Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Cetina Adventure Club Announces 9th Cetina Adventure Race!

May 28, 2019 - After eight incredible adrenaline races, the Cetina Adventure club has announced the 9th Cetina Adventure Race! 

Milan Šabić (159).jpg

Milan Šabić

This year, under the auspices of mystery, with a secret starting location and scheduled checkpoints, will once again test the limits of physical and mental endurance. The race consists of three disciplines: trekking, kayaking and mountain biking, with additional tasks that will be placed as a bonus challenge to competitors on the road to the finish. The beauty of the Inland Dalmatian landscape will also prove to be demanding but will reward with every effort: canyons, steep mountain trails, dense forest rivers, and the Cetina are in any case breathtaking.


The track is 100 to 120 kilometers long, and male, female and mixed teams can participate. The time limit for completing the race is 14 hours. The race begins at 7:00 (from 5:30 to 6:30 equipment will be delivered at the start), and the technical meeting will take place the day before the race from 17:00 to 19:00 (the meeting includes picking up the starter packages). The location will be sent to all contestants at a later date.


Required personal equipment: 

• Bike (MTB) for both participants. If someone cannot get an MTB, they can ride a trekking bike (up to one per team) with a minimum tire width of 2.0. The maximum distance is 30 meters between competitors in the same team. Racing bikes are forbidden.

• Helmets - it is necessary to have them while cycling and kayaking. They have to be worn to the finish.

• bottle or flask with water (minimum 0.75 liters).

Required team equipment: 

• topographic map (provided by organizer), 

• mini first aid, 

• compass, 

• cell phone, 

• forehead lamp

Recommended equipment:

• dry bag, 

• cell phone protection from moisture and water.

The organizers ask all teams to adhere to the strict rules of the time for the technical meeting and equipment delivery, otherwise, they will not be able to compete. Applications are made at stotinka.hr.

The registration requires a complete payment at the start

Payment Details: 

• Klub avanturističkih sportova Cetina Adventure

Put Župića 39, 21230 Sinj
• IBAN: HR152390001-1100518242, HPB d.d.

• Payment Description: CAR 9 + Team Name

Start includes: 

• checkpoint card, 

• racing t-shirt, 

• cooked meal after race and drinks,

• Hydrating stations with water, energy drinks, fruit and chocolate, 

• volunteers, 

• first aid, 

• storage and transportation of bicycles and kayaks, 

• insurance by HGSS.
Prizes: For the first three teams, a prize pool worth HRK 5,000 is secured: 

• for 1st place: 2500 kuna, 

• for 2nd place: 1500 kuna, 

• for 3rd place: 1000 kuna, 

For all additional information, you can contact the race director "Cetina Adventure Race 9" by calling the number +385 (0) 95 723 3921 (Boris Erceg) or by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Nikola Belančić (00000002).jpg

Nikola Belančić

For those desiring a less extreme adventure in nature and a more urban, entertaining feel, the Cetina Adventure club has also organized the City Challenge "Cetina Adventure", which is for the whole family, with no age limit. The challenge is designed in such a way that with the help of a map and instructions, the participants should find the default points in the city of Sinj. You can run for 30 minutes or 2 hours. Everyone is invited to get to know the city of the Alka and the Miraculous Lady of Sinj!

There are three categories: • Children (1-12 years with parents, children older than 12 years participate only, but with the written consent of parents signed on the day of the race) • Women • Men

Event information:

Name of the race: CITY CHALLENGE  "Cetina Adventure”

Location: Split-Dalmatia County, Sinj

Date of the race: 8.6.2019. at 5 pm

Organizer: Cetina Adventure Club 

Race Type: Individual

Duration: 1-2 hours (limit 2 hours) 

Length: 8 km

Number of competitors: 500

Start: In front of the Youth Center (Disko klub Piccadilly), Glavička 29, 21230 

Finish: In front of the Youth Center (Disko klub Piccadilly), Glavička 29, 21230
The technical meeting will take place an hour before the start of the race, at 4 pm

Personal equipment: Sneakers, t-shirt provided by organizer

Event registration: the applications are made at stotinka.hr and last until 31.05 until 23:59, after this deadline there is no option.

Start: 40 kn, 60 kn for parents with one or more children

Payment at the start: The registration is considered a complete payment

Payment Details: Klub avanturističkih sportova Cetina Adventure

Put Župića 39, 21230 Sinj

IBAN: HR152390001-1100518242, HPB d.d.


Payment Description: GI 7 + competitor name

Start includes: 

- Map with checkpoints,

- racing t-shirt, 

- hot meal after racing and drinks, 

- refreshing water stations, 

- energy drinks, 

- fruit and chocolate bars, 

- volunteers, 

- first aid, 

- insurance by HGSS.

