Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Sinj Carnival Customs Presented at Together for Croatia Vukovar 2022

May 10, 2022 - Last weekend, Sinj carnival customs were presented in Vukovar at the All Together for Croatia - Vukovar 2022 festival.

Last Friday and Saturday (May 6 and 7) at the unique Festival of Intangible Heritage, Tourist Events, Attractions and Destinations All Together for Croatia - Vukovar 2022, the intangible carnival customs of Podkamešnica villages were presented through performances by members of the association "Didi s Kamešnice" - Gljev.

The festival All Together for Croatia - Vukovar 2022 is held to mark the City Day of Vukovar (May 3) and lasted until May 8. In cooperation with the City of Vukovar and the Vukovar Tourist Board, the organizers prepared this commendable event.


The festival was officially opened by Filip Sušac, Deputy Mayor of Vukovar, and the opening was attended by Marina Sekulić, Director of the Vukovar Tourist Board, His Excellency Ilan Mor, Ambassador of Israel, partner countries of the festival, prof. dr. sc. Dragan Primorac, MD, ambassador of this year's festival, then ambassadors of last year's festivals: Zlatko Dalić, Croatia national football team coach and Dražen Klarić, editor-in-chief of Večernji list, Msgr. Đuro Hranić, Archbishop of Đakovo and Osijek, Fr. Ivica Jagodić, guardian and administrator of the shrine of St. Filip i Jakov, Monika Vrgoč, Sinj Tourist Board director, Renato Labazan, director of the Tourist Board of Korpivnica.


During the three days of the Festival, over 600 participants from all parts of Croatia participated in various programs at several locations: Dubrovnik, Sinj, Zadar, Omis, Varaždin, Koprivnica, Bjelovar, Rijeka, Sali, Korcula, Zagreb County, Slavonia and abroad, more precisely Bulgaria. Vukovar's streets and squares became a meeting place for different cultures, gastronomy and entertainment, presenting the best of Croatia's protected intangible heritage.



The city of Sinj, as always, gladly responded to the invitation. Thus, after their participation in 2018 and 2019 when Alkars and Alkar boys and City Music performed, this year is remembered through the performance of Ana Rucner and video screenings of the award-winning promotional film Alkar Pride.


This year Sinj continued presenting their rich intangible heritage with members of the association 'Didi s Kamešnice', in the lead role. In addition, they presented the carnival customs of Podkamešnica villages that are on the list of intangible cultural assets of the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia. With this performance, 'Didi s Kamešnice' also additionally marked their 20th anniversary of active work as an Association in Vukovar - the city of heroes, the city of symbols of unity and strength.


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Monday, 2 May 2022

Our Lady of Sinj Trail Cleaned from Dugopolje – Dicmo - Sinj (PHOTOS)

May 2, 2022 - The Our Lady of Sinj trail was cleaned on the Dugopolje – Dicmo - Sinj section over the weekend, organized by the Sinj Tourist Board. 

Organized by the Sinj Tourist Board in cooperation with NOPD Koćari, with the support of the City of Sinj, the Municipality Dicmo, the Dugopolje Tourist Board, County Roads Split, Čistoće cetinske krajine d.o.o., DVD Dicmo, Croatian Forests Branch Sinj, and members: HGSS station Split branch Sinj, BK Vlaji, Ultra Trail Dinarides, PD Svilaja, PDU Alfa & Omega - Sesvete, pilgrims on the Our Lady of Sinj trail and numerous volunteers successfully conducted an environmental action of cleaning illegal landfills, landscaping and marking the Our Lady of Sinj trail on the Dugopolje - Dicmo - Sinj section.

After last year's successful environmental cleaning and landscaping of 14 illegal landfills in the municipality of Hrvace, Zelovo, and part of the trail in Kukuzovac, this year, the Sinj Tourist Board launched ecological actions of cleaning and marking the existing trails on Sutina and cleaning and marking a part of the Our Lady of Sinj trail on the Dugopolje - Dicmo - Sinj section.

