Wednesday, 25 January 2023

Croatian Unicorn Infobip Organising Their First Conference in Miami

January 25, 2023 - The first Croatian unicorn is organising its first Infobip Shift conference outside Europe on May 23, 2023, in Miami, USA, which is the first such conference organised by a Croatian company on another continent.

As Index reports, announcing the first American edition of their developer conference, Infobip board member for developer experience Ivan Burazin and Infobip Shift Miami project manager Nikola Radisic say that they are expecting five hundred to a thousand visitors with prominent names from the developer world in Miami.

"We will present and share the Croatian conference in Miami with the local and regional scene and lay the foundation for future editions," says Radisic.

Miami is also said to be a growing tech hub in the US, with a growing community of developers and startups.

"More and more young people are interested in the developer profession"

Infobip board member Burazin says that the plan is for Infobip Shift USA to remain an annual developer event.

"Whether it will always take place in Miami is hard to say, but it is a city that has an active and growing tech scene and an attractive energy, so for now, we see it as a long-term host," says the board member of Infobip, the first Croatian unicorn.

Asked about the importance and growing popularity of developer conferences, he replied that these conferences are important because they connect developers from all over the world, bringing them to one place where they can meet and exchange ideas.

He believes this is a form of investment in the knowledge of developers, who, in addition to trends and experiences at conferences, can also find a new employer, client or partner, or a new solution.

As the popularity of this profession grows, so does the popularity of these conferences and the need for "networking" and learning, especially among young people who, according to Burazin, are increasingly interested in the developer profession.

Greater international visibility

"Infobip, like most global technology companies, invests increasing efforts in building relationships with developers and improving the developer experience," says Burazin.

When asked about the expectations and differences between Infobip Shift Miami and Infobip Shift in Zadar in autumn, he says that the Zadar edition has already been recognised as one of the largest and highest quality in Europe, which is also confirmed by the fact that in 2022 it attracted visitors from more than 50 countries around the world.

That's why there are high expectations for Infobip Shift Zadar 2023, and the company announced a top program and production for September 18 and 19.

"I believe that the conference in the US will confirm the strength of the Infobip Shift brand and that we will be able to transfer the energy of Zadar to Miami. I also expect that all the participants of Infobip Shift in Miami will leave the conference with new knowledge and contacts and excellent impressions quickly transmitted in developer circles," concluded Burazin.

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Thursday, 2 June 2022

British Officials Visit Infobip Campus In Zagreb

ZAGREB, 2 June 2022 - British Minister of State for Europe and North America James Cleverly visited Infobip's Alpha Centauri Campus in Zagreb on Wednesday and talked about the presence of that global communication platform from Croatia in the UK, the Infobip IT company said on Thursday. 

A press release notes that Cleverly was accompanied by British Ambassador to Croatia Simon Thomas during the visit.

Infobip has almost 400 clients on the British market and it has two offices in London with just over one hundred employees.

During the meeting, emphasis was placed on the potential to use Infobip's solutions in the public sector.

It's really great to see how Infobip, once a small startup, has grown into a unicorn and is expanding its footprint in the UK, Cleverly said as carried in the press release.

The merging of British and Croatian tech and business expertise is one of the indicators of strong ties between the two countries, he underscored.

The UK is known for many successful companies and today is home to 100 unicorn companies. Thanks to the developed system of innovations, many companies choose them to do business, and they are also known for their large pool of talent - as many as four of the 10 best universities in the world are located in the UK, the press release adds.

Co-founder and CEO of Infobip Silvio Kutić said Infobip has been present in Great Britain since 2012. "To date, ten years later, we have left a significant mark. In addition to a large number of clients, we partner with nine global technology companies, and British startups are present in our Startup Tribe programme. We see a lot of room for continued growth there", underscored Kutić.

Infobip presented its Alpha Centauri campus in Zagreb to the public at the beginning of April, while experts at their largest innovation centre in the world are working on the further development of the cloud communication platform. 

