Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Battle of Sinj in 1715: Jump in a Time Machine Back to When it All Began!

August 6, 2019 - Organized by the Sinj Tourist Board, on Thursday, August 8 at 8:30 pm, King Tomislav Square (Pijaca) will feature the famous reenactment of the Battle of Sinj in 1715, as well as the events that preceded it. 


The historical spectacle of the Battle of in 1715 takes place in two acts.

The first act is staged in Pijaca, the main square of Sinj, when the Ottomans conquer the town of Sinj with a dramatic and violent rush, burn down the church and take the people into slavery. The extremely realistic lighting and sound effects contribute to the authenticity of the scenes.

-opsada grada 2018-424.jpg

The second act takes place in the original setting of the Alka Courtyard. Despite the almost hopeless situation, the people of Sinj did not think of retreating and instead decided to defend their city against the much larger, superior, and powerful enemy. According to tradition, it was with the help of Our Lady that the Ottomans were defeated, and Sinj was freed from the threat of an enemy, and Christianity remained. Led by Fr. Vučković, the grateful believers have since celebrated their patron saint with greater enthusiasm.

-opsada grada 2018-366.jpg

The author of the dramatic reenactment is prof. Velimir Borković. The play is realized in cooperation with the Shrine of the Miraculous Lady of Sinj and the Alka Knights Society. Numerous actors from the amateur theaters participate in the evening, including Gabrijel Jurišić, Marko Duvnjak, Bruno Barać, Marijan Grbavac, Damir Žane Alebić, Saša Miletić, Bobo Delonga, Dijana Ivić Kundid, Bože Pavić, Ante Doljanin, Vedrana Vrgoč, Hana Delonga, Anđelka Vučković, Marija Mandac, members of the Marko Marulić Association, Klis Uskoks, Gromova Zagorje - Guardian of Our Beautiful, Veterans' Cooperative Patriot, Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, Association of Rera and Gusle from Otok, KUD Dicmo, KUD Glavice, Association for the Preservation of the Cetina Area Heritage, Sinj Ferali, Horsemen of the Alka Knights Society, and the Alka ergele horses, whose carriage provided by Davor Ivković. The assistant director is Bruno Barać, and this year's director is the prominent theater, television and film actor Robert Kurbaša.

-opsada grada 2018-119.jpg

The Battle of Sinj in 1715 is a unique spectacle. Under the auspices of the August Evenings in Sinj, the whole city transforms into a stage of real events and transfers its originality to the viewer in an instant - 304 years into the past.

-opsada grada 2018-373.jpg

And the entry is free!

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

10th Sinj Village Fair A Success!

August 6, 2019 - The 10th Sinj Village Fair was successfully organized by the Sinj Tourist Board, with the support of the City of Sinj, Split-Dalmatia County and the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship, and Crafts.


More than 35 exhibitors participated in the two days of the fair:, including reputable producers of prosciutto, cheese, honey, soparnik, liqueurs, brandies, as well as indigenous old crafts such as making folk costumes, opanak shoes, peka, copper, garden tools and other traditional wood handicrafts, as well as collectible items.


The 10th Sinj Village Fair was opened on August 2, 2019, at the Dr. Franjo Tudjman Square by Monika Vrgoč, Director of the Sinj Tourist Board, while the following day Kristina Križanac, Mayor of the City of Sinj, closed the occasion with an invitation for the 11th Sinj Village Fair. 


The entertainment part of the program featured the Sinj Majorettes who, with their performances and choreography, magnify every event they participate in. The fair also featured the Association for the Preservation of the Heritage of the Cetina Region, KUD Vrilo - Obrovac Sinjski, KUD Glavice, and KUD Dicmo, who performed the traditional folk customs of the Dalmatian Zagora. Members of these Associations are the faithful keepers of the region’s traditions and customs, which they cherish through the songs and dances of Inland Dalmatia, and are also on the list of the intangible cultural heritage of the Republic of Croatia. Among the other performers were the elementary school students of Trilj, who presented the original souvenir of the Trilj region and sang songs.