Awards are secured for the first three places in three categories. 

For more information, please contact the club's secretary (Ankica Župić) at +385 (0) 99 232 4637 or by posting on the Cetina Adventure Facebook page. 

Find the first City Challenge in 2013 in the video below. 

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

BK Vlaji Organizes a Bike Tour to the Cetina Source!

May 28, 2019 - The beginning of June in Sinj abounds in sporting events! Just one day after the 9th Cetina Adventure Race and the City Challenge, the Bike Club Vlaji organizes the 7th bicycle to the Cetina source. One of the most attractive and challenging bicycle tours is 82 km long and the total climb is 800 meters.

Due to its length, the route requires you to be in top form, but each pedal is richly rewarded: very few places are this rich in nature and beauty. The bike tour starts from Sinj through Hrvace, Panj, Bitelić and further on the left bank of Peruća and Cetina, all the way to the very source, which is near the old 9th-century Croatian Church of the Holy Salvation, one of our most precious and beautiful archaeological sites.

6.Biciklijada do izvora - 10.6. M (27).JPG

The Cetina is 110 kilometers long but does not run from 11 of the nearby sources (Glavaš, Jarebica, Kotluša, Vraniš, Baraš and others), of which only some provide water throughout the year. The largest, strongest and most beautiful source is Glavaš, about 130 meters deep. The second strongest source is Jarebica (Vukovića vrelo).

Cetina is also responsible for the beauty of Peruća lake which, although artificially created in 1958 by the construction of the HE Peruća, will grab your attention with its beauty and wealth of flora and fauna. It is most popular among rowers and fishermen, and in the summer for swimmers.

6.Biciklijada do izvora - 10.6. M (216).JPG

The cyclists will also cross several bridges on the Cetina, most notably the one in Panj, built in 1905 and the Balečki bridge, built in 1907. The construction of the Balečki bridge was initiated by the Austrian government and was built by local craftsmen with dark gray stone. It has three openings of a semicircular shape of the same size lying on the stone pylons of the rectangular section. The entire area around the bridge, including the riverbed, is a valuable archeological site with prehistoric and antique finds. The bridge was rebuilt in 2014.

While driving on the state road, a police escort, as well as an accompanying safety vehicle, is secured if someone is prevented from continuing. The tour is of no competitive character, all adult cyclists can participate, and a bicycle helmet is recommended for participants. For all cyclists, lunch is provided at the source, as well as water and fruit on the route itself.

6.Biciklijada do izvora - 10.6. M (111).JPG

This year, apart from the cyclists from Sinj and its surroundings, numerous guests from Split, Livno, Bihać and other cities will join, together with the beauty of the trail and nature, an unforgettable adventure is guaranteed.

Certainly the most beautiful way possible to spend a Sunday. Do not forget, June 9, 2019, at 10 am in front of Hotel Alkar!

More information:

Bicycle Club Vlaji Sinj

+385 95 6606 222


Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Days of Dalmatian Prosciutto and Wine Returns to Inland Dalmatia

The traditional wine and gastronomy event ‘Days of Dalmatian Prosciutto and Wine’ this year is held in the heart of Inland Dalmatia, in Vrgorac, where you can enjoy the best that the Vrgorac region can offer, reports Splitski Dnevnik on May 27, 2019. 

The festival opens on Friday, May 31 at 5 pm and runs until Sunday, June 2 in the impressive ambiance of the Vrgorac City Park, one of the most beautiful parks in Dalmatia. The three-day event will offer visitors plenty of fun and gastronomic delights and once again be a reminder of the reasons why Vrgorac is officially proclaimed the town of Dalmatian prosciutto and wine.

"Vrgorac will welcome all the fans of top-quality prosciutto, extraordinary wines and great entertainment at the most important event for our region, which puts us on the map of the most famous gastronomic festivals all over Croatia, and beyond. The 'Days of Dalmatian Prosciutto and Wine' are an excellent opportunity to enjoy our local customs and flavors, and great concerts will close each day of the event in the best possible way. Just an hour's drive from Split, four and a half hours from Zagreb and only half an hour from the entire Makarska Riviera, Vrgorac becomes the ideal vacation destination for relaxation and enjoyment next weekend,” said Željka Opačak, director of the Vrgorac Tourist Board.

Vrgorac region is largely specific, and its inhabitants are particularly proud of their gastronomic successes - like juicy strawberries, top quality prosciutto, and specialty wines. More than half of the total strawberries cultivated in Croatia come from Vrgorac and its surrounding, with more than 13 million common grape vines planted in the area, as Vrgorsko polje is the largest vineyard in Croatia.