The company is continuing to grow and develop its business, while its leadership position in the CPaaS segment was recently confirmed in a report by Omdia, an analytical and consulting firm specializing in the media, technology and telecommunications industries.

Infobip began as a small startup company from Vodnjan in Istria, and today, with 16 years of experience in the IT industry, it employs more than 3,500 people globally and operates on six continents through more than 70 offices.


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Thursday, 9 September 2021

Infobip Shift Developer Conference Held in Zadar

ZAGREB, 9 Sept 2021 - The international developer conference Infobip Shift, held in the coastal city of Zadar on 7-8 September, brought together 3,000 participants from around the world and an additional 10,000 online participants.

The event ended with Infobip co-founder Silvio Kutić's message that the company wanted to present Croatian know-how to the rest of the world and link domestic experts with the biggest global companies.

The event, which was addressed by more than 60 experts-speakers, presented the latest topics in the developer and IT world.

"We brought in one place representatives of global technology giants like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft and of excellent domestic startups, including Orqa, Robotiq, and Stemi, as well as a large number of people from Infobip. We wanted... to present to the rest of the world Croatian know-how and expertise as well as enable direct contact for our developers with the industry's biggest names," said Kutić, who is also Infobip's executive director.

Infobip, an IT and telecommunications company based in Vodnjan, in May this year launched the Infobip Startup Tribe program, designed to find and connect the most innovative domestic and foreign startups, step up their development and follow their growth. The program currently covers 54 startups from 34 countries and the company received more than 200 applications in a short period of time, Infobip said.

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Friday, 4 December 2020

Founders of Croatian IT Companies Nanobit and Infobip Win Businessmen of Year Award

December 4, 2020 – Founders of Croatian IT companies Nanobit and Infobip are this year's best businessmen in Croatia. According to the choice of the Večernji list and Poslovni dnevnik readers, the businessmen of the year are Silvio and Roberto Kutić and Izabel Jelenić from Infobip, while according to the choice of the expert jury, this award goes to the founders of Nanobit Alan Sumina and Zoran Vučinić.

As Več reports, the fifth selection for "Businessman and Economic Event of the Year" was held today, for the first time in the online edition.

The winners were chosen by the readers of Večernji list and Poslovni dnevnik, who decided to give this recognition to Silvija and Robert Kutić and Izabel Jelenić from the Croatian IT company Infobip, which is the first Croatian unicorn (worth more than a billion dollars).

'IT resistant to COVID'

At Infobip in Vodnjan, they are primarily engaged in mobile communication, and one of their clients is WhatsApp. It was founded in 2006, and the founders then had only two laptops and borrowed money from their parents. This year, a foreign investor invested 200 million dollars in Infobip, and today this company is the leader of the Croatian economy.

"We continue to work in order to develop as much as possible," said Silvio Kutić very briefly and clearly, and expressed satisfaction that he and other colleagues from the sector are a positive example from Croatia. Roberto Kutić added that this is an industry that was lucky because it is resistant to COVID, and Izabel Jelenić concluded that they still stick to their motto - they are just at the beginning and there is much more ahead of them.

Growth and competitiveness

For the best economic event of the year, readers chose the selling Nanobit's stake in the company to the Swedish giant Stillfront, and the founders of that company, Alan Sumina and Zoran Vučinić, were chosen as businessmen of the year by the expert jury. Nanobit is a gaming company that, like Infobip, was founded with only two laptops, but with a lot of will and perseverance.

"I am especially pleased to see in whose company we are today. Neither Infinum, nor Infobip, nor Rimac Automobili, nor we did not exist 10-15 years ago or we were so small that we were not interesting to anyone. And today we are representatives not only of the IT industry but of the economy in Croatia in general. Moreover, we show that this is the 'healthiest' part of the Croatian industry that can grow at a rapid pace and be competitive in the global market," said Alan Sumina.

Nanobit made their first million on a fitness app and then started developing games. Today, after 12 years, it has 125 highly educated employees and their games are played monthly by more than 10 million active players worldwide.