Traditional craft workshops were also held this year. In order to preserve these traditional crafts, the first night of the fair featured a workshop on making clay pots, which were created under the skilled hands of master Ivan Knezović. Namely, the traditional pottery of Potravlje has been given the status of an intangible cultural property since 2013, and has been nominated by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia for UNESCO protection. Every year, the Sinj Tourist Board organizes extremely well attended educational workshops. 

The workshops also featured the almost forgotten skills of making opanak shoes and weaving, led by Ljiljana Vojković. All visitors to the fair could taste the Sinj specialties for free - uštipak and young cheese prepared by the members of KUD Cetina and the Association Old Crafts. The oenological presentation was led by OPG Mažurin with the original wines of Croatia and Maraština, which were also shared free of charge by the members of OPG Mažurin and the association Srma.


Kopita was the star of the concert portion of the program, who hails from the island of Vis. Despite the bad weather, the audience enjoyed an unforgettable musical evening. 


A novelty this year were the numerous KUDs and Knights' Associations, who, through the Evening of Knighthood and Folklore, presented the customs and traditions of Croats from all over Croatia and the world. Thus, after the 304th Čoje and parade of 28 historical military units throughout Sinj, visitors could also enjoy some of their performances at the Sinj Village Fair. The first performance was by Kumpanjija Blato, then, KUD Gorjanac, the Slavonian Queen Ljelja, and Kumpanjija Smokvica performed two traditional dances, which was followed by performances by guests of the Association for the Preservation of the Heritage of the Cetina Region: KUD Bribir, Folklore Groups Hajdenjaki, Sounds of Stone and Karst - Imotski and hosts KUD Sinj and URIG. Branimir Romac led the event,


Despite the bad weather, especially on Friday, the fair was visited by over 1500 people. The Sinj Tourist Board want to thank all those who helped in the realization of the fair, and in particular: the City of Sinj and Split-Dalmatia County, the Knights' Alkar Society, the Sinj Club in Zagreb, the Aero Club of Sinj, JVD Sinj, the staff of Čistoće-Sinj and KUS-Sinj, members of the KUD Cetina, Branko Marinovic, Mladen Mažurina, Rizman Winery headed by Ivan Govork, BZ Patriot and Marija Vujević.

Monday, 5 August 2019

ŽKK Dugopolje Organizes First 3x3 Football Tournament

August 5, 2019 - On Sunday, the first 3x3 tournament was played in Dugopolje, organized by ŽKK Dugopolje. Twelve teams were registered in the tournament, including representatives of Croatia under the name Statist. The teams were divided into four groups of 3 teams. After the group stage games were played, the best two from each group went to the quarterfinal.

In the semifinal, the teams were ranked according to the best in the tournament (Statist, Spalato A2 Jug, Imoćani, and Onogatiboga).

After the dramatic semifinal games, Statist and Spalato A2 Jug competed in the final. 

The final game was fierce and competitive. In the end, Statist deserved the victory. For third place, Imoćani overcame Onogatiboga.

At the end of the tournament, awards were given to the best teams. The awards were distributed by tournament organizers Tomislav Balić (director of the Dugopolje Tourist Board) and Stipe  Čipčić, coach of ŽKK Dugopolje.



Statist - Full Monty 21:12

Onogatiboga - Kosidba 21:12

Spalato - Versi 21:17

Imoćan - Ćipe 21:8


Statist - Onogatiboga 21:8

Spalato - Imoćani 21:16

For third place

Imocani - OnogatiBoga 21:17


Statist - Spalato A2 Jug 22:16

On the Statist team

Duje Kaliterna

Luka Radoš

Toni Mindoljević

Ivan Rašetina

Sunday, 4 August 2019

Frano Ivković Wins 304th Sinjska Alka!

August 4, 2019 - On Sunday, the 304th Sinjska Alka was held at the Alka Racetrack in Sinj. 

The winner of the 304th Sinjska Alka is Frano Ivković from Brnaze, who collected a total of seven hits in three races. In the first race, Ivković hit for one point and nailed the next two in the middle, which led him to the victory. Tin Radanović came in second, just one point behind Ivković. 

