Thursday, 27 May 2021

Paolo Tramezzani No Longer Hajduk Coach!

May 27, 2021 - Paolo Tramezzani is no longer the coach of Split club HNK Hajduk. 

As of today, Paolo Tramezzani is no longer the coach of the HNK Hajduk first team. After a conversation, an agreed termination of cooperation was agreed with the now-former coach of the Split club. 

Paolo Tramezzani took over the first team in January this year, which won fourth place at the end of the season and a place in the qualifying round of the Europa League. He led Hajduk in a total of 24 games and achieved 14 victories, four draws, and six defeats. He is accompanied by his assistants Attila Malfatti and Valerio Zuddas.

"Thank you to Mr. Tramezzani for everything he has done for the Club, and we wish him good luck in the continuation of his career.

HNK Hajduk will inform the public about the new coach of our first team promptly," Hajduk concluded on its website

"First of all, thank you to the club for allowing me to send this message, and thanks. The message is sincere and from the heart, and I want to thank the club, the president, and the sports director for making a courageous decision to invite me to the club at a very delicate time," said Tramezzani after the agreed termination.

"For my part, I hope I helped achieve the goals, and for me, it was a wonderful experience that brought me a lot of joy. I realized when I came to be the coach of Hajduk it is a great privilege. It is a very desirable bench on which better coaches were sitting in front of me, big names, and I hope I did not disappoint anyone in what was my job. I want to thank everyone in the city on my own behalf and behalf of my family. Their passion and love and way of everyday behavior, as if they accepted me as their own. I don't like tears if they are not joyful," said Tramezzani and added:

"Because I've already shed tears of pain in my life, for things, unfortunately, much more important. But I carry with me in one part of my heart all the people I could meet in these four and a half months. I'm grateful to them for that. I'm a little bit disappointed that I did not experience the atmosphere with the fans at the stadium, and that is one thing I missed a lot because of their passion and love. I want to thank everyone who worked with me, really everyone; I would not list them because I will surely forget someone. From the medical service, the technical staff, my staff, and above all, a big thank you goes to all my players because a great relationship has been established with them. It was a beautiful adventure, a beautiful journey. So, I thank everyone, and I will always remain a fan of this club, and Hajduk and Split will always remain in my heart." 

As exclusively finds out, Hajduk's sports director Nikoličius Mindaugas and president Lukša Jakobušić have already held talks with the main candidate for the new coach.

Allegedly, it is 51-year-old Portuguese expert Jose Manuel Gomes. The former coach of Almeria, Maritim, Reading, and many other clubs met with Hajduk leaders in Zagreb and is close to an agreement, says Index.

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Monday, 18 January 2021

Paolo Tramezzani Named New Coach of Hajduk Split

January 18, 2021 - Paolo Tramezzani is the new coach of Hajduk! announced on Monday that the 50-year-old Italian expert signed a contract until the summer of 2022 and will take over the management of the first team immediately.

The new Hajduk coach was born on July 30, 1970 in the city of Castelnovo ne ’Monti, and began his playing career at Inter Milan. In addition to Inter, he played for Prato, Cosezna, Lucchese, Venezia, Cesena, Piacenza, Tottenham, Pistoiese, Atalanta, Empoli and Pro Patria.

He began his coaching career as the assistant coach of Gianni de Biasi in the national team of Albania, which then qualified for the European Championship for the first time in history. He continued on his own in 2016 as the coach of the Swiss first league side Lugano, and under his leadership, the club qualified the group stage of the Europa League for the first time in history. Lugano was at the bottom of the league table and eventually finished third with an average of 1.94 points scored that season, which is why he was named coach of the year in Switzerland.

In 2017, Tramezzani took over the leadership of Swiss first league team Sion and later left for personal reasons. In 2018, he took over APOEL in Cyprus, with which he became the champion, and in Cyprus, he was named the best coach of the first league with an average of 2.16 points. After APOEL, in 2019, he took over the Italian second division team Livorno, and his last coaching job was in 2020 in Sion.

