you are not enjoying the country as you should. I do not agree. Although visiting the Adriatic is essential, summer brings with it a wide variety of opportunities throughout the entire geography of Croatia. The parks and fields are filled with green and shade, perfect for hiding from the sun. Also, the number of events and festivities multiply considerably in central and eastern Croatia. Why would you miss any of this?

If you can, including central and eastern Croatia in your travel itinerary is a great idea. Zagreb and Osijek airports will also increase their routes and flights throughout, and after getting to know both cities and their surroundings, you can head to see what makes Croatia so famous: its coast and islands. But don't worry, we know that these regions of the country are no strangers to high temperatures, and you will surely want to take a dip before waiting to travel to the coast. If freshwater is also your thing, here are some non-beach destinations in Croatia where you can cool off.

Jarun lake, Zagreb

When temperatures rise to an unbearable point at this time of year, Lake Jarun becomes a haven of shade and fresh water for the inhabitants of the Croatian capital. Jarun Lake is a 2 km artificial body of water, surrounded by cycling paths, promenades, forests, and parks. It was built and opened in 1987 for the Universiade - World University Games. The lake is ideal not only for bathers, but for all those who practice activities such as rowing, kayaking, or paddling.


Jarun lake. (Image: Croatian National Tourist Board)

Drava river, Osijek

The Drava, the main river in Osijek, gives the city not only a beautiful appeal but also offers its inhabitants an ideal alternative when summer arrives and the Adriatic is so far away. One would think that it is the custom of only a few, but the banks of the Drava are filled with hundreds of people looking for a good dip even on weekdays. In addition to lying down to sunbathe, family and friends gather to play on the shores and have a picnic.


Drava river, Osijek. (Photo: Mario Romulić)

Foginovo kupalište, Karlovac

Foginovo kupalište is a river bathing area in the city of Karlovac, where its inhabitants cool off in the waters of the Korana river. From its source in Plitvice, the Korana river reaches Karlovac, offering for centuries an oasis of peace, nature, and freshwater to locals and visitors. Bathers enjoy not only fairly clean waters but can also do so in peace thanks to the lifeguards always nearby. It is definitely an ideal destination for everyone, as adults can sunbathe on the shores, while the younger ones enjoy the inflatables and the diving tower.


Foginovo kupalište, Karlovac. (Image:

Cetina river

The Cetina river is one of the largest and most important rivers in southern Croatia, rising from the Cetina spring to the east in Šibenik-Knin County, running through almost all of Dalmatia, and reaching the Adriatic Sea at Omiš. There are those who find the Cetina spring itself an ideal spot for a summer dip, but the entire river has numerous points to cool off. If you are in Omiš, encourage yourself to participate in activities such as kayaking, canoeing, or rafting, as many of the organizers include moments during the tours to take a good bath in freshwater after a good exercise.


Cetina river. (Image: Mish and Kirk/YouTube Screenshot)

Modro jezero, Imotski

In Imotski, just an hour from Split by car, you will find not only a historic and quite picturesque town but also a group of lakes that are well-known in the country. One, in particular, Modro jezero, is an ideal bathing spot where high temperatures can easily be reached in these months of the year. Of all the alternatives mentioned above, Modro Jezero must be one of the most spectacular in terms of its location and scenery.


Modro jezero, Imotski. (Photo: Peter Malovrh/Flickr)

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Friday, 20 May 2022

Zagreb Food Truck Festival Kicks Off at Lake Jarun on May 26!

May 20, 2022 - From May 26 to June 12, the Zagreb Food Truck Festival, a city favorite and the first Croatian street food festival on wheels will be held on Jarun Lake to attract more than 20,000 visitors for the third year in a row.

The Zagreb Food Truck Festival announces its largest edition this year at Jarun, where over 20,000 visitors are expected from May 26 to June 12. With a rich offer of good snacks and an even better music and entertainment program, the Zagreb Food Truck Festival very quickly became one of the favorite street festivals for the people of Zagreb. Located on the Jarun coast in a green oasis near the Aquarius, it was a favorite summer place for many to walk and socialize in the shade with a glass of beer and street food.


