Wednesday, 15 March 2023

Green Future Startup Challenge Powered by Infobip: Win 10,000 EUR!

March the 15th, 2023 - The organisers of the Green Future conference invite interested startups to submit innovative solutions in the field of sustainable development by May the 1st, 2023 to be in with a chance of winning 10,000 euros!

For the second consecutive year, Green Future is hosting a conference on ecology, energy, and smart cities at the beginning of June in Split's Croatian National Theatre. As part of this conference, the Startup Challenge will be held for companies that develop innovative solutions in the field of sustainable development. In addition to the lucrative main prize, there are also the Green Communication Awards awarded by Infobip for its products and services in the amount of 100,000 euros.

The Startup Challenge 2023 will allow representatives of ten startups to present their eco-ideas to the jury, and in addition to prizes and expert advice, be given the opportunity to network with industry titans and potential investors. The concept of the competition is also praised by last year's winners:

"By participating and winning the Startup Challenge, we received important support from the business and professional community, as well as confirmation that our application is something the market needs and wants to use. What impressed me the most was the incredible energy of the lecturers, participants, and organizers, their desire to go beyond the established framework of business and do something for the benefit of the environment, while at the same time enjoying themselves," said Duško Radulović from Climatig, last year's winner with an application for predicting climate risks.

The winner of the main Green Communication award last year was the Italian startup Must Had, whose mission is to speed up the transition towards sustainable fashion by selling high-quality clothes, created from the surplus of the fashion industry.

"As an international startup, the win enabled us to present projects to many people focused on sustainability and the circular economy. Just participating in the conference was an excellent opportunity for growth, thanks to networking opportunities and access to technical tools to improve our abilities," said Eugenio Riganti, co-founder of Must Had.

Marked as a tech event not to be missed, the Green Future Conference 2023 will be held in Split's HNK, on ​​June 1 and 2, with domestic and international speakers addressing the topics of green transition in the context of technology, finance, energy, environmental protection, public politics, and e-mobility.

"Green Future is a unique platform for connecting and encouraging changes towards a sustainable future, where everyone has the opportunity to network with experts from different industries, exchange experiences, and explore new business opportunities," said Ivan Burazin, Infobip board member for developer experience, emphasizing that the Startup Challenge is an opportunity to learn about the latest ideas on the market, and at the same time help young entrepreneurs on their way to success.

The first Croatian unicorn, Infobip, is also this year's main partner in the startup competition:

"We are proud to be part of the Green Future conference, as a fantastic platform for the exchange of ideas, where young developers get the opportunity to learn, progress and make key contacts." - said Nikola Pavešić, Infobip's director for the startup ecosystem and head of the Infobip Startup Tribe, and invited all young companies and individuals to apply for participation in the Startup Challenge.

Those interested can register here, and you can follow the news about the Green Future conference and the Startup Challenge 2023 on the official website.


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Wednesday, 1 March 2023

Croatian Company Infobip Presents New Call Link Tech at MWC Barcelona

March the 1st, 2023 - The Croatian company Infobip has been presenting its brand new technological solution, Call Link, at the largest technology fair - MWC Barcelona.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, the remarkable Croatian company Infobip, the world's most well-connected cloud communication platform, has launched a new and innovative video calling customer support technology to enable businesses to resolve their queries faster and reduce waiting times. This brand new solution, called Call Link, was presented at the largest mobile technology fair MWC in Barcelona.

Infobip's Call Link is designed for the needs of companies with a large number of customer inquiries, such as telecommunications and utility companies, as well as electronic equipment manufacturers, and is the simplest way for agents to establish live voice or video calls with their customers.

When customer experience is critical to business success, companies need to quickly and efficiently resolve their customers' queries. According to the results of a survey conducted by CRM platform HubSpot, 90 percent of users believe that a response time of 10 minutes or less is extremely important when they have an inquiry. However, companies often fail to meet customer expectations and multiply their calls to several different agents, which increases the waiting time. Call Link eliminates all of these problems.

