Wednesday, 30 March 2022

First Split Winter Tourism Committee Meeting held at HGK to Discuss Winter Flights

March 30, 2022 - The first official Split Winter Tourism Committee meeting was held on Tuesday at the County Chamber of Commerce in Split. 

This meeting was attended by Joško Stella (Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board), Joze Tomaš and Nataša Bušić (HGK), Pero Bilas (Split Airport), Arnoud Zaalberg (GM of Le Meridien Lav), Mario Šerić (MarCon), Jelena Tabak (Split Caterers Association), Maria Mustapić (Split caterers and hostels), Jasmina Kruščić (Split caterers), and Daniela Rogulj (TCN). 

This meeting was held specifically on the issue of bringing winter flights to Split, with two proposals presented to kick off the discussion.  

Initiative proposal

- Most logical - talk to airlines with a strong presence in the right markets

- Increase expectation

- Last weekend of October - first weekend after 3 Kings - January 6

- Extends season by 10 weeks

- Many people travel at this time already

- This period is beneficial for the private sector

- Gives time to create concrete products - events, conferences, city breaks, etc.

- Suggestion - connection with London - 2 airlines - British Airways and Easyjet

- Why? BA is a member of the Oneworld Alliance - gives us access to overseas customers - partner is American Airlines - 80% of the overseas market covered + the local market 

- The majority of the overseas market is covered if we have British Airways (OneWorld Alliance) in addition to Croatia Airlines 

- easyJet covers local British and Croatian market

- 6 flights - 3x week total

- 256 planes in BA fleet - 30 Airbus 319 with 144 seats, 67 Airbus 320 - 180 seats, 17 Airbus 320 neo with 180 seats

- Easyjet - 310 planes - 87 A319 or 320 with 156 seats, 167 A320 with 186 seats, 41 A320 neo wiith 186 sets 

- British Airways load factor - November 2018 - 80.6%, 2019 - 83.6%, December 2018 - 80.4%, 2019 -  83.7%

- easyJet load factor - November 2018 - 89.2%, 2019 - 90.8%, December 2018 - 89.2%, 2019 - 91.3% 

- 6-weekly flights - 3x each airline - 30 flights a month - 8,800 passengers each way - 10% locals (-800) - 2-3 overnights - 17-18k guest overnights total - growth of 12/13% in Greater Split area

- Private sector to promote and create offers, public to give support

- Promotion directed to the British market

- BA used to fly to Split in the winter of 2006-2007

- Find out why BA does poorly in Dubrovnik in winter

- London is only one example of a destination (i.e., we could do the same for Amsterdam or Paris)

County Tourist Board proposal

- Push shoulder season like the last 10 years

- Flights started in May-late September

- Shoulder season really broadened since 2019 

- Tourist boards propose to give 136k euros to airlines - HTZ must accept it

- The tourist board will get info on airlines with the most passengers during the year, out of these, which fly the most in April in October

- Let's meet with easyJet, Eurowings, and Ryanair and see if they'll fly 2 weeks before the summer flight schedule/2 weeks after (4 weeks total - March & November)

Hotel perspective

- Anyone can do business in the summer

- The difference for Le Meridien / Radisson, etc. is group business - their year is made if they have a good April / May / June - October / November

- Split is an excellent congress destination

- We rely too much on private accommodation, County approach continues this trend

- Initiative approach covers and gives more to everyone

- We need stability with flights for MICE markets

What is realistic?

Split Airport perspective 

- Airbus 320 is costly for return flights

- London is the biggest hub in the world but Britain is now a 3rd country, and Croatia is joining Schengen

- When Croatia joined the EU in 2013, traffic doubled - 1.5 million to 3 million passengers

- This will be a huge change when we join Schengen - it’ll be one big domestic flight

- Not sure what the best way is - to focus on one airline or several

- Croatia Airlines announced their summer flight schedule with 21 international destinations in total - 18 from Split Airport - 15 from Zagreb - 7 or so from Dubrovnik

- Croatia Airlines has been hugely impacted by Ryanair - but maybe this was a good thing

- Croatia Airlines did a study that revealed they shouldn’t stay in Zagreb but move to the coast