Recall, the Our Lady of Sinj trail project (completed in 2015) is a pilgrimage trail 148 km long that connects Marian shrines from the shrine in Solin to the shrine of Our Lady of Sinj and further to the shrine at Šćit (Prozor - Rama in BiH).

Unfortunately, parts of the trail have been devastated with the accompanying infrastructure. Therefore, in cooperation with Split-Dalmatia County, the Our Lady of Sinj Trail project was launched. Through the project, the Sinj Tourist Board received a new website https://stazagospisinjskoj.hr/ and a virtual walk http://heritagecroatia.com/web/staza-gospi-sinjskoj/ to increase its visibility and accessibility to numerous pilgrims and recreationists.

Unfortunately, despite the efforts of numerous institutions, activists, members of sports associations, and pilgrims, irresponsible individuals continued to dispose of various wastes along the entire Trail. Therefore, to mark Earth Day, the Sinj Tourist Board decided to arouse the conscience of irresponsible individuals with another cleanup and landscaping action and give the competent institutions an incentive for lasting solutions to prevent such adverse effects on the environment and adequately punish irresponsible individuals.

Many volunteers and nature lovers attended this year's action, including members of mountaineering associations: PD Svilaja, NOPD Koćari, PDU Alfa & Omega - Sesvete, members of the Cycling Club Vlaji - Sinj, Ultra Trail Dinarides, and pilgrims from Split, Solin, and Kaštela who regularly pilgrimage on the trail. In addition, members of HGSS stations Split branch office Sinj, DVD Dicmo, Croatian Forests branch office Sinj, then Čistoća Cetinske krajine and Županijska cesta Split took part in the action, without whose employees and mechanization this action would not be feasible.

This action and the previous ones contribute to the development of environmental awareness and appeal to responsibility for Sinj's natural and cultural heritage.

The organizers thank everyone who selflessly took their time and helped in this environmental action.

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Saturday, 30 April 2022

Great Demand for Inland Dalmatia Tourism, Says Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board

April 30, 2022 - Inland Dalmatia tourism is a hit, says Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board director Joško Stella. 

Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board director, Joško Stella, is running for a new term at the helm of the tourist board. After presenting the Tourism 3.0 project, Dalmatinski Portal spoke to Stella about the results of his work, expectations from this season, and trends in tourism. 

Which parts of Split-Dalmatia County have made the biggest step since you became the head of the Tourist Board?

"Split Riviera and Makarska Riviera make the largest traffic as clusters in Split-Dalmatia County, and we also know that the city of Split has made a big step forward in tourism in the last five years. As for Inland Dalmatia, I would especially like to point out the area of Imotski where a large number of villas with swimming pools were built."

Many villas with swimming pools have been built in Inland Dalmatia in recent years. But is the demand still growing?

"There is a great demand for Inland Dalmatia and villas with swimming pools located in the hinterland, coast, and islands."

Did the pandemic affect the number of apartments in Split?

"The number of apartments in Split has decreased."

The world is changing fast, and so is tourism. What is the current trend that the general public may not be aware of?

"The current trend in the world is a return to nature, outdoor activities, exercise, walking, cycling, and general recreational sports. However, I would add that the growing trend is healthy food and quality nutrition where our Mediterranean cuisine has a great chance to grow as a brand."

The tourist board has been pushing cycling tourism in the county. What are the results?

"We have been systematically developing cycling tourism in the county since 2013. The result is over 3000 km of trails, over 200 'bed and bike' apartments, 50 bike hotels, and ten bike camps. In addition, the result is an increasing number of smaller and larger bicycle races and a growing number of organized groups of cyclists coming to our county."

Will this season break the 2019 record?

