Monday, 11 July 2022

Jarun Divers Remove 700kg of Waste Dumped in Popular Zagreb Lake

July the 11th, 2022 - Jarun divers recently recovered a disgraceful 700kg of rubbish from the bottom of this popular central Zagreb lake as part of a wider environmental action - Think Green.

As Morski writes, a recently held environmental action Think Green/Misli Zeleno has had significant and positive effects on the community, working to further raise the public's general levels of awareness of the importance of environmental protection and the relationship between man and nature. This was the joint conclusion of all the participants of the 27th edition of the project organised by the Diving Club to clean the sea and various lakes throughout the Republic of Croatia.

This weekend, the action was aimed at cleaning Zagreb's much loved Jarun lake, with Jarun divers removing more than 700 kilograms of different types of waste from the bottom of the lake from six different locations.

The group of Jarun divers, 55 of them in total, found and removed tyres, sunken canoes and other such vessels, various cables, plastic bottles and cans and similar materials that have no place whatsoever in the environment or at the bottom of a lake. All of the collected waste was then properly disposed of by the CIOS group, a long-term active partner of the Think Green project.

A total of 80 Jarun divers and other volunteers participated in the action - members of the Diving Club Roniti se mora Zagreb, the Diving Club AdriatiCro Zagreb, the Public Fire Department of the City of Zagreb, KPA Drava - Varazdin, KPA Vodomar - Duga Resa, Diving Club Agramsub, DVD Legrad, the Fire Department of Sveta Nedelja and numerous other volunteers.

Support was provided by the Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency, National Geographic Croatia (Hrvatska), INA d.d., Jamnica, Mares, Garmin, Zagrebacke pekarne KLARA d.d. and the media sponsors Scubalife magazine, Scuba Skener and

Satisfaction with this cooperation, which has been ongoing since the very beginning of the Think Green project, was emphasised by the editor-in-chief of National Geographic Hrvatska Hrvoje Prcic during the official opening of the action at Jarun lake, in the presence of the representative of the Mayor of the City of Zagreb, Goran Petrovic.

The results of this environmental campaign over the past decade indicate positive trends and a more responsible approach of Croatia's inhabitants towards protecting the environment, which confirms the importance of the continuous holding of educational and environmental actions, and certainly provides the organisers with an incentive for further socially responsible activities.

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Friday, 20 May 2022

Zagreb Food Truck Festival Kicks Off at Lake Jarun on May 26!

May 20, 2022 - From May 26 to June 12, the Zagreb Food Truck Festival, a city favorite and the first Croatian street food festival on wheels will be held on Jarun Lake to attract more than 20,000 visitors for the third year in a row.

The Zagreb Food Truck Festival announces its largest edition this year at Jarun, where over 20,000 visitors are expected from May 26 to June 12. With a rich offer of good snacks and an even better music and entertainment program, the Zagreb Food Truck Festival very quickly became one of the favorite street festivals for the people of Zagreb. Located on the Jarun coast in a green oasis near the Aquarius, it was a favorite summer place for many to walk and socialize in the shade with a glass of beer and street food.


Zagreb Food Truck Festival

So from Thursday, May 26, until June 12, visitors will once again be able to enjoy one of the favorite summer festivals. The new Zagreb Food Truck Festival will be open to all visitors on Thursday, May 26 at 4 pm with a traditional Open Air Cinema projection from 8 pm. For 18 days, this location will be the most fun place to go out after work and all-day weekend socializing in a relaxed atmosphere with delicious snacks or an evening out with concerts, scents, and flavors of summer.

Free concerts of local performers are waiting for everyone, starting at 8 pm:


The gastronomic part will include street food and desserts. The offer includes burgers, BBQ, fish specialties, ethnic delicacies and sandwiches, fritters, and craft ice cream, but also drinks such as craft beer, gin, cocktails, aperol spritz, coffee, and juices. Among the food trucks that will be present at the festival is "Picnic" from Zadar, which will present its offer in "Podravka Food Court" for the first time, as well as the Zagreb street food institution "El Toro" with its multi-award-winning Blackie burger, the Slavonian "Time Out", American specialties such as fries and nachos by Vegeta Grill Marinada BBQ from the "Loaded" truck and fantastic fish snacks in the form of sushi, fish tacos at the "Cromaris food corner", all will be ready for you.


