Monday, 3 February 2020

Croatian Post Announces Potential Issues With Deliveries from China

Let's be completely honest, Croatian Post (Hrvatska posta) tends to have issues delivering from anywhere to anywhere, even within the borders of Croatia, let alone far beyond them. The company isn't best known for being particularly reliable.

Many people have waited weeks for a parcel or letter to be delivered from Karlovac to Dubrovnik, and many others have simply had their parcels ''go missing'' and letters vanish into thin air. That being said, it looks as if Croatian Post's services could improve and finally be dragged into the 21st century with the introduction of drones to deliver packages. But what about the worrying situation with coronavirus and China?

As Gordana Grgas/Novac writes on the 1st of February, 2020, Croatian Post informed its disgruntled users recently that there might be difficulties in delivering shipments from the People's Republic of China to the Republic of Croatia, and the reason appears to be related to the concerning coronavirus outbreak. Much has been written here in Croatia about the virus after a bus carrying 300 people from Wuhan itself, where coronavirus broke out, crossed the border at Bregana into Croatia, apparently without any issue at all.

To speak more specifically, Croatian Post stated that it received information from several airlines - KLM, Lufthansa LH and Turkish Airlines - that "to prevent the spread of coronavirus,'' flights from the People's Republic of China to the the Republic of Croatia will not continue to operate for the foreseeable future, until coronavirus is somehow brought under control.

According to a notice published on Croatian Post's website, the decision will affect normal postal services in the exchange of parcels between Croatia and China, so they ask the users of their services to understand. They will notify users of any changes in a timely manner, they state.

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Saturday, 25 January 2020

Croatian Post: Drone Delivers Mail from Mainland to Island in 12 Minutes

Croatian Post (Hrvatska posta) can hardly be accused of being quick and sadly, it's often not reliable at all. Most, if not all people who live in Croatia have a multitude of stories of parcels and letters never arriving, or arriving incredibly late, tampered with, broken... the list goes on, and then on a bit more. Could we finally be seeing Croatian Post leave the dark ages?

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 24th of January, 2020, drones have already proven to be extremely useful in crisis situations and in accessing hard-to-reach areas successfully, such as when delivering drugs or antidotes, and some industries have already introduced them to their business, providing an integral role. Drones are now very frequently used in urban planning, geographical mapping, archeology and construction, as well as in various types of agriculture.

A number of postal operators began testing drone delivery several years ago and in spite of high expectations, they still found some shortcomings. However, with the added advancement of free-flying technology, the use of drones is being considered today even for the commercial delivery of shipments.

Thus, Croatian Post has successfully tested the possibilities of drone delivery and made its first delivery from the port of Gaženica (Zadar) to Preko on the nearby island of Ugljan. Along this route, the drone flew autonomously, at a speed of 35 km/h for about twelve or so minutes. It is part of a pilot project with the Croatian company AIR-RMLD that deals with the development of commercial and industrial services using drones.

During the pilot project, the drone successfully delivered what it needed to from Gaženica to Preko a dozen times, and it also flew during a storm. The drone used in Croatian Post's testing can carry loads of up to 200 grams, and it flies completely autonomously along a pre-programmed route. The testing will show the possibilities of using drones in the delivery of letters and parcels between post offices and deal with the needs of Croatian Post for the use of this type of technology.

Today, Croatian Post is testing smart solutions faster and much more often - from augmented reality goggles, pallet transport robots to electric vehicles and drones. Teams are engaged in artificial intelligence, robots, augmented reality, advanced data analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Sunday, 12 January 2020

Croatian Post Introduces New Service for Faster Parcel Delivery

Croatian Post. The very words are enough to send shivers down the spine of anyone who has attempted to receive a package on time, or even at all, especially when said package is coming from abroad. That being said, could a new service improve things? Apparently.

As Novac writes on the 10th of January, 2020, in order to properly provide its customers with a simple, convenient and fast service, Croatian Post (Hrvatska pošta) has introduced the fast package delivery option in its offer - Paket 24.

Croatian Post's brand new service is one that covers the whole of the Republic of Croatia. It stresses that whether the package is going to city or to one of the country's 67 inhabited islands, and the package is contracted through the web application, at a post office or by calling a contact centre, then it will be covered by the service.

