Monday, 4 July 2022

Iberia Croatia Flights Boosted at End of July, Running Daily from Madrid to Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik

July 4, 2022 - The latest flight news to Croatia as Iberia Croatia flights are boosted from Madrid to Zagreb, Split, and Dubrovnik, running daily by the end of the month! 

Spanish airline and OneWorld alliance member Iberia has increased the number of flights to Croatian airports this month, reports Croatian Aviation

Compared to June, Iberia offers a greater number of weekly operations to three Croatian airports from its main hub in Madrid this month. Namely, Iberia will increase the number of operations to Split and Dubrovnik at the end of July, and for now, daily flights to these two cities have been announced in August.

Between Madrid and Zagreb, Iberia plans to operate a total of 14 return flights in July, and flights are available three times a week, on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. From July 30, flights are available daily until the end of August.

Between Split and Madrid, Iberia currently operates on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and from the end of July, an increase in weekly operations has been announced on this line as well, from the existing 3 to a total of 7 flights per week (daily)! 

Unlike Split and Zagreb, Iberia already operates daily to Dubrovnik Airport, and 7 flights per week are planned until the end of July. Since the beginning of August, the Spanish airline has offered two daily flights on this route (14 per week), but there is still a possibility of reducing the announced number of flights on this route for August. 

In total, 58 return flights are available on Iberia's routes between Madrid, Dubrovnik, Split, and Zagreb in July, mostly with A320 aircraft, which in the fleet of this carrier have a capacity of between 136 and 171 seats. In July alone, more than 18,000 seats are available on the mentioned lines! 

Before the global pandemic, Iberia operated in the winter months to Dubrovnik and Zagreb, but after the end of the lockdown in Europe, the lines operated as seasonal. 

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Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Iberia Flights to Split and Zagreb Return Next Month!

May 25, 2021 - The latest flight news to Croatia as Iberia flights to Split and Zagreb return next month, while the Dubrovnik line will increase to four flights a week! 

Croatian Aviation reports that Spanish national airline, Iberia, will resume traffic to two Croatian airports - Zagreb and Split - from the beginning of June.

Iberia is running again to Zagreb and Split from the beginning of June! Since March, the Spanish national airline has been operating on a regular route between Madrid and Dubrovnik and will reintroduce routes to Split and Zagreb next month. 

Return to Zagreb

These lines were not in operation in the summer of 2020, and the airline only had reduced traffic to Dubrovnik Airport. Still, in the summer of 2021, Iberia will operate to the Croatian capital, Split, and later to Zadar, which will restore traffic on all lines Iberia had in the summer season of 2019, before the pandemic.

The Madrid - Zagreb - Madrid line was announced on Friday, June 4. Initially, Iberia aircraft will operate on this route three times a week, on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Three flights a week have been announced throughout June, and A320 aircraft will operate on the route.

Iberia will offer a total of 4,104 seats between Zagreb and Madrid in June.

Madrid - Split - Madrid from June 1

In addition to Zagreb, Iberia will return to Split Airport as of June 1. In the first half of the month, two flights a week are announced, on Tuesdays and Saturdays, and from mid-June, flights on Saturdays and Sundays are added.

As early as the end of June, Iberia will operate between Madrid and Split five times a week, every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Currently, 16 rotations have been announced on this line in June, with 5,472 seats available for sale between the two mentioned cities.

More flights to Dubrovnik

As we mentioned earlier, Dubrovnik is the only Croatian airport to which Iberia operated in the summer of 2020 and is also the company's first destination in Croatia this summer season.

So far, two flights a week have been available on this route, and as many as four have been announced since the beginning of June (from Friday to Monday).

From Friday, June 18, Iberia plans to operate daily between Dubrovnik and Madrid, with A320 aircraft, so that the Spanish company will offer the largest number of seats to Dubrovnik. There are currently as many as 7,182 seats on sale.

Zadar from July!

Regular flights on the route between Madrid and Zadar are currently postponed to the beginning of July (from July 3). Two flights a week have been announced on this route, on Tuesdays and Saturdays, but given that the start date of operations is still quite far, there is no need to hurry with booking because the airline could continue to cancel flights on this route.

In June, Iberia will have three lines to Croatia with a total of 15 weekly operations. Between Madrid, Zagreb, Split, and Dubrovnik, there are as many as 16,755 seats on offer.

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Friday, 7 May 2021

Iberia Flights from Madrid to Zagreb, Split, Zadar from June!

May 7, 2021 - The latest flight news to Croatia as Iberia flights from Madrid to Zagreb, Split, and Zadar have been announced for the summer. 

Croatian Aviation reports that in the summer of 2020, the Spanish national airline operated to only one destination in Croatia instead of the usual four - Dubrovnik Airport. This summer season, the company intends to operate at all four airports in Croatia, the same as in the summer of 2019.

Namely, Iberia will run regular lines from Madrid to Zagreb, Split, and Zadar. The line to Dubrovnik is already in traffic.

Line to Zagreb

The regular Madrid - Zagreb - Madrid flight has been announced since the beginning of the summer flight schedule (end of March), but flights are continuously canceled due to the epidemiological situation. Iberia currently plans to establish traffic between the two capitals from Friday, June 4.

As of that date, the company currently offers three flights a week between Zagreb Airport and Madrid, every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with A320 aircraft.

The company intends to increase the number of rotations to Zagreb in July by introducing the fourth flight of the week, every Tuesday. The schedule for July and especially August is still subject to change. The company will certainly analyze the state of booking and the demand on individual flights as we approach the peak of the summer season.

