Thursday, 22 July 2021

Hvar Becomes New Territory for Valamar Riviera Hotel Company's Plans

July the 22nd, 2021 - The beautiful Central Dalmatian island of Hvar, known as Croatia's premier island, appears to be some new territory to conquer for the well known Valamar Riviera Hotel company. But that isn't all that's on the horizon.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Sergej Novosel Vuckovic writes, the Valamar Riviera Hotel company seems to have selected gorgeous Hvar to be its latest lucrative field - after the existing one hotel and two apartment complexes, a new hotel of the lifestyle genre was opened on the island back at the end of May this year, and it was the first to be adorned with the new Hvar brand (Places Hotel).

In addition, the offer for both tourists and residents alike has been supplemented by two new restaurants - Craft Beer & Grill and Grano Duro Pizza & Pasta have been operating on the waterfront for two months now.

These are independent facilities, and a massive 8.4 million kuna was poured into their renovation. Dario Kinkela, the director of the food and beverage sector at Valamar, will say that they belong to an already very well-established concept:

“We conceived the concepts a few years ago and implemented them in Rabac (as part of another restaurant) and Porec (Camp Lanterna, and Camp Istra in Funtana). Every year we improve them and adapt them to a new destination.

Grano Duro is based on top-quality pizzas, pasta and summer salads at affordable prices, and Craft Beer & Grill is focused on a rich offer of grilled meat and beer, with an emphasis on the best Croatian and world craft breweries,'' says Dario.

The move highlights the excellent relationship with local food suppliers, which is something that is in the interest of just about everyone of late, especially since the pandemic struck and issues with imports and exports became apparent.

“Cooperation with them is integrated into the Valamar Riviera Hotel company's very business policy. Wherever possible, we work with the local community, and this is reflected in the satisfaction of our guests who appreciate these high-quality groceries. They like to explore the tastes of the destinations they choose more and more, to taste something indigenous, and this isn't only a trend but is also a conscious focus on sustainability, which is an essential item when it comes to our business.

Hvar has a great wealth of flavours to boast of, from aromatic herbs, fruits and vegetables to wine. In these restaurants, we've adjusted our offer accordingly. Examples are Hvar oregano and capers on our pizzas, and Hvar lavender and bitter orange in cocktails, and we also offer pasticada with Hvar-sourced ingredients,'' says Kinkela.

Up in Istria, more precisely in Porec and Rabac, Grano Duro and Craft Beer & Grill had, he adds, excellent results, so they hope for something similar in Stari Grad on Hvar.

His hopes are especially high in this regard because these niches, as they claim from the Valamar Riviera Hotel company, otherwise aren't so present on the island. Regardless of the fact that Hvar has a reputation as a destination for wealthier guests, it targets different categories of consumers: Grano Duro is for families and young people, and Craft Beer & Grill attracts boaters and guests from private accommodation,'' says Kinkela.

These restaurants are far from unimportant, they've been designed to remain in operation even in the colder months so they have the potential to work all year round, not just in the summer. They stated from the Valamar Riviera Hotel company that this will not happen for now, noting that the move depends on several factors.

Judging by the fact that Valamar guarantees a minimum salary of 5,000 kuna to all of its workers, as well as secured accommodation and food, they didn't have any difficulties in finding staff in Stari Grad.

"Specialists from our F&B team trained our employees on Hvar, and went through all segments. Managers and key employees were trained in our similar facilities in the north. The training sessions have been carefully developed within our sector and I'm very proud of our educators,'' says Kinkela.

One year ago, the Valamar Riviera Hotel company launched the Valfresco Direkt service, as an online store that gives small producers a space to list and market their products. It is available to citizens and tourists alike in Istria.

"The good trend in this regard has continued, Valfresco Direkt delivers its products to camps in Istria and Krk every day. We've additionally adjusted our offer to the camps, guests can order groceries before leaving for their trip, in order to be that they will have arrived in their accommodation when they get there.