"From the beginning of the year to April 27, we have 2.8 times more overnight stays than last year, and if we compare with the same period in 2019, we are at 88 percent of overnight stays from pre-pandemic, record, 2019. So we are certainly expecting a better year than 2021, and we are expecting figures close to 2019, Of course, unless there are some unforeseen circumstances."

The City of Vienna recently launched a €2 million financial incentive program for film and television productions called 'Vienna Film Incentive.' The program should contribute to the growth of the economy and tourism and increase the attractiveness of Vienna as a tourist destination, and is expected to last until the end of 2023. The filming of Game of Thrones has contributed to popularizing Dalmatia. What can be done institutionally to make this industry more regularly choose our area?

"Split-Dalmatia County and the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board are actively working to establish a film office that would promote film tourism and locations in the destination for future filming. Back in 2015, we released a map of locations for Game of Thrones in several languages ​​and presented it at the Barcelona fair, where we co-financed a copy of the original throne from the film. In the following years, we actively brought in journalists related to the filming of Mama Mia and Game of Thrones."

The season is already visible and is slightly longer, lasting more than two months. So what else can be done?

"7-8 years ago, it started at the end of April, and now at the end of March. The flights ended in early October and now end later that month. With the development of particular forms of tourism such as enogastronomy, cultural and active tourism, we are already extending the tourist season. It is a process that has been going on for years, but progress is already visible."

The arrival of guests is related to the number of flights and the price. What can be done to increase the number of flights and make them more affordable?

"In 2022, in cooperation with the CNTB and the Split Tourist Board, we co-financed eight airlines. We agree with Croatia Airlines for additional routes in the winter flight schedule and are negotiating additional routes and flights."

The tourist board does a lot of education throughout the county. What are the reactions?

"In 2022 alone, we already had 15 trainings for private renters and four trainings for agencies where I would like to point out that we brought Rob Holmes from the USA and Victoria Smith from the UK. There are currently five trainings for EU funds in tourism. Attendance at most trainings is excellent. I would also like to point out that we have co-financed nine trainings for our local tourist boards.

Since 2012, we have been the first in Croatia with organized free trainings for private renters, and we are known to have the most free trainings of all county tourist boards in Croatia. The result of all this is that over 8,000 people and over a thousand more from the entire sector went directly through our trainings for private renters, thus raising the level of knowledge and competitiveness of tourism in our county."

What else makes the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board stand out?

"We, as the County Tourist Board, are leaders in the field of education and cooperation with private landlords (education, conferences, web pages, co-financing the Apartment Plus magazine, and cooperating with Landlord Counseling). In addition, we have exceptional cooperation with agencies in our area (DMK competition, cooperation with UHPA / education). We also highlight projects: 1. Marketing through social networks (Facebook and YouTube), 2. Development of cycling tourism (trail design, promotional materials, fairs, and races), 3. Development of themed hiking trails (the only tourist base in Croatia if not in Europe that has Google StreetView for all themed trails, special website, and printed materials), 4. Sustainable development and strategic planning, The only tourist board with a Capacity Study, 5. The first tourist board in Croatia to implement the Economic effects of tourism, 6. Cooperation with local tourist boards (joint advertising, special calls for tenders, co-financing trainings, and arranging destinations)."

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Friday, 29 April 2022

Eco Action: Cleaning Our Lady of Sinj Trail from Dugopolje - Dicmo - Sinj

April 29, 2022 - The Our Lady of Sinj trail will be cleaned on Saturday, April 30, along the Dugopolje - Dicmo - Sinj section. 

Celebrating World Earth Day, April 22, the Sinj Tourist Board, with the support of the City of Sinj, Dicmo Municipality, Dugopolje Tourist Board, Cetina Krajina, Croatian Forests - Sinj Branch, ŽC, HGSS - Sinj Branch, and in cooperation with NOPD Koćari, organizes an eco-action to clean and arrange part of the Our Lady of Sinj trail on the section Dugopolje - Dicmo - Sinj.