In addition, customers can choose delivery times as well as pick up locations for the package, and the service can also be ordered on Saturdays, too. Each shipment can be secured, and Croatian Post also provides services such as cash on delivery, delivery by return receipt, or requesting that the service be paid by a recipient who can track their package on the Croatian Post website in real time.

The new service is part of Croatian Post's strategy, which aims to further develop its core business, improve existing services and develop and introduc more new ones. As part of this, several months ago, a sorting centre was opened in Velika Gorica near the City of Zagreb, which Croatian Post claims to be the best logistics centre in this part of Europe.

Could Croatian Post finally enter the 21st century and end the senseless and outdated process of running around chasing undelivered packages that vanish into thin air? Hopefully.

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Friday, 20 December 2019

Croatian Post Begins Using Robots, Lowering Service Costs

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 20th of December, 2019, Croatian Post (Hrvatska pošta) has introduced autonomous pallet transport robots made by the Croatian company Gideon Brothers to their workforce in their brand new sorting centre, thereby strongly supporting the development of core business as the most important determinant of the Post 2022 Strategy, which links machines, people, products and business systems.

Robotic systems reduce overall service costs, shorten service cycle times and increase the efficiency of energy systems.

Robots do not replace humans in the workforce, but they act as their efficient tool and help them to achieve goals they had never imagined being able to do before their appearance. This principle is also guided by the aforementioned Croatian robotics and artificial intelligence company - Gideon Brothers.

Along with a quality business solution, this principle was Croatian Post's guiding principle in deciding to launch a pilot project for the use of autonomous pallet transport robots in their new sorting centre.

The pilot project will be implemented over the next four months in Croatian Post's warehouse and sorting facility, and human workers who will be working alongside the new robots will be trained during this period. Robots in the Croatian Post warehouse will assist with the picking and transportation of goods, while in the sorting room, they will serve to transport shipments from vehicles to the processing and preparation points ready for delivery.

A self-propelled logistics robot can carry as much as 800 kilograms of cargo and safely maneuver around people, equipment and other moving machines. These Croatian robots are equipped with autonomy technology based on visual perception, which combines in-depth learning with stereoscopic cameras to create a new generation of robotic vision.

All this shows that Croatian Post is very open to new opportunities offered by technology which can provide a competitive advantage and thus help the Croatian economy to use and create opportunities that bring new technologies, enabling a full circle of continuous development.

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Thursday, 12 December 2019

Croatian Post Has New Service Available in 55 Offices in All Counties

Croatian Post note that the running of their pilot project has shown that there is indeed an interest in this type of service, which is why they will offer cryptocurrency purchases at post offices across the country.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 11th of December, 2019, Croatian Post (HP) announced on Wednesday that it is expanding its cryptocurrency buying service to a total of 55 post offices in all Croatian counties, and has also announced that it will be possible to buy cryptocurrencies in the future at Croatian Post branches.

"Following the successful implementation and good results of our pilot project to buy cryptocurrencies in Zadar's post offices, Croatian Post is extending this service to a total of 55 post offices in all counties," HP said in a statement.

All Croatian and foreign users will be able to change their cryptocurrencies into kuna in a few simple steps, they say.

After an application is submitted, a QR code is scanned and the cash is received at the post office. It is possible to replace the five most commonly used cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar, Ripple and EOS, Croatian Post explained, adding that detailed information on all services can be found on the website

"In recent years, more and more cryptocurrency users have been planning their trips in places where they can exchange their digital money into local currency. With the wide range of this service, Croatian cities will become even more interesting to many visitors," a statement from Croatian Post said.

A list of all Croatian post offices offering this service can be found on the Crypto Centre portal (, where a calculator is also available, which can help you find out how much kuna is offered for each cryptocurrency.

"The plan is to introduce the possibility of buying cryptocurrencies in Croatian Post post offices in the future, which will make the offices the central place for dealing with cryptocurrencies in numerous places across Croatia," they announced, noting that digitalisation is one of Croatian Post's development strategies and a driver numerous business projects.

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Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Shopping Online? Croatian Post Might Have Unpleasant Surprise...

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 20th of November, 2019, a tportal rreader found a note in his mailbox on Monday saying that his parcel was delivered to him on Friday, so he went to Croatian Post himself to find out what was really going on with his package.