Zagreb Food Truck Festival

So from Thursday, May 26, until June 12, visitors will once again be able to enjoy one of the favorite summer festivals. The new Zagreb Food Truck Festival will be open to all visitors on Thursday, May 26 at 4 pm with a traditional Open Air Cinema projection from 8 pm. For 18 days, this location will be the most fun place to go out after work and all-day weekend socializing in a relaxed atmosphere with delicious snacks or an evening out with concerts, scents, and flavors of summer.

Free concerts of local performers are waiting for everyone, starting at 8 pm:


The gastronomic part will include street food and desserts. The offer includes burgers, BBQ, fish specialties, ethnic delicacies and sandwiches, fritters, and craft ice cream, but also drinks such as craft beer, gin, cocktails, aperol spritz, coffee, and juices. Among the food trucks that will be present at the festival is "Picnic" from Zadar, which will present its offer in "Podravka Food Court" for the first time, as well as the Zagreb street food institution "El Toro" with its multi-award-winning Blackie burger, the Slavonian "Time Out", American specialties such as fries and nachos by Vegeta Grill Marinada BBQ from the "Loaded" truck and fantastic fish snacks in the form of sushi, fish tacos at the "Cromaris food corner", all will be ready for you.


Zagreb Food Truck Festival

On Thursday, June 9, a unique festival guest will make an appearance at Varaždin's "Reshetka powered by Đurina hiža" food truck, which will premiere its two new burgers for the Zagreb audience. Lovers of sweets will get their money's worth in the sweet zone where they will enjoy a rich selection of Croatian craft ice cream trucks "Pri suncu", prepared by young pastry chef Nina Šarić and exquisite fritters at "Nadina fritule". Find refreshment in the shade of the Jarun oasis in the areas of Medvedgrad, Badel, Jack Daniels, Hendricks, Cocktails, Aperol Spritz, Pipi, and Jamnica.


Zagreb Food Truck Festival

For our little ones, there are numerous children's workshops on weekends, an outdoor library, a fashion flea market, a small plot to buy seasonal local products, taking photos on a unique retro vehicle, a photo bus, and many other fun activities.

All events and concerts at the Food Truck Festival are free for visitors, and the festival is open to visitors during the working week from 4 pm to 12 am, while on weekends from 11 am to 2 am.

Friends of the festival are: Medvedgrad, Badel, Podravka, Pipi, Jamnica, Vino Laguna, Aperol, Hendricks, Thomas Henry, Cromaris, Zvijezda, Lavazza, I want a book, Saponia, Aquarius, Jutarnji list, Yammat FM and the Zagreb Tourist Board.

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Thursday, 10 March 2022

Five Places You Must Visit During Spring in Croatia

March 10, 2022 - This month, the frigid temperatures and strong winds of winter have already begun to turn into warm and colorful days, thus welcoming spring. Is it worth visiting during this time of year? Of course. And here are five places you cannot miss during spring in Croatia.

Winter in Croatia is a difficult concept to criticize. Despite low temperatures, strong winds, snow, or rain, Croatians have always found a way to positively view the arrival of the winter months. In central and eastern Croatia, the cold and snow are not strong enough to break the spirit of its inhabitants. Winter is synonymous with the holiday season, with cities and towns brightly and colorfully decorating their streets, and filling their parks and plazas with fairs and concerts.

In the same way, along the Croatian coast, the locals take back the cities from the tourists and the storms are intermittent since sunny days predominate. Thus, the people who live in front of the Adriatic find a great excuse to put on their best coats, their sunglasses, and get together with their friends and family to have a coffee in the rivas and old towns of their cities.

However, it is true that when the day darkens at five in the afternoon or the temperature of the sea is too cold to take a dip, summer days are missed throughout the country. For this reason, the arrival of spring is always welcome in Croatia and invites those who reside in the country to venture outside their homes without having to wear more than two pieces of clothing. The beginning of spring in Croatia is March 20, and so that you can plan your next adventure, we share five places that you cannot miss at this time of year.


Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of spring in Croatia is some of its 8 national parks or 12 nature parks. However, the Croatian capital of Zagreb is literally a spectacle of colors and a great atmosphere during this time of year. Although the official date for the beginning of spring is still 10 days away, the inhabitants of Zagreb are already witnessing the first blooms in their avenues, streets, and parks. If you're coming to Zagreb during spring, you probably won't know where to start.