Namely, after last year's action cleaning a part of the Trail (Sinj), unfortunately, illegal waste disposal continued along a large part of the Trail. Therefore, after successfully cleaning and arranging the existing trails on Sutina, the Sinj Tourist Board decided on an additional action to clean and arrange the Trail, which will take place on April 30 (Saturday).


"We invite volunteers to join us because without your help and participation such actions would not be possible. Together, we awaken awareness of the impact of man on the environment and awareness of the importance of preserving it as our common good. All interested citizens, nature lovers, can join this action of cleaning and landscaping," said the Sinj Tourist Board. 


In order to carry out this action well, please send your application to e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., stating the name of the action: Trail to Our Lady of Sinj - cleaning and landscaping action, as well as the name and surname of the participant.


Participants will gather and divide tasks at 9 am, at the location Kukuzovac (industrial zone). 

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Tuesday, 19 April 2022

Easter Monday Breakfast Held in Sinj (PHOTOS)

April 19, 2022- On April 18, Easter Monday, the Sinj Tourist Board, with the support of the City of Sinj and the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board, held an outdoor Easter Monday breakfast. 

"The event was organized to present traditional Easter dishes and customs. During the pre-season, our goal is to provide all guests with an insight into our rich tradition of preparing Easter meals and special customs, and thus bring them closer to the destination they are visiting," said the Sinj Tourist Board.

After the welcoming speeches of Miro Bulj, Mayor of Sinj, and Monika Vrgoč, Director of the Sinj Tourist Board, the holiday table was blessed by Fr. Perica Maslać, pastor of the Shrine of Our Miraculous Lady of Sinj.

All visitors could enjoy a richly prepared holiday table consisting of traditional dishes prepared for Easter breakfast, such as boiled eggs, ham, Dalmatian prosciutto, baked bread, sirnica, donuts, and other special desserts. The Sinj majorettes performed in the entertainment part of the program with new choreography, followed by performances by the City Mixed Choir and Sinj musicians Mirna Alfirević and Mislav Norac. Members of the Association for the Preservation of Cetina Region Heritage, KUD Cetina, and the associations Sinjski ferali and Stari zanati decorated the holiday table. The youngest visitors were able to enjoy the Easter magic this year as well, which was prepared this year by members of the Sinjski Ferali Association.

"We thank Ms. Branka Marinović and Mrs. Bader who helped us with the decorations, then the faithful sponsor of the largest poultry farm Mostina d.o.o. from Obrovac Sinj, and special thanks to the Shrine of the Miraculous Lady of Sinj, the Sinj Mixed Choir, employees of KUS, KUD Cetina, the Association for the Preservation of Heritage of the Cetina region and Sinj majorettes," added the Sinj Tourist Board. 

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Monday, 4 April 2022

Sutina Area Cleanup Successfully held by Sinj Tourist Board (PHOTOS)

April 4, 2022 - The Sutina area cleanup was held by the Sinj Tourist Board on Sunday, April 3. 

To mark World Water Day, the Sinj Tourist Board, in cooperation with NOPD Koćari and with the support of the City of Sinj, the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board, and the participation of many volunteers and members of mountaineering societies Svilaja and Vukovi - Sinj, Cetina adventure club, Croatian Mountain Service Rescue Sinj, JU More i Krš, cycling club Vlaji -Sinj, and DVD Sinj, held an ecological action on April 3 to clean, arrange, and mark the existing trails in the Sutina area.







The action was originally planned for April 2, but due to bad weather conditions, it was postponed and held on April 3.

The Sinj Tourist Board thanks all nature lovers who selflessly joined this event! 

Photos by Željko Zrnčić, Marko Glavinić, Nikica Ugrin and Monika Vrgoč.


Monday, 7 March 2022

Sinj Tourist Board Successfully Holds 'Tourist in Your Town' (PHOTOS)

March 7, 2022 - On March 5, the jubilee, tenth educational 'Tourist in Your Town' event was held under the expert guidance of members of the Sinj Osinium Association of Tourist Guides and curator of the Franciscan Monastery Collection. The outing was organized by the Sinj Tourist Board. 