Zagreb Food Truck Festival

On Thursday, June 9, a unique festival guest will make an appearance at Varaždin's "Reshetka powered by Đurina hiža" food truck, which will premiere its two new burgers for the Zagreb audience. Lovers of sweets will get their money's worth in the sweet zone where they will enjoy a rich selection of Croatian craft ice cream trucks "Pri suncu", prepared by young pastry chef Nina Šarić and exquisite fritters at "Nadina fritule". Find refreshment in the shade of the Jarun oasis in the areas of Medvedgrad, Badel, Jack Daniels, Hendricks, Cocktails, Aperol Spritz, Pipi, and Jamnica.


Zagreb Food Truck Festival

For our little ones, there are numerous children's workshops on weekends, an outdoor library, a fashion flea market, a small plot to buy seasonal local products, taking photos on a unique retro vehicle, a photo bus, and many other fun activities.

All events and concerts at the Food Truck Festival are free for visitors, and the festival is open to visitors during the working week from 4 pm to 12 am, while on weekends from 11 am to 2 am.

Friends of the festival are: Medvedgrad, Badel, Podravka, Pipi, Jamnica, Vino Laguna, Aperol, Hendricks, Thomas Henry, Cromaris, Zvijezda, Lavazza, I want a book, Saponia, Aquarius, Jutarnji list, Yammat FM and the Zagreb Tourist Board.

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Sunday, 6 February 2022

Future Scope Celebrates 20th Anniversary with 3-Day Zagreb Music Festival

February 6, 2022 - From May 13 to 15, Zagreb's Jarun will host the first Future Scope festival on four stages, with over 30 performers from the electronic, hip hop, rock, and pop music scene.

Last year, one of Zagreb's most famous club programs, Future Scope, marked its 20th anniversary. This year it is celebrating in style - with a three-day festival on Lake Jarun, which will take place on four different but quality stages. This birthday is celebrated from May 13 to 15, 2022, and the protagonists of the celebration are some of the most famous local and international musicians.


The impressive line-up is led by one of the most famous techno DJs Sven Väth, nicknamed Papa Sven due to his exceptional contribution to the genre.


He is followed by Stacey Pullen (who comes to Zagreb from Detroit, the city where techno originated), trance veterans Mauro Picotto and Paul Van Dyk, Sam Paganini, responsible for the timeless anthem "Rave," Rush, an American DJ and producer who boasts dozens of records and releases, Nicole Moudaber, one of the most successful women in electronic music, and Faithless, the electronic band that released "Insomnia" is coming to Zagreb to play a DJ set. Fans of the British Wiggle tech-house sound are thrilled because Terry Francis and Nathan Coles, very well known to the Zagreb audience, are on the line-up, and the program will be complemented on all days by well-known names of the Croatian electronic scene, including Future Scope residents; Petar Dundov, Felver, Shipe, DJ Jock, Mr. DJ Dario, Marina Karamarko, E-base, and others.

Rundek and Ekipa, TBF, Elemental, Detour, ABOP, Boris Štok, and many other names will perform on the Live Stage, announced by the festival organizers soon!

The Future Scope team is preparing a serious festival that can compete alongside the world's best festivals, such as the regional Exit. For 20 years, they have organized over 700 parties and concerts and didn't stop even during the pandemic. 

"We look at music as a broad term, which is why we decided to create a festival that combines different genres and even different audiences. As a result, this will be an interesting blend of subcultural and mainstream musical directions. But, although the two directions in which we are going are stylistically different, they have some things in common - urban flair, quality, and an audience eager for good fun," said the organizers.

Although the first Future Scope party was technically held in April 2001, the team behind the brand points out that in 2002 they started with big foreign tours, which have remained their trademark and strongest asset, so they consider that the year the brand was born. In those 20 years, they explored numerous locations, from Murter's Čigrađa to The Best and the former OTV, for the program to find its permanent home in Boogaloo and Jarun.

They are most proud of their audience.

"They kept us on guard, and because of them, we always invested maximum effort and patience. Without them, we would not be so consistent and ultimately long-lived. If we have to single out projects that keep a special place in our hearts, they are Fatboy Slim at the 2020 Fair and Boris Brejcha at Jarun in the same year. These were two large parties that we managed to do despite the complicated COVID-19 measures. We also remember Amelie Lens at the Fair with 3,000 visitors and the party with Jeff Mills in Boogaloo, which is the most visited event in the history of that club," concluded the organizers.

The organizers have prepared early bird festival tickets that can be purchased until February 15 at a promotional price of 199 kn through on Entrio. More information about the festival can be found on their social networks.

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Saturday, 24 April 2021

Zagreb to Host 2021 World Rowing Cup for First Time!

April 24, 2021 - The 2021 World Rowing Cup will be held in Zagreb from April 30 to May 2 for the first time in history. 

Namely, the world's best rowers will gather at Zagreb's Jarun, led by Olympic, world, and European winners, brothers Martin and Valent Sinković in coxless pairs, and Olympic runner-up Damir Martin in singles.