Tramezzani's coaching staff will also include his first assistant Attila Malfatti and assistant coach Valerio Zuddas, and the rest of the professional staff will be filled by two fitness coaches who have already participated in the work of the first team, Toni Modrić and Šime Veršić, assistant coach Toni Golem and goalkeeper coach Hrvoje Sunara.

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Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Lovre Kalinic Returns to Hajduk!

December 22, 2020 - Lovre Kalinic is back at Poljud! The experienced 30-year-old goalkeeper will come to Hajduk Split on loan from Aston Villa until June 30, 2021.

Kalinic started his goalkeeping career at Hajduk at the age of nine and moved through all the younger age categories at the club. As a senior for Hajduk, he played seven first-league seasons, making a total of 134 official appearances.

He left Hajduk in December 2016 for Ghent, Belgium, where he was in goal for two seasons, after which he moved to Aston Villa. He spent the first half of 2020 on loan in Toulouse, France, and then returned to Aston Villa.

Kalinic recorded 11,962 official minutes for Hajduk, and as many as 50 times, his net remained free from goals. Lovre is also the club record holder, going 775 minutes without conceding a goal in HNL matches. The former Hajduk goalkeeper set that record from August 10 to October 24, 2015, when he did not concede a goal for a full eight games in a row. He made a total of 19 official appearances for the Croatia national team.

"I take this opportunity to thank President Jakobušić for initiating the story of my return. His wish was really great on my part as well, although I was offered several options from Belgium on the table. Many will say that Hajduk is currently poor in terms of results, but Hajduk is still a huge club. I was particularly intrigued by the story and project of a president who wants to create a strong and powerful club. From the first conversation, I felt positive, which is why I didn’t hesitate much. I’m looking forward to it, and I’m happy to be back. I can’t wait to join the team. We all need to come together and start working on big things," said Kalinic.

"Lovre, welcome, and we wish you good luck and success in the white jersey," Hajduk concluded on its website when announcing Lovre's return. 

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Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Hajduk and HNS Meet About New Poljud Pitch

December 16, 2020 - Hajduk and HNS met on Tuesday in Split to discuss installing a new Poljud pitch, which should begin in May next year.

An operational meeting was held on Tuesday at Poljud between representatives of HNK Hajduk, led by the President of the Management Board Lukša Jakobušić, and the Croatian Football Federation, led by the Executive Director Marijan Kustić. The topic of the meeting, which lasted a little less than an hour, was installing a new lawn on the main pitch of Poljud Stadium.

The following conclusions were reached:

"The common conclusion is that it is not possible to carry out the complete works for laying down a new pitch until January 30. The reason is the upcoming holidays, i.e., the impossibility to acquire and begin the construction process, preparatory works, installation, and putting the lawn into full operation in such a short time. The option to start work in January was considered. Still, the completion would be only at the beginning of March, which would prevent Hajduk from playing at least four championship matches in the month of the Club's 110th birthday, which includes the biggest Croatian derby at its stadium.

- It was agreed that due to logistical, technical, and time constraints, the replacement of the lawn would start in May, which gives enough time to enter the next season with a new pitch.

- HNS and Hajduk will sign an agreement on the installation of a hybrid lawn at the beginning of 2021. The city will give consent to Hajduk to change the pitch.

- An additional reason for setting up the pitch in May is the possibility to donate our current field to one of the second division teams in Dalmatia. According to the previous request, it was agreed in principle that the field would be donated to the Dalmatian second league club Croatia Zmijavci, and this is possible only after the end of our and their season," stated Hajduk on its official website

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Friday, 20 November 2020

City of Trogir and Hajduk Move Forward with Football Camp

November 20, 2020 - The City of Trogir and Hajduk are moving forward with the construction of a modern football camp, Hajduk’s most important infrastructure project in the 21st century.

On Thursday, HNK Hajduk president Lukša Jakobušić held an operational meeting in Trogir accompanied by the President's head of office Jelena Mikačić, Trogir Mayor Ante Bilić, and his associates, Deputy Mayor Viktor Novak and City Council President Ante Piteša.

This is a continuation of the project initiated by the former Hajduk President Marin Brbić, who in July signed a contract for the construction of a capital infrastructure project at the Divulje barracks near Split Airport as a solid foundation for the development and progress of the Split club.