"The gaming industry in Croatia is just beginning to develop and although it has experienced great changes in recent years, many times they have experienced it a bit frivolously. If nothing else, now at least that dilemma has been removed and the value of companies like Nanobit has been confirmed, but apart from us, there are many other companies and I think that in the next few years some of them will achieve greater success than us," said Alan Sumina.

Helping the private sector

For the economic event of the year, renowned journalists and editors who cover the economy, as well as leading economists and scientists from the field of economics, who formed the expert jury, evaluated the state aid for job preservation.

This year, the Croatian government will direct about 10 billion kunas to preserve jobs, which was one of the first and most concrete state measures aimed at companies and employees. One or more months of support were used by more than a hundred thousand employers for almost 600 thousand workers, and if there were no measures, tens of thousands of people would lose their jobs.

Andrej Plenković stated that they reacted quickly and decisively in this crisis. They showed how much state intervention was necessary in these circumstances, to help the private sector in the first place, and they will continue with the measures.

Building big world brands in Croatia

Mate Rimac, the founder of Rimac cars, Tomislav Car from Infinum, and Marin Pucar, the President of the Management Board of Podravka, were also nominated in the category for the businessman of the year. In the category of the economic event of the year, Croatia's entry into the European exchange rate mechanism, the growth of Infobip into the category of the unicorn, and the agreement on a new EU financial envelope were also in competition.

Although 2020 was full of challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic, there were many achievements and inspirational stories.

"When it comes to this competition, we can conclude that this is a year in which there has been a big turn in the selection of the 'most successful'. These are no longer companies that started in the former state or the 90s. This is a year marked by 'some new kids', kids who started businesses with only two laptops, and today have multinational companies whose revenues are dizzying billions," said the editor-in-chief of Večernji list Dražen Klarić.

He concluded that 2020 showed that there are new, inspiring, and young entrepreneurs who are ready to invest here and build big world brands from Croatia.

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Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Croatian Infobip Buys American Company for $300 Million

November 11, 2020 - Croatian Infobip bought the American company OpenMarket for $300 million. It is a subsidiary of Amdocs, which, like Infobip, deals with SMS sending services.

"We can confirm that an OpenMarket purchase agreement has been signed with the seller, Amdocs. We are currently awaiting final details and will release more information today during the day," Infobip briefly confirmed on

This summer, Infobip raised more than $200 million in the first round of financing from the One Equity Partners investment fund.

After that success, they announced that it would help them expand the company in the United States through acquisitions.

Infobip started in 2006 as a small start-up company from Vodnjan in Istria. Today, with almost 15 years of experience in the IT industry, it employs more than 2,100 people globally and operates on six continents through 67 offices.

The reason for this success is Infobip's communication platform and services for businesses that can reach almost 7 billion users and things in more than 190 countries, thus enabling seamless mobile communication of businesses with their end-users - on every channel and device, at any time and no matter what part of the world they are in.

In 2018 alone, two-thirds of the world's population, or 4.7 billion people, used Infobip's services. The company collaborates and partners with leading mobile operators, messaging application companies, banks, e-commerce companies, social networks, and technology companies. Infobip is recognized worldwide as the winner of numerous awards for the quality of services it provides, collaborating with more than 300,000 clients; with the world's largest chat applications such as WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, and with globally known brands such as Virgin Megastore, Fear, Uber, Zendesk, Burger King and many others.

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Thursday, 14 November 2019

Could Croatia's Infobip End Up on New York Stock Exchange?

Infobip, a truly impressive company from Vodnjan, Istria, is continuing to go from strength to strength alongside the likes of Rimac Automobili - could it find itself on the New York Stock Exchange and go down in Croatian economic history?

As Poslovni Dnevnik/VL/Zoran Vitas writes on the 14th of November, 2019, the Croatian publications Poslovni Dnevnik and Vecernji List are awarding the most prestigious business awards in the country this year yet again.

