Thursday, 9 September 2021

Infobip and Damir Sabol Invest in Rijeka Robotics Startup Stemi

September the 9th, 2021 - The Rijeka robotics startup Stemi has been invested in by Damir Sabol and the remarkable Vodnjan company Infobip, which has become widely known and well respected over the last few years.

As Novac/Bernard Ivezic writes, Infobip and Damir Sabol have invested in the Rijeka robotics startup Stemi, a startup which successfully developed the very first Croatian educational robot and created an educational platform around it that reaps good results across the Atlantic in the USA.

The trio announced the above at the jubilee tenth Infobip Shift conference in Zadar, and this is Infobip's first investment in a startup so far. The Vodnjan company has received many investments from others, but hasn't, until now, made one itself.

They didn't want to reveal any of the details for now, and instead, Stemi has stated that they are preparing a big surprise for the end of September in the City of Zagreb. Stemi has recently been heavily involved in the promotion of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in education, and has been supported in this by Infobip. In addition, Rijeka robotics startup Stemi is one of the first members of the programme in which the Croatian unicorn encourages young technology companies from around the world to use its technology - the much talked about Infobip Startup Tribe.

The Infobip Shift conference is being attended by more than 13,000 visitors this year. In Zadar, over 3,000 live visitors gathered physically in the Kresimir Cosic Hall, and over 10,000 bought tickets for the online following of the conference. Thus, this year's Shift conference, the first organised under Infobip, has grown into the largest developer conference not only in Croatia but also in Europe.

Ivan Burazin, Infobip's board member for developer relations, boasted at the opening of the conference that Infobip has the best communication platform in the world, which is sold according to the service model.

''This year, we're under the auspices of Infobip for the first time. That's why it's now called Infobip Shift, but we're still Shift and this year we're dealing with what developers are doing - problem solving,'' explained Burazin.

Izabel Jelenic, the co-founder and chief technical officer, then took the stage, greeted the audience briefly and told them that they were "just starting". This is the slogan of Infobip, which, after becoming the first Croatian unicorn, is strengthening its operations and actively taking over other companies. It first took over the American OpenMarket, then the Croatian franchise of the Shift developer conference, and then the Irish company Anam Technologies. That's why it is speculated that the market value of the first Croatian unicorn far exceeded last year's billion dollars.

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Friday, 16 July 2021

Croatia to Host Biggest Developer Event in Europe this Year: Infobip Shift Conference Announced!

July 16, 2021 - The Infobip Shift conference will be held this September in Zadar as the largest developer event in Europe this year!

After acquiring Shift, Infobip, the leading IT company in Croatia and the region, announced its plans for the upcoming Infobip Shift conference, which will be held on September 7 and 8 this year in Zadar at the Krešimir Ćosić Hall. The developer conference will bring together over three thousand people over two days, making this edition the largest developer event in Europe this year, reports Dalmatinski Portal. 

After Infobip organized its own DevDays development conference for many years, with the acquisition of Shift, both conferences were merged into one technology festival during which the best speakers from the developer world will gather, 60 in total, from companies such as Microsoft, Google, Adobe and many others. The Infobip Shift conference program will be held simultaneously on five stages. There will be three main stages, one intended for workshops, and the entire program will be rounded off by startups that will present their ideas and products on the Startup Tribe stage. With a rich conference program, time and a place for socializing and meetings have been provided, for which a thousand square meters are planned in front of the hall.

After the founder and executive director of the Shift conference, Ivan Burazin, was appointed a member of the Management Board for development experience at Infobip, his longtime associate Marin Tomičić was appointed project manager of the Infobip Shift conference.

"In a little less than two months, something truly unseen awaits us in this area. The program will be opened and closed by the performances of the co-founders of Infobip, Izabel Jelenić, and Silvio Kutić. In addition, we were able to secure the arrival of the world’s greatest speakers like David Heinemeier Hansson, creator of the Ruby on Rails framework, and Val Head coming ahead of global IT giant Adobe. Finally, of course, we also took care of the part of the conference that guarantees fun, so that all visitors will be able to enjoy a unique afterparty after the end of the program. The young and motivated team gathered around the organization of this event is working hard to justify the high expectations and trust," said Marin Tomičić, project manager of the Infobip Shift conference.