Using a simple web link, customer service or technical service agents can automatically transfer written chat inquiries to voice or video calls. The Call Link solution generates a unique link, thanks to which the user doesn't have to install additional applications, which then improves their overall experience.

Call Link, which is already available to interested companies, removes the need for lengthy interactions between agents and customers, allowing companies to connect with their customers anywhere, anytime. Agents can share the link through any available channel, including WhatsApp, SMS and email, either via computer or mobile. With users increasingly using apps like WhatsApp, this new solution reflects the Croatian company Infobip's broader strategy to help businesses connect with their customers through the channels they want, at the time(s) they want.

Infobip's new tech offers several applications for businesses that want to improve their overall customer experience, increase retention and reduce their operating costs. In addition, it enables real-time status determination, where users can explain their queries via video call and customer support agents can fix those highlighted problems instantly. Such remote support reduces overall costs and the environmental impact of in-person visits to the user.

"Thanks to the Call Link solution, agents of companies that want to improve the experience of their users can very quickly and efficiently eliminate difficulties and solve problems, and at the same time shorten waiting times, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction. In addition, since with the aforementioned solution they can generate as many video links as necessary, companies can smoothly increase their capacities and meet customer demand even during the busiest hours without difficulty. Based on information from clients who already use our product, we know that such synchronised communication helps them to process more user inquiries in a shorter time and thus not only increase productivity, but also achieve close communication with their end users, during which they will satisfy their needs in a practical and unobtrusive way,'' said Adrian Benic, Infobip's Chief Product Officer.

“Furthermore, Call Link provides businesses of various industries and sizes with affordable voice and video support that they wouldn't otherwise be able to use given the infrastructure requirements. This product is a testament to the Croatian company Infobip's unwavering commitment to being a complete multi-channel communication platform for everyone,'' concluded Benic.

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Wednesday, 25 January 2023

Croatian Unicorn Infobip Organising Their First Conference in Miami

January 25, 2023 - The first Croatian unicorn is organising its first Infobip Shift conference outside Europe on May 23, 2023, in Miami, USA, which is the first such conference organised by a Croatian company on another continent.

As Index reports, announcing the first American edition of their developer conference, Infobip board member for developer experience Ivan Burazin and Infobip Shift Miami project manager Nikola Radisic say that they are expecting five hundred to a thousand visitors with prominent names from the developer world in Miami.

"We will present and share the Croatian conference in Miami with the local and regional scene and lay the foundation for future editions," says Radisic.

Miami is also said to be a growing tech hub in the US, with a growing community of developers and startups.

"More and more young people are interested in the developer profession"

Infobip board member Burazin says that the plan is for Infobip Shift USA to remain an annual developer event.

"Whether it will always take place in Miami is hard to say, but it is a city that has an active and growing tech scene and an attractive energy, so for now, we see it as a long-term host," says the board member of Infobip, the first Croatian unicorn.

Asked about the importance and growing popularity of developer conferences, he replied that these conferences are important because they connect developers from all over the world, bringing them to one place where they can meet and exchange ideas.

He believes this is a form of investment in the knowledge of developers, who, in addition to trends and experiences at conferences, can also find a new employer, client or partner, or a new solution.

As the popularity of this profession grows, so does the popularity of these conferences and the need for "networking" and learning, especially among young people who, according to Burazin, are increasingly interested in the developer profession.

Greater international visibility

"Infobip, like most global technology companies, invests increasing efforts in building relationships with developers and improving the developer experience," says Burazin.

When asked about the expectations and differences between Infobip Shift Miami and Infobip Shift in Zadar in autumn, he says that the Zadar edition has already been recognised as one of the largest and highest quality in Europe, which is also confirmed by the fact that in 2022 it attracted visitors from more than 50 countries around the world.

