Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Traditional Potravlje Hand Pottery Workshop Returns to Sinj

October 20, 2021 - The Sinj Tourist Board will host a traditional Potravlje hand pottery workshop on October 22. 

After a series of successful and well-attended workshops, the Sinj Tourist Board, under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia and in cooperation with the Cetina Region Museum in Sinj, organizes an educational workshop about traditional pottery from Potravlje after last year's break due to the coronavirus pandemic. 


This year's workshop will be held on Friday, October 22 at 18:00 in the Cetina Region Museum in Sinj. In the introductory part of this educational workshop, participants will hear a fascinating lecture by the museologists who will introduce pottery and its role in developing cultures and civilizations. The workshop leader, Mr. Ivan Knezović, one of the last masters of this traditional craft, will present how this earthenware is made. The participants of the workshop, if they wish, will be able to try their hand at making clay pots with the professional help of master Knezović.

It should be noted that the beginnings of hand pottery date back to the 4th century BC and that the village of Potravlje is its cradle. Namely, the century-old tradition of making earthenware until the Second World War was practiced by about fifty families in the villages of the Cetina region and Potravlje by about twenty of them. In 1774, the famous Italian travel writer Alberto Fortis claimed that Potravlje's rough pots were more durable than those from his homeland.


This was the time when households used various earthenware pots, copper for cooking milk or for preparing turkey - rare corn polenta, jars for holding butter and sour milk, pots for storing wine, grain, utensils for barbecue, peka - bell-shaped lids that covered the dough for bread or some other dish on the open hearth, pjati - plates for serving dishes, bowls (shallow bowls), and drinking jugs. Each vessel had a name according to its purpose (copper mlikarica, purarica, dubočica). Today, in addition to some traditional dishes, those of new shapes and purposes are made, such as amphorae (for tourist sale), flower pots - pitari, and various miniature forms of traditional dishes offered as souvenirs.


Traditional hand pottery from Potravlje is an intangible cultural asset of the Republic of Croatia. Therefore, the workshops will be held following the recommendations and valid measures of the CNIPH and the Civil Protection Headquarters.

The Sinj Tourist Board has prepared souvenirs for all participants, which will be distributed at the end of the workshop.

All those interested can send their applications to e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or apply by calling 021 / 826-352 by Friday, October 22 at noon.

Participation in the workshop is free, and the number of participants is limited.

Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Imotski Apartments Prove Hit, Reservations for Next Summer Already Coming

October the 19th, 2021 - When most of us who live in Croatia think of Imotski, we tend not to think of tourism and foreign tourists arriving en masse. The image of this inland Dalmatian destination, however, is gradually altering as foreign visitors discover the hinterland and all of its wonder a stone's throw away from the coast. Imotski apartments have done exceptionally well, prices have increased and reservations for summer 2022 are already coming in.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, yet another tourist season marked by the coronavirus pandemic has passed us by, and for the Imotski region it was especially lucrative, because their 2.5 thousand beds were more or less all filled.

Namely, after a successful tourist season, most of the 384 owners of luxury holiday homes with swimming pools in Imotski are satisfied. Imotski will, this year for the first time in history, record as many as 100 thousand overnight stays, four thousand more than back in pre-pandemic in 2019 when staying in private Imotski apartments with pools and amazing views was nowhere near as popular as simply heading straight for the coast.

"We had a great peak of the season and we also did well in September, but the pre-season was a non-starter and that's why we're still behind that year. This year in the Dalmatian hinterland was marked mainly by guests from Germany, Poland, Scandinavia, the Netherlands and Austria.

Reservations came in at the last minute, and 2022 already shows that it will be different and the competition will end up being much stronger. That's why marketing will be very important to us, which will be done during the winter, because the market needs to be reached with quality messages,'' said Ana Marija Paleka, head of the Novasol office for Slobodna Dalmacija.

Everyone involved in the home and private apartment rental business agrees that there has been a lot of thoughts being put into and around pricing formation this year, so some have significantly lowered their prices in fear of vacant properties, while others have increased them significantly as demand has visibly and in some cases quite rapidly grown.

