Sunday, 21 November 2021

Climbing Volcanic Jabuka Island: First 4K Drone Footage Ever! (VIDEO)

November 21, 2021 - Ante and Gajo of the CroDreamz team from Trogir are the first to get aerial footage climbing the volcanic Jabuka Island! 

You may not know that Croatia has a few volcanic islands, one of which is Jabuka, which sits about 70 km northwest of Komiza on the island of Vis. 

While it's tough to consider Jabuka an easily accessible island, Ante and Gajo of the CroDreamz team decided to tackle Jabuka's 97-meter-high pyramid-shaped cliff - all while capturing the first-ever drone footage climbing the island. 

"We love to do different kinds of activities, adventures, fishing, and enjoy nature as much as possible. Our main goal is to raise awareness regarding overfishing and to protect our surroundings better. Fish stocks in the Adriatic are at an all-time low, which is highly alarming and sad. There needs to be a way smaller fishing zones are protected along the Croatian coast. The protection of only Jabuka is not enough by a longshot," said CroDreamz for TCN. 

"If future generations want to enjoy the Adriatic Sea, changes are necessary. Also, people throwing garbage into the sea is another problem that needs to be addressed. So next year, we will release some new videos, and at the end of every video will be a reminder that change is a must," the CroDreamz team added. 

Ante and Gajo said that they are often near Jabuka for fishing. Last year, they decided to climb it. 

"Since the climb was never filmed from above, we thought it would be fun to see it from a different perspective. But the climb in itself is not fun, and it can be dangerous. So Gajo, my friend, went up and I stayed and filmed as my shoes were not suitable for the climb. It is very steep, and there are a lot of loose rocks. The climb back down is the scariest part," said Ante. 

"We would only recommend it if you have good climbing shoes and if you take it slowly, step by step. It is not for everyone!" CroDreamz concluded for TCN. 

You can check out the stellar video below! 


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Monday, 1 July 2019

Fastest Animal in the World Lives on Croatian Island of Jabuka

As Morski writes on the 1st of July, 2019, this strange little island is uninhabited and volcanic. Close to the islands of Brusnik and Svetac, the Croatian island of Jabuka (which translates to Apple) was known for its falcon hunting lodge throughout history.

According to old records, hunting was conducted during autumn, more precisely in September. Back in 1603, Francis Castela said that at the foot of the island there was once a small cottage where the hunters stayed while they were spending time visited nests located out on Jabuka's sheer and daunting cliffs and rocks. He pointed out the fact that climbing on the island of Jabuka was extremely difficult, but facing fears and exposing yourself to these dangers could sometimes pay off very well.

A Portuguese man once wrote that some Venetian nobleman earned a considerable amount of wealth each and every year for selling the birds that were born, raised, and lived on Jabuka.

The Hvar Commune once wrote in favour of hunting the island's resident falcons, and the proper skill of hunting on Jabuka was probably initially brought about by the Benedictines, according to

In 1516, four hunters (probably from the island of Vis) took a smaller boat and secretly went to Jabuka to try to capture the island's falcons and make good money from them. Upon arrival, a storm broke, easily wrecking their poorly moored boat and the four men remained on the island of Jabuka, cut off from the rest of the world without food and water. Since nobody knew about their intentions, nobody even bothered to search for them in such an unlikely places as Jabuka, and all four men eventually died of hunger and thirst.

The Peregrine falcon (Falco Peregrinus), known for being the fastest animal in the world, still nests on Jabuka for this day, and they even go as far as to attack visiting drones trying to capture some beautiful snapshots of the island.

The beautiful Peregrine falcon is an absolute world record holder when it comes to speed, possessing the ability to fly at a speed that can reach over 300 km/h. These falcons are not only the fastest bird in the world, but are also considered to be the fastest animal in the world.

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Monday, 16 April 2018

Sailing in Croatia: The Adriatic Alphabet - J Is For...

Continuing with our alphabet series, we look to the letter J with a tribute to several islands and artists on April 16, 2018

Friday, 15 September 2017

Fancy a House on a Rock? Croatia Will Cover the Cost

Whatever you might think about The Beautiful Croatia, it's not all that bad. The state will occasionally throw an opportunity your way – for example, if your lifelong dream was to escape annoying crowds and live like a hermit on your own microscopic parcel of land far away from the coast, you can now apply for funding to make your house more energy-efficient.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Three-Year Ban on Fishing in Jabuka Pit Now in Effect!

New fishing regulations have been introduced in the Jabuka Pit (Jabučka kotlina), the waters around Jabuka island