He added that Infobip has almost 500 developers in Vodnjan, Zagreb, Split, and Rijeka, who come from all over Croatia.

"Previous editions of the Shift conference were held in Split, while Infobip DevDays were held in Tuhelj. In the wake of this rich spread, we decided that the Infobip Shift conference in the coming years, starting with this one, will tour the whole of Croatia without a fixed location. We want the conference to be held at a different location every year. Therefore, we decided to hold this year's edition on the coast in Zadar," he said.

The tenth jubilee edition of the conference will not only be bigger than any Shift so far, but the whole experience of following the conference will reach an unprecedented level. From speakers, partners and startups, to organizational meetings and educational workshops - Infobip Shift will be the most influential developer event this year.

"My vision since 2012 has been to create the largest global development conference, but also to strengthen Croatia's connection with the world development scene. Over the years, we have grown, and we are getting closer to our goal. With Infobip, we got what we lacked - the support of a large company to give the domestic conference that global caliber and become the leader," said Ivan Burazin, a member of the Board for Development Experience at Infobip.

Join the two-day Infobip Shift conference on September 7 and 8 this year. Discover the latest technologies and learn all from the world's top developers. More information about the conference, tickets, and schedule can be found on the official website of Infobip Shift.

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Wednesday, 2 June 2021

Istrian Infobip Receives More Than 100 Applications for Startup Programme

June the 2nd, 2021 - We recently wrote about the brand new Infobip Startup Tribe Programme which marked yet another positive step forward from the remarkable Istrian Infobip company which has made waves globally. More than 100 applications have since been received, from Croatia and the immediate region to European countries like the UK, to distant ones such as Singapore.

As Novac/Bernard Ivezic writes, in the first 48 hours alone, the Istrian Infobip company from Vodnjan received more than 100 applications for its Startup Tribe Programme. Most of those applications came from here in Croatia, then from the immediate region, from Slovenia through to Bosnia and Herzegovina to Serbia, and then from the rest of the world.

Applications from startups from other European countries such as Great Britain, Sweden and Austria came in, and then they did so from Singapore and even the USA.

Nikola Pavesic, the leader of the Istrian Infobip's Startup Tribe, hasn't even tried to hide his enthusiasm for this more than encouraging initial response.

''For now, after the official presentation of the Infobip Startup Tribe Programme, the response is even better than we expected, and we had quite high expectations,'' said Pavesic.

He stated that he is especially pleased with the large number of applications from the rest of Croatia. He pointed out that they've been contacted by, among others, some already successful startups, as well as those whose time is yet to come, such as Orqa,, Parkley, Hubbig, Farseer and Sportening.

''Now we have to analyse them all and see what the best ones are, or what we could offer them, for each of these startups and projects,'' stated Pavesic.

To briefly recall, the head of Infobip's first startup initiative started his career at the United Nations in Tanzania, and moved to Infobip from Tokyo, where for the past five years he has run partnerships with Nikkei, the world's largest business newspaper and owner of the respected Financial Times (FT).

Infobip's Startup Tribe enables startups to receive financial support in large amounts. This assistance is offered in the form of loans for the use of Infobip's innovative products. In addition, the Istrian Infobip will give startups that become part of its ''tribe'' access to its know-how, as well as to a rich network of advisors and investors. Among other things, startups entering this programme will have direct entry to pitching Shift conferences.

Pavesic has already confirmed that he will not take a percentage from these startups, but that the goal of the programme is actually to grow together with startups in the Istrian Infobip tribe.

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Wednesday, 26 May 2021

Infobip Startup Tribe Another Positive Move from Vodnjan Company

May the 26th, 2021 - The Vodnjan company Infobip, which has been in the news for all the right reasons more or less since its very creation, has created the Infobip Startup Tribe. The move marks yet another positive step forward for this remarkable Croatian company.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, this Vodnjan company's new Infobip Startup Tribe is the name of the newly established programme aimed at finding and gathering the most innovative Croatian and global startups, and accelerating and monitoring their growth and development. Under the programme, eligible startups can apply for amounts ranging from 10,000 US dollars to 60,000 US dollars worth of using Infobip’s communication technologies and use them to further grow and improve their own respective businesses.