"All this is logical because we went through the night from despair to euphoria, or from 50 euros to 300 euros per night in the same building. No one expected such interest at once and not everyone coped equally in it. It's really important that we keep the quality up. People should be prudent and careful in thinking about business for 2022, because there can be surprises. We're entering a normal year with strong competition and not everything will be like this year was,'' warned Boris Zgomba, President of the Association of Agencies at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK).

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Friday, 8 October 2021

Tastes of Europe - Dalmatia: ORF Austria TV Crew Explores Inland Dalmatia

October 8, 2021 - Tastes of Europe - Dalmatia will air at the end of November on the Austrian national television on the television channel ORF2.

As part of the ongoing tourist promotion, the Croatian National Tourist Board and the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board, in cooperation with local tourist boards, welcomed the ORF Austria television team in Inland Dalmatia. 


Namely, due to the expressed interest of the ORF television team, Lojze Weiser, ORF advisor and associate, Florian Gebauer, director with associates accompanied by Branimir Tončinić, Director of the CNTB Representation in Austria, arrived in Croatia as part of a ten-day program filmed in Split-Dalmatia and Dubrovnik-Neretva counties. 


The rich gastronomic, cultural, historical, and natural heritage, based on the unique traditional cuisine, the climate from which it originated, as well as stories and customs related to it, will be broadcast on the TV show "Tastes of Europe - Dalmatia “.


The Austrian television crew stayed in Sinj for three days and filmed episodes in the area of ​​Obrovac Sinjski - Han, the significant landscape of Rumin, Bitelić, Potravlje, Karakašica, and in the town of Sinj.


As the show is based on traditional cuisine and customs, the ORF team filmed the almost forgotten, and extremely healthy desserts kotonjada (quince cheese) in the family home of sisters Jadranka and Dubravka Milun, then the traditional dishes in the beautiful area of ​​the Milardović family mill in Obrovac Sinjski - Han. Here, the members of KUD Cetina prepared Sinj arambaše, tripe (šiša), and 'peka' bread under the baking bell. OPG Edo Crljen (next to the family mill Bilobrk) prepared a traditional snack with prosciutto, cheese, and fried bread.


Zoran Markulin from Rumin instructed them in the secrets of pastoral vocation, and Ivan Knezović in Potravlje in the process of making traditional pottery with the help of a handwheel. Footage of preparing cheese from a cheesecloth was filmed in Bitelić with Ljubo Bulović's family, and in Karakašica, the family of Marija Cvitković presented the folk costume of the Cetina region, which Mrs. Marija Cvitković faithfully collects and keeps.


Cheese from a cheesecloth and Sinj arambaše, as well as the traditional handwheel pottery from Potravlje, are three intangible cultural assets of the Republic of Croatia.


The journalists were delighted and surprised by the potential of Inland Dalmatia. The episode will be broadcast at the end of November on the Austrian national television on the television channel ORF2.

The Sinj Tourist Board would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support and successful cooperation.

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Sunday, 26 September 2021

Sinj Green Cleanup Collects 50 Tons of Waste!

September 26, 2021 - The Sinj green cleanup over the weekend collected 50 tons of various waste in the Inland Dalmatian area!

This year, the City of Sinj joined a joint, one-day action to clean illegal landfills as part of Croatia's largest environmental volunteer project, organized in sync with World Cleanup Day, reports Dalmacija Danas.

The Mayor of Sinj Miro Bulj joined numerous volunteers in the field. He announced that similar actions in the Sinj area would be organized in the future, regardless of this particular green action. 


Employees of Čistoća Cetina Region, JVP Sinj and DVD Sinj, HGSS, mountaineers, BIOM, the Sinj Tourist Board, students of the Ivan Mažuranić Han Elementary School, and numerous associations from the Sinj area took part in the action.

More than 100 volunteers cleaned illegal dumps in the Cetina river area, from Panj to Despotuša, Sutina, the water reservoir on Radošić, Brekina Gora - Izvor Bukva, and the airport on Piket.


Sinj volunteers collected more than 50 tons of various waste from 9 am to 1 pm 

The goal of the national campaign, which is being held for the tenth year in a row, and for the first time in Sinj, is to raise the awareness of Croatian citizens about their role in creating and disposing of waste, their healthy habits, cleaner environment, and active problem-solving approach.