Sisters Ivana and Josipa Jurković will also compete for Croatia in the coxless pairs, David Šain in singles, and Ivan Piton, Marko Ukropina, Anton, and Patrik Lončarić in the coxless four. 

This will be their first 'world appearance' at home, and they are proudly waiting for the arrival of their world competitors.

"This is an important moment for Croatian sports and rowing, since, after the reconstruction of the Jarun track, the possibility of holding the World Cup and bringing the world's best rowers to Zagreb became a reality. This competition not only promotes sports but is important for the overall promotion of Croatia and Zagreb as a historical and cultural center, tourist destination, and modern European metropolis," said the president of the Croatian Rowing Federation Branimir Basic.


Robert Anic / PIXSELL

Martin Sinković thanked the City of Zagreb for its support and the opportunity to compete with the best rowers in the world for the first time in history, hoping that the World Cup will be held in Zagreb in 2023, and in the future, perhaps the World Championship.

"We are happy to compete with the best world crews at home. Who knows, maybe in a few years, the world championship will be held on Jarun," said Martin Sinković.


Robert Anic / PIXSELL

Damir Martin pointed out that he has not the slightest doubt about the success of the upcoming competition.

"This is a really nice occasion. I have no doubts about the organization and everything needed because we have many years of experience in Zagreb and Croatian rowing behind us. This will be just one “day at the office” for the organization," the silver medalist from the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics said.

Sisters Ivana and Josipa Jurković, who won fifth place in the coxless pairs, will also perform at Jarun.

"We are happy because this is the first time that such competition takes place in Croatia. We hope for a good result; unfortunately, because of the epidemiological situation, there will be no fans," said Ivana Jurković.

Patrik Lončarić, a representative of the coxless fours, also expressed satisfaction with the competition in Zagreb, hoping that a good result will make an additional step forward before the regatta that separates them from the final qualifying regatta for the Olympic Games in Tokyo.


Robert Anic / PIXSELL

"This is a big deal, the World Cup on Jarun. We have good rowers, and I hope we will do as well as possible and take another step forward."

Tomislav Družak, State Secretary at the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, thanked and congratulated on behalf of the Government and the relevant ministry, all participants for their courage and determination to organize such an event in difficult pandemic conditions. He is sure that this will be a great overture for the upcoming competition in which some rowers will try to win a place at the Olympic Games.

Jelena Pavičić Vukičević, Deputy Mayor who is acting mayor, wished all athletes good health and much sporting success. She emphasized that the investment of 30 million kuna for the arrangement of the track itself will remain for this competition and for the generations to come and those who, perhaps thanks to this event, will love this sport and try rowing.

The Zagreb Tourist Board also supported the event.

"Sports events are one of the most important ambassadors of every country, and thus the city they are held. I am delighted that Zagreb is in these uncertain times, for the first time in history, hosting two major world sporting events - the World Rowing Cup and the World Rally Championship (WRC)," said director Martina Bienenfeld. 

The representative of WWF Adria, Ivana Korn Varga, emphasized the importance of water as a natural resource and as a basis for the preservation of freshwater ecosystems; cooperation was established between WWF and the World Rowing Federation, including the Croatian Rowing Federation. She wished good luck to the rowers and announced the nomination of the five-state UNESCO Mura Biosphere Reserve, the Drava Danube.


Robert Anic / PIXSELL

According to the guidelines for event management, the World Rowing Federation, the Croatian Rowing Federation, and the Olympic Committee have developed a COVID-19 protection plan for organizing sports events based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO).

The plan was carefully reviewed and approved by the Croatian Institute of Public Health and the Croatian Civil Protection Headquarters. The World Rowing Federation and the Olympic Committee are convinced that the measures planned to be implemented are appropriate to minimize the risk of transmission and infection at the event.

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Sunday, 7 February 2021

Hundreds Gathered at Jarun Party, Zagreb Police Report No Violations of Epidemiological Measures

February 7, 2021 - Hundreds gathered at a Jarun party on Saturday night in Zagreb, though the police have reported no violations of epidemiological measures. reports that a new video showing hundreds of young people gathered in Zagreb, this time near Jarun, has circulated on social networks and in the media since Saturday night. The Zagreb Police have announced that the police officers did not find any violations or violations of epidemiological measures.

The video, published on Sunday morning in a Facebook group for students living in the Stjepan Radić Student Dormitory, shows young people hanging out, singing, and dancing to music, with a torch in the background.

The recording has since been deleted.