Citizens of Sinj, as well as numerous guests from Split, Trogir, Kaštela, Solin, and Omiš, had the opportunity to get to know the city's sights and invaluable cultural treasures inside the Miraculous Lady of Sinj and in the Collections of the Franciscan Monastery.

The aim of this free educational action is to popularize the historical and cultural heritage as one of the main factors for the development of tourism in Sinj, but also to raise awareness of its importance in society as a whole. It is important to emphasize the important role of local tour guides in the interpretation of cultural and historical heritage, traditional customs, and specifics of the region.

Thus, many participants enjoyed sightseeing and learned more about the Knight's Game Alka, Franciscan Classical Gymnasium, Palace, and Villa Tripalo, Stations of the Cross, Grad and Kamičak fortresses, all under the expert guidance of tourist guide Ivan Vuleta.

The curator, Fr. Mirko Marić, guided them through the impressive exhibits of the Franciscan Monastery Collection. Edo and Mirna Crljen took care of the flavors of Sinj's delicacies.

The Sinj Tourist Board thanks all the participants and all those who helped them bring this to life! 

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Wednesday, 2 March 2022

Sinj Tourist Board Organizes 'Tourist in Your Town' Event on March 5

March 2, 2022 - After last year's break caused by the pandemic, the Sinj Tourist Board is organizing the educational action 'Tourist in Your Town' for the 10th time!

Namely, since 1990, at the initiative of the World Federation of the Tourist Guides Association based in Vienna, February 21 has been marked as the International Day of Tourist Guides.


On this occasion, the Sinj Tourist Board invites all esteemed fellow citizens and their guests to join in on Saturday, March 5 at 10 am at the Alkar Racecourse (next to the Alkar Monument), from where you will visit the Archaeological Collection of the Franciscan Monastery and have a tour of the Church of Our Miraculous Lady of Sinj, numerous cultural and historical monuments, and the Kamičak and Grad fortresses (planned tour duration - 2.30 hours).


The goal of this free educational action is to popularize the historical and cultural heritage as an important factor for the development of tourism in Sinj, but also to raise awareness of its importance in society as a whole.


Do not miss the opportunity to see many city sights with expert guidance, but also the impressive exhibition of the Archaeological Collection of the Franciscan Monastery.


In order to properly organize, please confirm your arrival by phone at 099 4500305 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Monday, 14 February 2022

Ancient Wells of Rajčica Valley, Inland Dalmatia's Hidden Wonder

February 14th, 2022 - While most tourists tend to gravitate towards the coastline, there are many hidden gems to discover in inland Dalmatia. Meet the wells of Rajčica valley, a magical place that looks as if it came straight out of a fantasy novel

Less than an hour’s drive from Split, in the rugged karst landscape of the Klis hinterland, you’ll stumble upon an extraordinary site. Known as Rajčica, the valley near Nisko village is home to a cluster of 10 ancient wells.

And when we say ancient, it’s actually a bit hard to pinpoint the moment in time when the wells were built. They are commonly referred to as Roman wells, some believe they're from the Illyrian times, and it’s also said they date to late Middle ages, namely the 13th or 14th centuries.

Whatever the case, there’s a certain mystical quality to the picturesque site; it appears to be timeless. The wells are all alike in size and design; they’re closely spaced, each encircled by a dry stone wall and fitted with stone steps descending to the water surface.

Three of the ten wells are shrouded by greenery and have a lower water level, making them somewhat harder to spot. Since the site is located in a valley, heavy rain will often leave the area flooded; during summer droughts, the water level drops.

It’s unknown whether there are any underground rivers in the area, or if the wells are mainly getting water from precipitation. Nestled among the wells is a small pond where the cattle roaming the area often comes to drink. 