Guests of the camps in the area of ​​Labin and Porec use the delivery of ready-made local dishes from Valfresco cuisine. For some dishes, the delivery is done on the same day,'' concluded Dario Kinkela.

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Wednesday, 7 July 2021

Take A Minute Series: Sailing Croatia, Drone Footage, Hvar Island

July 7, 2021 - A new visual series, every week, one-minute drone footage, showcasing sailing, showcasing the beauty of the Adriatic Islands.

Take a minute to relax, breathe and enjoy some of Croatia's stunning islandscapes.

Today the first in our series, a snapshot of Otok (island) Hvar. The Queen of the Croatian Dalmatian islands. Where the sun shines for an average of 7.7 hours per day.

Where the population at the last census in 2011 was just over 11,000, of whom 4,000 lived in Hvar Town itself.

Where more and more visitors are learning that there is so much more to the island of Hvar than the very famous Hvar town. 

Just to summarise a few:

"Sandy beaches near the picturesque settlement of Jelsa with its rich tradition of agriculture, the ancient town of Stari Grad, where the past centuries mingle with modern tourist facilities, heavenly beaches under pine trees in Zavala, the exotic atmosphere of south cliffs in Ivan Dolac, Sveta Nedjelja, home to the steep Plavac Mali vineyards contributing to some of Croatia’s finest wine. the beautiful waterfront village and family-friendly beaches of Milna, with some of the best fish restaurants on the island the "little Venice" ambience in Vrboskathe lavender fields near Zastrazisce, Gdinj and Bogomolje, peaceful secluded bays near SucurajHvar Travel Portal

And this is just the beginning with so much to explore from the sea.

Hvar Island is definitely a destination to be consumed at leisure, not rushed through in a day.

With the added bonus of travelling by sea, meaning you can set sail to the smaller islands and islets of unique beauty: the Pakleni Islands at the drop of a hat, or sail around Sveta Nedilja, enjoying the Red Rocks on the way and if you're a climber finding hidden places along the coast for climbing and deep water soloing. So enjoy your virtual snapshot of Hvar.

We can't wait to share more with you and welcome you to Croatia for real!

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Tuesday, 6 July 2021

A New Look for Bonj les Bains: Meet Hvar Beach Club

July 6, 2021 - Looking for an upscale beach experience in Dalmatia this summer? Check out the revamped Hvar Beach Club.

The water is pristine, the temperature ideal, the views divine. Summer on the island of Hvar is hard to beat.

But where to go to laze away the day by the water? Hvar is blessed with plenty of bays and coves where you can escape the crowds and be at one with nature. But if you are looking for a touch of pampering, there is one address you should become acquainted with - the newly revamped Hvar Beach Club just below Hotel Amfora in Hvar Town. And it is a beach club with quite a history. 


The Beach Club Hvar Experience

Established in 1927, Beach Club Hvar is the synonym for luxury, lavishness and style. Completely renovated in 2021, this timeless club provides a haven for those seeking unpretentious luxury. Nestled just a short stroll from the city center in one of the most picturesque parts of Hvar, Beach Club Hvar boasts eye catching architecture and unbeatable sea views. With its prime location and rich history, it is considered the quintessential Hvar landmark since its inception.


This summer, guests are invited to enjoy new private air-conditioned relaxation quarters available to those seeking more privacy during their stay. Little luxuries include two sunbeds with direct access to your suite, one bottle of Prosecco, Ischia - facial water mist, seasonal fruit platter, private safe, mini bar with water set up and free wi-fi access.


Beach Club Hvar also features brand new pontoons. So if you are travelling with friends, an over water private deck with baldachin style bed for two and four individual sunbeds is the way to go! Soak up the sun on luxurious day beds while enjoying lunch and creative cocktails. 


The menu is curated to focus on Mediterranean dishes that are light, fresh and creative. You may dine in the restaurant or have healthful salads, freshly caught seafood entrees or small bites directly delivered to your sunbed.


The newest luxury is the exclusive Spa offer. The spa offers a comprehensive menu of facials, massage and body treatments designed to meet the needs and goals of each quest. Refresh the mind and revitalize the body with bespoke experiences and treatments. 