"Our region is unique because of the abundance of native varieties, some of which have almost disappeared but have been revitalized thanks to the great love of our homeland and the pride that we have. Today the attention of the acknowledged sommeliers is directed to Vrgorac and its surroundings, and our variety Zlatarica vrgorska, Trnak and Plavka respect the prices and have important places on wine maps. Visitors to the Dalmatian prosciutto and wine event will be able to see their specialty and quality as well, and we can hardly wait for the winemakers to welcome them,” said Dario Gašpar, co-owner of Gašpar Winery from Umčani near Vrgorac.

Vrgorac also boasts the largest prosciutto production in Southeast Europe, from which more than 70 percent of certified Dalmatian prosciutto production reaches Croatian tables.

"Dalmatian prosciutto is a favorite delicacy throughout Croatia, and the ‘Days of Dalmatian Prosciutto and Wine’ are a great opportunity to educate citizens further and encourage them to enjoy it even more often. The specialty of Dalmatian prosciutto is a protected geographical indication, thanks to a traditional and natural process of production without added preservatives and additives, salted with sea salt and dried and aged for at least one year. The skill of its production is part of the Dalmatian tradition, and we have to preserve it, and this event is one of the ways we remind ourselves of its authenticity and importance in the original gastronomic offer of Croatia,” said Darko Markotić, President of the Croatian Prosciutto Cluster.

The ‘Days of Dalmatian Prosciutto and Wine’ begins on Friday, May 31 at 5 pm by raising the flag of the town of Vrgorac, and every evening during the event, visitors will enjoy a vibrant entertainment program. As part of the event, visitors will be able to taste Dalmatian prosciutto and other traditional cured meats, native wines from the Vrgorac region and numerous other homemade products at stands from over 40 exhibitors from various parts of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

There will even be a culinary show focused on Mediterranean cooking and the Vrgorac region with top chefs from ŠKMER (Association of the Heads of Mediterranean and European Cuisine) Rene van Sevenant, Marija Lulić, Željko Neven Bremec and the traditional culinary star of the event, the legendary Stevo Karapandža will combine the flavors of Vrgorac into top gastronomic creations.

At the Vrgorac Agriculture Exhibition, visitors will be able to see historical photographs showing the most diverse agricultural activities in the Vrgorac region through the 20th century.

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Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Vrlika Tourist Board Successfully Held English Course for Tourism Professionals

May 22, 2019 - The Tourist Board of the Town of Vrlika organized an English language course in the field of tourism for its renters and others who are engaged in providing tourists services in order to prepare better for the coming season. The course was attended by 10 people and lasted for 40 hours.

Education is essential in this sector and needs to be sustained on a continuous basis, and given the fact that Vrlika notes positive figures now, its effectiveness is not questioned. 

Vrlika has already recorded excellent results for the first quarter, which is 71% more arrivals than the same time last year and 12% more overnight stays. Of these figures, 39% were domestic guests and 61% foreign guests.

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Vrlika to Host Rocket Modeling Championship for Children and Youths this Weekend!

May 16, 2019 - The Croatian Astronautic and Rocket Alliance, with the cooperation of the Sinj Technical Aircraft Society, and under the patronage of the City of Vrlika and the Tourist Board of the City of Vrlika, will host the 18th open championship in rocket modeling for children and youths in Dalmatia in the Inland Dalmatian town of Vrlika! 

The championship will take place in Ježević (Suhopolje) on May 18, 2019, starting at 10:30 am, and more than 100 competitors from all over Croatia are expected to compete in the national class category in rocket modeling for children and youths.

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

How Did Imotski's Blue Lake Turn THAT Blue? Experts Weigh In

The Blue Lake phenomenon in Imotski has caught the eyes of everyone in Croatia as it swapped its rather deep blue color for a lighter hue after abundant rain and a sudden flow of water from underground springs.

This phenomenon even attracted the attention of a team of experts at the initiative of the Public Institution for the Management of Protected Natural Values in the Split-Dalmatia County "Sea and Karst", who have tried to scientifically prove the rapid change of the lake, as well as the causes and consequences of such changes, reports Slobodna Dalmacija on May 13, 2019. 

“The Blue Lake seldom changes color and is mostly associated with a sudden rise in water levels. At the bottom of the Blue Lake, there are estavelles, cavities in the karst massif, which may have an abyss and springs depending on the surrounding groundwater level.

