Thursday, 9 July 2020

IGH Institute Gets Contract Worth Five Million Kuna for Work on Railways

As Novac writes on the 7th of July, 2020, the IGH Institute and HZ Infrastruktura signed a contract on the supervision of the works on the reconstruction of the Zagreb West Station - Savski Marof rail line worth a massive 5.3 million kuna.

This is a project that is largely financed by a loan from the World Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), and relates to the 17.8-kilometre section of the two-track railway line located on the RH1 corridor, which is extremely important for international freight and for suburban transport, it averages in at about 160 trains per day.

The works that will be supervised by the IGH Institute will last for thirty months, and the Railway Reconstruction Project on the Savski Marof - Zagreb West Station section includes both complete reconstructions of certain sections, as well rehabilitations and repairs.

In addition, the plan is to arrange the buildings at the Savski Marof station and at the Brdovec stop, replace existing platforms and landscaped areas with new ones in Kustosija and at the Zapresic-Savska stops and in Podsused station, install canopies at the Kustosija, Podsused, Zapresic-Savska and Brdovec stops, and introduce new security and telecommunications devices.

Upon the completion of the works being supervised by the IGH Institute on this railway section, the trains will run at a speed of 120 km/h. The safety and interoperability of railway traffic and the capacity of the railway will be higher, the costs of railway maintenance will be reduced, and the possibility of transporting more passengers in daily traffic will be improved, which is especially important for the City of Zagreb and for the wider Zagreb County.

For the IGH Institute itself, this is already the fifth significant contract signed recently on the supervision of the construction and reconstruction of extremely important pieces of infrastructure for the Republic of Croatia. Namely, contracts were recently signed with Croatian roads (Hrvatske ceste) on the supervision of the construction and reconstruction of three roads worth 12.3 million kuna and a contract with Autocesta Rijeka-Zagreb on the supervision of the rehabilitation of the Krk bridge worth just over one million kuna in total.

At the moment, the IGH Institute has about a thousand active contracts for the full range of services it provides, primarily in construction, which makes it the leading engineering company in the Republic of Croatia and the immediate region.

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Friday, 21 February 2020

HZ Infrastructure and Swietelsky Embark on Project Worth 365.7 Million Kuna

As Suzana Varosanec/Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 20th of February, 2020, HZ Infrastructure has signed a contract with Swietelsky for the reconstruction of the Zagreb West Railway Station - Savski Marof line, worth a massive 365.7 million kuna (VAT excluded), of which the majority (210 million kuna) is financed with a World Bank loan for reconstruction and development.

The implementation deadline is 27 months from the date of the conclusion of the contract, and according to World Bank Director for Croatia Elisabette Capannelli, this investment will help eliminate critical infrastructure issues, improve efficiency and safety, and achieve the financial sustainability of the Croatian railway sector.

It regards a section of the 17.8-kilometre two-lane railway line on the RH1 corridor, which is extremely important for international freight and suburban transport. It takes an average of about 160 trains per day. Once completed, trains will run at a speed of 120 km/h, railway safety and interoperability will be increased, the cost of maintaining the railway line will be reduced, and the ability to carry more passengers in daily migration will be improved.

According to the Minister of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure, Oleg Butkovic, this is another contract that marks a huge investment cycle that has been launched in the rail sector. The President of the Board of HZ Infrastructure, Ivan Krsic, also pointed out that it is a continuation of a series of activities on modernisation and construction of railway infrastructure in the Republic of Croatia.

''Recently, we've witnessed numerous contracts signed by HZ Infrastructure, the value of which is measured in billions of kuna. The projects we're working on throughout Croatia will make the railways better, more efficient and more competitive with other types of traffic. The reconstruction of the section from Savski Marof to Zagreb West Station is a project that, when completed, will strengthen the most frequently used railway route in Croatia.

The renovation of the existing infrastructure will increase the level of safety, allow for faster train speeds, greater railway load capacity, and make suburban transport better and more attractive to passengers. At the same time, it will open up the possibility of unburdening roads from vehicles, which will ultimately contribute to a positive environmental impact,'' Krsic said.

Swietelsky has been present on the construction market in Croatia for more than twenty years now, and, according to its representative Zvonko Dunkovic, has upgraded more than 500 kilometres of tracks of the railroads managed by HZ Infrastructure. The ones which stand out are Ogulin - Split, Mrzlo Polje - Ogulin, Vrbovec - Botovo, Osijek - Beli Manastir, Vrpolje - Slavonski Samac and Zagreb Borongaj - Dugo Selo.

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