The message of this year's action is that by cleaning our corner of the environment, together, we raise awareness of the human impact on the environment and the importance of responsible waste management to preserve the environment, nature, and planet Earth, and our common good.


Mayor Miro Bulj thanked everyone for their support and assistance in organizing waste removal from illegal landfills in Sinj and recently announced new cleaning actions and stricter measures for those who pollute nature.

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Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Sinj Joins World Cleanup Day with Zelena Čistka Campaign

September 22, 2021 - Sinj is joining World Cleanup Day by cleaning illegal landfills in the area this weekend!

As part of World Cleanup Day, the City of Sinj, in cooperation with numerous associations and institutions including Čistoća Cetina Region, HGSS, JVD, DVD Sinj, the Sinj Tourist Board, Biom, PD Svilaja, HPDO Koćari, PD Vukovi, Cetina Adventure Club, JU More i Krš, Croatian Forests, Kamičak, and volunteers, organizes the environmental action "Zelena Čistka - Sinj 2021."

Interested volunteers will clean several illegal landfills in the City of Sinj in cooperation with the city partners. 

After the coordination meeting on the action, locations were agreed to be cleaned of various types of waste. They include the Cetina river, from Panj to Despotuša, and the significant Sutina area landscape, with numerous illegal landfills.


Ivan Alebic

The Cetina River will be cleaned by HGSS members with divers, while the volunteers will go to the Sutina area, where the employees of the Čistoća Cetina Region, JVD, and DVD Sinj will have the necessary equipment.

Gloves and waste bags will be provided for all volunteers. All interested parties should bring their cleaning tools (rakes, shovels, trowels).

Zelena Čistka is a national campaign to raise awareness of Croatian citizens about their role in waste generation and disposal. The campaign's culmination is cleaning illegal dumps, which will be held for the tenth year in a row in Croatia. By implementing the Zelena Čistka campaign, Croatia remains part of a larger-scale story that affects citizens' awareness of healthy habits, a cleaner environment, and an active approach to solving problems.

By cleaning our corners of the environment, we raise awareness of the human impact on the environment and the importance of responsible waste management to preserve the environment, nature, and planet Earth, which is our common good.


The cleanup action was initially scheduled for Saturday, September 18. However, due to the bad weather conditions, it was postponed to Saturday, September 25.

Participants will gather around 09:00 at the starting locations (near the bridge on Panj and in the parking lot near Sutina).

The action will last until 13:00, after which lunch will be provided for all participants.

All interested nature lovers can join the cleaning action. Please send your application to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the name of the action: Zelena Čistka, as well as your name and surname. 

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Thursday, 19 August 2021

Kamičak Music Evenings Return to Sinj on August 21st!

August 19, 2021 - Kamičak Music Evenings return to Sinj on August 21!

Thanks to the rich tangible and intangible cultural heritage and several diverse cultural events, Sinj and the Cetina region have long been engraved in golden letters on the tourist map of Croatia. Moreover, thanks to the pursuit of sustainable tourism, the coexistence of carefully designed activities that hosts and guests equally enjoy, events in the Alkar city always attract attention and larger more audiences, although this year in a somewhat reduced form due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Such events certainly include the Music Evenings at Kamičak Fortress. Namely, at Sinj's authentic and unique Kamičak fortress with a beautiful stage under the open sky, concerts of classical but also traditional and jazz music are organized. Such an approach popularizes these, perhaps somewhat neglected, musical expressions and where better than in Sinj, a city of rich musical tradition.

The Sinj Tourist Board, with the support of the Croatian Ministry of Culture, the City of Sinj, and the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board, has been organizing successful and extremely well-attended concerts for several years. So far, Kamičak has welcome the Academic Accordion Orchestra "Ivan Goran Kovačić," Sara Renar, Jazz swing quintet "Repassage," Wind Quintet "Kalamos," the unique Samobor percussion ensemble "Sudar Percussion," ethno musician Dunja Knebl with the band Kololira and ethno, Nocturnal4 and Ratko Zjača, ZZ Quartet, Trio EX PONTO, and TRIO VENTUS.

This year boasts another extraordinary program because on August 21, 2021, starting at 9:30 pm and ending at 11:30 pm, young artists gathered in the Papandopulo Quartet will present the best of classical music to Sinj and its guests, and jazz music will be presented by the renowned duo Sara & Jappa Brodarić.