Several important topics were discussed with the priority of transferring land from the Ministry of Defense to the City of Trogir. It is usually a longer process, but with joint efforts, all participants in the meeting believe it will be completed soon. Among other things, project financing was discussed, and various options for external funding sources were considered. Mayor Bilić reported that the City is already working intensively on land parceling and that registration in the cadastre can be expected in about 10 days. Also, the City has already initiated Amendments to the Spatial Plan at the City Council.


A working, conceptual solution already exists, but given the space's value, it was agreed to make an architectural and urban tender for this scope. They will contact the Society of Architects Split, with which the City of Trogir has been cooperating for the last few years to conduct the competition as professionally and as well as possible. Upon completion of the project and complex financial construction, there are permits. The camp's construction is planned in phases, and the joint conclusion of the City and Hajduk is that the camp will be in full operation in the next four years.

"This was a working meeting with the representatives of the city of Trogir, whom I thank for their exceptional cooperation and concreteness. We don’t want to waste time, but be productive. The camp's construction is, along with the success and result of the first team and the creation of a winning mentality, one of the most important projects of my term. I am aware that four years are concise for realizing the project, but the plan is for the camp to be built and put into operation during that period. I will personally participate in the project until a member of the Board is appointed who will, among other things, be in charge of building the camp," said Jakobušić, who gifted jerseys to the representatives of the City of Trogir after the meeting.

"We are happy that this project remains among the priorities for President Jakobušić, as well as with the steps we agreed on at our first operational meeting. Since the signing of the contract and the council session, we have communicated with the Ministry of Defense, and I believe that the transfer of ownership will soon be formally completed. Hajduk's camp is important for Trogir for many reasons, primarily because of the new modern sports infrastructure that does not exist in this part of Europe that will benefit our citizens, and depending on the final appearance of the project, be part of our additional tourist offer. Initially, we planned to build the stadium on our own. Still, the renovation of our Batarija with the infrastructure that we will get through this camp with Hajduk as a partner is a better solution from its aspect. There is no need to talk about the pride of my fellow citizens that Trogir will become the second home of Hajduk. There is still a lot of work ahead of us, but the plan presented to us seems sustainable and rational," said the Mayor of Trogir Ante Bilić.

Source: Hajduk website

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Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Boro Primorac Named New Hajduk Coach as Hari Vukas Sacked

November 4, 2020 - The Hajduk transformation continues as Hari Vukas is sacked as the first-team coach. The Split club announced today that Boro Primorac would takeover. 

Vukas is leaving the bench of the Split club after three consecutive defeats, and after Mario Stanic and Ivan Kepcija left Poljud this week.

Vukas took over the Hajduk coaching role after Igor Tudor's departure on August 21, 2020. In that period, he led 10 official matches, achieving four victories, five defeats, and one draw. In the last five rounds, he won only three points, and Hajduk is in sixth place.

"I wish all the best to my Hajduk and a lot of success to the new coach. Unfortunately, the results were not what we all expected together; I hope and believe that Hajduk will rise in the next period and get where it belongs," said Vukas. His assistant Jurica Vucko also left the club.

In his coaching career, Vukas was Tudor's assistant at Hajduk, Karabukspor, Galatasaray, and Udinese, and last year he took over Zrinjski and was fired after five months.

Hajduk then named the new coach of Hajduk - Boro Primorac. 

The head of the HNK Hajduk Academy, Luka Kaliterna, Primorac accepted this role after talks with the President of the Management Board, Luksa Jakobusic.

Boro Primorac's professional staff consists of his first assistant Toni Golem, the goalkeeper coach remains Hrvoje Sunara, and fitness coaches are still Toni Modric and Sime Versic. Coach Primorac will have his first game leading Hajduk on Saturday at 5:05 pm.

Boro Primorac is a legendary Hajduk player and coach who spent most of his career in England at Arsenal, where he was Arsène Wenger's first assistant (21 years in total). As head coach, he led Cannes and Valenciennes, the Guinea-Bissau national team, and as an assistant coach to Wenger, he also worked for Naoya Grampus in Japan.

