Tuesday, 15 March 2022

Intellias: Ukrainian IT Company in Zagreb Begins Hiring Process in Balkans

March the 15th, 2022 - We recently wrote about the Ukrainian company Intellias choosing to move their planned Novi Sad development centre to Zagreb, citing pro-Russian views of the Serbian Government that they could naturally never support. They're now going to be employing people from across the Balkans from right here in Zagreb.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Lucija Spiljak writes, one of the largest Ukrainian IT companies, Intellias, recently announced that it was giving up on opening a development centre in Novi Sad, Serbia this spring, and moving it instead to Zagreb.

Although the company's decision to relocate is fresh, they have already registered a company here in Zagreb and are currently looking for an office that, according to the company, will meet all the company's criteria and principles of "smart comfort".

Now they're here in Zagreb, they are looking not only for an office, but also for Croatian experts in the so-called Balkan IT hub, where they'll bring their international clients and handle large projects.

Quality solutions

"We're creating a southern European IT hub in which engineers from all over the region will be able to work. We expect that the centre of this IT hub will be in the new office in Zagreb. Croatia is home to a strong IT community and a very well-developed infrastructure where more than 60,000 IT professionals work. We firmly believe that together we will be able to provide our customers with quality technological solutions and services. We plan to hire Croatian experts and talent from across the entire region who are eager to work with us.

Despite the relocation of the office to Zagreb, we may work with some contractors in Serbia, from project to project, because we understand that they also have talented engineers,'' they explained from Intellias.

They evacuated their employees from dangerous parts of Ukraine, which has been under Russian invasion for more than two weeks now. They have already restored 97 percent of their service delivery capacities, and point out that their clients have shown understanding and support during this tumultuous period.

Croatian support

Intelligence leader Vitaly Sedler said in a post on social media that they chose Croatia "because of its consistent pro-Ukrainian position, support for Ukraine's EU bid, and its closing of its skies to all Russian air traffic,'' but also because of the support of Croatian political leadership for displaced Ukrainians fleeing their country. Not to mention the ready and willing Croatian volunteers who have already travelled to Ukraine to help the Ukrainian army in their defence of their homeland against Russian aggression.

Intellias is otherwise one of the largest Ukrainian IT companies with more than 2,500 professionals, which has already received numerous international awards for its work and for being the best IT employer.

Their company development centres are located in Ukraine, Poland, and now right here in Croatia. They also have offices in Germany, Israel, the United States, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Intellias develops complex software solutions and provides professional services, specialises in the automotive industry, navigation systems, finance and telecommunications technologies, and their products are used by more than two billion people worldwide.

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Tuesday, 8 March 2022

Intellias Moves Proposed Serbian Centre to Zagreb, Cites Pro-Russian Serbian Govt Views

March the 8th, 2022 - Intellias has posted on social media that it will now move its proposed Serbian development centre, which would have been located in the city of Novi Sad, to the Croatian capital of Zagreb, citing the Serbian Government's pro-Russian position as the reason for the decision.

The company took to Facebook to post the following:

''Dear colleages, partners, and followers,

As you probably know, we've been planning to launch a new development centre in Novi Sad, Serbia recently. However, taking into consideration the pro-Russian position of the Serbian government, we made a decision to move our delivery centre to Zagreb, Croatia.

The reaction of the international communities and governments to the recent events in Ukraine is extremely important to us. Especially when it comes to the countries where our offices are located.

On top of that, Croatia is home to a strong IT community and well-developed infrastructure More than 60,000 IT specialists work in the country. So, it's our strong belief that together we will be able to provide our clients with quality technology solutions and services. 



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