Saturday, 17 April 2021

Croatia Women's Handball Win HEP Croatia Cup in Poreč!

April 17, 2021 - The Croatia women's handball team is the winner of the HEP Croatia Cup in Poreč!

After defeating the current world champions, the Netherlands, the Croatia women's senior national team also defeated the former world champions Brazil and became the winner of the HEP Croatia Cup. In a tough match with a lot of equal play, Croatia did better at the end of the second half and celebrated 24:21.

Croatia only made one change compared to the match against the Netherlands, and instead of Nataša Miočinović, the young Ema Guskić entered the game. Marijeta Vidak remained in the stands as in the first match. On the other hand, Brazil included Gabriela Moreschi in the team instead of their official first goalkeeper Barbara Arenhat. Croatia opened the match with Tea Pijević, Andrea Šimar, Nikolina Zadravec, Ana Debelić, Dora Krsnik, Valentina Blažević, and Ćamila Mičijević.

Croatia took the lead first, then Brazil went to +1. After 10 minutes, it was 3:3, and in the final five minutes, it was 8:10 for Brazil with goals by Anastacio and Amorim.

Milosavljević helped return Croatia's lead from the seven-meter throw. The battle continued in the second half. Brazil was powerful and physical, but Croatia matched them well. The defense worked, Pijević was solid in goal, and in the 49th minute, Mičijević scored for 18:16, Croatia's first +2 lead.

Milosavljević's made it +3. Croatia kept that advantage until a minute and a half before the end when Mičijević was excluded. Brazil scored from the penalty spot. Croatia lost the ball in the attack, but Vieira missed, and Krsnik solved all doubts in the last seconds with a goal for the final 24:21.

The most efficient players for Croatia were Dejana Milosavljević with seven goals and Ćamila Mičijević with six goals. Tea Pijević recorded 10 saves. Bruno de Paula was the best for Brazil with five goals.

Croatia: Bešen (0+1), Pijević (10); Zadravec 1, Plahinek, Krsnik 1, S. Posavec 1, Mičijević 6, Milosavljević 7 (4), D. Kalaus, Ježić 2, Japundža, Franušić, Šimara 2, Debelić 3, Guskić, Blažević 1. TRENERICA: Snježana Petika.

Brazil: Moreschi (5), Arruda (5); De Paula 5, Arujo 1, Amorim 3, Barbosa, Araujo 2, Cardoso 5(3), Vieira 2, Guarieiro, Bitolo, Anastacio 2, Matieli, Da Rocha, Costa 1, Ventura. IZBORNIK: Jorge Duenas.

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Wednesday, 14 April 2021

HEP Croatia Cup: Croatia Women's Handball Tops World Champion Netherlands, Again!

April 15, 2021 - At the opening of the HEP Croatia Cup in Poreč, the Croatia women's handball team defeated the Netherlands 24:23, showing that their magic from the European Championships in Denmark is still there.

They delighted us at the European Championships in Denmark, told the most beautiful story, and won the bronze medal, proving that there is hope in Croatia women's handball as well. The 'Queens of Shock' again surprised the current world champion, the Netherlands, to open the never stronger HEP Croatia Cup in Poreč.

In the first match after the Euros, Croatia again met the Netherlands, a team they beat 27:25 in the preliminary group in Denmark. Both national teams came with different lineups, and the Netherlands were without a couple of players due to COVID-19. Croatia was led for the first time by coach Snježana Petika, the first assistant coach to Nenad Šoštarić, who is in quarantine.

Croatia opened the match with Pijević, Šimar, Zadravec, Debelić, Mićijević, Blažević and Krsnik. 

Croatia took the 5:3 lead, followed by a 5:0 series by the Netherlands. Petika called a time-out at 5:8, and Croatia's turnaround followed. The defense was strengthened, the goals and counters were no longer missed. Wester defended well, but Pijević was even better. Dora Kalaus played an important role, and Croatia was up 13:10.

It was 20:15 for Croatia in the 46th minute, and just when everything seemed to be settled, the world champions did not give up so easily. In a dramatic ending, the Netherlands returned at 24:23 in the last minute, Rompen then defended the 7-meter throw of Blažević, but Croatia managed to defend, and in the end, celebrated the deserved victory.

Camila Mičijević was again Croatia's top scorer with seven goals. In addition to goalkeeper Pijević, Krsnik should also be praised, who scored five goals, while Zadravec, D. Kalaus, Ježić, Šimara, Debelić, and Blažević added two goals each.

Brazil and the Netherlands will play in Poreč from 6 pm on Thursday (Planet Sport), while Croatia and Brazil will close the HEP Croatia cup on Friday (8 pm, RTL2).

Source: Jutarnji, HRS

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Sunday, 6 January 2019

HEP Croatia Cup: Croatia Handball Defeats Italy, Wins Tournament

After defeating Montenegro 34:22 on Friday, Croatia overcame Italy in their second match of the HEP Croatia Cup 28:20.

Friday, 4 January 2019

HEP Croatia Cup: Croatia Handball Crush Montenegro in Poreč

In the HEP Croatia Cup held in Poreč, which is also being played as the final stage of preparations for the World Cup, the Croatia handball team crushed Montenegro in their tournament-opening 34:22, reports on January 4, 2019. 

Though Croatia struggled in the first half, at the beginning of the second, the hosts created a massive advantage and broke Montenegro to the point of no return. Particularly brilliant were the players who came off the bench  - goalkeeper Stevanović and the young wingers Halil Jaganjac and David Mandić, who shined for Croatia. 

Croatia’s better showing in the second half featured a +10 advantage (20:10), though the team secured a +12 point advantage for the final score of 32:22. Croatia coach Lino Červar gave the opportunity to almost all 19 players in the lineup, apart from goalkeeper Filip Ivić. 

Manuel Štrlek was the most efficient for Croatia with six goals, and David Mandić followed with five, while Zlatko Horvat, Halil Jaganjac and Luka Cindrić each added three goals. Ivan Stevanović collected six saves in goal, and Marin Šego achieved five.

Montenegro’s Miloš Vujović gave Croatia the most problems, as he led the visitors with seven goals, while Stefan Čavor and Nemanja Grbović scored four goals each.

“Our legs were a bit heavy. We made some mistakes that we need to correct, especially in the first half. For the rest of the game, we played more solid in the defense and were far more mobile. Against Iceland we have to play much better,” said Červar after the game. 

In the first match of this tournament, Montenegro played Italy on Thursday and won 32:24. The last duel of the Cup is scheduled for Saturday when Croatia and Italy will meet in Žatika hall. 

Croatia's first game at the World Cup is scheduled for Friday, January 11 in Munich against Iceland. The following day the team will rest, and then face Japan (January 13), Macedonia (January 14) and Bahrain (January 16). Croatia’s last match in Group B will be against Spain on January 17. 

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Monday, 2 January 2017

Croatian Handball Team in Umag Ahead of World Championships in France

The Croatian handball team is in Umag where, until January 10, they will work off the second phase of preparations for the upcoming World Cup in France which begins on January 11, 2017.