Frano Ivković will also be remembered for winning the 300th Sinjska Alka. 

The Sinjska Alka is a traditional knight's tournament commemorating the victory over the Turks in 1715, which takes place on the first Sunday in August. President of the Republic of Croatia Kolinda Grabar Kitarović, as well as Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic, Croatian Parliament Speaker Gordan Jandrokovic and Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandić were all in attendance on Sunday. 

More soon...

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Saturday, 3 August 2019

304th Sinjska Alka Festivities Underway!

Alkar Ante Zorica from Hrvace won the 304th Bara, the first competition of this year's Sinjska Alka festivities.  

Zorica won by eight points, with two hits in the middle and one hit worth two points. The Alkar Duke tied two meters of green cloth to his winning spear, a symbol of victory at the Bara. Zorica also won a bronze plaque for himself and his Alkar boy, and even received a cash prize from the Alkar Knights Society of 15,000 kuna, reports Slobodna Dalmacija on August 2, 2019.

Zorica was born in 1984 and is from the town of Hrvace. By education, he is an administrative lawyer employed by the Red Cross City Society in Sinj as a director. Zorica is an accomplished rider and the third Alkar from his family. He is a trainer at the Gallop Club "Vreba" in Hrvace. He made his debut at the Sinjska Alka in 2005 though he finally held a spear in the competition in 2008.

Zorica is the most celebrated Alkar among the active participants today. He is the winner of the 294th, 296th and 298th Sinjska Alka and the ceremonial Sinjska Alka in Vukovar. In his trophy treasure trove, Zorica had previously won the Bara in 2009. 

The competition for the 304th Bara was held in front of more than 5,000 spectators. The ceremonial lodge included the leaders of the Alkar Knights Society, civil and military authorities and their guests, led by VAD President Dr. Stipe Jukić, Sinj Mayor Kristina Križanac, and Major Dražen Mazalin, Commander of the Engineering Battalion from the barracks of the 12th HV Brigade.

In the Bara competition, the Alkars achieved excellent results in hitting the alka target. In the first and third races, they nailed a total of 22 punts. In the first race, they marked the middle three times, and in the third, only one run missed the smallest alka circle. The second race was fantastic. The Alkars hit a total of 31, nailing five in the middle, four for two points and eight for one point, without a single miss. 

On Saturday, starting at 5:30 pm, the Čoja competition will be held. Before the competition, around 30 historical military units from Croatia and the neighboring countries will parade through the streets of Sinj and the Alka racetrack.

The central Sinjska Alka competition will be held on Sunday at 4:30 pm. 

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Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Parade of Legendary Military Units to be Held Before 304th Sinjska Alka

July 31, 2019 - On August 3, the day before the celebration of the 304th Sinjska Alka, and on the eve of the Čoje celebration, a march of 28 historic troops from all over the Republic of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Italy will take place.



This incredible display of historical heritage will include: 

- Honorary Protective Battalion of the Croatian Army
- Kravat Regiment Zagreb
- Bjelovar Border Guards - Husari
- Military Historical Unit Serežani – Županja
- Croatian Brotherhood - Bokelj Navy 809
- Zrinska garda Čakovec
- Turopolje bandiera
- Križevci Women's Guard
- Bakar City Guard 1848
- Hajduk Society of Mijat Tomić - Tomislavgrad (BIH)
- Dubrovnik Muskateers
- Šibenik City Guard
- Vrana Knights - Pakoštane
- Klis Uskoks
- Sartigla – Oristano (ITA)
- Streličari Ballestra -San Sepolcro (ITA)
- Kumpanjija – Smokvica (Korčula)
- Kumpanjija - Blato (Korčula)
- City Guard Požega
- Samobor National Guard.
-  Karlovac Guard
- 10. Company Ivanić Grad
- Varaždin Civil Guard
- Poljica prince – Society Poljica „sv.Jure“ – Priko (Omiš)
- Association „sv.Klement“ Sitno
- Slavonian Queen „Ljelje“ – Gorjanci (Đakovo)
- Honorary Protective Battalion of the Croatian Army
- Alkaruše – Sinj Majorettes