Flowers blossoming in the gardens of King Tomislav Square. (Photo: Patrik Macek/PIXSELL)

Stroll through the beautiful parks in Zagreb's upper town, from Zrinjevac to King Tomislav Square, where you could even sit in its gardens reading a book while enjoying the atmosphere and the colors of its flowers and trees. If you want to go for exercise and at the same time enjoy the blossoming in the spring, visit the parks of Jarun, Bundek or Maksimir, in which you could also organize a picnic with your friends. Or maybe organize a walk through the Zagreb Botanical Garden, in the upper town of Zagreb. You will see that when you get home and check your phone, you will have probably taken more than a hundred photos throughout the day. Zagreb is home to many of the best spots to be during spring in Croatia.


Cherry trees in the district of Prečko, Zagreb. (Photo: Igor Kralj/PIXSELL)

Bonus tip: visit Šulekova street in Zagreb in Spring, which has become famous for its spectacular colors thanks to the blossoming of its cherry trees. Don't forget to go with someone who can take amazing pictures of you for your Instagram!

Plitvice Lakes National Park

It really is impossible not to highlight the national and natural parks of Croatia when talking about a change of season. I do not mention a season in particular because each one offers something magical and different. For example, when we talk about Plitvice Lakes National Park, we cannot compare the four seasons, just enjoy them to the fullest. Autumn's intense red and orange colors beautifully contrast with turquoise lakes, resembling a frame straight out from a fairy tale. Winter covers the park with snow, and the result is a mixture of whites and turquoises that will make your jaw drop. And not to mention the summer, where the green forests also serve as a refuge from the high temperatures with their shade.


Plitvice Lakes National Park, stunning all year round. (Photo: Vedran Bozičević)

But we all know that, in a place as diverse in flora as the Plitvice Lakes National Park, it is essential to witness its colorful show during spring. It's arguably the perfect time, as it's neither too cold nor too hot to overwhelm you as you wander through the park, and it's one of its most photogenic times of the year!

Find HERE the prices and rates of the tickets to visit the Plitvice Lakes National Park.


We also don't want to overwhelm you with a shower of colors, if that's not your thing. And it is not because Split does not have them, but the experience of spring in the Dalmatian city is lived in a different way. Spring in Croatia comes in different shapes and colors. Although the trees and parks of Split are also beginning to regain their leaves and greenery, the arrival of spring means that the return to the sea and the beaches is getting closer. You will feel that wearing a coat could be unnecessary, with temperatures that can rise up to 17 degrees. Even with the water still relatively cold, some brave souls are already starting to visit the city's beaches to take a dip, realizing that the frequent sunny days and rising temperatures will dry them out quickly once out of the water.


The Diocletian Palace in Split, not during summer, but in April. (Photo: Milan Sabic/PIXSELL)

But without a doubt, the most exciting thing about spring in Split is the progressive reopening of many restaurants, bars, and cafes throughout the season, which have already finished their respective maintenance and are beginning to prepare for the arrival of the busy summer. If you were in Split during the winter, and you will stay here until at least the beginning of summer, you will witness a city that is becoming active every day. Also, ferry lines are starting to increase and you can have the privilege of visiting more islands and destinations without the crowds. And beware, enjoying spring in Split is something that can be replicated throughout the Croatian coast, from Istria to Dubrovnik!

Krka National Park

If you change your mind and would indeed like to see the spring in Croatia blooming at its best, there will always be a national park or nature park near you. The Krka National Park has nothing to envy Plitvice Lakes since its sixteen plunging waterfalls, winding hiking trails, and vast expanse of lush, green forests place it as one of the most visited destinations in the entire country. Krka, apart from being recognized for its spectacular sceneries, is also a very popular destination for adventure lovers. Whether on foot or by bicycle, it is never enough to discover all the wonders that the national park hides. And if you had to pick an ideal time of year to visit, the spring months should be at the top of your list.


Very close to Šibenik, and less than an hour from Split - Krka National Park. (Credit: Krka National Park)

Although the new measures taken by the National Park, which prohibit visitors from bathing in the falls, have reduced the saturation of people in the main circuit of Krka, summer is still the time of year with the highest volume of tourists. If you are looking to connect better with the nature of Krka, you will surely find it in spring with almost as pleasant weather, colors everywhere, fewer people, and... cheaper prices!

Find HERE the prices and rates of the tickets to visit the Krka National Park.