Moreover, you can complete your beach look with sophisticated and elegant beach items. Shop for beautiful Hvar inspired swimwear from bikinis to sleek one-piece swimsuits; a wardrobe must-have during the summer time! This stylish and inspirational beach items will make each woman feel beautiful in their own skin.


A little bit about the club’s history. 

Beach Club Hvar has nearly a century of remarkable history and unsurpassed style. Previously known as Bonj ‘les bains’, it is the synonym for luxurious living. Now better known as Beach Club Hvar, it is the hotspot you’ll never want to leave! Beach Club Hvar was one of the most famous architectural structures at that time when it was built in 1927, unique for its shiny white stone colonnades and style in that period.


It was known as a city or public beach and was the center of Hvar’s daily tourist life during the 1920s and 1930s and a place where people and families would meet to have fun and rest.


Beach Club Hvar is part of Sunčani Hvar Hotels, owned by CPI Property Group, leading real estate and hotel owner and operator in CEE Region.

You can learn more about Beach Club Hvar here.

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Sunday, 27 June 2021

93% More Overnight Stays on Hvar and Tourist Crowds on Croatian Islands Increasing

June 27, 2021 - There are 93% more overnight stays on Hvar than last year and crowds are increasingly forming on some of Dalmatia's most popular islands. 

Although the European Center for Disease Control (ECDC) has just made Croatia 'green' on the "COVID map" of Europe, which means that according to the strict criteria of the institution, Croatia is among the safest destinations in the context of the coronavirus epidemic, judging by current tourism figures on islands in Split-Dalmatia County, Croatia has been green for a while, reports Slobodna Dalmacija.

Hvar, Brač, and Vis have already been attracting large crowds. Data from the tourist boards of Supetar, Komiža, and Hvar shows a good start to the season, which is expected to be much higher than last year. 

"The city of Hvar is currently recording a 93 percent increase in overnight stays compared to June last year, and 36 percent compared to 2019, before the pandemic. According to the forecasts for July and August, we could be around 65 percent compared to the results from 2019," Petar Razović, director of the Hvar Tourist Board, reports optimistically.

Americans, Germans, and French are the most numerous guests in Hvar, while the locals are growing by about ten percent. With school holidays and intensified actions on offer, there will surely be more.

"With the delta variant, the loss of the British tourists is noticeable, we are at about ten percent compared to 2019, but a change in the regime could lead to a slight increase. Our primary goal is to protect the destination because God forbid the delta variant penetrates Hvar. That is why the new conditions for the arrival of British tourists will certainly be announced, both in the whole of Croatia and on our island," Razović announces.

People of Hvar, he says, tried to be as ready as possible for the season, so a large number of private renters responded to the vaccination campaign of the Ministry of Tourism (vaccination on the island is about 54 percent), and they are ready for boaters whose number already suggests that the season could be successful.

"We are even recording an increase compared to 2019! Hvar is this year's top destination for boaters. They come to us from all over Southeast Europe and the surrounding countries, possibly many Italians. Numerous boaters and shipowners have already announced an increased number of arrivals in the port of Hvar at the beginning of July, which indicates that we will continue with significant growth," said Petar Razović.

If Croatia remains "green," Hvar should still see the influx of car guests from Central Europe.

Apartments in Komiža on the island of Vis are also being filled earlier than usual. Bogoljub Mitraković, the director of the local tourist board, says that such a thing could not be said from a cursory glance at eVisitor, in which only five hundred and a few guests were registered yesterday.

"A decent number of people still do not report guests; the inspectorate is as it is. There are house owners, their friends, people who do not live in Komiža but have some connection with the place; there are apartment owners who do not register guests ... Everything. Unfortunately, that's the way it is," says Mitraković, noting that both Vis and Komiža are currently at 73 percent of overnight stays from June 2019.

And they had a relatively well last season with 60-70 percent of arrivals compared to the year before. However, it could have been even better.