In addition to the hefty amounts mentioned above, Infobip will provide invaluable know-how and direct connections with global investors and industry leaders to the startups involved, which can open the door to additional capital and new markets. In addition to numerous training sessions, the Vodnjan IT company will open up the possibility of making office space in more than 65 locations around the world available to startups, which, at the time of their growth and expansion, will certainly become a significant benefit.

In addition, the startups involved will have special access to the Infobip Shift conference, the recent acquisition of Infobip, which plans to grow into one of the largest developer conferences in the world.

An established department for startup ecosystems within Infobip

The Infobip Startup Tribe will be led by Nikola Pavesic, the director of this newly established Infobip department. Pavesic began his career at the United Nations in no less than Tanzania, and he continued his journey at the UN in Tokyo, where he has been living for the last decade. In addition to running his own startup, for the past five years, he has held a leading position for partnerships at Nikkei, the world's largest business newspaper and owner of the prestigious Financial Times (FT).

Pavesic will manage the newly established Infobip Startup Tribe programme, and in addition to leading the programme itself, providing support to startups and selecting registered startups, his task will be to form an advisory council consisting of some of the world's most famous investors and carefully selected partners from around the globe. The aforementioned partner network will contribute to a strong step forward of this Infobip initiative, and startups from their portfolio will have direct access to the equal benefits of the Infobip Startup Tribe programme.

"With this programme, we're showing that we're ready to invest in society, not only through our products, but also through all other resources at our disposal, and most of all with knowledge, experience and connections with the business and professional community. Working with startups will bring Infobip into direct contact with new ideas, ways of thinking and approaches, and these components enable companies to make better use of their own resources and technology in favour of a stronger and more positive impact on society.

I’m excited to have joined Infobip in the construction phase of the company as an even more powerful developer-oriented development organisation. Although it's a global initiative, we're especially focused on our climate because we think that this is a kind of milestone in the development of entrepreneurial and technological ecosystem, and that with a lot of quality work, we can significantly influence their development. I look with great optimism and enthusiasm towards the upcoming period in which we'll bring even greater value to all those involved through our cooperation with startups,'' said Nikola Pavesic.

The application criteria for the programme is rather flexible, all with the goal of bringing together as many fast-growing startups as possible. All those who have raised a maximum of five million euros of investment or have a maximum of 100 employees can apply, but the programme will also receive exceptions if they show great growth potential in their industry.

All interested startups that meet the above criteria can easily and quickly apply by filling out the form at

"I've always had a special relationship with startups, and Shift, which is now part of Infobip, started as a startup conference. I'm really glad yo be coming back to my roots and that the whole initiative with startups is entering our new department for relations with developers,'' said Ivan Burazin of Infobip.

With this valuable Infobip Startup Tribe programme, the company has once again shown that it is ready to invest in society as a whole, not only through the transfer of its own products but also through all other resources at its disposal, selflessly giving them to companies that, much like Infobip, have the potential to grow and become a new driver strength for the Croatian economy.

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Saturday, 15 May 2021

Vodnjan Company Infobip Continues on Upward Trajectory with Good Results

May the 15th, 2021 - The Vodnjan company infobip continues to go from strength to strength and showcase just what a Croatian enterprise can do, even in a climate which still makes doing business more difficult than it should be.

As Novac/Bernard Ivezic writes, Twilio has 4,500 employees, generates 1.76 billion US dollars in revenue annually and has a market value of 51.85 billion dollars. It is a company that the founders of the Vodnjan company Infobip - Silvio Kutic, Izabel Jelenic and Roberto Kutic - most often point out as their main competitor. By comparison, Infobip has about 3,000 employees, revenue of 1.25 billion dollars, and last year its market value exceeded an impressive 1 billion dollars.

Due to the difference of 1:52 in relation to Twilio, the first Croatian unicorn startup is preparing to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange at the end of next year or at the beginning of 2023 at the very latest. As one of the preparatory steps, the Vodnjan company Infobip aims to raise a 500 million dollar investment by the end of August 2021. It will purchase its own competition with those finds.