Of course, spring comes everywhere, and not only on the coast and in central Croatia. Moreover, it could be said that spring in eastern Croatia arrives with incomparable intensity. The vast forests, fields, and crops in Slavonia and Baranja are a visual delight both for those viewing it from above with their drones, as well as for those on foot. This part of Croatia is often mistakenly considered a cold, nothing-happening region, but few have the privilege of enjoying its energy and warmth all year round, even in the harshest of winters. And all the more reason, you'll want to check it out for yourself in a season with better weather and full of greenery.


Cherry trees in King Krešimir IV park in Osijek. (Photo: Davor Javorovic/PIXSELL)

There are so many places to visit in this region during spring, but what better place to start than in the largest city in eastern Croatia, and the fourth largest in the country. Osijek is famously known as the greenest city in Croatia, with more parks and public green areas than any other town in Croatia. Wherever you go in Osijek during the spring, you will come across an immeasurable number of trees and gardens full of vibrant colors. Some of the parks that you cannot miss are King Tomislav Park, Sakuntala Park, or King Krešimir IV Park, protected as the first monument of park architecture in Croatia.


Cherry trees in King Krešimir IV park in Osijek. (Photo: Dubravka Petric/PIXSELL)

These are just five examples of places that you cannot miss during spring in Croatia, but believe us when we tell you that the whole country, throughout its territory, has some magic waiting for you during the most colorful season of the year.

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Monday, 10 January 2022

Boat in Which Two Officers Will Row Across Atlantic Launched

ZAGREB, 10 Jan 2022 - Fenix, a boat in which two retired Homeland War officers plan to row across the Atlantic, was launched on Zagreb's Jarun lake on Monday, and if they succeed, Croatia will join 31 other countries which have accomplished that feat.

Werner Ilić and Martin Cruickshank are the first Croats attempting to row across the Atlantic. Their endeavor is part of a project called "Across the Atlantic Ocean with a Paddle."

The two will set off towards the end of the month and their trip is expected to last 90 days.

Project manager Dražen Hrženjak said the campaign was also aimed at warning about ocean pollution and the need to preserve all the world seas. He added that "Across the Atlantic Ocean with a Paddle" was "part of a story called 'Atlantic Banovina'."

The Banovina region in central Croatia was struck by a devastating earthquake in December 2020.

"As Wener and Martin row across the Atlantic, we will carry out a humanitarian campaign in Croatia called 'One meter, one kuna.' The funds we raise we will invest in a center in Banovina. The center will be called 'Veteran Paddle' because, in a way, they will build it with a paddle," he said.

War Veterans Minister Tomo Medved said Ilić and Cruickshank were Homeland War veterans who today continued to promote the values which connected all defenders during the 1991-95 war - patriotism, unity, and faith.

He said this endeavor showed that Homeland War defenders and veterans remained aware of the importance of everything they did in the past and that they were telling everyone it was never too late for big things.

The Fenix was also subjected to big waves to show its stability and was also sunk to show its strength in the extreme weather awaiting the two Croatian rowers in the Atlantic.

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Wednesday, 12 May 2021

LMF Festival Coming to Jarun This Summer!

May 12th, 2021 - At the end of the summer, the world's most famous DJ names are coming to the LMF festival on Jarun!

Marco Carola, Luciano, and Claptone are the main stars of the premiere edition of the music festival that brings the cream of the world electronic scene to Zagreb!

At the end of August, there will be a real musical treat for true lovers of electronic music, but also all those who want a good time, a feel-good atmosphere, and dancing, which we missed out on for a year and a half. Everyone already misses it. One of the most attractive locations in Zagreb - Lake Jarun - will become a large outdoor stage on 21.08. for over 40 DJs from around the world, but also a must-go destination for spectacular entertainment.

As reports, it all started at the end of 2019 in the most famous party city in the world - Las Vegas - when a team from the Zagreb event agency Playbox organized the Vegas Electric Parade, which over 80,000 people saw. After the coronavirus pandemic disrupted plans for further festivals in Las Vegas, the Playbox team decided to continue the story in their city, putting Zagreb on the exclusive list of world party destinations.

Following the example of the world's most famous parades, 6 moving stages will circle the lake during the festival, where DJs will take turns. Visitors will choose whether they want to stay in the same location and see all the performers or follow their favorite DJ in the procession. The parade will officially begin at noon, and the entire festival will run until the early hours of the next morning. 