Hina learned from the Zagreb Police that they received two reports on Saturday night of people gathering in Jarun around the lake, the first time just after 10 pm and the second time around 3 am. There were no more reports after that.


"Police officers did not identify any violations, criminal offenses, or violations of epidemiological measures, i.e., the on-site inspection established that all those gathered adhered to the prescribed measures," the Zagreb Police said. Unfortunately, they left a trail of waste. 

Although some media reported that there were several hundred young people, the police say that those gathered were not in larger groups.

"As soon as it is determined that there are no violations of epidemiological measures, it means that the number is not higher than allowed," they explained.

After 8 pm and shortly after midnight, the Zagreb Polic also had reports of a gathering at the Croatian National Theater. Still, an on-site inspection also established that everyone adhered to the prescribed measures. You can see photos of the Jarun party and the gathering at the Croatian National Theater at Jutarnji List HERE.

Earlier, on Friday night, several young people gathered at the Stjepan Radić Student Dormitory. During this procedure, the police confirmed that they verbally called on everyone present to respect epidemiological measures and that they should disperse, which they did. 

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Saturday, 11 April 2020

Irresponsibility in Coronavirus Era Costs: Will Zagreb Parks Close?

Croatia is not in quarantine, and that's extremely important to point out. People can leave their houses amid the coronavirus pandemic, but not their cities/counties/towns of registered permanent residence. People are free to leave their houses to go to pharmacies and the food stores which remain open as they're of course classed as essential. 

What people cannot do, is gather together, wander and sit around aimlessly on benches, on streets or in parks. Social distancing, however it may sound to some, appears to be an effective way of controlling the spread of coronavirus.

Across Facebook, there have been countless posts from people asking if lockdown was over now, because of the amount of people running, jogging, walking and appearing to have very normal family days out in parks. This has unfortunately been especially true in Zagreb, where, ironically, the most coronavirus positive patients are located.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 11th of April, 2020, in the face of people continuing to break the rules, the National Civil Protection Headquarters has warned that there has been no relaxation to the country's stringent anti-epidemic measures, because any failure to comply with the instructions will only prolong this less than ideal situation and put people's health and in some cases, lives, at even more risk.

As Jutarnji list has unofficially reported, in the next few days, there will be increased control of all areas where the gathering of more people has been recorded.

Failure to adhere to the measures which are firmly in place, for which violations are punishable, more specifically, failure to reduce the crowds on popular promenades, picnic areas and parks would result in the complete closure of such areas, which, in Zagreb in particular, would mean the closure of Bundek, Jarun and even Sljeme.

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Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Zagreb's Jarun Bridge in Focus Once Again - Project Worth 40 Million Kuna

As Poslovni Dnevnik/VL/Petra Balija writes on the 11th of February, 2020, the Jarun bridge is once again in focus, and in one of the drawers of Zagreb's city government, a projection has been gathering dust since way back in 2007. The documentation wad done by the late Jure Radic and his associates, and his work was selected in a public tender among ten applicants.

On numerous occasions, the Jarun bridge's construction was announced but nothing ever came of it, much like many projects in Croatia. Over time, the citizens of Zagreb began referring to it as a phantom project, which Mayor Milan Bandic mentions every now and then when it's convenient to bring it up.

Now the Jarun bridge project is on the table once again, and at the last session of the Assembly, the mayor said that a request for location permits for the route to him and a new bridge over the Sava had been submitted.

''We were looking for location permits for three sections on the extended Vrapcanska street, which would connect Ilica to Adriatic avenue, which includes the Jarun bridge itself. The first section, which is 1500 metres long, would involve the construction of a bridge, the second section would go from the bridge to Horvacanska road and would be about 1300 metres long, and the third section from Horvacanska to Zagrebacka road, and would include an overpass that would go over Zagreb avenue,'' says Dinko Bilic, head of the city construction office.

The design and technical documentation is being prepared, and location permits are expected by the end of April.

''After the issuance of the location permits, the preparation of the subdivision studies will be initiated, and after their preparation and verification, the project's technical documentation for the aforementioned sections will be submitted to the city office for property and legal affairs, which is expected at the end of summer this year,'' said the head of the construction office, adding that the plan for this year is to design the main and the implementation project.

This is not the first time that a location permit for the Jarun bridge has been issued, the 40 million euro project was also being discussed at this level back in 2011, when the same permit was first issued.

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Thursday, 27 June 2019

14th Edition of Zagreb's INmusic Festival Ends with The Cure

The legendary English alternative band The Cure, the main headliner of the 14th edition of INmusic in Zagreb, marked the final day of the biggest outdoor Croatian festival with the hits of their longstanding career - and played tirelessly for the audience for more than two hours, reports Jutarnji List on June 27, 2019.