The rapid growth of water levels is the result of activated estavelles, and this is in the role of strong springs. The powerful flow of water through underground karst canals increases the dissolving of minerals that can be found in the predominantly widespread limestone rocks.

The first results of water analysis from the Blue Lake indicate an increase in calcium carbonate (CaCO3), which is derived from limestone. Calcium carbonate in rocks appears as mineral calcite which is white in color, and because of its increased water concentration, it changes the way water absorbs and reflects the light.

Thus, on this occasion, the lake water takes on an unusual turquoise color, and the Blue Lake, with its beauty and unparalleled tinge of blue has again captured the attention of Imotski citizens and their guests,” said Branimir Jukić, a senior expert from the "Sea and Karst” study, adding that the microbiological analysis of the algae excluded the flowering process as a cause of color change.

The bright turquoise color of the lake has attracted many visitors, and it may not be going anywhere soon thanks to increased groundwater flow and rising water levels in the lake.

The current depth of the lake is 36 meters, and this aesthetic anomaly has not affected the quality and purity of lake water.

The team of experts who investigated this phenomenon includes Dr. Sc. Ivo Andrić from the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy in Split, prof. Dr. Sc. Nenad Buzjak and Ph.D. Marija Gligora Udovič from the Zagreb Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Ph.D. Ana Kovačić from the Institute of Public Health SDŽ, and dr. Sc. Milan Čanković from the Institute for Marine and Environmental Research at the Ruđer Bošković Institute, along with "Sea and Karst."

HPD "Imotski" also regularly visited the Blue Lake,  took water samples and submitted them for analysis in laboratories in Split and Zagreb. The lake water analysis continues to be carried out at the PMF in Zagreb and the Ruđer Bošković Institute.

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Monday, 13 May 2019

Competition Announced for Most Beautiful Garden in Trilj Region

May 13, 2019 - The Trilj Tourist Board, within the frame of the action "I Love Croatia, I Love Trilj”, announced the competition for the most beautiful garden in the Trilj region. 

Proposals and applications can be received from 14 May 2019 to 15 June 2019 and should include the family name of the garden, the address and the telephone number.

Applications can be submitted in writing to: Trilj Tourist Board, Kralja Tomislava 1a, 21240 Trilj, or by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The basic criteria for choosing the most beautiful garden is the total aesthetic, years of effort invested, choice and care of plants, and the respect for the tradition and elements of the environment.

The winner will be announced in September as part of the "Sv. Mihovil Days" program.

For more information, please call 021 / 832-510 or 098 176 0955.

All interested citizens are invited to apply for the competition, and a valuable prize will be awarded to the winner.

Saturday, 11 May 2019

Acclaimed Polish Radio Journalist Ernest Zozuń Visits Sinj!

May 11, 2019 - Last year's winner of the Croatian National Tourist Board's prestigious award - the Golden Pen, Ernest Zozuń, recorded a radio show about the Sinjska Alka Museum and the City of Sinj.

As part of the permanent tourist promotion of the Croatian Tourist Board and the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board, in cooperation with the local tourist boards of the cities and municipalities of Split, Klis, Trogir, Sinj and Omiš, Polish radio journalist Ernest Zozuń recorded several interesting radio shows to get closer to the cultural and gastronomic work of Split-Dalmatia County.


Ernest Zozuń is a renowned radio reporter for the Polish Radia 3 and is one of its international correspondents, who at one time reported as a war correspondent from the areas of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chechnya, Afghanistan and Iraq.

He is also the author of many educational shows and programs for children, is an award-winning Polish and international reporter, and is the publisher of Polish radio programs and 'Welcome to the Troika' and Radioactive reporters.

Zozuń has received numerous awards and recognition. In 2003, he was nominated for the Transparency International Award, and from 2003 to 2005 he was the correspondent of the Polish Radio of Iraq (IAR), where, apart from daily information and interviews, he provided a column and regular reports on the Polish military contingent in Iraq. In 2004, he received a silver medal for "National Defense Merits" and the 2012 Gold Medal for "Merit for National Defense".


In 2006/2007, he was the correspondent of Polish radio in Moscow (IAR). Since 2008, he has been one of the co-authors of 'Welcome to the Troika' and the international author of the program "3 sides of the world".

Zozuń won the Grand Prix at the international radio competition Prix Bohemia in 1995 (for a War Crime Report in Chechnya) and the main prize in the radio category at the Media Festival in 1996. In addition, in 2002 he received the Grand Press Award (Radio Reporter). He was nominated for the Melchiory 2004 award in the category of ‘Reporter of the Year’, among others, and for the Grand Press 2005 award (for the report "Representatives on Their Way").