The title of Economist and Economic Event of the Year will be awarded to the most successful and strongest business person and business event in Croatia, whose business or influence crucially affected the economic trends in the country, and also improved the established economic and social climate.

Although it isn't being talked about too much yet, the news that Vodnjan's incredible company Infobip could be listed on the New York Stock Exchange was one of the biggest pieces of economic news so far this year, and it's certainly news that has attracted the most attention, alongside Hyundai's massive investment in Rimac Automobili.

While it remains a pleasant piece of news, it is in actuality quite logical for Infobip to make an initial public offering that would finally push it towards gaining the title of Croatia's first ''unicorn'', a newer company worth more than 1 billion US dollars. It's been a while since all of that was first discussed, and that once very distant possibility has now steadily begun to take on a somewhat more palpable contour.

"We'll make an IPO decision in two years. This needs to be prepared for, it was only four months ago that we first employed a finance chief with a background in investment banking and corporate finance. For example, we've monitored transfer prices so far, and logistically we can pass the audit done by Ernst & Young for us, as we have 65 offices in countries around the world. However, starting this year only, we've started to use finance as a lever for the development of the company,'' Silvio Kutić, co-founder and CEO of Infobip, said in a recent interview with Poslovni Dnevnik.

For the first time since Infobip has existed, it has a Chief Financial Officer. The man in question is Mario Baburić, who has engineering experience in addition to vast experience in the world of finance. In the first interview he gave when he took up the position, back at the beginning of September, he revealed to Vecernji List that his main task was to provide a solid foundation for Infobip's IPO.

''IPOs may be the next phase, but before that, companies usually find a serious private investor who can acquire a minority stake by recapitalisation, and these funds will help us in the next two to three years to grow further.

We need some 12 to 24 months to prepare for IPOs. By carefully selecting investors with a good reputation, we will get an extra spring in our step in terms of our future plans for a stronger presence in the US and other markets. After that, we'd be ready for a campaign in about two years, that is, we could sort out a story like an IPO. The need for our services is growing, so we're also thinking about private capital to help us grow, and we are looking for a solution to that in the next few months. Internally, the finance department is now being strengthened in order to be ready for this possible IPO,'' Baburić said at the time.

Another high-profile person from the business world is engaged in preparing such ''gigs'' across the Atlantic in New York. This is Boris Nemšić, the former head of Vip, later Mobilkom, and then CEO of the consulting company Delta Partners in Dubai. He is now head of the Infobip Advisory Board.

"I'm going to focus on the bigger picture, but also on managing the company so that, if we choose to do so, we're ready for potential foreign investors," Nemšić told Bloomberg, one of the world's most influential business portals, which closely follows the activities around this remarkable company from Vodnjan, Istria.

''The fact that everything surrounding this is being taken very seriously has been confirmed by the involvement of a commercial bank in America. It is of interest to many of the world's most renowned investors in the industry. Of course, when choosing a future investor, we need to look at what's best for us, not only the price of money and valuation, which is of course important, but how to get an adequate partner who will further help us with their advice and experience,'' they say from Infobip.

''If such a partner may already have had a similar company in his portfolio and helped it to enter the New York Stock Exchange, then there are people who can help us further with that experience. Our owners know very well how the business and the company are developing, which is why we're only talking about a minority stake because we already have quality leadership. The investment bank we've engaged in this process is Citi,'' Mario Baburić told Vecernji List in early September this year.

It is quite obvious that when it comes to the Infobip IPO, it will be a unique but also a turning point for the Croatian economy as a whole. At that point, should it come, Croatia will have a confirmed global player with solid roots in the largest market - the US market - in the most competitive sector of them all.

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Saturday, 3 August 2019

Croatian Company Infobip Considers American Stock Exchange

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 2nd of August, 2019, Infobip, a highly successful Croatian technology company that can boast of clients such as Uber Technologies Inc. and Burger King, is considering listing its shares on the New York Stock Exchange as it plans to expand its business across the Atlantic in the United States of America.