With sunset, the party trucks-stages stop, and the procession continues on the biggest stage with performances by some of the truly greatest DJ names of today. In addition to top-quality electronic music, visitors can expect a great accompanying program, such as live graffiti painting, electric car exhibitions, delicious food corners, chillout zones, and much more.

Lake Jarun is also known as the "Zagreb Sea." Due to its size and diversity, and versatility, it is a frequent location for various festivals and similar events. The ring road with open plateaus next to the road provides an ideal space for a parade of moving stages and spectators. At the same time, the capacity of the location is far greater than needed, even under current regulations and epidemiological measures.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected various areas, notably the festival and concert industry, which has come to a complete halt. Hope for a brighter future is given to us by some new projects, such as LMF, whose slogan calls for, despite the pandemic, to let the music be free and at the same time free ourselves, at least for one day, from the worries that bother us.

Early bird tickets were released yesterday through Eventim.

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Saturday, 24 April 2021

Zagreb to Host 2021 World Rowing Cup for First Time!

April 24, 2021 - The 2021 World Rowing Cup will be held in Zagreb from April 30 to May 2 for the first time in history. 

Namely, the world's best rowers will gather at Zagreb's Jarun, led by Olympic, world, and European winners, brothers Martin and Valent Sinković in coxless pairs, and Olympic runner-up Damir Martin in singles.

Sisters Ivana and Josipa Jurković will also compete for Croatia in the coxless pairs, David Šain in singles, and Ivan Piton, Marko Ukropina, Anton, and Patrik Lončarić in the coxless four. 

This will be their first 'world appearance' at home, and they are proudly waiting for the arrival of their world competitors.

"This is an important moment for Croatian sports and rowing, since, after the reconstruction of the Jarun track, the possibility of holding the World Cup and bringing the world's best rowers to Zagreb became a reality. This competition not only promotes sports but is important for the overall promotion of Croatia and Zagreb as a historical and cultural center, tourist destination, and modern European metropolis," said the president of the Croatian Rowing Federation Branimir Basic.


Robert Anic / PIXSELL

Martin Sinković thanked the City of Zagreb for its support and the opportunity to compete with the best rowers in the world for the first time in history, hoping that the World Cup will be held in Zagreb in 2023, and in the future, perhaps the World Championship.

"We are happy to compete with the best world crews at home. Who knows, maybe in a few years, the world championship will be held on Jarun," said Martin Sinković.


Robert Anic / PIXSELL

Damir Martin pointed out that he has not the slightest doubt about the success of the upcoming competition.

"This is a really nice occasion. I have no doubts about the organization and everything needed because we have many years of experience in Zagreb and Croatian rowing behind us. This will be just one “day at the office” for the organization," the silver medalist from the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics said.

Sisters Ivana and Josipa Jurković, who won fifth place in the coxless pairs, will also perform at Jarun.

"We are happy because this is the first time that such competition takes place in Croatia. We hope for a good result; unfortunately, because of the epidemiological situation, there will be no fans," said Ivana Jurković.

Patrik Lončarić, a representative of the coxless fours, also expressed satisfaction with the competition in Zagreb, hoping that a good result will make an additional step forward before the regatta that separates them from the final qualifying regatta for the Olympic Games in Tokyo.


Robert Anic / PIXSELL

"This is a big deal, the World Cup on Jarun. We have good rowers, and I hope we will do as well as possible and take another step forward."

Tomislav Družak, State Secretary at the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, thanked and congratulated on behalf of the Government and the relevant ministry, all participants for their courage and determination to organize such an event in difficult pandemic conditions. He is sure that this will be a great overture for the upcoming competition in which some rowers will try to win a place at the Olympic Games.

Jelena Pavičić Vukičević, Deputy Mayor who is acting mayor, wished all athletes good health and much sporting success. She emphasized that the investment of 30 million kuna for the arrangement of the track itself will remain for this competition and for the generations to come and those who, perhaps thanks to this event, will love this sport and try rowing.

The Zagreb Tourist Board also supported the event.

"Sports events are one of the most important ambassadors of every country, and thus the city they are held. I am delighted that Zagreb is in these uncertain times, for the first time in history, hosting two major world sporting events - the World Rowing Cup and the World Rally Championship (WRC)," said director Martina Bienenfeld. 