"We still have two ferry lines this month. Last weekend there was a collapse ... On Monday morning, I came to buy a ticket for the ferry at 11 am, and there was only one at 6:30 pm. I don't know why Jadrolinija couldn't start driving three times a day a little earlier. It will be a simpler solution to keep people on hold at the ferry port. The Jadrolinija people are kind, but the lines to Vis already needed to be strengthened. They don't do us any favors like this," Mitraković thinks.

Last year, domestic tourists saved the season for Komiža, and now foreigners are slowly returning.

"Poles, Czechs ..., there are a solid number of sailors. The Blue Cave works well. Prices?! Um, a scoop of ice cream in Komiža is 12 kuna. Restaurants? People had to equip themselves, hire staff, and not everything is great every day. We have about thirty percent of renters who do not live on the island. And the same is now with the owners of an increasing number of restaurants," the director of the Komiža tourist board said.

Last weekend brought a bit more tourist activity than usual in Supetar on Brač, where they also expect a significant increase in the number of guests at the beginning of July. So far, they were mostly domestic, along with those from Hungary, Poland, Germany, and Slovenia.

"Currently, there is a minimal number of arrivals of guests from the United Kingdom, and Norway and Sweden, tourists who were among the most numerous in the pre-pandemic period," says Ivan Cvitanić.

"The announcements we have from hotels, but also the private accommodation sector, are good, and reservations have started in a much larger volume in the last few weeks. So, from today's perspective, it seems that this tourist season will be better than last year's, which, despite the pandemic, was very good in the end," Cvitanić says hopefully. 

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Saturday, 26 June 2021

Hvar Health Centre Project Sees Potential in Island Health Tourism

June the 26th, 2021 - The Hvar Health Centre construction project is set to continue with an aim to offer healthcare services and protection to not only the residents of this wildly popular Dalmatian island, but also to all of its many visitors.

As Morski writes, a working meeting on the improvement of primary healthcare services and the development of health tourism on the island of Hvar was held on Friday, June the 25th, at the Hvar Theatre.

At the meeting, designer Baton Arifi presented the Preliminary design for the construction of the Hvar Health Centre, which received a positive opinion from the Ministry of Health back in May this year, and defined common interests in improving primary healthcare and health tourism development on Hvar.

The Hvar Health Centre's construction is planned on a part of the land owned by the Republic of Croatia, with a total area covering ​​2.3 hectares, on which the Hvar Health Centre and its accompanying facilities should be located, as well as a spa hotel with a polyclinic and a rehabilitation centre. This would ensure the primary healthcare of the inhabitants of the Hvar Town and the specialist consular healthcare of the inhabitants of the entire island. These facilities are an added value to the development of health tourism and the provision of comprehensive healthcare for all residents and tourists on the island of Hvar.

Minister of Health Vili Beros emphasised the importance of the recently held talks and planning for the improvement of health tourism and noted that the Government of the Republic of Croatia, together with Split-Dalmatia County, recognises the need to improve the quality of healthcare services on offer. He reiterated his support for the project of building the Hvar Health Centre, thanking Minister Nikolina Brnjac for accepting the cooperation and wishing all those involved successful work.

The Minister of Tourism and Sport, Nikolina Brnjac, presented plans for the development of sustainable tourism with an emphasis placed primarily on health tourism, the benefits of which will be particularly prominent in the post-pandemic period. She emphasised the importance of planning for the sustainable development of the destination and expressed satisfaction that the project preparation was achieved in synergy between the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Tourism and the City, emphasising that Hvar is an ideal destination for such a project.

The fact that Hvar is a perfect place for investments in the development of health tourism was pointed out by the prefect Blasenko Boban, adding that in addition to health tourism, one should definitely invest in the potential for the development of sports tourism, for which Hvar has historical and climatological predispositions. Referring to the difficulties that the county and the Health Centre have in maintaining the required level of healthcare required due to a lack of professional staff, especially on the islands, the prefect expressed satisfaction with the development of the Hvar Health Centre project and announced the support of the County in all further implementation.