That's why there are high expectations for Infobip Shift Zadar 2023, and the company announced a top program and production for September 18 and 19.

"I believe that the conference in the US will confirm the strength of the Infobip Shift brand and that we will be able to transfer the energy of Zadar to Miami. I also expect that all the participants of Infobip Shift in Miami will leave the conference with new knowledge and contacts and excellent impressions quickly transmitted in developer circles," concluded Burazin.

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Thursday, 17 November 2022

Infobip Enters World of Fashion With Techno Hoodies

November the 17th, 2022 - Just when you thought the remarkable Croatian technology company Infobip had done everything, it turns its hand to fashion. Techno hoodies, to be more precise.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Josipa Ban writes, many would assume that a successful combination of fashion and high technology is impossible, the two couldn't be more different, right? Wrong. Apparently. The Vodnjan-based Infobip has definitely made sure that technology has no limits, and also now that it can be combined with fashion. It recently presented its very own technologically advanced hoodies.

According to Infobip, these impressive techno hoodies were made in collaboration with IUTD Studios and a young Canadian designer with Croatian roots, Joshua Cirjak.

This leap into the world of street fashion for the most famous domestic cloud communication platform will certainly delight all lovers of hoodies, but at the same time disappoint them because the series is limited to only 300 pieces.

They decided on this move, they say from Infobip, because they want to strengthen their image among developers and in the wider technological community which is, rather surprisingly to many, somewhat dominated by hoodies of all things.

"Developers absolutely love hoodies, and almost every tech company has promotional items which belong to it. However, at Infobip we decided to make a limited edition fashion piece. In addition, we have added some advanced technology to the hoodies," said Ivan Burazin, a member of the Infobip Management Board for developer experience.

"Each hoodie also contains a special NFC chip that, when scanning it, gives the owner the possibility to own it in both of the parallel worlds in which we live - the physical one and the digital one," explained Joshua Cirjak, the creative director of IUTD Studios.

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Wednesday, 20 July 2022

Remarkable Croatian Company Infobip Enters Israeli Market

July the 20th, 2022 - The impressive Croatian company Infobip has entered yet another new market as part of another brave business move, this time in Israel.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Darko Bicak writes, the Croatian company Infobip, which is now multinational has included Israel as a new destination in which they'll operate and employ new people, and now their global business network has more than 3,500 employees worldwide.

As was announced recently by the Croatian company Infobip itself, this cloud communication platform is only continuing with its ongoing and very enviable global growth.

The start of operations in Israel was announced by Infobip to the leading customer experience experts who gathered in the city of Tel Aviv to discuss the upcoming trends and challenges in the sector, and with this move, it is going to continue its strategy of having a truly global presence - after expanding into the Estonian market back in May, it is now actively recruiting in Israel as well.

Israel is one of the current technological leaders of the world, with more than 3,000 high-tech companies headquartered in the country. As many as 71 of them are listed on NASDAQ, which puts Israel in second place in terms of the number of companies on that American stock exchange, after the USA itself.

In Israel, the Croatian company Infobip will offer its users access to the market-leading CPaaS platform, enabling them to expand their communications across multiple channels and connect more strongly with their customers on a global scale.

"Israel is an important strategic market for Infobip thanks to it having the world's leading startup ecosystem, which totals more than 6,000 startups and about 80 unicorns. In our expansion into this new market, the support of the Israeli ambassador Ilan Mor, to whom we thank for his great help, was extremely important.

Numerous Israeli SaaS and cybersecurity platforms are exceeding expectations and are looking for a communication partner with a global perspective. With a reach in more than 200 countries around the world, our platform is the market leader and can help new and existing clients from Israel to strengthen ties with their own customers around the world," said Ivan Ostojic, a member of Infobip's Business Development Board. Growing companies based in Israel can now join Infobip's much talked about Startup Tribe programme, as well.