The representative of WWF Adria, Ivana Korn Varga, emphasized the importance of water as a natural resource and as a basis for the preservation of freshwater ecosystems; cooperation was established between WWF and the World Rowing Federation, including the Croatian Rowing Federation. She wished good luck to the rowers and announced the nomination of the five-state UNESCO Mura Biosphere Reserve, the Drava Danube.


Robert Anic / PIXSELL

According to the guidelines for event management, the World Rowing Federation, the Croatian Rowing Federation, and the Olympic Committee have developed a COVID-19 protection plan for organizing sports events based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO).

The plan was carefully reviewed and approved by the Croatian Institute of Public Health and the Croatian Civil Protection Headquarters. The World Rowing Federation and the Olympic Committee are convinced that the measures planned to be implemented are appropriate to minimize the risk of transmission and infection at the event.

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Monday, 1 June 2020

INmusic Festival Announces Gogol Bordello to 15th Edition Lineup in 2021

June 1, 2020 - The 15th edition of the INmusic festival, which has been postponed to June next year due to COVID-19, will feature the international punk world music sensation Gogol Bordello, the festival organizer announced on Monday.

Led by the charismatic Eugene Hütz, Gogol Bordello brings together a diverse group of musicians and performers from all over the world, whose cultural influences also form the unique sound of the group.

Roma and Eastern European influences in Gogol Bordello's songs and performances are combined with energetic punk and dub elements accompanied by violin, accordion and saxophone.

With seven studio albums behind him, one EP, a series of guest appearances with other musicians and in documentaries and feature films, including Lie Schreiber's "Everything is Illuminated" and Madonna's directorial debut "Filth and Wisdom", in two decades of work, Gogol Bordello has established his status as one of the most attractive and unusual phenomena on the world music scene, according to the organizer.

Gogol Bordello joins the already confirmed premiere Croatian performances of The Killers, Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets and Belle and Sebastian as part of the postponed edition of INmusic Festival #15, which will take place at the Jarun Islands in Zagreb from June 21 to 23, 2021. 

Recall, the Zagreb music festival announced it would be postponed last month:

"On April 23rd 2020, the Croatian government has announced updates to the national epidemiological measures and limitations introduced in March to fight the spread of the coronavirus epidemic in Croatia, which include the expected and necessary continuation of bans for large public gatherings and events. In line with similar decisions and bans on public gatherings well into the summer months announced over the past weeks by many European governments, the expected postponement of INmusic festival #15 for June 2021 has now become official. Although we were expecting this decision, it is with a heavy heart that we accept the reality of not being able to attend live concerts and festivals this summer, but we are working hard on delivering the anniversary edition of INmusic festival to you all in 2021.

The festival's organization team is in close contact with the announced and not-yet-announced artists who have all expressed their wish and intent to execute their performances in the new dates of the postponed INmusic festival #15 edition. Seeing as all planned international tours need to be rescheduled which is a complex process that requires international coordination, artists and the festival's organization team kindly ask for your patience and understanding until this process is finalized.

We would like to thank each and every one of you for your support, kind words, understanding and patience – you were the reason we made it this far, you remain the reason to push through this as well. 

Stay safe, take care of the people around you and keep your spirits up – this too shall pass!

See you in 2021!"

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Thursday, 6 February 2020

INmusic Festival Adds Belle and Sebastian, Rival Sons to 15th Edition Lineup

February 6, 2020 - In addition to The Killers, Beck, Deftones, The Lumineers, and Rival Sons, the beloved Scottish indie pop band Belle and Sebastian are coming to INmusic Festival #15, which will also be their first-ever concert in Croatia.

Jutarnji List writes that Stuart Murdoch and Stuart David founded Belle and Sebastian in 1994 in Glasgow, where they released their debut album, "Tigermilk," in 1996 at the faculty record label Electric Honey in 1996, with a print run of just 1000 copies.

In the same year, "If You're Feeling Sinister" was released for Jeepster Records, which also released their debut album in 1999 as well as the next three studio releases - "The Boy With An Arab Strap", "Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like a Peasant” and “Storytelling". Four studio albums followed - "Dear Catastrophe Waitress" (2003), "The Life Pursuit" (2006), "Belle and Sebastian Write About Love" (2010), "Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance" (2015). ) - and the rarest 2019 release, that is, the original music for "Days of the Bagnold Summer," starring Earl Cave, Nick Cave's son.

