Friday, 10 June 2022

5th Day of International Meeting of Travel Influencers Explores Inland Dalmatia

PR TEXT - June 10, 2022 - After visiting the best of the Mediterranean, including the heavenly Biokovo Skywalk and the WTA tournament in Makarska, tasting wine on Brač and Hvar, and enjoying the view of Zlatni Rat, the Hvar Historical Theater, and the Pakleni Islands, the digital creators got to peek into Inland Dalmatia during the International Meeting of Travel Influencers.

Recall, this is a unique project of the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board and the editor of the Croatian Hotspots magazine, Maja Zlokić, which thus entered its spectacular finale.

Inland Dalmatia is great for active holidays and sightseeing, and was there a better city to start this adventure than the heroic Sinj? Nothing speaks of Sinj as eloquently as the Sinjska Alka Museum. The guests enjoyed a museum tour with many uniforms, equipment, weapons used by the Sinj Alkars, Alkar statutes, and digital displays. Of particular delight were the life-size display of the Alkar procession and the replay of the 1715 Battle of Sinj, where the influencer group could experience the glorious battle in a multimedia environment.



However, the real euphoria arose during the visit to the Sinj Hippodrome, when the cameras of the digital creators did not stop clicking during the encounter with beautiful horses, which many wanted to pet and feed. The beauties of Sinj have taken over Instagram stories and posts, and the group gained a great insight into the Sinj tradition, from ancient times related to horse breeding and training, as indicated by three centuries of the Alka and many domestic and international horse tournaments.


The real hit on Wednesday was the mystical blue-green eye - the source of the Cetina. It is a photogenic location that Instagram has adored for a long time because of its stunning turquoise colors, but also incredibly picturesque ambiance, which contributes to the proximity of nearby sacral buildings, which seem to obscure this unusual natural phenomenon - the Church of the Holy Salvation.


There was also content for culture lovers, and the favorite photo of the source is from a bird's eye view. Many of the influencers, such as Goran Jović - one of the ambassadors of this project, and his wife, photo & travel blogger Diana Loos, already have an affinity for beautiful photography and were delighted by this ambiance, just like the beauties of Imotski - the Blue and Red Lake. Stories have been told about them since ancient times, and one of the most impressive moments related to these top Imotski attractions is when the Blue Lake dries up and becomes a football field! Playing football at the bottom of the lake is a real treat, and photos of this event will travel worldwide!


Slightly sad about the last day of the meeting, but at the same time overjoyed about the great experience, quality content, and unparalleled inspiration, the influencers promised Central Dalmatia one thing - this parting is only for a short time.

All photos by Goran Jovic

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Wednesday, 8 June 2022

International Meeting of Travel Influencers Heads to Hvar and Brač (PHOTOS)

PR TEXT - June 8, 2022 - The International Meeting of Travel Influencers, organized by the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board and editor of Croatian Hotspots magazine Maja Zlokić, entered its third and fourth day. After Split and Makarska, the content team moved to the islands of Brač and Hvar.

The visit to Brač began with the emblematic Bol and Zlatni Rat beach, whose views under the slogan 'Symbol of the Adriatic' have long represented domestic tourism in the world. Elevated to the next level with a magnificent bird's eye view, the influencers formed a heart with their bodies to be photographed on the recognizable horn of Zlatni Rat, which changes shape and position depending on the wind. 


Wine tasting and bites at the famous Bol winery "Stina, where wooden barrels hold the finest varieties of award-winning Stina wine.


After tasting plavac, opolo, and prošek, the influencers left for Hvar. The mayor of Hvar, Rikardo Novak, and the head of the Department of Culture, Katija Vučetić, welcomed them on Croatia's sunniest island, showing them some of the most precious gems of their culture, such as the famous Arsenal and the Hvar Historical Theater. They used their expert eye to convey the beauty of the interiors. Complemented by a musical background, they managed to peek inside, dominated by red velvet and gold. The influencers pointed out that wherever they are photographed, they must indicate the location to inform their followers of where they are, which facilities to visit, where to drink the best coffee, and eat well, which is the driving force of this project. 


At sunset, they went to the Hvar Fortress Fortica. Apart from the magical ambiance, the group was delighted by Tommy catering and Plančić winery. In addition to the famous Plavac mali, everyone enjoyed their rosé, which every wine lover noticed for its intoxicating notes of peach, plum, watermelon, and wild strawberries!


After overnighting in Hvar town, the next destination was the Pakleni Islands. While sailing, Instagram stories lit up with beautiful sea views. The influencer couple from Poland, known as Crolovepl, published a beautiful shot of sea foam on the surface, and their compatriot Anna Wizental enthusiastically posted a photo of the enchanting turquoise sea, which shows a white sandy bottom. The group sailed, partied, and feasted, and when "Makeba" came on the playlist, the digital divas gave up sunbathing and danced to irresistible African and French rhythms. This exciting musical melange, a favorite background on Instagram Reels for months, could easily be the official soundtrack of this gathering where the essence is getting to know different cultures, dynamism, creativity, and positivity.


The Pakleni Islands also played the host of a great lunch in an ambiance that reminded many of sumptuous Greek restaurants. Seeing the beautiful interior in natural materials, bright wood colors, and cute swings, the influencers were happy with their aperitifs - fine white wines and cocktails with decorative flower petals.

The final day took off to the intriguing Inland Dalmatia, a visit to Sinj and the Sinjska Alka Museum, the Kamičak fortress, and the enigmatic gems of the Imotski region - the Red and Blue Lakes! 

All photos by Goran Jovic

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Thursday, 2 June 2022

International Meeting of Travel Influencers Kicks Off in Split (PHOTOS)

PR TEXT - June 2, 2022 - Around 30 influencers from Croatia and Italy, Poland, Great Britain, and Brazil took part in the International Meeting of Travel Influencers, which began in Split on June 1! 

The charms of Split are well known to travel, gourmet & lifestyle bloggers around the world, which delighted the organizers of this unique event - the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board and Croatian Hot Spots magazine editor Maja Zlokić. 


Although the Amfora Hotel, with its beautiful sea views, was a story in itself, where would it start if not from the famous Diocletian's Palace? Participants enjoyed a tour of Split's truly iconic Peristyle. They took a few photos with the imperial guards, which with their authentic uniforms from ancient times and swords is an absolute must-see attraction.


Nothing less can be said about the famous view from Vidilica, another meeting place for travelers around the world, and not without reason - it is where the bustling Dalmatian metropolis meets the relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle. The group then went to a delicious lunch, which introduced them to the fantastic dinner that followed in the early evening, in an ambiance that every Game Of Thrones fan and lover of historical heritage would envy.


Dinner was held at Kliš Fortress, a stone beauty tied to centuries-old stories, like when it was the desirable key to Dalmatia to more recently Meereen from the TV series Game of Thrones. 


On this occasion, the famous building was the backdrop to an attractive dinner, so the Instagram influencers enjoyed the culinary delicacies of Masterchef finalist Gorana Milaković. Tommy provided the groceries, and Sikuli, Grabovac, and Senjković were the boutique wineries featured. 


After food and drink, the historical unit of the Kliški Uskoks enhanced the cultural content with a surprise show, and the influencers were able to try their hand at bow and arrow!


The next day of the event follows the example of the European Parliament office that recognized influencers as a critical and current channel of public opinion. Split-Dalmatia County Prefect Blaženko Boban will welcome the guests and draw their attention to socially responsible messages and projects.

All photos by Goran Jović

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