An IPO "is something we're talking about right now," stated Silvio Kutić, the co-founder and CEO of Infobip, during a phone interview. "We're constantly thinking about it and checking when we should go in this direction, maybe in the next few months, half a year, a year... a decision will be made,'' he noted.

This Croatian company has gone from strength to strength and provides corporations with the technology to send alerts to customers through various channels, such as WhatsApp or SMS. In March, the company announced that the world famous Uber is using its technology to mask contact information/data when drivers and those needing a ride communicate. The company's clients include giants like Vodafone Group Plc, Costco Wholesale Corp and Zendesk Inc.

Founded back in 2006, Infobip currently has approximately 1,750 employees who generated about 435 million euros (485 million US dollars) in revenue back in 2018, according to Kutić. Infobip's employees own ten percent of the shares of the company, and the rest are shared by the three founders of the company.

"In the last two years, we have had about thirty percent of annual revenue growth, and this year we're accelerating," Kutić said. The demand for alerts sent by SMS "continues to grow like crazy around the world."

The sector is highly fragmented. Infobip has strong domestic rivals in countries such as China and Brazil, but Twilio Inc. is currently the largest over in the United States.

The company has stepped up its presence in recent months in the United States by opening up an Infobip office in New York, which is the second in the country, after acquiring the property from Ericsson AB.

"We're now preparing for our big push," Kutić said.

"Today, about 35 percent of our revenue comes from American customers, but these are digital Silicon Valley businesses that do business with us around the world. There is much more liquidity and better exposure for IT companies on US stock exchanges. That would be the crown of our business," concluded Kutić when discussing Infobip's potential next moves.

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Saturday, 29 June 2019

Croatian Technology Companies Aren't as Young as They Appear

As Bernard Ivezic/Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 27th of June, 2019, given the fact that we're currently living in the fast-paced era of start-ups, the growth of technology companies in Croatia may seem surprising. However, these companies aren't as young as they might first appear, and the most famous Croatian "start-up" is actually a company which is completing its first decade of operations.

Mate Rimac's company Rimac Automobili was founded in 2009, and today it boasts more than 500 employees. That same year, the secretive Satoshi Nakamoto conceived what we now know today as Bitcoin, Trump's forerunner, Barack Obama, became the president of the United States of America, and astronomers discovered GJ 1214 b, the first exoplanet on which there is water, and thus the first place in the universe which isn't the earth, but has virtually identical conditions for the development of life as we know it.

Rimac's company, therefore, had time and opportunities to grow to the size it now is today, but there are many Croatian technology companies that are older, and some are bigger than Rimac Automobili, which is undoubtedly the most famous.

The biggest Croatian computer game maker, Nanobit, was founded back in 2008, the year when the financial crisis hit Croatia hard, and this year, it celebrates eleven years of successful and profitable business. Furthermore, the largest Croatian software company, which is also the company with the most end-users, over seven billion of them to be more precise - is Infobip. This Croatian company has become popular in the view of the wider public over the last two to three years, but that didn't all happen overnight as it sometimes might seem when reading about it.

Infobip was actually initially founded back in late 2006, the same year that Italy won the World Cup in Germany, and when Nintendo launched the Wii console onto the market. Infobip is celebrating its thirteenth year of business this year.

Silvio Kutić, the co-founder and director of Infobip, says that today, that Croatian company has 63 offices across the world and employs more than 1,700 workers, but that his vision is even more ambitious than before.

"We're focused on continuing to grow as a Centre for Excellence in Engineering, and in the next two years, we'll employ more than 2,000 engineers globally, and in particular, we're particularly focused on the project that we're calling the Vodnjan Tech City over the next couple of years," stated Kutić.

He says that Vodnjan is a town of about 3,700 inhabitants, and that they want to raise the population of the city by a futher ten percent in the next five years. They want to do this by bringing engineers from all over the world to work and live in the Croatian town of Vodnjan, create new values, ​​and create even more new innovative technology solutions. All this is taking place in Istria, which otherwise relies heavily on tourism, in the headquarters of the company, where it all began more than ten years ago.

