Monday, 17 February 2020

United Tourist Boards a Hvar Cycling Hit at Cosmo Bike Show in Verona

February 17, 2020 - The newly united Hvar tourism boards present their cycling credentials at the Cosmo Bike Show in Verona. 

Even though I no longer live on Hvar, I follow island life closely and still very much enjoy my three mandatory visits - Easter, summer and the family olive harvest in November. 

And it is nice to see how things are slowly changing for the better in many ways, and how some initiatives are starting to pay off. 


The main reason that the Total Project started way back in 2011 as Total Hvar was because the tourist infromation was terrible and the five island tourist boards acted independently and very rarely worked together. It has been a process to get there, but it is great to see that not only was Hvar one of the first clusters of tourist boards to unite as one Destination Management Organisation but that that partnership is really working. Joint promotion of the island of one umbrella may seem logical to the outsider, but it rarely happens in practice in Croatia. 

hvar-cycling (5).jpg

The cooperation is already working well and was on show last week in Verona, as the island presented its joint cycling credentials at the Cosmo Bike Show, where some 15,000 people visited the Croatian stand. 

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"On the Italian market Hvar is an absolute hit this year, which is shown by more than 15000 visitors of the Croatian stand at the Cosmo bike show in Verona. And we are proud to promote Hvar bike tourism product with all Hvar tourist boards as one," said Petar Razovic, director of the Hvar Town Tourist Board. 

hvar-cycling (4).jpg

The development of cycling tourism on Hvar has been part of a coordinated attempt to prolong the island's season and to diversify its product beyond the stereotypical sun, sea and nightlife summer season. 

It is a strategy that has taken a few years to develop, but one which is beginning to pay dividends, thanks to the efforts of various island stakeholders. 

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By far the biggest coup in this strategy has been the arrival for the last three years of Bahrain Merida (now renamed Bahrain McLaren), one of the biggest names in the sport, who have chosen Hvar for their winter training for the past three years. 

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A key part of the strategy has been the opening of the first dedicated bike hotel on the island, which was properly road-tested by the team from Bahrain, as 75 members of the team stayed at Pharos, hvar bayhill hotel during their first stay - here is an overview of the international cyclists putting the bike hotel through its paces

hvar-cycling (1).PNG

The tourist board has developed a series of bike maps over the last few years, as well as marked trails, both for regular and MTB biking, and if you want to see true beauty and tranquiliity, I recommend you try the road right on top of the island - stunning. In addition to the official bike routes, plenty of enthusiasts are adding their own suggested routes. 


The international promotion of Hvar cycling has taken on several other aspects, including last year's successful Paros II Pharos cycle, which connected Hvar with the island of Paros in Greece, some 2,400 years after the Ancient Greeks from Paros first colonised Hvar.  

And with more than 4,4 million views on YouTube of the official Central Dalmatia promotional video of Brac and Hvar cycling, the message continues to spread. 

To learn more about the island, check out the Total Croatia Hvar in a Page guide


Friday, 12 January 2018

Bahrain Merida Hvar Interview Bricolage - Pigs Dream of Corn Cobs Don't They?

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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Road Testing Pharos Bayhill Hvar as a Bike Hotel: the Bahrain Merida Verdict

Cycling hotels are a relatively new concept in Croatia, and the recent visit by Bahrain Merida to Pharos bayhill hvar hotel was a chance to see how Hvar's first bike hotel fared, as it hosted one of the world's top cycling teams for its winter training. 

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Cycling the December Roads of Hvar with Bahrain Merida: An Appreciation

Leading world cycling team Bahrain Merida concluded their winter training camp on the island of Hvar on December 15, 2017. TCN followed them around the December roads of the island. It was quite an experience. 

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Bahrain Merida takes a ride on the Hvar Side - Vincenzo NIbali and friends on the Sunny Island

Rainy Hvar sees Vincenzo Nibali announces he is riding the Tour de France this year.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Fantastic Promotion of Hvar Cycling: Vincenzo Nibali and Bahrain Merida Winter Training on Hvar

November 9, 2017 - The international media spotlight on Hvar will focus on cycling next month, as the Bahrain Merida Pro-Cycling team will be heading to Europe's sunniest island for winter training, a fantastic promotional opportunity for cycling and off season tourism in Croatia. 

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Hvar Cycling Map Presented

Thirteen cycling trails for a better and longer tourist season.