Dr. Dino Caric gave a brief overview of the activities of the Government Commission for the implementation of the Hvar Health Centre project, and Dr. Armin Ernst briefly presented the work and goals of Steward Healthcare International in Europe, as future partners in the Hvar Health Centre project.

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Sunday, 20 June 2021

Indulge Your Sweet Tooth and Help the Street Cats of Split and Hvar!

June 20, 2021 - What better way to help the street cats of Split and Hvar than by indulging your sweet tooth?

Kitten season is well and truly here and is known as the busiest and hardest time of year for cat rescuers. Expenses soar through the roof, and the number of kittens discarded is often too difficult to handle. So why not lend a helping hand (and some much-needed cash) to two volunteer groups working hard to save, nurse to health, spay and neuter street cats, and then find them homes? And better yet, indulge your sweet tooth while doing so? 

On Tuesday, June 22, from 10:30 am to 14:30, make your way to Trogirska 8 in Split to participate in a bake sale for the street cats of Split and Hvar! 

Funds raised will be split equally between Donation Group - Mačke & Co run by Olivera, Silvija, and Natalija in Split and the Stari Grad Cat and Kitten Fund run by Amanda and Chris Hvar Island.


"Everyone who has ever walked through Split has surely noticed the large cat population. The warm climate suits them, and instead of once a year, cats have more litters throughout the year. So many cats, of course, cannot survive without the help of humans. And the best way to help them is castration. In this way, their uncontrolled reproduction is prevented, and the number of sick and killed street cats is reduced. The goal of this group is to help them in just that way. Castrated cats have their ear marked, either by a V-shaped mark, or the very tip of the ear is removed. The V mark is common in Split. We invite you to join us by participating in auctions, sharing albums, and adding new members," begins the Facebook group description of Macke & Co, which is led by Olivera Bibic Biocic Silvija Kelam, Natalija Randelovic, among others. 


The Stari Grad Kitten Fund raises money to alleviate the suffering of the many stray cats and kittens in Stari Grad. 350 kuna covers neutering, and any extra is for food, medicine & rehoming. Founders Amanda Blanch and Chris Edwardes currently care for 19 rescues! 


For those looking forward to purchasing baked goods, all you have to do is bring your wallets, and your appetite (and your friends), anytime between 10:30 and 14:30 on Tuesday, June 22 (ideally as early as possible to make sure you'll get the best baked goods!)

"Let's bake and eat and help as many of the kitties from Split and Hvar!" reads the event page

If you cannot make it to the bake sale but would still like to help, you can donate via Paypal. 

Split group:

Stari Grad/Hvar group:

The event will be held at Trogirska 8 in the Old Town of Split! 

Do you have an animal shelter or association in Croatia and want to share your story? Get in touch at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Monday, 14 June 2021

Jelsa Art Biennale 2021: Installation Of Plastic Bags in Hotel Jadran

June 14th, 2021 - As part of the Jelsa Art Biennale 2021, a world-famous art collective from Madrid, Luzinterruptus, is coming to Hvar to put into place a monumental light installation of plastic in July bags on the façade of the abandoned Hotel Jadran in Jelsa.

As reported by Jutarnji, a campaign is being launched as part of the project to collect the plastic bags needed to produce the installation. In the next month, until the installation is fully set up, it will be necessary to collect 3,500 plastic bags. 

The student initiatives of the island of Hvar are participating in the action, and all those interested can help by emptying the plastic bags from their pantries and replacing them with canvas ones. For each participant who collects a minimum of 50 bags, the organisers will deliver one canvas bag to their home address, and those who collect more than a hundred will receive a T-shirt. Upon the completion of the event, the bags from the bag installation will be disposed of properly.

Plastic bags of a newer design made of thick polyethylene take as many as 20 years to fully decompose, those of the older composition take about 1000 years to break down, and plastic bottles last for up to 500 years, with the inevitable trace of petrochemical chemicals, which aren't biodegradable.