Twilio will not be on that list because of its value, but which smaller competitors will be there is problematic to predict because it also depends on the aspirations of their own respective investors. That's why it's good to understand who, in fact, Infobip's competitors actually are and in which direction the business in which they operate is developing.

Cost control

Both Infobip and Twilio are engaged in a business that is quite exotic. There are SMS messages, connections to applications (apps) on the web and on mobiles, chatbots, emails, support for the omnichannel communication of brands, geolocation solutions and many other similar services.

Both companies have developed a variety of software, which, like Lego bricks, companies can integrate into their own web and mobile applications, thus communicating with their users more easily and securely. Infobip and Twilio are therefore communication platforms that sell their software as a service (Communication platform as a Service - CpaaS).

The main reason why companies that sell over the internet, and today that is almost all of them, have a need for their services is the necessity to control costs and communication to all their customers, no matter where they're located. This cannot be offered by any teleoperator, not even the likes of Starlink.

Although Elon Musk created the first true global operator with Starlink, meaning one that has its own planetary infrastructure, it doesn't offer mobile services. Large global telecoms, which form the backbone of the Internet, such as Level 3, Telie, GTT, Cogent and NTT, also show no interest in offering companies software solutions for specific forms of communication. The only ones slowly moving towards the field where Twilio and Infobip compete are Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

Currently, another company that the Vodnjan company Infobip founders often cite as a competitor is the Swedish Sinch. It has a market value of 9.76 billion dollars, revenue of just under 1 billion dollars and more than 1,600 employees. Sinch follows a similar tactic and is intensively active in acquisitions.

Recently, Sinch has acquired SAP’s SAP Digital Interconnect business unit, followed by Brazil’s Wavy and the largest independent voice communications operator in the US, Inteliquent.

A European challenger

Infobip's competitor is also RingCentral, an American company that offers other companies similar communication solutions as Zoom and MS Teams. RingCentral, which had revenue of 1.2 billion dollars last year, also offers a communications platform as a service, forcing Microsoft and other major technology companies to potentially enter the segment.

Finally, there is another major European challenger in the mix, MessageBird. This Dutch company is particularly interesting because it promotes business in a very similar way to Croatia's own Infobip. It boasts of collaborating with giants such as Facebook, Google, Uber and WhatsApp and offering an omnichannel communication platform. Behind MessageBird are (financially) the largest VC fund in Europe, Atomico, Y Combinator and Accel.

In addition, the Dutch are also targeting expansion into the United States. Back in April, they raised a 800 million dollars investment to buy the American mail marketing company SparkPost, and this is just the beginning of the list in the CPaaS market, which also includes the Indian Plivo, the American Vonage Communications and many others, so it is obvious that consolidation will follow in the next period.

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Friday, 7 May 2021

Vodnjan Giant Infobip Announces Third Acquisition in Just 7 Months

May the 7th, 2021 - The Vodnjan giant Infobip is very well known at this point for its wild success and seemingly almost constant acquisitions. The company has since announced its third large acquisition in just seven months.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Lucija Spiljak writes, the Vodnjan giant Infobip has announced a new, third acquisition in just seven months. This time it is the Irish IT company Anam Technologies, the world's leading provider of SMS firewall services. Infobip and Anam will now jointly provide technical solutions for more than 700 mobile operators globally, covering 64 percent of the world’s mobile devices.

The value of this acquisition remains unknown, and payment was made by a combination of cash and Infobip shares.

As they have pointed out from the Vodnjan giant Infobip, the acquisition unites the strengths of both companies in the segment of security in message traffic and monetisation with an even more complete portfolio of solutions from which both mobile operators and end users will benefit. Anam's team is now to join Infobip's department in charge of strategic partnerships with mobile operators.

Their business customers will thus have at their disposal a better and more comprehensive offer, which includes continuous 24/7 professional support, more detailed analysis and more accurate reporting, with an even greater number of direct connections to mobile operators from around the world.

"With the acquisition of Anam, we've strengthened our leading position in providing a high level of security and protection of messages to mobile operators and helped them increase value within their own sector, but also improve relationships with end users. I'm looking forward to our mutual future successes,'' said the executive director of Infobip, Silvio Kutic.