"I'd like to emphasise the fact that Infobip operates in the world of high technology, where extremely fast changes are always taking place. Any IT company, even if it isn't in the center of innovation... if it doesn't create new values, it may fail tomorrow, regardless of any of its long-term plans. I want Infobip to be a long-term successful company and to remain independent. What we're building today, we're build for the distsnt future too, and to create for many more decades ahead,'' noted Kutić.

Thankfully, he's not alone in holding such ambitious views. The largest mobile application manufacturer in the Republic of Croatia, Infinum, was founded back in 2005. That same year, YouTube was launched, the first super jumbo jet Airbus A380 was launched, and the first ever case of a man having been successfully cured of the dreadful HIV was proven.

For the Croatian company Infinum, which builds most of its work globally, it means that next year it will celebrate a decade and a half of hard yet successful work. Tomislav Car, the co-founder and director of Infinum, said that in the first six years of existence, the company was made up only of its two founders. At that time, they had just completed their studies at FER.

"After that, we brought in new partners, we strengthened our team, we started to grow, and as such we've grown to 210 employees in the last eight years," said Car, adding that their overall goal is to make sure Infinum remains an independent company for many years. "We love doing what we do and it's going well for us, but most importantly, we think we're creating a good story and a positive impact on the society around us," said Car.

He says that Infinum will surely change, reorganise and become something different in the coming period, as it has had to until this point, but that's just part of the challenge of creating and developing such a company.

King ICT, one of the largest system integrators in Croatia, which celebrated twenty years of business last year, know just what such transformations typically look like. It's similar to the Croatian company with the highest award for innovation at the international level, Zagreb's Citus, which is also celebrating two decades of business this year. However, there are a number of Croatian technology companies that are even older.

The software company with the largest number of employees in Croatia, IN2 group, was established back in 1992. For a long time, the largest Croatian software exporter was Span, which was founded in 1993. Zagreb's Altpro, one 22 of the world's most significant companies which deal with rail transport technologies, is celebrating a quarter of a century of doing business this year, while the M SAN Group, the largest IT company in all of Croatia, will celebrate that same birthday next year.

That's not all, in Croatia, there are even older domestic technology giants. Combis, the largest system integrator in Croatia today, is part of the Croatian Telecom (Hrvatski Telekom)  group, and the next big celebration for that company is 30 years of doing business, as it was founded back in 1990. In that same year, the company Rasco, the only Croatian company that manufactures cars on a serial basis and had developed its own electric vehicle, was founded.

Back in the now distant 1990, the very first McDonald's in Russia was opened, the largest digital rights organisation, Electronic Frontier Foundation, was launched, and a match between Dinamo Zagreb and Crvena Zvezda took place at Zagreb's Maksimir Stadium. What happened at that match became infamous, and signaled just what was set to errupt in the following years in Croatia and the rest of the region. Ivan Franičević, the co-owner and director of Rasco says that he's proud that his company is now close to celebrating its 30th birthday. He emphasised the fact that from the outset, the founders of Rasco had a vision to create "a strong technological company that produces advanced, globally competitive products within our region".

"This creates opportunities for the development, growth and the advancement of a new generation employees, and such a vision doesn't come with an expiration date, because it's based on creating opportunities for highly educated professionals who come from this area and who want to continue to live here live," said Franičević.

"We don't want to remain alone in that, but we certainly want to be around for a long time," Franičević emphasised. The launching of Croatian start-ups continues to rise, and this trend will likely accelerate, but it is evident that today there are many Croatian technology companies that have successfully outpaced their start-up roots, and are now thinking of some new challenges.

Tomislav Car from Infinum says that today, the biggest challenges are because of the rapid growth, employment and the maintenance of high quality. "When we were smaller. we had more employment problems, now it's much easier for us, but we still have our main focus on maintaining quality as we grow," said Car.

