Tuesday, 22 November 2022

Croatian Ice Cream Wins Title of Best Ice Cream in the World

November 22, 2022 - Croatian ice cream, Ledo's King Majestic, featuring cheesecake, blueberry, and white chocolate, justified the title of the king of flavours by winning a prestigious world award.

As Dnevnik writes, King Majestic won the Croatian consumers this summer, and now it has also been crowned as the best ice cream in the world. The International Ice Cream Consortium (IICC) awarded the prestigious award at its regular annual conference after the presentation and tasting of ice creams produced worldwide.

 "We are extremely proud of this award, which proves that our King Majestic is not only loved by consumers who recognise it as a new brand product with top quality and innovative flavours but also won by a strict jury - specialists in the ice cream industry. Of course, this is a particularly great recognition for the development team that turned the world's favourite dessert, cheesecake, into phenomenal ice cream," said Ledo Plus.

The best in the world

King Majestic features premium cheesecake-flavoured ice cream mass with blueberry liquid filling, blueberry, and white chocolate double topping, topped with crunchy cereal sprinkles.
Lovers of supreme pleasures and hedonists in the eternal search for new, unique and irresistible flavours have been choosing Ledo King ice creams for many years, and it will not surprise them that King Majestic won the crown of the best ice cream in the world.

King ice creams - made for indulgence

All King ice creams are extremely popular in Croatia. The story began with the King Classic ice cream, which entered the Croatian market in 1995. Over more than two decades, more than 30 unique and previously unimaginable flavour combinations were launched which would immediately find their way to the hearts of consumers. Always with premium quality ingredients and innovative flavours, it is no surprise that King ice creams have become a symbol of eternal value that is not subject to passing trends.
As they say in Ledo, King constantly reminds its consumers that it's okay to be bold and not always necessary to follow the rules, which is what the communication platform #breakingrules is known for. This time they proved once again that it is possible to create your own rules and that world-class ice cream can come from such a small country like Croatia.

For more, make sure to check out our dedicated Made in Croatia section.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

A Croatian Treat Has Taken Flight Across Korean Skies: Meet Gelati d'Oro

A Croatian delicacy has won the palates of many inside and outside of Croatia, finding tastebuds in the Czech Republic and South Korea. Meet Gelati d’Oro.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Where is the Best Ice Cream in Town?

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Local Suggestion: The Most Popular Ice Cream Place in Split

There are dozens of ice cream parlours everywhere in Split, it seems like there is no street corner where there is not one, especially in the old town. Although sometime colours of ice cream they offer sometime doesn't look very promising, you can stay calm, it's usually completely safe to eat it, either those bought in some pastry shop, cafe, or those packed in supermarkets.

There is, however, one phenomena when speaking about ice cream in Split. Locals have their all-time favourite place, a little bit off the beaten tourist paths. It's called - what else - Slasticarnica (pastry shop) Hajduk. You should know by now what Hajduk is standing for - the biggest local craze, Split beloved football club. It's based in Matosica street, on the verge of Varos, one of the most beautiful Split neighbourhoods, and popular accommodation site. It'sght not rare that you will see a long cue in front of it, people waiting to get a cone with one of two dozen flavors.

What is so special about Hajduk? On the first sight, not much, until you try their ice cream. It's hugely popular, and local taste is usually good choice.


Saturday, 30 August 2014

We Have A Champion: Luka Has The Best Ice Cream in Town

Declaring something as "the best in town" is either extremely subjective, or just a marketing trick. It's much easier just sit aside and watch what is the most popular, and go with the crowd. Recently, we published an article about by far the most popular ice cream parlor in Split, pastry shop Hajduk. There are probably some other where it's possible to eat better ice cream, but we were holding on popularity criteria.


Now we can say, we found our favourite ice cream place, and judging by increasing crowd gathering there every day, it seems that Hajduk's throne is in jeopardy. Place is called Luka Ice Cream & Cakes, and is based right behind Croatian National Theatre. For more precise directions, check out their Facebook page.


What is so special about Luka's? It's not even Italian, which is a prejudiced synonim for good gelato, but founded by Polish guy living in Split Luka Klimczak. There is no some huge selection of flavours, but they are changing on a daily basis, you never know what you will find when coming to a small square behind theatre. What you do know is that flavours will be excellent, sometime exotic, like apple pie, panacota raspberry, blueberry, cheesecake, mojito, rosemary vanilla, figs, plums, orange & carrot, just name it. Owners guarantee that all ingredients are natural, and fresh, and same goes with cakes, too. Not to mention price, which is competitive to others, with seven kunas for a serving (it's possible to go half and half). If you take two balls in a cup, it's even cheaper, 13 kunas for both. And trust us, it's worth every penny, like many other guests already know.