Infobip's communication platform processes more than 14 billion user interactions per month through a number of communication channels, in more than 190 countries around the world.

Business users of both companies will have at their disposal a rich offer of services, a connected solution for a superior end-user experience and a better solution for monetising A2P (Application-to-Person) traffic. Together, both companies will now provide the most complete supply chain globally in the A2P SMS segment.

This sense of excitement is also shared by Anam itself, whose CEO Darragh Kelly pointed out that this acquisition is a confirmation of the importance of mobile messaging in a growing digital environment.

“The security and integrity of mobile networks are key parts of the messaging ecosystem. In order for the industry to continue to grow, it's necessary, on the one hand, for the messaging channel to be successfully protected from spam and fraud, and, on the other hand, for the position of mobile operators, businesses and end users to be protected. We believe that we're achieving this by joining the Infobip family, which brings together the two best messaging companies in the segment of A2P communication security. Our joint product portfolio provides a rare and exceptional offer to mobile operators. By joining Infobip, we intend to continue our growth and provide added value to our users,'' said Darragh Kelly, CEO of Anama.

Both companies are consistently at the top of the global ROCCO report in the A2P SMS Firewall segment and are winners of the Juniper Future Digital Awards. The company also points out that Infobip and Anam share the same values ​​and culture based on team spirit and innovation with a strong focus on the experience of both employees and users.

To briefly recall, the Vodnjan giant Infobip took over the leading regional technology conference Shift less than one month ago, and in 2020 they concluded a sales contract with IT company Amdocs to take over the American company Open Market, a leading B2B provider of mobile messaging solutions.

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Sunday, 11 April 2021

Infobip Acquires Split Shift Conference, Plans to Create Largest Developer Conference in World

Apil 11, 2021 - The largest Croatian software company Infobip acquires Split Shift Conference, just after taking over US company OpenMarket.

In the next few years, Split will become the center of the world. At least in one thing. The first Croatian unicorn startup Infobip has completed its second acquisition, reports

After a $300 million acquisition of a rival American company, OpenMarket, Infobip has decided to acquire a Croatian company. Namely, they have acquired the largest conference for computer programmers in Southeast Europe, Split Shift Conference.

The reason? The largest Croatian software company wants to create the largest developer conference in the world, in Croatia.

Developers are considered to be developers, but also all others who work on software development. The first step on that path will be the Infobip Shift Dev conference announced for September at the Spaladium Arena.

Izabel Jelenić, co-founder and technical director of Infobip, says that he will not announce the transaction's value.

"This is an important acquisition with which Infobip is making a strategic shift in business by focusing on developers, internal and external," says Jelenić.

He adds that the founder and director of Shift Conference, Ivan Burazin, became a member of the Infobip board for developer experience. Burazin will head the so-called Developer Experience department within the company.

Jelenić states that this department's goal is to create the largest global development conference and introduce and implement various initiatives to strengthen the development community.

Software companies compete globally for the market with classic sales and a presence in the developer community. Many build their own development communities, which know their software and thus make potential corporate customers more willing to acquire their own software products.

"We are all excited about this new collaboration. We have known Ivan Burazin for a long time, and we believe that we all have wonderful and great things ahead of us," says Jelenić.

Infobip itself, which has surpassed 3,000 employees in Europe, both the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Australia, internally has more than 800 developers.

Jelenić says that they are making huge progress in terms of the external development community.

"We realize them through numerous initiatives, such as our Dev Days conference, as well as by opening our products to end-users, in this case, developers," explains Jelenić.

It is less well known that Infobip has been organizing its own Dev Deyse development conferences since 2015. In Tuheljske Toplice, they would gather more than 500 programmers, mostly their own. At the last physical conference in 2019, Mate Rimac, Damir Sabol, and Ivan Burazin were guests at Dev Days.

Dev Days also attracted global program stars. They hosted Juergen Hoeller, co-founder and one of the key people of the Spring framework, a programming environment in which corporations worldwide develop more than half of their software.

But that conference never competed with Shift, which from the start was mostly geared towards the global community, so it remained smaller and focused on internal education at Infobip.