The name of this wondrous site is another mystery that remains unsolved. Why Rajčica valley? The name literally translates to tomato in Croatian, but it’s believed to be more likely to refer to the place being a paradise in nature (raj = paradise, heaven). Finally, there are sources that claim the toponym originates from a family name that had a historical presence in the area (the valley of the Rajčić).

The wells of Rajčica used to be a seldom visited site, hidden away in a somewhat inaccessible location where one would have to fight their way through the thicket to get to the untouched clearing.


Rajcica valley / YouTube screenshot

These days, it’s more visitor-friendly. Backed by EU funding, Klis Municipality first had a forest road restored that connected the nearby villages of Brštanovo, Nisko and Matase, and which also doubles as an access road to Rajčica valley.

In a more recent part of the project, they had a picnic site built near the ancient wells. As of late 2021, there are seating areas, a grill, and even a balota rink as a nod to one of Dalmatia’s favourite pastimes. 

raj-4-1024x683.jpgPicnic area / klis.hr

Rajčica valley gained in popularity since it was touched up a bit, especially as the pandemic drove more people to forgo urban destinations and spend time in nature instead. It’s not overcrowded yet, so if you happen to be looking for trip ideas, it just might be the perfect moment to visit the mystical wells before they become too popular among the locals and tourists alike. 


Saturday, 27 November 2021

2021 Sinj Advent Program is Here!

November 27, 2021 - The 2021 Sinj Advent program is here, with many festive things to enjoy this year, from an ice skating rink to gramophone records fair! 

The sweet anticipation of Christmas is slowly approaching. Socializing with the enticing aromas of mulled wine and delicious snacks guarantees a good time for all those who want to feel the Christmas magic through a handful of fun and unique events in a festive atmosphere.


Many different events have been prepared for the youngest. They even have their own Children's Week called "Days of Joy, Games, and Peace" organized by the association Whole Life, which begins on the feast of St. Nicholas and lasts until the feast of St. Lucia. The Cetina Region Museum brings an edition of an exciting publication, and on the eve of St. Lucia, the customs and traditions associated with its feast. After polishing their boots well, the little ones will enjoy (but also perform) plays, music and dance performances, choir performances! The Sinj Tourist Board, organized by the Association Prokultura and in cooperation with the City of Sinj, the Sikirica Gallery, and the Cultural and Artistic Center, is setting up an exhibition of photographs "Angels" by the famous photographer Ivo Pervan.


Numerous valuable and active associations from Sinj and Cetina region have taken several exciting events and actions. Visitors will enjoy concerts by Adastra, Piroman, Vocal Ensemble Jedinstvo, Ana Malovan, Sinj City Music and Mixed Choir, KUD Osinium, Vrilo, and in Disk pod Zvijezda, and the Sinj Majorettes Christmas show. KUD Cetina will take us back in time with its staging of Christmas Eve in the Cetina region, Sinj ferali will delight with an invitation to an evening of poetry and prose with music, and Sinj Folk Theater will contribute to the festive atmosphere with performances. Associations SRMA and Sinjski ferali will decorate the city. The commendable humanitarian action Santa's Equestrian Caravan will delight many children in this most magical time. On the eve of the Advent candle lighting, pilgrimages will be organized along the Path to Our Lady of Sinj from Dugopolje, Dicmo to Sinj. After prayers and blessings, pilgrims will join in the Advent candle lighting. There will be a gramophone records fair for the first time and, after many years, a skating rink!

The New Year's Eve celebration will begin with style: the youngest will be given a children's New Year's Eve organized by Sinj ferali, followed by Sinj culinary specialties, and finally, everyone will welcome the New Year.


The Sinj Advent is organized by the City of Sinj, the Sinj Tourist Board, the Shrine of Our Miraculous Lady of Sinj, and numerous institutions and associations from the Sinj area.

The Advent program in Sinj will take place following the recommendations of the Civil Protection Headquarters and the current measures of the CNIPH.

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