Although they have been prevalent in Croatia since the 1980s, The Cure, led by Robert Smith, had yet to hold a concert in Croatia until now. 

Before the start of the concert, the biggest fans of The Cure, who flocked to Croatia from countries around Europe, secured their spots at the front of the main stage. The band began their set around 11 pm. 

Famous for their live performances, The Cure buzzed through a 28-song set list of timeless hits such as "Pictures of You", "In Between Days", "A Forest", "Just Like Heaven," "Lullaby" , "Friday I'm In Love", "Close To Me" and "Boys Do not Cry".

The audience followed them energetically, maintaining their enthusiasm throughout the entire concert, and did not stop even after two hours and twenty minutes! An incredible effort by band members Smith, Simon Gallup, Reeves Gabrels, Roger O'Donnell, and Jason Cooper.

Before the English legends hit the stage, the American songwriter Laura Pergolizzi, also known as LP, presented her new album "Hearth To Mouth".

The glittering vocals, recognizable whistles and the hit "Lost On You" thrilled a much larger audience than her modest Croatian debut at St. Michael's Fortress in Šibenik. 

The Croatian band Kojoti had the honor of performing between LP and The Cure, who presented material from their new album.

The main stage also featured the Italian electro/darkwave band JoyCut, whose career began their upward journey after The Cure frontman Robert Smith invited them to perform at the Meltdown Festival in London last year.

The electronic post-rock band from Bologna, led by Pasquale Pezzillo, delighted fans with the hit ”The Hanging Garden" and led them through his mostly instrumental repertoire for over an hour.

The final day of INmusic also included several local bands, such as Mangroove, the hip hop and rap ensemble of Kandžija and Gole Žene.

The 14th edition of INmusic was marked by some of the most influential names in rock and alternative scenes - and the three-day festival closed with the long-awaited Croatian performance of The Cure.

Garbage and Suede performed for the first time in Croatia, and the headliners of the first night - the indie pop band Foals, attracted the younger part of the festival audience, mainly from England, where this band is particularly popular. 

The three days of INmusic saw forty performers who adorned the festival lineup with a colorful mix of rock, electronic, alternative and pop music. Mayor of Zagreb Milan Bandić and Jakov Kitarović, the husband of Croatian president Kolinda Grabar Kitarović, even made an appearance.

INmusic #15 will be held from June 22 to June 24, 2020. You can find more information here

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Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Zagreb Lakes Ready for Swimmers

All the beaches at the Jarun and Bundek lakes in Zagreb will be ready to welcome those who decide to spend long summer days inland rather than on the coast. The Andrija Štampar Institute has conducted an analysis which shows that water quality in the lakes is excellent this year, reports Večernji List on April 9, 2019.

Jarun’s Large Lake, Small Lake, Island of Rowers, Island of Trešnjevka and Island of Universiade will be available to swimmers starting from 1 June. The eastern, western and southern part of the Bundek lake will also be open for swimmers.

The last time such good water quality was recorded in 2017 when all the city beaches were also declared safe for swimmers. In recent years, there were occasional problems with water quality at some beaches. For example, in 2015, swimming was not allowed at Jarun’s Small Lake and on the Island of Universiade, while in 2016 the southern part of the Bundek Lake was closed down.

The worst situation occurred last year when water analysis showed that as many as three beaches at the Jarun Lake had to be closed down.

The way in which the Andrija Štampar Institute determines whether the water is of a good enough quality is quite simple. Samples taken during the previous season are compared to the samples taken prior to the new swimming season.

“Analysis of data found that, in the 2018 swimming season, out of the total of 128 individual samples taken at Jarun Lake, 125 were of excellent quality and three were of good quality, meaning that 98 per cent of samples were excellent,” explained the institute.

The new swimming season on the lakes will start on 1 June and last until 15 September. All the citizens at the official beaches will swim under the watchful eyes of lifeguards. On the other hand, citizens are advised against swimming at unofficial locations, although it does happen quite often.

“People often ignored the bans, although there were warnings posted everywhere that the water quality was not satisfactory. In particular, we were not able to convince people who have been coming here for years and who simply ‘had to take a swim in their Small Lake’”, said Jarun representatives.

Translated from Večernji List (reported by Mateja Šobak).

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Saturday, 1 December 2018

The Cure to Headline INmusic #14 in 2019!

True English alternative rock icons and one of the most influential bands of all time, The Cure, will headline INmusic Festival #14! The Cure will have their debut Croatian performance on the main stage of the country’s biggest open air festival, to be held at Jarun Lake from June 24 to June 26, 2019.

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