Luzinterruptus is an art collective from Madrid, which conducts interventions in public spaces to comment on or criticise some of the world's current burning topics. Many of their interventions have been performed in a guerrilla manner, but with a concise duration. Due to the provocativeness of their work, they operate under a collective/anonymous identity.

The collective has implemented interventions worldwide in prominent locations in public spaces such as Trafalgar Square in London or Plaza Vaticano in Buenos Aires.

Be part of something bigger, get rid of the plastic bags from your pantry and receive a canvas one and a t-shirt in return for saving our stunning beaches and the rest of the planet. 

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Friday, 28 May 2021

Hvar Olive Oil Makes Triumphant Return From New York Competition

May 28, 2021 - Olive oil is a must on Croatian tables, but its impact and quality transcend borders. A great example is Hvar olive oil, which has made a triumphant return from an international competition in New York. reports that Hvar olive oil again achieved great success at the prestigious New York International Olive Oil Competition. It is a continuation of the successful tradition of Hvar olive growers on the international scene.

Despite its impeccable natural beauty and rich history, the island of Hvar is often visited by tourists and recognized as one of the top destinations for summer vacations. However, a real small gastronomic scene takes place on the island of Hvar, and the most commonly used ingredient is certainly Hvar olive oil.

There are more than 200,000 olive trees on Hvar, and the latest awards from the world competition are an indicator of quality. Last year, Hvar olive growers from New York returned with three medals, and this year they were even more successful.


Christmas oil - Oil mill Božić-Svirče

Namely, out of 87 awarded samples from Croatia, as many as seven come from the island of Hvar, from five olive oil producers. Two gold medals went to the trade Zvir for olive oils Radojković Levantinka and Radojković Forms. One gold, for Oblica oil and a silver medal for the Christmas Selection, was awarded to Uljara Božić - Svirče d.o.o. Gold medals were also received by: OPG Čurin for oil Eva Marija, then OPG Magdalena Plenković for oil Atena, and OPG Makjanić Moškatelo for their MMuje.

Last year on the island of Hvar was extremely fruitful, not only with the amount of oil produced but also with very good quality, which this year was confirmed by the most prestigious competition in New York. The world competition for olive oil NYIOOC is the largest. The annual list of award winners is considered an authoritative guide to the best extra virgin olive oils of the year.

Dark green olive groves have been formed in this area since ancient times, and so far there have never been more, producing renowned oils with the highest recognition. The most common olive variety is oblica, with a representation of 85%, followed by lastovka, levatinka, and the somewhat newer varieties lećino and pandolino. More than 900 small and large producers talk about the tradition of nurturing olives for their products. It is therefore not surprising that every dish on the island of Hvar is sprinkled with this liquid gold.

When it comes to olive oil, Croatia is one of the leading countries in the industry. From Istria to Dalmatia, you can find all the information you need to know about the origins, processes, and where to buy Croatian olive oil on the Total Croatia page, now in your language!

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Sunday, 16 May 2021

European Short Story Festival to be held in Zagreb, Hvar and Vis on 6-11 June

ZAGREB, 16 May, 2021 - The 20th European Short Story Festival will be held on June 6-11, and the event will be held both online and live in Zagreb and on the islands of Hvar and Vis.

US authors Paul Auster, Siri Hustvedt, Lydia Davis and Lorrie Moore will discuss this year's festival topic, "Islands", with Croatian authors.

The festival has so far taken place in Osijek, Beli Manastir, Hvar, Zadar, Rijeka, Split, Dubrovnik, Pazin, Varaždin, Šibenik and other cities.

"We are exploring topics that are more relevant than ever - what kinds of isolation are we faced with and how do we overcome separation in a post-pandemic world? Is travel really necessary? Is technology a cure for loneliness or does it contribute to it? Is each one of us an island and what are the new languages the human need for closeness is beginning to express itself in?" reads an announcement of the festival.

In addition to online sessions with the four US authors, the festival will also feature live meetings with a number of regional and domestic authors.

The festival is organised by the Croatian Writers Society, with the help of the Culture and Media Ministry, the Zagreb City Office for Culture and partner cities, as well as a number of cultural institutions and foreign embassies in Croatia.