In his playing career, he played for Velež, Hajduk, Lille, and Cannes. He scored the first official goal for Hajduk at Poljud stadium. He played a total of 283 games for Hajduk and scored 53 goals.


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Friday, 30 October 2020

Luksa Jakobusic Named New President of Hajduk Split!

October 30, 2020 - Big news from Poljud this morning as Hajduk names Luksa Jakobusic its new president!

This was decided by Hajduk's Supervisory Board, which in the end, did not select a leader from among the candidates who applied for the competition.

From May 16 to November 4, 2019, Jakobusic held the position of Hajduk's Vice President and resigned for personal reasons.

As for the current situation, Marin Brbic resigned on July 13 but had the support of the Supervisory Board. On July 22, he announced a definitive departure, saying 'It is humiliating that the association Naš Hajduk voted no confidence in me.'

The competition for the new president was announced on August 17, though it seems that no one applied for the role that the Supervisory Board thought deemed worthy.

Many wanted Jakobusic to return to Hajduk even sooner because he holds strong leadership skills, and the supervisors knew his qualities well. However, only after talking to the candidates from the competition did they decide that there is no one better for Hajduk than Luksa.

The news was announced on the official Hajduk website this morning:

"Luksa Jakobusic is the new President of the Management Board of HNK Hajduk. Born in Dubrovnik in 1976, he is an entrepreneur with many years of experience in the private sector and a successful sports worker. He is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Sports Management at Aspira and has completed an EMBA at Cotrugli Business School.

Jakobusic was the president of VK Jug from 2013 to 2017. In that period, the club won five trophies in one season, which until then was not succeeded by any sports club in the country, making him the most successful president in Jug's great history. Luksa Jakobusic served as vice president of HNK Hajduk from May to November 2019.

He is a Croatian veteran and is decorated for his participation in the military-police operation Storm."

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Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Torcida Celebrates 70 Years: Best Photos and Videos of Birthday Bash

October 28, 2020 - Torcida celebrates 70 years on October 28, 2020. A look at the birthday bash around Split, the beloved home of Hajduk. 

Torcida did not let the people of Split down when they promised a spectacle bigger than Hajduk's 100th birthday. Anyone that made it to midnight last night, and trust me, there were thousands, now have memories that will last with them for a lifetime thanks to the flare-filled spectacle. 

And what a sight it was. 

At midnight, the sky lit pink when Torcida launched flares and fireworks high above to celebrate 70 years of their firm, which is the oldest organized fan group in Europe. Torcida alone was said to have some 8,000 flares for the event.

But the celebration didn't stop there. 

At exactly at noon today, the bells rang on the bell tower of Saint Domnius Cathedral in Split, where Torcida hoisted a 30-meter flag.

And then to the Riva, which was draped in a rainbow of colors this afternoon. 

But Split and Dalmatia were not the only places celebrating. The chants of the famous fan group could be heard far east - in Slavonia!

Namely, DPH Vukovar published a video of Torcida Slavonia, which marked its jubilee birthday in the same spectacular way. The torchlight procession in Osijek's Tvrđa lit up the entire city in red, confirming there are Hajduk fans all over Croatia.

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Friday, 21 August 2020

Igor Tudor Leaves Hajduk Split to Join Juventus as Pirlo's Assistant

August 21, 2020 - Igor Tudor has left Hajduk to become the assistant coach at Juventus, the Split club announced on Friday.

"As of today, Igor Tudor is no longer the coach of Hajduk after he decided to accept the offer of the new Juventus coach, Andrea Pirlo, to join him in Italy as an assistant in the professional staff.

Now the former coach of the 'Whites' spent eight months in his second term on the bench of Hajduk, and led them in 18 official matches.

We wish coach Tudor a lot of luck and success in his future career," Hajduk wrote on its official website

Tudor received an offer last weekend to return to Juventus, the club he played for from 1998 to 2007, after Andrea Pirlo took over the Turin club.

After training at Poljud on Monday, Tudor told Hajduk leaders that he would like to take the opportunity to go to Italy, where he led Udinese on two occasions. It was just a matter of waiting for the compensation amount to be agreed upon. The Italian champion will pay Hajduk 450 thousand euros.