The program lasts all day. From 11 am, traditional and military customs will be performed by the Croatian Brotherhood - Bokelj Navy 809, including the Bokelj Round in honor of the Miraculous Lady Sinj, Honorary Guard Battalion of the HV and archers from San Sepolcro, accompanied by the City Music of Sinj and the Sinj Majorettes “Alkaruše”. In the afternoon, the entire procession passes through the city and the Alkar racetrack from 4:30 pm.



In the evening portion of the program, as part of the 10th Sinj Village Fair, from 8:30 pm on Dr. Franjo Tudjman Square, traditional dances and songs will be performed by Kumpanjija from Smokvica - Tanac, Slavonian Queen Ljelje, and Kumpanjija from Blato - Dance of Colors. Admission is free! 

Monday, 29 July 2019

10th Sinj Village Fair Right Around the Corner!

July 29, 2019 - In the mass of industrial production and fast food - take a moment to refresh yourself in the oasis of unique and traditional products. Visit the 10th Sinj Village Fair from 2 to 3 August 2019, organized by the Tourist Board of Sinj at the Franjo Tuđman Square!

More than 30 exhibitors from Split, Kaštela, Marina, Vrgorac, Zagorje and the Cetina region will present and offer a variety of products - from decorations and handicrafts to gourmet delicacies and products from Croatian villages and islands. To preserve ancient customs, the promotion of traditional pottery from Potravlje will be featured as part of the fair. Visitors will have an opportunity to see how the clay pots are made under the hands of master Ivan Knežović. The Ministry of Culture has nominated this traditional craft for UNESCO protection, and the Tourist Board, sponsored by the Ministry, annually organizes an exceptionally well-received educational workshop. It is also worth mentioning the almost forgotten skill of crafting opanak footwear, which were the only shoes our old men knew, which were used faithfully for decades (Ljilja Vojković).

ABC_Sajam sela (2).jpg

Visitors can also try their hand at making these traditional shoes and thus have a precious opportunity to get closer and connect with the customs of our region through native products and traditional crafts.


Numerous tastings of local products and dishes will be organized within the fair (uštipak, arambaša). Besides the exhibition and wine and food area, visitors will enjoy an entertainment program featuring the concert of the KOPITO group, as well as numerous associations and cultural-arts companies. Namely, visitors will enjoy performances of the Sinj Majorettes, KUD Cetina, KUD Krenica from Gala, KUD Vrilo, Association for the preservation of the heritage of the Cetina region, URIG from Otok, O.Š. Trilj, Kumpanija from Smokvica and Kumpanija from Blato. 

Sajam sela 3 - Ivan Alebić.jpg

For the first time, the Queen of Gorjani - Djakovo will arrive! The Slavonian Queen will perform a sword dance, which is connected to the traditional culture of northern Croatia. The Spring Parade of the Slavonian Queen (Ljelja) was entered as Croatian cultural heritage in 1966, in 2007 it was recognized as immaterial world heritage, and in 2009 it was added to UNESCO's list of non-material world heritage in Europe.

In addition to this dance, other traditional folk dances will be performed, as well as classic folk songs. 

sajam sela.jpg

By organizing the Sinj Village Fair, the Sinj Tourist Board allows interested citizens and visitors of Sinj to taste and buy high-quality traditional local products that are difficult to find for consumers because most of them are not available in stores. At the same time, small and medium-sized farms from the rural areas of Sinj and its surroundings, as well as other parts of Croatia, can promote and sell their products.


After last year’s success, this year even more exhibitors are expected from all over Croatia, and at least 20% of them are local producers. Therefore, as an organizer, the Sinj Tourist Board is obliged to provide more space and more tables for exhibitors, so that they can ensure the highest quality and fulfill the expectations of all participants.