About the musicians:

Papandopulo Quartet - this "most important and rightfully the most exposed domestic chamber ensemble" consists of four Croatian saxophonists, Nikola Fabijanic - soprano saxophone, Gordan Tudor - alto saxophone, Goran Jurkovic - tenor saxophone, and Tomislav Zuzak - baritone. Their concerts are regularly accompanied by applause from the audience and praise from critics: "relaxation and confidence in performance, intonational precision, and richness of tonal creation, skill in various articulations, fantastic mobility and precision in both the highest and lowest registers, in a word, amazing technical skills, are the foundations on which the members of the Papandopulo Quartet build their musical expressiveness and expressiveness… That is why the Papandopulo Quartet can proudly and with dignity bear the name of one of the most versatile, most musical, and passionately dedicated to music greats of Croatian music history. " (Mirta Špoljarić,, January 27, 2014)

They collaborate with many musicians, including the Zagreb Quartet, Zagreb Soloists, Zagreb Saxophone Quartet, Dragan Sremec, Ivan Batoš, Linda Mravunac-Fabijanić, and foreign eminent saxophonists such as Arno Bornkamp, ​​JeanDenis Michat, Jean-Yarstel Fourmeau quartet, and Mobilis quartet. The quartet attaches special importance to the promotion of contemporary music by Croatian and foreign authors, so they premiered, among others, compositions by Mirela Ivičević, Margareta Ferek Petrić, Ante Knešaurek, Fran Đurović, Julian Gamisch, Dubravko Palanović, Tena Ivana Borić, Krešimir Seletković Simon Vosecek, Zeljko Brkanovic, Davor Bobic, Tomislav Uhlik and Gordan Tudor.


In 2015, the quartet released their second record, Per Quattro, and in 2017 their third album Scherzo, both released by Croata Records. 2019 was one of the most successful years for the Papandopulo Quartet. In addition to a large number of concerts, in June of the same year, they won the "Diploma of Milko Trnina" for a particularly successful and notable artistic performance at the opening of the 6th edition of the festival "Showcase of Contemporary Sound."

Sara & Jappa are a family jazz duo consisting of Željko Brodarić Jappa and Sara Brodarić, father and daughter, whose performances are based on vocal and guitar interpretations of jazz classics of the last century, which were celebrated by Broadway and Hollywood musicals and popularized by Peggy Lee, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James, Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, and other legendary performers.

Known for previous achievements in other music genres, Sara & Jappa began collaborating on a family jazz project in the summer of 2016, performing since then in front of full theaters and exclusive locations across the Croatian coast. So far, Jazz Winter Wonderland and My Jazzy Valentine have performed at the City Puppet Theater Split and the Croatian National Theater Split and the Marin Držić Theater in Dubrovnik, the Croatian National Theater Zadar, and the Hvar Historical Theater.

They gained a loyal audience with their summer cycle of concerts called "Jazz Summer Nights," performing at unique locations such as the Cedulin Palace in Zadar, Central Park Club in Hvar, the historic center of Trogir, as well as summer festivals and events such as the Festival Soli Ston 2018  and the astronomical-musical event "Konavle under the stars 2018" in Lovorno Polje.

In August 2018, Sara & Jappa crowned their summer tour in their hometown with an extremely successful "Split at Night Jazz" concert, which made the impressive Cellars of Diocletian's Palace the scenery for a sold-out summer jazz spectacle. This concert inspired them to organize the first edition of the Split at Night Jazz Festival at the same place exactly a year later, at the end of August 2019. The great performances, including the performance of the festival, hosts Sara and Jappa and the exceptional response of the audience, giving them the wind in their sails to organize a new edition of the jazz festival in Diocletian's Cellars this summer as well.


Sara & Jappa concluded 2019 by opening JazZima!, a jazz festival in Split's GKL, another sold-out "Jazz Winter Wonderland," followed in February 2020 by the equally successful fourth edition of their popular concert "My Jazzy Valentine." 

The concerts at Kamičak Fortress will take place with the implementation of the recommended measures of the Civil Protection Headquarters and the NZJZ. Admission is free, but due to the current pandemic situation, seating is limited to preserve all visitors' health.