Belle and Sebastian, who chose the band's name after a television adaptation of the French novella about the boy and his dog, are one of the most important indie-pop bands and genre pioneers who have been passionately supported by the audience from the very beginning - even to the point that in 2005, they were officially chosen by the audience for the best Scottish band in fierce competition. The premiere of Belle and Sebastian in Croatia will take place as part of the jubilee fifteenth edition of the INmusic Festival.

Belle and Sebastian join the impressive lineup with The Killers, Beck, Deftones, The Lumineers and Rival Sons. 

At the end of last month, INmusic announced American hard rock band Rival Sons as part of the lineup. Rival Sons consist of Jay Buchanan, Scott Holiday, Michael Miley and Dave Beste. They formed in 2009 in Long Beach, California, and in addition to hard rock, they also play blues. Rival Sons have released six studio albums and one EP so far, and their 2019 album Feral Roots was nominated for two Grammy Awards (Best Rock Album of the Year and Best Rock Performance).

The INmusic Festival #15 will take place at the already well known Jarun lake in Zagreb from June 22 to 24, 2020.

Three-day tickets for the 15th INmusic Festival are on sale and can be purchased through the official INmusic webshop for a price of HRK 499 (+ transaction costs) and at Dirty Old Shop (Tratinska 18, Zagreb) for a price of HRK 499. Camp tickets for INmusic #15 are available exclusively through the festival's webshop for a price of HRK 250 (+ transaction costs) until stocks run out.

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Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Beck and Deftones Announced as First Major Headliners of INmusic Zagreb

December 18, 2019 - INmusic Festival in Zagreb will hold its Jubilee 15th edition next year, which will take place from June 22-24, 2020. Beck was announced on Wednesday as the festival’s second headliner. 

Jutarnji List reports that the seven-time Grammy award winner, a multitalented artist and risk taker in many musical genres, announced a European tour by confirming his performance on the main stage of the 15th edition of the INmusic Festival. 

Beck's impressive career is characterized by playing with a variety of music genres and a genuinely distinctive sound. The diverse opus of fourteen studio albums has earned Beck the status of arguably the most original and creative alternative rock musician of the past decade.

Drawing on a full range of musical styles, from folk, psychedelia and funk to soul, hip hop, alternative rock, pop, and electronic music, Beck's sound is a hybrid that is unique in the world of music. Over fifty nominations for international awards in the fields of music, design and audiovisual media and twenty titles won, including seven Grammys and three Brit Awards, confirm Beck's global status as a multi-faceted artist whose relentless energy of creation pushes the boundaries with each new studio release.

Thirteen gold and multi-platinum studio albums worldwide, sold-out world tours, countless collaborations with musicians from across the spectrum of contemporary music and unique multidisciplinary art projects are an impressive introduction to his latest, fourteenth studio album, Hyperspace, which was released at the end of November 2019 and presents another face of Beck in the 21st Century.

Nine days ago, the first big name of the 15th edition of INmusic was released. California alternative rockers Deftones will take the stage as part of a tour promoting their long-awaited ninth studio album.

The Deftones were most often associated with ‘nu-metal’, but because of the specificity of their sound, they were never easy to be defined. Critics have also described them as alternative metal, art-rock/art metal, experimental rock, post-punk, and even dream-pop and trip-hop. 

"Since its inception, the multiplatinum and Grammy Award-winning California alternative rockers Deftones have been pushing to create music that is unique to them - balancing and exploring the extremes of aggressive metal sound and elements of psychedelia and shoegaze," INmusic announced. 

The Deftones performed in Zagreb back 2006, in the backyard of club Močvara, which was the first performance of the band in Croatia, though they have been active for over thirty years. Deftones was founded in 1988 by Chino Moreno, Stephen Carpenter and Abe Cunningham, high school friends who were connected by the local skateboard scene. The line-up has changed several times, as the members also had side projects, but they maintained continuity in releasing albums and concert performances.

The INmusic Festival, which celebrates its 15th anniversary next year, will be held from June 22 to 24, 2020, at the traditional location of the Jarun lake in Zagreb. Three-day festival tickets are available through the official festival webshop.

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Monday, 6 May 2019

Three Croatian Acts Added to INmusic Festival in Zagreb

Nord, Kevlar Bikini and dno. are the three new Croatian acts set to enhance the 14th INmusic festival this summer.

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