- Croatia Airlines will likely speak to Split Airport

- Potential Zurich flights planned 2-3 times a week

- Croatia Airlines is Split’s second-biggest airline - 17% of all traffic when looking at a total of 50 airlines

- Croatia Airlines is 80% of all traffic at Split Airport in winter

- Let's work on a Croatia Airlines winter flight and use it as an example for other airlines

Key takeaways

- Common goal of the private sector is to extend the season in November and December 

- Understanding and willingness to help expressed by Split Airport

- Assumed strategic shift of interests by Croatia Airlines from Zagreb towards Split

- Possibility to negotiate with Croatia Airlines to extend the season by introducing direct winter flights to Zurich as well as winter flights to other destinations

- County to meet with Croatia Airlines next week, Split hoteliers to get together to work on aligned offseason packages

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Monday, 13 December 2021

Split Winter Tourism Roundtable - Unity, Openness, Progress

December 13, 2021 - Today, at 10:00, the Split Winter Tourism Roundtable was held on the initiative of Total Croatia News and was realized by the Caterers Association in Split and Jasmina Krušić of Chops Grill on the topic of extending the summer season through the month of November.

The roundtable was chaired by Michael Freer, a Brit with a Croatian address and director of the Digital Nomads Association of Croatia. All stakeholders shared their previous experiences and suggestions in which direction to act in order to continuously connect the summer season with Advent during this time.

Despite the complex issues, the roundtable was conducted in a constructive tone and resulted in a consensus on extending the season in Split. Designing a rich and recognizable offer in Dalmatia, with Split as the heart of the region, will be the first concrete task of the roundtable participants and their connected partners at the next meeting in January, to be announced. 

The round table was attended by: Ivica Puljak, Mayor of Split, Tonči Glavina, State Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism, Alijana Vukšić, Director of Split Tourist Board, Joško Stella, Director of Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board, Pero Bilas, Deputy Director of Split Airport, Joze Tomaš, President Split-Dalmatia County Chamber of Economy, Nataša Bušić, Secretary of the County Chamber for Tourism, Paul Bradbury, journalist and CEO of Total Croatia News, representatives of hotels (Nevena Antonini - Radisson Blu Split, Arnoud Zaalberg and Andrijana Mladina (Le Meridien Lav), Zoran Pejović (Paradox Hospitality), Marija Mustapić (Split hostels), Jelena Tabak (Split Association of Caterers), representatives of travel agencies, Ante Lacam (Intours MICE) and Ivana Durdov (Secret Dalmatia), and Jasmina Kruščić, caterer and host.

Total Croatia News will be publishing the in-depth minutes of the meeting soon and will be following the story in the coming weeks and months. 

For more on travel in Split, follow TCN's dedicated page

Wednesday, 3 April 2019

HGK Split and TZ Sinj Organize Conference on Partnering with Travel Agencies

April 3, 2019 - Organized by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce of Split and the Tourist Board of Sinj, on Saturday, April 6, in the Hall of the Hotel Alkar, starting at 10:30, a conference titled 'TRAVEL AGENCY PARTNERS' will be held. 

The conference will have two themes in its first part:

- Agencies of adventure tourism - excursion programs

- Travel agencies partnering with hosts

The first topic is to get acquainted with all the agencies involved in the sale of excursions, hotel staff, hostels, camps and family service providers with an adventure tourism offer in Split-Dalmatia County.

The second theme of the conference is for family service providers who are familiar with the benefits of working with travel agencies in terms of mediating family accommodation bookings.

In the second part of the conference, B2B meetings will be held (individual sessions), so that all participants can learn all the necessary information in direct contact with the agencies - private accommodation renters and adventure enthusiasts.


All homeowners, OPGs, hotels, hostels, camps, and agencies involved in the sale of excursions have been invited.

You can sign up by completing the application form HERE:

  or directly via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., no later than 5th April at noon.

Participation at the conference is free of charge. 

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

HGK ŽK Split: Hotel Accommodation Just One Condition for Extending Tourist Season

The Croatian Chamber of Economy - County Chamber of Split (HGK ŽK Split) held a round table titled “Hotel accommodation - a condition for extending the season”. The roundtable was held on February 13, 2017 with a professional group of hoteliers.