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Monday, 16 August 2021

1715 Battle of Sinj Reenactment: A Summer Treat for Sinj Town (PHOTOS)

August 16, 2021 - The 1715 Battle of Sinj reenactment was successfully held in the center of Sinj!

In memory of the glorious defense of Sinj from the Ottoman invasion, the 1715 Battle of Sinj and the events that preceded it were staged this year as well. The Sinj Tourist Board organized the play with the support of the City of Sinj and Split-Dalmatia County and in cooperation with the Shrine of Our Miraculous Lady of Sinj, the Alkar Knights Society, and KU Marko Marulić.

The plot of the play took place in two acts. The first act began at the Market Square, King Tomislav Square, where the Ottoman conquest of the town of Sinj, the burning of the church, and the enslavement of the regiment were staged. A handful of defenders with the image of the Mother of God took refuge in the Sinj Fortress, the easy conquest of which was announced by the arrogant Mustafa-pasha Celic, who triumphantly passed in a carriage with his entourage. This year, the play was enriched by the performance of the Brodosplit City Choir under the direction of maestro Vlado Sunko and excellent lighting and sound effects.

In the second act, which took place this year in the original ambiance of Alkarski dvori, the Defense Council decided to defend its city despite a more numerous and superior enemy. With the help of Our Lady, the Ottomans were eventually defeated, and the threat of the enemy removed. Led by Fr. Pavle Vučković, embodied by Fr. Hrvatin Gabrijel Jurišić, joyful and grateful believers have since celebrated their Protector with even greater zeal.

The 1715 Battle of Sinj is a unique stage spectacle that, with its originality and drama, instantly transports the spectators to the year of the glorious victory that determined the future of the city. The author of the dramatic template is prof. Velimir Borkovic. The play was realized in collaboration with the Shrine of Our Miraculous Lady of Sinj and the Alkar Knights Society. About a hundred participants contributed to its successful performance this year as well.

The main characters are Fr. Hrvatin Gabrijel Jurišić, Marko Duvnjak, Bruno Barać, Marijan Grbavac, Damir Žane Alebić, Saša Miletić, Bobo Delonga, Dijana Ivić Kundid, Bože Pavić, Sanja Gojun Vučković, Vedrana Vrgoč, Mirjana Živalj, Anđelka Vučković, Marija Mandac, Dino Vukovic, Dubravka Vukovic, Dusan Roguljic and Marko Jelincic. In addition to amateur theater actors, members of the historical unit of the Kliški Uskoks, the Veterans' Cooperative Patriot, the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, the Association of Rera and Gusle from Otok, the Association for the Preservation of the Heritage of the Cetina Region, Sinjski Ferali and Marko Vuković, and Alkar Stable horses led by Mr. Andrija Ribičić. Branka Marinović and Vesna Bader took care of the staging and costumes. The director of the play is the prominent theater, television, and film actor Robert Kurbaša. The assistant director is Bruno Barać, and the playwright and producer are Luka Perković.

This year's performance is also dedicated to all Croatian veterans and those who helped make the show happen but are no longer with us.

"We truly thank all employees and members of VAD, the Monastery of Our Lady of Sinj, Cetina Region Čistoća - Sinj, KUS - Sinj, Kamička dd, the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service Sinj, members of the Veterans Cooperative Patriot, the historical unit Kliški uskoki, Association Gusle from Otok, the Association for the Preservation of the Heritage of the Cetina Region, the Sinjski Ferali Association, the Sinj branch of the Red Cross, the SRMA Association, KGK Alkar 1968, KU Marko Marulić, Ms. Vesna Bader and Branka Marinović for scenography and props, staff and restaurant owner Alkarski dvori, Sinj communal wardens, students, employees of TIC and all those who selflessly helped the successful realization of this stage spectacle. Furthermore, special thanks go to Mr. Vlado Sunko and Brodosplit, who, with this year's performance of the famous cantata to Our Lady of Sinj, magnified this play and thus gave it a new dimension in a unique way. Furthermore, the media and the audience who, despite pandemic conditions, participated successfully and patiently in the implementation of all recommended measures of the Civil Protection Headquarters as well as the NZJZ to preserve health, as well as our students (TIC staff) who took care of it," said the Sinj Tourist Board. 