In 2012 he received the prestigious "Golden Microphone" for his passion and courage and for creating a reporting form in which journalistic commitment succeeds in artfully articulating.

He won the HTZ Golden Pen award in 2018 for his dedication of Varaždin to "Zapraszamy do Trójki", which was created based on a study trip to Croatia. The intention was to show the diversity of Croatia outside the main season.

In Sinj, Ernest Zozuń was accompanied by tourist guide Dina Ivančić and Monika Vrgoč, director of the Tourist Board of Sinj, who introduced him to the geographical, historical and cultural features of the town, the shrine of the Miraculous Lady of Sinj, the Alka and the significance of the town of Sinj on a local and national level. They toured the Sinjska Alka Museum accompanied by Boris Filipović Grčič. He made an interesting interpretation of the significance of the museum and its exhibits and gave an interview for the Polish radio program III, for the Zapraszamy do Trójki (Troika) emission.

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

International Journalists Thrilled with Trilj's Cultural Heritage

May 8, 2019 - On May 7, 2019, on the initiative of Joška Stella, director of the Tourist Board of Split-Dalmatia County, specialized journalists were welcomed from all the countries where the Croatian National Tourist Board (HTZ) has representative offices as part of their study tours. The visit was held as part of the permanent tourist promotion of the area.



In cooperation with local tourist boards, through highly attractive tourist programs, established international journalists visited Trogir, Split, Solin, Brač, Klis and Trilj. The journalists will be informed about the selective forms of tourism in the areas, that is, natural, cultural and gastronomic, as well as the opportunities for active vacations in the area. In the framework of the "Cultural Tourism" program, in cooperation with the Trilj Tourist Board, the journalists that visited Trilj were from Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark and France: Maria Christina Hilstrom, Duclos / Solene Diane Marie Karine, Orlikowska Malgorzata, Schalke Melissa Debora, Van Bijsterveld Sandra, Weenink Laura Marbella, Blanken Mirjam, Vlaanderen Laura Marina, Walczowska Karolina Janina, Maraine Marie Ange Huguette, Reif Edith, Edelmayer Waltraud, and Anette Brathen Moen.


Along with the expert tourist guidance of Dina Ivančić, accompanied by Andriana Ivković, director of the Trilj Tourist Board, the group of prominent world journalists started with a panoramic view of the beautiful Nutjak fortress. After Nutjak, the journalists visited the Museum of the Trilj Region where they were introduced to the rich history of the town of Trilj, with the geographical position of the Roman military camp and its cultural and archaeological significance for the entire Dalmatian Zagora (Inland Dalmatia), after which they visited the Roman military camp Tilurium and the church of Sv. Petra in Gardun.



As the whole program was entirely devoted to culture and cultural sites, the journalists were given the opportunity to meet and gastronomic offer of the Trilj region, and tried uštipak, cheese, ham, antique food (libum, sausages), frogs, peka bread, and veal peka, all accompanied by unmistakable wine from the Čaporice vineyards.

Friday, 3 May 2019

Prominent International Journalists Visit Trilj!

May 3, 2019 - On May 1, 2019, the Croatian National Tourist Board and the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board, as part of the program "Culture and Gastronomy”, and in cooperation with the Trilj Tourist Board, welcomed the arrival of prominent international journalists to the town of Trilj. The event was arranged as part of the permanent tourism promotion of the region. 



Jerzy Niemocinski, Anna Sienkiewicz, Ewa Wagner, Adolf Wurzer, Marta Budska, Obert Oppelt, Maurizio Ceccaioni, Giuseppe Danielli, Giorgia Lola Oost, Ann-Mari Helena Gregersen, and Elin Kristin Kristoffersen visited from Poland, Slovakia, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Holland, and Norway.



Along with expert guidance of tour guide, Dina Ivančić, accompanied by Andriana Ivković, the director of the Trilj Tourist Board, the group of prominent international journalists started their tour with a panoramic view of the beautiful Nutjak fortress. After Nutjak, the journalists visited the Grab source and, of course, the Grab Mill where they were served a tasting of bread, uštipak and cheese according to the traditional Trilj recipe. Before they left for Sinj, the group visited the Museum of the Trilj region led by the director Sanja Budić Leto.



As the entire program is largely dedicated to gastronomy, journalists also enjoyed the traditional gastronomic offer and recipes of the most famous dishes of the region, such as uštipak, frogs, snails and the Trilj cake. The journalists were delighted and surprised by the offer of the town of Trilj, showing extraordinary interest in continued cooperation through selective programs for cultural tourism and the traditional eno-gastronomic offer.

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