Silvio Kutić from Infobip says that it's still somewhat unbelievable to him that he managed to create such a global story from here in Croatia, and that today his company's biggest challenge is at the global level.

"Infobip currently has one major competitor, a Silicon Valley company, worth 20 billion dollars, it's surrounded by talent from around the world and is today's strongest IT company. Although Infobip is number one in the world by the number of transactions and the number of people who using our platform, we're second in terms of revenue, for now,'' Kutić said, adding that Infobip's employees, their expertise, and their devotion to their work have made it possible for this Croatian company get to where it is today.

He says they have managed to create and nurture a special culture in a company "where everyone has a chance to make mistakes, try new things, learn from them, and progress."

"At Infobip, employees have the opportunity to work on global projects with the world's largest companies and thus work to shape today's communication," said Kutić.

He added that today, it's a challenge to attract talent, given the fact that this Croatian company is obviously not located in the center of the Silicon Valley in the USA. "Our CPAA (Communication Platform as a Service) industry is very large, it's extremely specific, the products are complex, it's changing rapidly and throughout the years it has been challenging to hire people with the expertise we need," Kutić said, noting the fact that they have designed programs such as the Infobip Academy in Vodnjan and the Learning & Development department, which now has about ten people in it.

Ivan Franičević from Rasco says that the biggest challenge for them is to make sure they don't accidentally ''eat themselves'' during their quick growth as a company.

"With accelerated growth, there's always a danger that the organisation and its mode of operation can't be followed, that the company, along with all of its growth, becomes ineffective in terms of its internal organisation and processes, thus destroying its competitive advantage, which is also the basis of its growth," said Franičević.

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Sunday, 9 June 2019

Croatia's Infobip Continues to Impress at EY Entrepreneur of the Year

Croatian companies are becoming all the more successful in spite of the red tape the state often places in their way. Uhljebs (click here) survive like bacteria under a toilet seat within Croatia's many draconian laws which are no friend to the entrepreneur or the investor, much less the Croatian company. The beast, also known as the Croatian bureaucratic machine, is a difficult one to conquer, but while many try and fail, some succeed. The tale of the Croatian company Infobip is one such inspiring success story.

As Novac writes on the 9th of June, 2019, Silvio Kutić is the founder of the wildly successful Croatian technology giant Infobip.

What has Silvio, and thus Infobip, accomplished?

Vodnjan's Infobip was recently declared the best A2P (application-to-person) service in the world. This is the third year that this company has been ranked number one by mobile operators' ratings, but for the first time, Enterprise research was launched, where leading global companies from different industrial sectors rated A2P service providers, and this company from Croatia ranked first.

Why is this so important?

Infobip is so impressive because of its continuity and the confidence it has managed to instill in disillusioned people that have written off their country and the chance of the progression of their professional lives within it, which is a move that has been made by many, this company has proved that top projects and the creation of top-ranking, globally relevant companies can be done here in Croatia. Infobip is not the only one to have set such a shining example, but alongside Rimac Automobili, which has recently announced an expansion of their plant near Sveta Nedelja near Zagreb.

How does Infobip work?

After a series of attempts, Kutić decided to develop technology solutions for business customers, and back in 2006, along with his brother Robert and partner Izabela Jelenić, he founded Infobip, a world-class ICT company with sixty offices across six continents, and successfully competing with all of the competition from within the same field, of which there's no shortage. The company's services were used by a massive 4.7 billion people just last year alone, and their global customers include Uber, Facebook and WhatsApp. The number of employees has long since surpassed the 1,000 mark, are scattered around the world, and Infobip's revenue is measured in millions of dollars.

What will Infobip do in the future?

Infobip is continuing to reinvest what they earn. The money goes back into research and development, the improvement of cloud infrastructure, the strengthening of their centres and the overall quality of the services they provide. Infobip's main intention is to remain on top and develop more technology. The Vodnjan-based campus, which has long since called the "Croatian Google", is a clear sign that they have every intention to do it all from right here in Croatia.

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