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Monday, 26 April 2021

New Marina To Be Built in Sucuraj on Hvar, Worth Half a Billion Kuna

April 26, 2021 - Former Slovak Deputy Prime Minister Ludovik Cernak seeks concession to build a marina with 250 berths in Sucuraj on Hvar, a project worth half a billion kuna. 

A few years ago, there were open protests in Sucuraj on Hvar and the very thought that a large marina would be built in their town, primarily due to fears for the fate of a nearby beach, now the news that the Ministry of the Sea has announced its intention to grant a concession has been accepted. The construction of the nautical facility includes a planned 250 berths.

As Slobodna Dalmacija reports, the tender documentation stipulates that the state grants the selected partner the right to manage the maritime domain for 30 years. It is a little more than 100 thousand square meters of sea and land space, and the value of the concession for the entire duration is estimated at almost half a billion kuna.

The potential investors will have to submit their bids by June 18 to the Zagreb headquarters of the relevant administration.

"With the realization of this project, which we have been working on for several years, a marina will be built in Sucuraj, which will be among the 20 leaders in our part of the Adriatic in terms of size. To get to this stage, we had to make an urban development plan, enroll in the "maritime domain," and obtain all necessary certificates from the relevant ministries. Still, we are not sorry because the nautical tourism port will bring us progress and revive the eastern part of the island as a whole," says Ivan Slavić, chief of Sućuraj municipality.

However, this is a repeated tender for the same future marina, originally announced in 2018, because the Government then awarded the concession to the Czech company "MFA Invest" from Brno. Still, the procedure was subsequently annulled as a foreign potential investor did not provide a bank guarantee of one percent of the total project value.

Now, a new procedure is starting at the initiative of Czech and Slovak investors, namely the mentioned company and the company "Marina Sucuraj," which was founded last year by the real estate "Sitno Holding Real Estate" from Bratislava, owned by entrepreneur Ludovit Cernak, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy in two mandate during the 1990s; and the former president of the right-wing Slovak People's Party, whose member and later president of that state is Ivan Gašparovič. 17 years ago, he became the owner of the football club "Slovan" from the Slovak metropolis, which was then in a deep financial and results in crisis, and after "recovering" under the leadership of members of the Cernak family, five years later he was sold to entrepreneur Ivan Krotnik.

A potential foreign investor on the Croatian islands is currently much better known for last year's purchase of 77,000 square meters of municipal land near Lukoran in Ugljan for just under 20 million kunas. Although the deal did not go without "tails" and calling out local oppositionists for (too) cheap sale of public plots, a representative of Cernak's company, after signing a contract with the Municipality of Preko, announced that in four years, it would build a settlement with 220 villas, two moorings with 150 berths and a hotel with 500 beds, with a total value of as much as 150 million euros.

As for the project in Sucuraj, if, in the end, the mentioned investors get a concession, the initial amount of the permanent part of the fee will be two kunas per square meter of occupied maritime property. However, the amount of the permanent part of the concession fee after the tenth year of operation will increase every five years by 50 lipa per square meter of occupied space at sea and on land, and the minimum variable part of the fee will be two percent of the revenue generated in the area entrusted with the management. 

"I believe that these are serious investors and that they have long ago made all the necessary calculations related to the job they are entering, and as far as the benefits for our municipality are concerned, we expect new employment in the first place. The marina will employ 12 to 15 full-time employees and a dozen more seasonal workers. Still, we are certainly counting on the accompanying facilities and activities that will be necessary during the operation of the marina", said Chief Slavić.

However, Sućurani expects a longer tourist season to realize the new content because they already have a lot of ships sailing through the Hvar and Neretva canals. When they have an attractive port on their sea route, the number of boaters will surely grow.

The first onshore gas station will be built in that part of the island, and a private initiative will be strengthened in the surrounding bays so that tourists can enjoy the beauties of the unique landscape and good gastronomic offer of their hosts and spend evenings and nights in a safe harbor—the easternmost town of Hvar.

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