This is a significantly smaller number of flights of this carrier to Zagreb compared to the summer of 2019 when Iberia operated on this route twice a day. Still, given the overall situation, it is certainly positive news that they plan to return this summer to Zagreb airport.

Line to Split Airport

From June 1, Iberia plans to renew the Madrid - Split - Madrid line. Three flights a week have been announced on Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays from the mentioned date.

In the second week of June, a flight is added on Wednesdays, and as of June 21, 6 flights a week have been announced, every day except Thursday. The flight schedule for July differs from the schedule for June, but the company will likely make more operational changes on this route by July.

Line to Zadar Airport

Iberia plans to re-establish the Madrid - Zadar - Madrid route from June 29. This route should be in operation until the end of the summer season twice a week, every Tuesday and Saturday, operated by A320 aircraft.

Line to Dubrovnik Airport

Flights between Madrid and Dubrovnik have been operating regularly since the beginning of the summer flight schedule. The company has recently increased the number of operations on this route, so flights are available on Fridays and Sundays throughout June.

From the beginning to the middle of June, four flights a week have been announced (Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays), and from June 18, the line will operate daily. In July, Iberia plans an even larger number of operations to Dubrovnik, which will primarily depend on well-known factors. 

Apart from Iberia, no other airline operates on a direct route between Croatian airports and Madrid. Along with travelers whose final destination is Madrid, Iberia has for many years been one of the first choices of many travelers who continue their journey to South America (destinations such as Bogota, Lima, Santiago, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, etc.).

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Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Flights to Croatia: Iberia Decides Against Launching Flights to Zagreb, Split, Zadar

July 28, 2020 - The latest news from around Croatia’s airports for flights to Croatia with updates from Zagreb, Split and Zadar.

As confirmed by the Spanish national airline, Croatian Aviation reports that Iberia will not establish traffic on direct flights from Madrid to Zagreb, Zadar and Split in this year's summer flight schedule.

Last summer, Iberia introduced the Madrid-Zadar line, which operated twice a week until the end of August, and the company will not launch this line this summer due to the global pandemic.

The only year-round route of this airline in Croatia, the one to Zagreb, will also not return to traffic until the end of the summer flight schedule. For now, only one flight per week has been announced (Friday) in the winter flight schedule, but the company is still considering this option and will most likely not fly to the Croatian capital even in the winter flight schedule.

On the Madrid-Split line last season, it was possible to travel every day, but due to reduced demand, Iberia will not connect the two mentioned cities this summer.

The only Iberia line already in service, the one between Madrid and Dubrovnik, continues to operate through August. The line has operated 3 times a week so far, but from the end of this month the company will add another 2 flights per week, so Iberia planes will land in Dubrovnik every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. For comparison, last summer, Iberia planes landed in Dubrovnik, in the peak season, as many as 15 times a week.

Recall, Croatian Aviation announced earlier that German airline Lufthansa has announced its flight schedule for August, in which it plans to maintain operations to five Croatian airports: Zagreb, Pula, Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik. 

The company operated to destinations in Croatia with many more weekly flights last summer season, but this year, the number of destinations and flights themselves has been significantly reduced. The only Lufthansa line to Rijeka (Munich - Rijeka) was canceled, and the company did not resume traffic on the Frankfurt - Zagreb line either.

Through August, Lufthansa will operate from Munich and Frankfurt to Croatia according to the following schedule:

Frankfurt - Dubrovnik, 3 times a week (every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday)

Munich - Dubrovnik, 5 times a week (every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

Frankfurt - Split, 4 times a week (every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

Munich - Split, 5 times a week (every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

Frankfurt - Pula, 3 times a week (every Monday, Friday and Saturday)

Munich - Pula, 2 times a week (every Saturday and Sunday)

Frankfurt - Zadar, 3 times a week (every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday)

Munich - Zadar, 1 per week (every Saturday)

Munich - Zagreb, 4 times a week (every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday).

As we mentioned, Lufthansa has canceled the Munich - Rijeka line for this summer season, and currently has no plans to launch the Frankfurt - Zagreb line. Croatia Airlines operates on both mentioned lines. Until the end of August, Lufthansa will operate 30 weekly flights to five Croatian airports from two destinations in Germany: Munich and Frankfurt.

Furthermore, Croatian Aviation also announced that Swiss and Edelweiss will continue to operate to three Croatian airports through August, in a significantly reduced flight schedule compared to the summer season 2019.

As confirmed by these two airlines, the number of weekly flights on flights to Croatia from Switzerland will not increase in August, but the companies have confirmed the flights and will operate on them safely.

This summer, Swiss has only one line to Croatia, the one between Geneva and Dubrovnik, which will operate only once a week in August, every Saturday, on an A220-300 aircraft with a capacity of 160 passengers. The line has been announced until the end of August and will most likely not be available in September.

Edelweiss operates towards Dubrovnik, Split and Pula, which it will continue to do next month.

The company operates on the line Zurich - Dubrovnik once a week, every Friday, while the line Zurich - Pula will continue to be maintained once a week, every Saturday. Larger capacity aircraft, type A320 (174 seats), operate on both routes.

The only line on which Edelweiss operates with a slightly larger number of weekly flights is the one between Zurich and Split. Namely, throughout August, the company will operate on this line 4 times a week (every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday).

Swiss used to operate between Zurich and Zagreb, but that line was canceled before the pandemic broke out. Today, only Croatia Airlines operates on the Zagreb - Zurich route.