Monday, 29 June 2020

Skoro Says In Favour Of Croat Federal Unit In Bosnia And Herzegovina

ZAGREB, June 29, 2020 - Homeland Movement leader Miroslav Skoro has said that he advocates a Croat federal unit in Bosnia and Herzegovina so that Croats in that country could become equal to the other two ethnic groups, and he criticised the attitude of Croatia's governments so far to compatriots in the neighbouring country.

"We are not satisfied with statements about the need for Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina to be an equal and constituent ethnic group, we have been hearing them for years and (ethnic Croats) are neither equal nor constituent. The only true solution that would satisfy those principles is a federal unit for the Croat people within an integral Bosnia and Herzegovina," Skoro said.

He said that that solution would be best for Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croats themselves as it would not "push them into the embrace of Milorad Dodik, who is not hiding his separatist ambitions at all."

Skoro welcomed resolutions by the European Parliament supporting the federalisation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, on which he said Zagreb had not insisted.

Skoro believes that the source of the inequality of Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the 1995 Dayton peace agreement, which put an end to the war in the country, which, he said, had stripped local Croats of that constitutional right.

Sunday, 28 June 2020

Skoro Distances Himself From Those Who Committed Crimes

ZAGREB, June 28, 2020 - Homeland Movement leader Miroslav Skoro on Sunday strongly distanced himself from "those who committed any criminal offence yet are in politics," saying that if Davorka Smokovic, a candidate on one of their lists, won a seat in parliament, she would cede it to the party.

The media have reported that the Homeland Movement's slate for Constituency No. 8 includes Smokovic, a former Pazin municipal prosecutor who was recently convicted of corruption.

In a press release, Skoro admitted to his part of the blame, saying the Homeland Movement could not control the "deep state" and vet people the usual way.

He said it was necessary to amend the election law because now the Homeland Movement could not legally take Smokovic off the slate.

Earlier today, Smokovic said in a press release that she was pulling out of the campaign. She said she had not received any Supreme Court ruling but that she did not want her "alleged burden" to be transferred onto the Homeland Movement in any way.

Smokovic added that if she won a seat in parliament, she would cede it to the party.

Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Homeland Movement: Why Isn't Plenkovic in Self-Isolation?

ZAGREB, June 23, 2020 - Homeland Movement candidates in the 9th constituency on Tuesday asked Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic why he was not in self-isolation after attending the Adria Tour tennis tournament in Zadar which was cut short due to the coronavirus outbreak.

"Will he (Plenkovic) sacrifice and jeopardise Croatian citizens with his irresponsible behaviour or will he, as a conscious citizen regardless of currently testing negative, go into 14 days of self-isolation?," Hrvoje Zekanovic told a press conference in Zadar.

Zekanovic noted that people who were in close contact with an infected person but avoided the prescribed measure of self-isolation were until recently referred to as terrorists. 

Bozinovic and Beros should leave the national crisis management team

Zekanovic also said that Interior Minister Davor Bozinovic and Health Minister Vili Beros "should immediately leave the national coronavirus crisis management team because they both head Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) party slates for the coming election.

It is unacceptable that they should have dual roles during the campaign because it is in violation of all electioneering rules. We insist that they immediately leave their respective positions on the national crisis management team, said Zekanovic.

He also said that "Andrej Plenkovic imposed measures against the coronavirus when it went in his favour and now that the internal party election in the HDZ is over, he immediately lifted the restrictions when he considered he would achieve the best election result at the parliamentary election." "And that is unacceptable," Zekanovic added.

Sunday, 31 May 2020

HDZ Official: Homeland Movement's Mission Is To Undermine Christian Democrat Camp

ZAGREB, May 31, 2020 - Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) vice-president Ivan Anusic said on Sunday that the mission of Miroslav Skoro and his Homeland Movement in the coming parliamentary election was to "undermine the Christian Democrat and people's camp, the kind of which Social Democrats are unable to form on their own."

Anusic said in a statement for the press that during his visit to Vukovar on Saturday, Skoro, whose platform is based on the 1991-95 Homeland War, had to answer a question from which he had been hiding ever since he returned to the political arena, namely where he had been in 1990.

Anusic said that Skoro had to confirm that he had been in the United States at the time, visiting Croatia several times, also to attend a rally of the Coalition of People's Accord, which, Anusic said, "was a fierce opponent of Christian Democracy as advocated by then HDZ leader Franjo Tudjman."

"The same way he sided with those who did not want Croatia's independence with Tudjman at its helm back then, so in 2019 with his political engagement he helped Zoran Milanovic become President," said Anusic, noting that the Homeland Movement's mission in the coming election was to topple the Christian Democrat and people's camp the kind of which, he said, Social Democrats were unable to form on their own.

Saturday, 29 February 2020

Presidential Candidate Miroslav Škoro Founds New Political Party

February 29, 2020 - Miroslav Škoro, a candidate in the recently held presidential elections in Croatia, announced today that he is to found his political party, called "Miroslav Škoro Homeland Movement".

After his quite successful bid at the presidential elections, where he managed to take the third-highest number of votes (and miss the runoff election by a very small margin of votes), Miroslav Škoro often hinted at his plans to start a new political party in time for the upcoming parliamentary elections. And that is exactly what he has announced to the public today, in Panorama Hotel in Zagreb, where he presented the new political party in Croatia: Miroslav Škoro Homeland Movement.

He's insistent that it's not just a party, rather a movement (which is what the name also implies), and that he's starting a party not because he wants to, but because he has to, as the situation in Croatia is so dire. He took the opportunity in his opening speech to tell anyone who wants to get into his party so they'd be able to sell their votes later to leave the room, as there will not be room for corruption in his party.

In the speech, he also repeated most of what he stood for during his presidential campaign: the strong "sovereignist" policies, including the insistence on 'maintaining the right to decide who gets to enter the Republic of Croatia'. To that he adds that we don't need further divides, we need unity, that this is not the country for which the fighters fought during the Homeland war, and that we are a country built on the blood, tears and terror of the Homeland War, in which life starts at conception, and each child should have a father and a mother. As one of his key political goals, he recognizes the attempt to decry all totalitarian regimes, including the communist regime.

Most people who are supporting Škoro as he founds his party are former associates of Branimir Glavaš, former army general during the Homeland war, former Member of the Parliament who's been indicted (and found guilty, with verdicts being overturned later) of war crimes in Osijek.

Although the party is dubbed as a movement, none of the parties that supported Škoro in the presidential bid hasn't officially joined the Homeland Movement. MOST, Hrvatski suverenisti, and Zlatko Hasanbegović's party are close to Škoro politically and will probably negotiate some kind of coalition for the parliamentary elections.

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