This is a very unusual programme that aims to bring together the most innovative startups from across the world and give them access to the tools needed to interact with their various clients on multiple communication channels.

“Through our Startup Tribe programme and our broad portfolio of scalable capabilities, we can support and partner with Israeli companies regardless of their stage of development. We're looking forward to being part of their journey and helping them communicate with their clients on a global level," added Ostojic.

Investments in the Israeli technology sector are continuously growing, which has resulted in a share of employees in high-tech companies of as much as 10 percent. Israel will be one of more than 70 countries in which the Croatian company Infobip is present, and where it will offer its leading CPaaS solutions.

Last week, Infobip announced that it had taken over the business technology portal Netokracija. The goal of this takeover, they explained, was to further strengthen the programming community through the creation of additional content designed for IT specialists.

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Thursday, 14 July 2022

Vodnjan Company Infobip Now Taking Over Netokracija Magazine

July the 4th, 2022 - The remarkable Vodnjan company Infobip, otherwise Croatia's very first unicorn, is now taking over the Netokracija magazine in yet another step forward for its business.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Josipa Ban writes, Infobip, the first Croatian unicorn, is taking over the business and technology magazine Netokracija, with which it has been cooperating for a long time, with the aim of strengthening the developer community and providing it with content intended for it, as well as further raising the value of IT in society as a whole.

Netokracija's team, headed by founder Ivan Brezak Brkan, will become part of the Vodnjan company Infobip's developer experience department led by Ivan Burazin.

It's worth looking at just how far Infobip has come, as it has well and truly broken the stereotypes placed on the majority of Croatian companies. Last year, Infobip took over Shift, the largest regional developer conference of which Netokracija has been a partner since the very beginning.

The plan is for Netokracija, as part of the wider Infobip Group, to continue operating through independent editorial with the potential to expand to other markets to continue positioning itself as a relevant media portal in the Republic of Croatia and in neighbouring Serbia with a stronger focus placed on the startup and developer scene.

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Monday, 11 July 2022

Croatian Companies Infobip, Tehnix and Koncar Get Special Recognition

July the 11th, 2022 - The Croatian companies Infobip, Koncar and Tehnix received special recognition at the recently held 17th edition of the Croatian exporters' convention.

As Mladen Miletic/Poslovni Dnevnik writes, at the recently held 17th convention of Croatian exporters, in addition to awards in 19 different categories, awards were also given for achievements and contributions in the digital transformation and green transition of Croatian companies. This special award was given on the occasion of the fifteenth anniversary of the "Golden Key/Zlatni kljuc" award, and it was won by three companies: INFOBIP d.o.o., KONCAR - Elektricna vozila d.d. and TEHNIX d.o.o.

The Association of Croatian Exporters awarded awards to Croatian companies for their advanced and innovative new investments and technologies that contribute to higher production efficiency, lower electricity consumption, all of which should result in a reduction of CO2 emissions in the future.

It was pointed out from various associations in this field that they wanted to further affirm and improve production that reduces the CO2 footprint. Tehnix was founded back in 1992 as a small family business with only a few employees. During its 30 years of existence, it has become the leading eco industry in Europe and the world. Tehnix has representative offices throughout Europe, and in addition to the parent company in Donji Kraljevac, Tehnix has a factory in neighbouring Serbia.

The company is organised, equipped and applies ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 business systems, and more than 500 full-time employees work there with their subcontractors, they have an impressive 60 of their own patents and innovations, and more than 350 of their own products have been placed on the Croatian and global markets. All of the above rightly places Tehnix among the most successful Croatian companies.

"Since its foundation in the early 1990s, Tehnix has grown from a small family business into a leading eco industry on the world map. The business goal of Tehnix is ​​to develop and produce the best technologies that achieve sustainable development and a circular economy. We've developed and manufacture more than 300 machines and equipment for the environment, owing to which we've received a hundred international recognitions and awards. We've also developed the best MO-BO-TO technology for waste recycling, and by applying our technology, municipal waste becomes an economic and energy resource.