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Tuesday, 10 August 2021

Battle of Sinj 1715 Reenactment Held in Two Acts on August 12!

August 10, 2021 - Hop into a Sinj time machine and go back to 1715 when it all started! Organized by the Sinj Tourist Board, on August 12 at 8:30 pm on King Tomislav Square, the famous and artistically immortalized battle of Sinj 1715 reenactment will take place for the fifteenth time. 

The historical spectacle takes place in two acts.


Zeljko Zrncic

The first act is staged on the Market Square, the main square of Sinj, when the Ottomans conquered the town of Sinj in a dramatic and violent raid, set fire to the church, and took the people into slavery. Extremely realistic light and sound effects contribute to the authenticity of the scenes.


Ivana Pavcic

The second act takes place in the original ambiance of Alkarski dvori. Despite the almost hopeless situation, the Defense Council does not even think of retreating and decides to defend its city from a more numerous, superior, and stronger enemy. According to tradition, with Our Lady's help, the Ottomans were defeated, and Sinj was freed from the threat of the enemy, leaving the walls of Christianity.


Zeljko Zrncic

Led by Fr. Pavle Vučković (embodied by high school professor, scientist, writer, editor, and publisher Fr. Gabrijel Hrvatin Jurišić, a priest and an inexhaustible source of wisdom), joyful and grateful believers have since celebrated their patron saint with even greater zeal. The author of the dramatic template is prof. Velimir Borković. The play was realized in cooperation with the Shrine of the Miraculous Lady of Sinj and the Alkar Knights Society. Numerous actors from amateur theaters are participating, and the main characters are Gabrijel Jurišić, Marko Duvnjak, Bruno Barać, Marijan Grbavac, Damir Žane Alebić, Saša Miletić, Bobo Delonga, Dijana Ivić Kundid, Bože Pavić, Vedrana Vrgoč, Sanja Gojun, Anđelka Vučković, Marko Jelinčić, Anđelka Vučković, Dino Vuković, Dubravka Vuković, Marija Mandac, Dušan Roguljić, Tihana Jelić, members of KU Marko Marulić, GZ Brodosplit, historical units of Kliški uskoki, Veterans' Cooperative Patriot, Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, dance theater Marica Apučić, Sinj majorettes, Association for the Preservation of the Heritage of the Cetina Region, Rera and Gusle from Otok, Sinjski ferali, horses of the Alkar stud farm led by Marko Vuković, while Vesna Bader and Branka Marinović take care of the scenography and Miki Nopling of the soundstage.


Zeljko Zrncic

The director is the prominent theater, television, and film actor Robert Kurbaša, the assistant director is Bruno Barać, and the playwright and producer is Luka Perković. After last year's first performance, this year, the famous Brodosplit City Choir performs under the direction of maestro Vlado Sunko, a famous music pedagogue, conductor, and composer, with the performance of the cantata Our Lady of Sinj.


Zeljko Zrncic

Battle of Sinj 1715 is a unique stage spectacle - under the auspices of Sinj's August nights, the entire city becomes a stage that, with its originality, transports the viewer to 306 years into the past!


Ivana Pavcic

The Sinj Tourist Board asks all visitors to adhere to the recommendations of the Civil Protection Headquarters and the NZJZ. The volunteers will take care of all the necessary measures to all be safe and responsible to each other.

Admission is free!

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Monday, 9 August 2021

11th Sinj Village Fair Successfully Held Last Weekend!

August 9, 2021 - The 11th Sinj Village Fair was successfully organized by the Sinj Tourist Board, with the support of the City of Sinj and Split-Dalmatia County.

The 11th Sinj Village Fair was held on Dr. Franjo Tuđman Square on August 6th and 7th. More than 35 exhibitors attended, including renowned producers of prosciutto, cheese, honey, soparnik, liqueurs, and brandy, and autochthonous old crafts were presented, such as the making of folk costumes, opanak, peka, copper, garden tools, and other handicrafts from wood made traditionally.