The time before Christmas is the peak season for all courier services, and it's no different for Croatian Post (Hrvatska Pošta), through whose hands go the largest number of various packages and shipments ordered from online stores worldwide. Two months ago, Croatian Post was banned from charging for the delivery of smaller packages weighing less than two pounds, so, unfortunately many people noticed that their parcels were often not even delivered to their home addresses.

A tportal reader complained that a mailman left a message in his mailbox claiming that his parcel was waiting for him to come and pick it up at his local Croatian Post office, and the item in questioned was of course ordered from an online store, and getting certain large online stores to actually deliver to Croatia is already a task in itself. As previously stated, the reader found a note in his mailbox on Monday saying that the package was delivered to him on Friday, so he went to the Post Office to find out what was going on.

He was told, as he claims, that Croatian Post no longer delivers small parcels since their payment of 4.5 kuna was abolished and that the item was too large to be left in the mailbox, so the postman decided to leave a notice of attempted delivery only, but the reader claims he didn't even ring the doorbell.

The Post Office says that small ordinary parcels that have arrived from abroad and other ordinary parcels are, as a rule, delivered by inserting them into people's designated mailboxes.

''Before the cancellation of the payment (to Croatian Post), small packages were delivered personally to customers, but solely because of the obligation of payment. As this obligation no longer exists today, small parcels, like other ordinary shipments, are put into mailboxes - if the dimensions allow it,'' they explain.

It's worth mentioned that Croatian Post no longer has to charge an additional postage of 4.50 kuna for the delivery of small packages from abroad, as this was forbidden by HAKOM.

HAKOM, as explained, ruled that Croatian Post can no longer charge their fee for the delivery of small parcels. The good news for all citizens is that despite issues with simply not receiving parcels and mailmen not even ringing the door bell, Croatian Post cannot appeal this decision, although it may bring an administrative dispute before the High Administrative Court against HAKOM, but a possible lawsuit will not delay the enforcement of the ruling.

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Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Croatian Post's Biggest Investment: New Sorting Centre Attracts Amazon

The location near MZLZ “Franjo Tuđman” (Zagreb International Airport) and the motorway was strategically selected, and construction on Croatian Post's new sorting centre initially began back in 2017.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 24th of September, 2019, the largest investment in the history of Croatian Post (Hrvatska Pošta), an ultra modern sorting centre in which a massive 345 million kuna has been invested, and it was finally opened yesterday in Velika Gorica, near the City of Zagreb.

Within the complex, which covers approximately 35,000 square metres in total, the sorting room itself occupies 11,000 square metres and packages will be ejected at an impressive rate of 15,000 pieces per hour. The moving on of Croatian Post's infamous ''snail mail'' procedures isn't the only bit of good news, either.

Of course, the creation of such a large centre and the need for a fast pace helps the economy by creating job possibilities, and not just one or two of them. At first, 1,400 employees will work at Croatian Post's new Velika Gorica-based facility, and then that figure will gradually rise up to 1,800 employees.

As previously mentioned, the centre's location near Zagreb's increasingly busy Franjo Tuđman Airport and the motorway was of course strategically chosen, and the construction of the centre first began in 2017. As was first reported in July, this centre is one of the reasons why Croatian Post could earn even more ''brownie points'' on the national, regional and even global scale and foresees the possibility of cooperation with a giant like Amazon.

This global retailer is reportedly considering contracts Croatian Post for some form of collaboration for shipping and logistics support on the Croatian market, and potentially on the entire regional market. The Amazon expert team also visited the brand new sorting centre in Velika Gorica back during the summer.

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Thursday, 27 June 2019

A New Era: Croatian Post Revamps Brand with New Design

The Croatian Post unveiled a new logo and visual identity on Thursday, and announced that they are focusing on the development of digital business, and moving to a new sorting and logistics center near Velika Gorica soon, reports Jutarnji List on June 27, 2019.

"Starting from the methods and principles of modern design and the experience of large international corporations, the old logo of Croatian Post has been redesigned and made simpler. Now we have a postmark for the modern age, because the postmark has always symbolized postal activity, and at the same time it also has a new association that is in line with the time we live in,” said Croatian Post, adding that in this process of rebranding the Croatian postal service, they preserved specifics like colors and symbols.