With the proper industrial recycling of mixed municipal waste, we obtain 8 new types of raw materials, we also produce eco compost and RDF fuel. MO-BO-TO is the technology of the future that achieves a circular economy and continues sustainable development. We've developed and manufacture special plants for the ecological purification of sanitary municipal water," stated the company's president, Djuro Horvat.

When it comes to the other winning Croatian companies, the main activity of the company Koncar – Elektricna vozila d.d. is the development, production, modernisation and maintenance of rail vehicles and equipment for rail vehicles.

"The key strength of Koncar lies in the fact that our products are the result of many years of continuous development within the companies of the wider Koncar Group's umbrella, which gives us flexibility in adapting to specific customer requirements. Our products comply with the requirements of applicable standards in the field of rail vehicles and their equipment. The lines of our DMV and EMV trains are also certified according to TSI standards, which enables their formal application in different EU member states.

The continuous development of new solutions and products is what we're primarily determined to focus on, and through the application of our own research and development potential, as well as partnership and synergy, we successfully come up with new products and services based on our knowledge. We offer our customers a complete product according to their specific requirements and needs. Following the guidelines on green and digital mass passenger transport, we're now working on the development and application of new solutions for rail vehicles with the use of standby energy that will replace vehicles powered by diesel fuel in the future,'' they stated from Koncar.

The remarkable Vodnjan-based company Infobip, as a global IT and telecommunications company that provides mobile communication services in the cloud for business users, is one of the two Croatian unicorns representing the concept of most absolute success in the demanding business world.

Their ever-increasing list of clients includes social media platforms, internet companies, mobile messaging applications (apps), banks, marketing agencies, corporations, and the list just goes on and on.

Infobip's campus

In addition to its huge contribution and success in implementing the digital transformation, Infobip proved itself once again this year by opening its new campus and the largest innovation centre in the world, Alpha Centauri, which spans a huge area of ​​20,000 square metres here in Zagreb.

"The campus follows global trends, meaning that great emphasis has been placed on green details and sustainability. The campus building itself has an A+ energy class, and the surrounding underground water is used for cooling and heating the working rooms, which results in lower electricity consumption,'' they stated from Infobip.

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Friday, 24 June 2022

6th ACAP Conference in New York: Silvio Kutić Announces Further Growth of Infobip in US

June 24, 2022 - The sixth annual conference of the Association of Croatian-American Professionals (ACAP) in New York gave the opportunity to the leading Croatian entrepreneurs to present their successful companies and projects to representatives of global investment companies.

The co-founder and CEO of InfobipSilvio Kutić, in a fireside chat with Iva Vukina, managing director in Goldman Sachs, told the inspiring story of a company that grew from a Vodnjan startup into the first Croatian unicorn. 

"Croats who are part of the US technological and financial community are not sufficiently familiar with the domestic entrepreneurial scene. That is why such events and informal socializing are important in order to get acquainted with the numerous opportunities that we have been developing in Croatia. Infobip has been present in the US market for a long time, and our plan is to further grow and take the lead, which is why it is important for us to further meet customers and expand the network of contacts - said Silvio Kutić, CEO and co-founder of Infobip. 


The annual ACAP conference entitled ‘AN EVOLVING MINDSET: Innovation, Collaboration & Sustainability’ was also attended by a large number of domestic startups whose projects have attracted significant interest from potential investors.  - It is great that a lot of Croatian startups that have global potential are present at ACAP conference. This is an ideal opportunity to introduce ourselves to the American market and our expatriates who are active and want to boost the domestic tech sector. I believe that an important goal for all of us should be to connect domestic startups with global venture capital funds that can help them further expand in the US market - added Nikola Pavešić, director of startup ecosystem at Infobip and project manager of Startup Tribe. Infobip's Startup Tribe program provides startups with product, logistics, and mentoring support, opening the door to faster development through its network in the USA, but also in other markets in which they operate. 

