Friday, 13 December 2019

Zagreb Suburb Dubrava Building 42.9 Million HRK Indoor Pool

The Zagreb suburb of Dubrava will be getting a new indoor pool and construction is set to begin in 2020. Here is what the massive complex valued at HRK 42.9m (5.77 Million EUR) will look like.

“We are compensating for the lack of natural light and ventilation of the building by dividing it into three pavilions, which are created by introducing two atriums, where trees will be planted,” the Dubrava pool architects explained to Petra Balija/Večernji List on December 11, 2019.


Zagreb Based Radionica Arhitekture Submits Winning Proposal

The pool complex will be nestled between two tall buildings. On one side there will be a 12-story residential skyscraper, and on the other a church with a bell tower that pierces the sky. The location of the future swimming pool in Dubrava, at the corner of Aleja Blaž Jurišića and Križni put ulica, helped dictate the appearance of the building. It was designed by the Radionica arhitekture (Architecture Workshop) team headed by renowned architect Goran Rako. Thirty-three proposals were received in less than two months; the duration of the competition announced by the City of Zagreb. The second prize went to the BIRO Architectural Office and the third to Hrvoje Njirić, Marko Gusić and Irma Šmuc. Construction is expected begin next year, according to reports from the city. The time of year for laying the foundation will be determined in subsequent planning meetings now that the winning proposal has been selected, officials from the Gornja Dubrava district added.

Dubrava Pool Complex Will Have Three Pavilions

Considering that it will be surrounded by taller buildings, the pool building should be as close to the ground as possible, the Radionica arhitekture team thought. Therefore, they designed a low elevation building which will be nestled among taller structures. They will erect "dams", or walls without openings facing east and west, to prevent neighbors from looking in at bathers in the swimming pools.

The Radionica arhitekture team included a "double" cafe on the ground floor of the building, where guests can enter in shoes from the lobby, and bathers can enter through the atrium barefoot or with flip-flops.

“We compensate for the lack of natural light and ventilation within the building by dividing it into three pavilions, which are created by introducing two atriums, where trees will be planted,” the architects point out.


Pool and Locker Room on Subterranean Level

They also wanted to place the pool and locker room on the same floor. Since there wasn’t any space on the ground floor, they solved the problem by lowering both to the subterranean level. In addition to a large sports and recreation pool and a smaller educational and rehabilitation pool, the complex will house a sauna, ballet and choreography hall, 250-person capacity theater, fitness center, breastfeeding area and children’s changing room.

Energy Efficient Design and Water Reclamation System

Putting part of the building underground will enhance energy independence and efficiency, so that building warms up more slowly during summer months and cools down more slowly in winter. In addition, they will install photovoltaic panels, underfloor heating, and a ceiling cooling system. High-efficiency LED lighting will be controlled automatically by the amount of available daylight. Rainwater will be collected from the roof. The complex will also recycle wastewater from showers, washbasins and mechanical structures and use it for flushing toilets and maintaining external surfaces. The estimated cost of the project is 42.9 million HRK (5.77 Million EUR), excluding VAT. This investment will add value and a fresh perspective to the neighborhood, says Damir Oniško, the mayor of the district.

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