"We continue to organize the Dev Days conference, which we will now, with the acquisition of Shift, further improve and enrich with the experience and production brought by Shift. The level above this whole story is the third day of the conference, which is open to the public, and Infobip Shift will now take the stage," Jelinić emphasizes.

On the other hand, Shift has branched out in recent years, so it has started organizing conferences on fintech, artificial intelligence, and other topics. But his strongest product is still the Shift Dev conference for developers.

Before the pandemic, in 2019, Shift Dev gathered 1300 participants from all over the world in Split.

The conference, which has grown into the largest such event in Southeast Europe, is attended by top developers from Booking, Google, Microsoft, Netflix, and Shopify.

But also several programming stars such as PHP creator Rasmus Lerdorf and CSS creator Håkon Wium Lie.

Ivan Burazin is convinced that with Infobip, they can scale Shift into the world's largest developer conference and emphasizes that he did not decide to sell because of the pandemic.

"Last year was certainly harder for us than the previous ones, but when it comes to finances, we concluded it better than 2019, which was the best year for Shift ever. This year we are planning a completely new, sensational level - a developer conference that would be even bigger than any edition of Shift so far," concludes Burazin.

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Wednesday, 27 January 2021

Croatian Company Infobip Helps Allied Banks, WhatsApp in Mutual Cooperation

January the 27th, 2021 - The Croatian company Infobip has had some incredible achievements to boast of over time. From humble beginnings to being recognised and respected across the world, this Croatian enterprise has worked with some huge names. It seems that trend is set to continue.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, the largest Pakistani bank, Allied Bank, has included WhatsApp communication with users in its business, and the Croatian company Infobip will help in its implementation and making sure it performs to the best level possible.

Through this new cooperation, the Croatian company Infobip will additionally position itself as one of the global leaders, and Allied Bank will get an excellent solution in terms of cloud communication, availability and satisfaction of many users, the companies claim, as was reported by ICT Business.

More specifically, the Bank of Pakistan wants to strengthen its overall digital presence and offer for its universal banking users in a way that would meet their expectations. Of course, in order to achieve something like this, it is necessary that these services and digital presence be in line with what is required and expected today in terms of the connection between the organisation and its end users.

In this case, something like this is set to be achieved through the wildly popular WhatsApp channel, which means that it is necessary to enable a chatbot that will be at the service of users in every sense.

For example, if an end user is interested in their account balance, the specific details of a particular transaction, the benefits that the bank offers and information about the branch or ATM in its vicinity, the chatbot will have to be up to standard and completely accurate, but also fast, which the Croatian compan Infobip will have no issue in providing.

In addition, the interaction itself must be simple, so that users immediately understand all the benefits of WhatsApp communication with Allied Bank.

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Friday, 11 December 2020

STEMI and Infobip Launch AI Programme for Croatian Schools

December the 11th, 2020 - What might the school of the future look like? Croatian schools, more specifically primary and secondary schools, are set to get a taste of the incredible world of AI (artificial intelligence) thanks to the coming together of Infobip and STEMI.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Lucija Spiljak writes, The School of the Future is the name of the first STEM programme for artificial intelligence (AI) for Croatian schools, which, as of February 2021, will be implemented by STEMI in cooperation with Infobip, with the support of A1 Croatia. The goal is to open a window into the technological future for Croatian schools and their primary and secondary students by bringing them closer to the world of AI through practical work, thus creating new artificial intelligence engineers, while strengthening the link between the IT sector and education in general.

Back during the summer, STEMI started researching the feasibility of the idea and elaboration, and in October they joined forces with Infobip, one of Croatia's top technology leaders whose engineers will work with Croatian schools and their students in terms of the preparation of digital materials and the development of the environment, so that they can work on their projects from at home or at school.

''The quality of knowledge transfer to the youngest generations - and this is where Infobip has found a great partner in STEMI - is of great importance if we want long-term social progress. AI is one of the main technological directions for Infobip and it's very important to us that the youngest generations learn about the technology of the future from an early age. New leaders and innovators are hiding among those individuals,'' said Izabel Jelenic, the technical director of Infobip.