Wednesday, 8 June 2022

Croatian Unicorns in New York: Rimac, Infobip Headlining ACAP Conference

June 8, 2022 - New York is the destination for two Croatian Unicorns and many other rising stars from Croatia for the 6th ACAP (Association of Croatian American Professionals) conference.

Looking to see the very best Croatian talent on display? New York is the place to be next week for the 6th ACAP conference, which kicks off on June 16, with a star-studded cast. 


How nice it is to open with the sentence - Two Croatian Unicorns will be among the keynote speakers at the event in New York. 

Both Mate Rimac, CEO of Rimac Bugatti, and Silvio Kutic, CEO of Infobip, will be among the speakers. Impressive as this is, what I find even more exciting is the sheer depth of talent of other participants. If you want to see a snapshot of the people driving real change in Croatia and beyond, this is the conference for you. 


The Association of Croatian American Professionals has done an excellent job in recent years bringing the 1.2 million Croatian American diaspora closer to the Homeland, with a particular emphasis on business and medical tourism. The annual conference is an excellent opportunity to showcase Croatian talent, as well as networking. You can see a full list of speakers here (as well as register).


Additional key speakers include Robert Herjavec of Shark Tank fame, Pete Radovich, Senior Creative Director, VP Production at CBS Sports, Emil Tedeschi, CEO of Atlantic Grupa, Dubravko Lakos Bujas, Chief Equity Strategist at JP Morgan, Marko Ratesic, COO of Americas Financial and Strategic Investors Group, Goldman Sachs, Jasmine Golubic, Senior Director Automotive Marketing, SiriusXM, Kreso Marusic, Managing Director of Bridgewater Associates, and Maja Vujinovc, Managing Director of OGroupLLC. 

The proposed program, which is subject to change, can be found below, but please check the link above for the latest information and schedule.

acap1.JPG acap2.JPG

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Thursday, 2 June 2022

British Officials Visit Infobip Campus In Zagreb

ZAGREB, 2 June 2022 - British Minister of State for Europe and North America James Cleverly visited Infobip's Alpha Centauri Campus in Zagreb on Wednesday and talked about the presence of that global communication platform from Croatia in the UK, the Infobip IT company said on Thursday. 

A press release notes that Cleverly was accompanied by British Ambassador to Croatia Simon Thomas during the visit.

Infobip has almost 400 clients on the British market and it has two offices in London with just over one hundred employees.

During the meeting, emphasis was placed on the potential to use Infobip's solutions in the public sector.

It's really great to see how Infobip, once a small startup, has grown into a unicorn and is expanding its footprint in the UK, Cleverly said as carried in the press release.

The merging of British and Croatian tech and business expertise is one of the indicators of strong ties between the two countries, he underscored.

The UK is known for many successful companies and today is home to 100 unicorn companies. Thanks to the developed system of innovations, many companies choose them to do business, and they are also known for their large pool of talent - as many as four of the 10 best universities in the world are located in the UK, the press release adds.

Co-founder and CEO of Infobip Silvio Kutić said Infobip has been present in Great Britain since 2012. "To date, ten years later, we have left a significant mark. In addition to a large number of clients, we partner with nine global technology companies, and British startups are present in our Startup Tribe programme. We see a lot of room for continued growth there", underscored Kutić.

Infobip presented its Alpha Centauri campus in Zagreb to the public at the beginning of April, while experts at their largest innovation centre in the world are working on the further development of the cloud communication platform. 

The company is continuing to grow and develop its business, while its leadership position in the CPaaS segment was recently confirmed in a report by Omdia, an analytical and consulting firm specializing in the media, technology and telecommunications industries.

Infobip began as a small startup company from Vodnjan in Istria, and today, with 16 years of experience in the IT industry, it employs more than 3,500 people globally and operates on six continents through more than 70 offices.


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