Tuesday, 14 September 2021

UNICEF Raises HRK 1.1 m For Children With Disabilities in Milky Way Race

ZAGREB, 14 Sept, 2021 - The fifth edition of the UNICEF humanitarian race Milky Way, held in a virtual setting this year again, has ended and a total of HRK 1.1 million has been raised over three months for children with disabilities through registration fees and donations from citizens and companies, UNICEF said on Tuesday.

More than 6,200 runners of all ages took part in the humanitarian virtual race. With the funds raised, UNICEF will support the establishment and expansion of professional services for children with disabilities in least developed areas, in which the availability of services is at its lowest.

Among the participants of the Milky Way Race were also 815 children, who took part with their parents or the 27 registered schools and kindergartens from all over Croatia. Participants used an application to connect to over 550 teams, and as many as 26 associations working with people with disabilities actively took part in the run. The race took place from 3 to 12 September.

In Croatia, children's chances for a quality life depend on the place where they were born and being a child in a larger city or a smaller place is often not the same. The main reason for our race it to change that and provide all children with the same opportunities for development, regardless of where they live, said the head of the UNICEF office in Croatia, Regina M. Castillo, thanking everyone who has shown they support children with disabilities in Croatia.

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Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Humanitarian Run 'ZAR Runs for Petrinja' for Earthquake Victims

January 6, 2021 – Shaken by scenes from Petrinja, Sisak, Glina, and surrounding places affected by the earthquake, the organizers of the traditional holiday costume race Zagreb Advent Run organized a humanitarian action called "ZAR runs for Petrinja."

As part of the action, they call on all runners and other interested citizens to run the desired section anywhere in Croatia by January 10, 2021 and support the victims of the earthquake-affected areas with a paid donation.

Registrations are available on their website, and the organizers will donate all the money to help the victims in Sisak-Moslavina County.

To help all victims and reduce their pain and sorrow, the Zagreb Advent Run organizers, Millenium Promotion and Run Croatia, invite all citizens to contribute and show a big racing heart.

"Surprised by the unpleasant event that hit Petrinja and the surrounding areas, we immediately devised a way to get involved. We sympathize with all the victims, and by organizing the humanitarian run named 'ZAR runs for Petrinja,' we decided to act and show a big racing heart. We will donate all the funds raised in this action to help Petrinja and the surrounding places, and as a sign of gratitude to all runners, we will send a special ZAR digital thank you note," said the organizers.

They also invite all participants to share their photos and videos of the run on social networks with the hashtag #ZARtrčizaPetrinju.

To ensure that the funds get into the right hands, the organizers will pay the donations to a specially opened account in the State Treasury for this action. When the humanitarian action ends, the organizers will publicly announce the total amount of funds raised.

Donations can be paid to the following data:

Recipient: Državni proračun Republike Hrvatske/State Budget of the Republic of Croatia

Invoice for payment: HR1210010051863000160 I

Model: HR 68

Reference to recipient number: 5444-OIB-1

For payments from abroad - SWIFT: NBHRHR2XXXX

Source: Večernji.hr

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