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Dugopolje Receives First Public Bicycle System

July 24, 2019 - After the public bikes arrived in the city Split, the first municipality in Inland Dalmatia has received a public bicycle system. Two weeks ago, the municipality of Dugopolje announced a new system of public bicycles, a project co-financed by the Ministry of Tourism, which encourages the development of cycling tourism infrastructure in less developed tourist areas.


The public bicycle system allows users to rent classic city and electric bikes in two locations in Dugopolje - at Franjo Tudjman Square in front of the House of Culture and the parking lot in front of the Croatian Knights football stadium. Currently, four classic city bikes and four electric bikes are available to users, and bicycles can be borrowed and returned to any of these two locations. The Nextbike franchise system of public bicycles is the first and the largest of such a system in Croatia and neighboring countries, and Nextbike bikes are used in more than 250 cities around the world. Instructions for use, price lists, and other information are available at the bicycle stands and can also be found on the official Nextbike website. 


The Dugopolje Tourist Board hopes that these public bicycles will be of use to residents of Dugopolje, as well as to employees in the economic zone, and to local and foreign tourists who are increasingly visiting this part of the Dalmatian hinterland.

Note that the municipality of Dugopolje, with the co-financing of the Split-Dalmatia County and the Ministry of Tourism, has so far built three bike rest areas equipped with bicycle services, mobile chargers, and one even has free wireless Internet. The fourth rest area at Vranjača Cave in Kotlenica is underway.

Friday, 19 July 2019

Trilj Regional Museum Introduces Virtual Tours to Popularize Heritage of Area

The Trilj Regional Museum is pleased to announce that a virtual walk through the museum exhibition and other exhibition venues has been successfully realized. The virtual walk includes two exhibition rooms; the archaeological site and ethnographic collection, and museum monuments in which stone monuments are preserved. The virtual walk is integrated with info points that provide information about museum activities, museum exhibitions, and selected exhibits. The purpose of the project, carried out in collaboration with the digital agency L33T, who is behind more than 200 projects of this type, is to popularise the Trilj Regional Museum and the cultural heritage of the area in general.

The 360-degree virtual tour is a contemporary, innovative and interactive presentation of the museum setup using the latest VR technology. Almost 1,000 photos were taken, which were featured in 13 virtual panorama resolutions greater than 200 megapixels. In particular, it features the panorama of Trilj and the surrounding area from above, which very attractively displays the beauty of the Trilj region.

In this way, future visitors will be able to interact with the museum setting, and the initial contact of the virtual user will be transformed into active communication with the exhibition and exhibits. Each info point is accompanied by information in Croatian and English to cover as many local and foreign users as possible.

Virtual walks can be used on all types of devices from a PC, smartphone, or tablet with the option of using virtual eyewear. It is available on the website of the Trilj Tourist Board and at www.muzejtriljskogkraja.hr.

The project was realized thanks to the cooperation and support of the Trilj Tourist Board, headed by the director Andriana Ivković.

Thursday, 18 July 2019

Who Will Win the 304th Sinjska Alka? Intense Preparations Underway!

We can hardly wait for that August Sunday morning when the bells wake us for yet another Sinjska Alka - and this year it is the 304th!


More than halfway into July, it's safe to say that the promising Alkars have done a fair bit of intense preparations for the traditional event. Namely, after extensive training at the Sinj hippodrome and the plains of the Sinj field, the Alkars moved to the racecourse in mid-July, on Monday to Friday, from 18:00 to 20:00. 

And the best part? You have the chance to witness the Alkars in action!


As we inch closer to August and the Alka celebration, the homes in Sinj change their rhythm to follow the horse’s gallops, pulsating the streets of the town which lives for the Alka - an event that is also part of the immaterial heritage of UNESCO, Croatia, and the world. 





It all begins on Friday 2 August at 5:30 pm with the 304th Bara competition. On Saturday, 3 August is the Čoja, also at 17:30, and on Sunday, 4 August at 4:30 pm, the Alkars fight in the main competition for their place in the long and rich history of the event. 


The entrance fee to watch the training, as well as the Bara Čoja, is free. 

Do not miss the opportunity to be part of these unique events!

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