On this occasion, Ivan Čulo, Chairman of the Board of Croatian Post, emphasized that the company has changed significantly in recent years.

“The modernization of the logo symbolically marks the beginning of the new era of Croatian Post as the leading logistics company with the most modern sorting center in this part of Europe, and in line with the Postal Strategy for 2022, we focused on fundamental business and digitization as an important development philosophy,” said Čulo.

"In the rebranding process, we wanted to preserve all the distinctive elements of the brand, such as the color and the character of the sign, while giving it a modern and more suitable form for the digital age,” said award-winning designer Boris Malešević, the author of the new logo.

The Croatian Post also points out that in the last two years,  their most important investment worth 350 million kuna is the construction of a new sorting center near Velika Gorica.

Therefore, they believe that the completion of the construction and the largest capital investment in the history of Croatian Post is the right moment to change the company's visual identity.

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Friday, 14 June 2019

Croatian Post Expands its Business with Electric Vehicles!

The public's general awareness of the damage being done to the environment is increasing, and as such, more and more individuals and companies are turning towards electric vehicles, which are without a doubt the vehicles of the future. Croatian Post (Hrvatska Pošta) is just one of them.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Darko Bicak writes on the 13th of June, 2019, Croatian Post will also add to the production, distribution and sale of electrical energy within its scope of activities, as stood out from the invitation to the General Assembly of the public company which was initially published through the Zagreb Stock Exchange.

While one might conclude that Croatian Post wants to reverse the trend on the Croatian market, where small energy companies are bundling or outsourcing such activities from larger companies and selling them on to specialised market leaders, Croatian Post has revealed that their move is primarily being done in order to maintain its ever-increasing fleet of electric bicycles and other postal vehicles.

"Socially responsible business is one of the most important determinants of Croatian Post's strategy for 2022, as are concerns for our employees, the community and the environment, all of which remain in our constant focus.

In mid-May, we enriched our fleet with twenty electric quadricycles, and for four years now, our postmen and women have been using 180 electric bikes.

Croatin Post is also planning to build a powerhouse for electric vehicles in their new sorting centre. A new sorting center coming with a total value of 350 million kuna is the largest capital investment in the history of Croatian Post, and the new location near Velika Gorica will soon see as many as 1400 workers move to it.

As Croatian Post is present in all parts of the Republic of Croatia, in the future, we won't exclude the possibility of building additional charging stations for commercial purposes,'' stated Croatian Post's office for corporate communications.

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Saturday, 23 March 2019

Luka Modrić is New Face of 10 kuna Postage Stamp

The captain of the Croatia national football team, Luka Modrić, who was also named the best footballer in the world last year, will be honored yet again - and this time, with a postage stamp. Namely, Croatian Post has announced that a new stamp will be launched at the commemorative event “Croatian Sport - Luka Modrić" on Monday, March 25th, reports HRT on March 22, 2019. 

“The most prominent captain of the Croatia football team, with his efforts and dedication, besides numerous prestigious professional awards, deserved this rare acknowledgment. The stamps issued in Luka’s in honor will be printed in 300,000 copies, and the nominal value of the stamp is 10 kuna,” reads the official statement from the Croatian Post, who added that Zagreb designer Alenka Lalić adapted the photo of Drago Sopta’s for this release.

Screenshot 2019-03-23 at 10.21.07.png



Modrić will be the first sportsperson to be featured on a Croatian postage stamp since Ivica Kostelić in 2007, though you may recall the Croatia national team showcased in 2018 after their World Cup success. 

Recall, Luka Modrić had an absolutely phenomenal 2018. Not only did he win the Champions League with Real Madrid for the third consecutive year, but he led Croatia to the World Cup final, where he was also awarded the Golden Ball of the tournament. Following Russia, Luka was named the best footballer in Europe by UEFA, the world by FIFA, and was even named the world’s best athlete by the AIPS! After winning all the prestigious individual awards for his performance in 2018, Luka Modrić was also nominated for the famed Laureus award. 

There will be nine Luka Modrić stamped issued in each package, and the Croatian Post has also published this as a First Day Cover, which gives it even more significance and value to stamp collectors. 

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