Hajduk decided that Tudor's assistant Hari Vukas will lead the team in the match against Osijek, which is scheduled for Sunday at 5:55 pm at City Garden Stadium.

Vukas' first assistant will be Jurica Vucko, and Toni Golem joins the professional staff of the first team, who recently took over juniors II. In his career so far, he has already had experience working in the professional staff of Hajduk's first team.

Goalkeeping coach Hrvoje Sunara remains, and Toni Modric and Sime Versic are still in charge of preparing the players.

Pirlo ended his playing career three years ago, during which he won the 2006 World Cup with Italy and reached the Euro final in 2012. While playing for Milan (2001-2011) and Juventus (2011-2015), he won two Champions League titles (2003, 2007) and once again played in the final (2015) with six Italian league titles (two with Milan, four with Juventus).

The former Croatia national team player made 174 appearances for Juventus and another 39 for Siena. As a coach in Italy, he led Udinese and saved them from relegation in two seasons. He also led PAOK, Galatasaray, and Karabukspor. Tudor took over Hajduk in December last year, and under his leadership, the Split club finished the season in fifth place.


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Saturday, 18 July 2020

Historic Moment for Split Club: Hajduk Building Football Camp in Trogir

July 18, 2020 - At Friday's City Council session, Trogir City Councilors unanimously adopted a decision that marks a historic moment for HNK Hajduk and paves the way for the construction of the long-awaited football camp at the barracks of Trogir's Divulje.

HNK Hajduk reported on its website:

"We have repeated many times so far and I believe that you are all aware that the construction of the football camp is Hajduk's capital project, our most important infrastructure project in the 21st century and a solid foundation without which the Club cannot develop and progress. Therefore, we can proudly confirm that today, we are at the starting point of a great story that has been worked on for a long time and in silence, and which will ensure the continuity of education and production of elite players, talented footballers and quality people, which throughout history has adorned the Croatian football club Hajduk and our Academy "Luka Kaliterna"," said the President of the HNK Hajduk Management Board Marin Brbic after the City Council session.


"We are especially pleased that the future football camp will be in Trogir, a city that has always lived with its heart and soul for Hajduk. We are also extremely grateful to the City of Trogir for recognizing this moment and the importance of building a football camp, and I am sure that the entire local community will reap many benefits from our future cooperation. In the end, I will emphasize that this is not a project of Marin Brbic, or any individual who has been or will be in the Club. This is a project of all of us, all of Hajduk, this is a project of Hajduk's future. We are just at the beginning, we have a lot of work ahead of us, many stages that we have to go through, but together we will reach the goal," said Brbic.


The mayor of Trogir, Ante Bilic, did not hide his satisfaction with the city councilors' decision.

"On behalf of the citizens of the city of Trogir, I can say that I am happy that Hajduk will have its camp, its second home, in our city. We are realistic, we think sustainably and that is why the project is conceived realistically, phased and financially sustainable. This is not a project of Ante Bilic and Marin Brbic; this is a project of the City of Trogir and HNK Hajduk that will be developed and used to benefit the institutions we represent for much longer than the duration of our mandates. I had no doubt that the councilors would support our agreement, because who in Dalmatia would not want such an honor, but also a development opportunity from which both of us benefit exclusively?  This is an initiative of Hajduk, which we accepted, and together, we quickly completed all the steps so far, both between us and towards the state. Hajduk will have a partner in us, and the city services will be maximally efficient in terms of changing the spatial planning documentation required for part of the project, issuing permits and other steps so that the planned dynamics of the project is not endangered," said Bilic and added:

"Such content, at this location and with us as partners, is a prerequisite for creating sports content without competition in this part of Europe. After the agreement on business cooperation that was signed a little more than a week ago between NK Trogir and Hajduk, I would mark today as an important point for Trogir football and Trogir sport. After the renovated field on Batarija, our children and seniors will get a new field, additional sports facilities and the opportunity to develop with the best that Dalmatia has. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but I consider this one of the most important steps in the recent history of Hajduk and a great opportunity for Trogir," concluded the mayor of Trogir.

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