STEMI presented the project to teachers at the Carnet conference, after which the number of applications for inclusion was much higher than the planned number of Croatian schools. ''The idea is for students to form development teams and, as a first step, study UN sustainability goals, select one of the goals, and explore which problem they can solve with an AI chatbot within that same goal. For example, students can create a bot that will help doctors in medical triage, or in determining the urgency of a case, which can help make the system more efficient, especially in these times when the healthcare system is under enormous pressure, all leading to the goal of achieving the goal of sustainability - Good health and well-being. They'll then be able to further explore the domain of the problem, define the knowledge that the bot must be able to cover, and start implementing that. We believe that Croatian schools should also be places in which the future is imagined and created. That's why we're going to give students the task to imagine what the world will look like in 10-20 years from now, when AI will be all around us,'' explained the director of STEMI, Marin Troselj.

As an educational-technological company, they focus, he says, lies primarily on building a bridge between industry and primary and secondary education.

''Today we live in Industry 4.0. and when we look at World Economic Forum research, the technologies and knowledge that will lead the industry are data analysis, machine learning, web / mobile application development, virtual and augmented reality, autonomous vehicles, etc. These things are extremely underrepresented in all schools around the world. On the other hand, AI will make a similar transformation of both industry and society as electrification did back during the late 19th century. That's why it's extremely important to introduce children from an early age to one of the basic tools in the technology industry, but more importantly, to become aware of the impact of this technology on their very own lives,'' said Troselj. Interested Croatian schools can apply to participate in the School of the Future project on the website until January the 31st, 2021.

''Digitalisation is transforming society and business, and lately it's been the real backbone of every industry. Therefore, it's necessary to teach children advanced skills such as artificial intelligence, in order to be active members of the digital generation from an early age, ready for new jobs that await them in the future.

At A1 Croatia, we've always been focused on the development of digital skills and new occupations such as data analysts, AI and machine learning specialists, robotics experts, and we want to share this knowledge with the community,'' said Jiri Dvorjancansky, the CEO of A1 Croatia.

In addition to the main partner being A1 Croatia, the project was also supported by Croatia osiguranje, Zagrebacka banka, Bosch and Score Alarm. Thanks to the support of these companies, the School of the Future project will be implemented in more than 40 Croatian schools throughout the country. The project is expected to be completed in May 2021.

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Sunday, 6 December 2020

Roberto Kutic: Infobip Preparing for Big Step Forward to US Market

December the 6th, 2020 - Roberto Kutic, the founder of the wildly successful Vodnjan-based Croatian company Infobip, has discussed how the pandemic has affected the industry in which Infobip has taken an enviably strong position.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Roberto Kutic writes, many things have fundamentally altered over the past year due to the coronavirus pandemic, and what has still managed to experience enormous acceleration is technological advancement.

There is a visible difference in how people currently use different services, especially when it comes to the communication segment. The market in which Infobip operates is growing rapidly, technology is evolving and companies are increasingly improving their communication channels, because with them, they manage to reach their customers in moments of this sort of physical disconnection. However, this accelerated digital transformation and all the significant technological changes that have taken place will remain and will continue to develop strongly even after the coronavirus period has passed - because the benefits have become very obvious to everyone. We expect to continue to be an important factor on this market, precisely because of the need for the technology we provide.

For us at Infobip, every year represents a completely new beginning, a new start for the company. This is how we're looking at 2021, which we're entering with a mindset of exponential growth. In front of Infobip lie more new milestones and goals. One of our most important moments in Croatia will be the opening of the Zagreb campus Alpha Centauri, also Infobip's strongest engineering HUB. On top of all that, we also have a considerable and challenging job ahead of us in terms of business growth and employment.

It is a year in which we'll move towards our stronger positioning in the always competitive American market, which is gravitated to by the world's largest technology companies. We have a large space in front of us there and it is the only region in the world in which we we have yet to step forward in a stronger way, and we're rapidly preparing for precisely that move.

Here in Croatia, the IT sector has left a significant mark this year. The strength of this industry has been confirmed by the recent successes of many Croatian technology companies. That part of the economy is full of potential and can provide a really strong spring in the step of other branches of the economy as well, if it's allowed to fully do so. We're sure that next year will bring many new success stories from Croatian technological circles, which we'll all be very proud of indeed.

Written by Roberto Kutic of Infobip

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