The fair was opened by Miro Bulj, Mayor of Sinj. In the entertainment part of the program, the Sinj majorettes performed with their unique choreography, magnifying every event they participate in. Visitors to the fair had the opportunity to follow the performances of faithful guardians of Sinj traditions and customs through tunes and dances of Inland Dalmatia, on the list of the intangible cultural heritage of the Republic of Croatia. The Association for the Preservation of the Heritage of the Cetina Region, KUD Vrilo - Obrovac Sinjski, KUD Glavice, and KUD Dicmo, performed with a traditional rera. Members of the klapa Cetinjanke from Hrvace and the vocal group Rusulica performed several klapa compositions.

To preserve traditional crafts, special workshops were held this year as well. On the first evening of the Fair, visitors could see how pottery is created under the skillful hands of master Ivan Knezović, a representative of traditional handmade pottery from Potravlje, which has had the status of intangible cultural property since 2013 and was nominated for UNESCO protection by the Croatian Ministry of Culture. An attractive presentation of the almost forgotten skill of making opanaks and weaving was led by Ljiljana Vojković, while the Dragodid Association presented the art of making drywall. Blacksmithing was presented by Josip Evačić from Koprivnica. Finally, members of KUD Cetina introduced the visitors to the processing of wool and customs.


All visitors to the fair could taste čobanac prepared by the hunting association Srnjak from Vrbanja free of charge. Valuable members of the association donated 1000 portions of this Slavonian delicacy to the 11th Sinj Village Fair visitors, while Sinj specialties - uštipak, prepared free of charge on both evenings of the fair, were made by members of the Old Crafts Association.

In the final musical part of the program on the first evening, top bands performed: Kopito, an attraction from the island of Vis, with Sinj's Ljuta kuća, and on the second night of the fair, the popular Giuliano and Diktatori.

Also, at this year's Sinj Village Fair, numerous KUDs were guests who presented the customs and traditions of their region through the Evening of Knighthood and Folklore: KUD Dusina from Vrgorac, KUD Pleter from Dugopolje, Goran Mikas - Poljica, and the hosts of the Cetina Region Heritage Preservation Association. and KUD Cetina.


The host of this two-day fair was Branimir Romac. The fair was held following the recommendations of the Civil Protection Headquarters and the applicable measures of the CNIPH.

The Sinj Tourist Board thanks everyone who helped in the realization of the event, especially the City of Sinj and Split-Dalmatia County, the Alkar Knights Society, employees of Čistoća Cetinska krajina and KUS-Sinj, members of the hunting association Srnjak from Vrbanja and the Beauty of Tradition association, Branka Marinović, and Maja Kovačević.

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Sunday, 8 August 2021

Debutant Mihovil Župa Wins 306th Sinjska Alka!

August 8, 2021 - Debutant Mihovil Župa is the winner of the 306th Sinjska Alka, which was held on Sunday afternoon in the Inland Dalmatian town of Sinj. 

Mihovil Župa thus won the 306th Sinjska Alka with three hits 'u sridu' (in the middle) with five hits 'in two'.

This year, 17 Alkars competed, including four debutants. With this event, the people of Sinj mark an important moment in their history, when they defended themselves from the invasion of the Ottoman Empire.

The Alka festivities were attended by the Croatian state leadership, the President of the Republic Zoran Milanović, who is also the patron of the Sinjska Alka, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia Andrej Plenković, and the President of the Croatian Parliament Gordan Jandroković. Among others, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Croatian Veterans Tomo Medved, Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Gordan Grlić Radman, and Minister of Agriculture Marija Vučković were present.

Furthermore, Olympic gold medalist Martin Sinković (half of the celebrated Sinković brothers), taekwondo gold medalist Matea Jelić, and bronze medalist Toni Kanaet were also present and received a standing ovation from the crowd when their attendance was announced at the beginning of the event. 

Due to epidemiological circumstances, this year's Sinjska Alka was held with a limited number of spectators.  

Sinjska Alka is a Croatian knight's game held every year on a Sunday in August, in Sinj, to mark the anniversary of the victory over the Turkish invaders on August 14, 1715. On that day, 700 Croatian soldiers from Sinj, with the protection of their patron saint, the Miraculous Lady of Sinj, heroically resisted and managed to repel the onslaught of Turkish serasker Mehmed-pasha Celic's army, which was made up of 60,000 soldiers.

On November 15, 2010, Sinjska Alka was inscribed on the UNESCO list of intangible world heritage in Europe.

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