Monday, 19 September 2022

Lack of Istrian White Truffles This Year Proving Problematic

September the 19th, 2022 - The gorgeous Istrian peninsula is well known for its gastronomic scene and its delicacies, and Istrian white truffles are just one of those special items people flock to this area for. They are lacking this year, and causing issues for consumers.

As Morski writes, there is currently a shortage of one of the most expensive types of items of this sort in the world - Istrian white truffles. Truffle farmers across Istria are becoming somewhat desperate, they claim that they did everything according to the rules of the profession, but Istrian white truffles are chronically scarce this year.

Truffle lovers fear that this shortage is just the beginning of what could befall this highly sought-after, expensive culinary delicacy in the near future.

''I come from a family whose several generations have been involved in truffle hunting, and for as long as my memory serves me, I can't for the life of me remember a situation like this. Some of my colleagues compare it to 2012, when we also witnessed damaging droughts, but I, with a definite dose of anxiety, think that something much worse is at play,'' Robert Marusic, one of the founders of the Association of Truffle Growers of Istria from Motovun, told Rijeka portal Novi List.

Due to the shortage of Istrian white truffles, which are the more expensive type, the prices of black truffles could go wild and cost a pretty penny when they otherwise wouldn't.

''According to what we're now hearing, the black truffle, especially if it is bought by restaurant owners who don't have permanent suppliers and higher levels of consumption, is coming in at the amount of five thousand kuna per kilogram. This, of course, isn't the normal price, because the black truffle is neither something special nor that rare. The intensity of its flavour is immeasurably lower than that of white truffles, and it's also well distributed. On the other hand, white Istrian truffles are a great gastronomic mystery, and they're located in an extremely narrow area that borders the areas from Vrh, Livada, Motovun, all the way to Ponte Porton,'' noted Marusic, adding that it is a very small area that has specific mineral composition.

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Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Weekend Bike & Gourmet Tour for Lovers of Recreation and Istrian Delicacies

As Glas Istre writes on the 8th of October, 2019, the eighth edition of the Istrian Weekend Bike & Gourmet Tour will bring together all those who enjoy cycling and tasting Istrian delicacies in Rovinj on October the 12th and 13th this year.

This recreational cycling experience is intended for all recreational cyclists, whether they be on MTB bikes, trekking or electric bikes, created in collaboration with the Maistra hotel company, the Rovinj Tourist Board and the Rovinj Craftsmen's Association.

To cater to all participants, the organisers have provided two itineraries - "Mare", which is 49.6 kilometres long and "Monti", which is 54 kilometres in length. On the first day on the "Mare" trail, participants will enjoy Istrian seafood delicacies, while on the second day, on the "Monti" trail, they will be greeted with the possibility of trying out various delicacies from the beautiful Istrian hinterland.

Thus, gourmet breaks will take place along the Mare Trail at the Albachiara, Istria and Feral restaurants, and along the Monti Trail, more Istrian gourmet delicacies will be served at the Pizzeria Max and Mofardin restaurants, as well as at the San Tommaso winery.

Departure is scheduled on both days at 10:00 in front of the Hotel Eden Sports Centre, where electric bikes can be rented for an extra charge, and the same place, the bike and gourmet tour will come to an end. The bike ride will take place along dirt roads and marked cycle paths around the picturesque Istrian locations of Rovinj and Bale.

The entry fee of 250 kuna per day or 450 kuna for a two-day package includes meals and drinks at the aforementioned gourmet points, a ride accompanied by a professional guide, an accompanying vehicle, a bicycle ticket and a gift. Registration is possible through the Maistra Travel Agency or on the day of the event at the starting location.

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