Friday, 17 April 2020

Breathe as One: Hajduk Campaign Collects 870,000 Kuna for KBC Split

April 17, 2020 - A new victory has been achieved thanks to the unity and giving hearts of Hajduk fans around the world. 

A humanitarian action to help KBC in Split combat the coronavirus pandemic called "Breathe as One", organized by HNK Hajduk and HKNH "Bilo srce", raised HRK 870,003.59, with a total of 487 individuals, associations and companies participating.

"Aid, solidarity, love and unity are the only ways to fight in these challenging times that have down to us to fight the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic. And we are proud to succeed," said Hajduk on its official website.

The action began with donations from Hajduk players and employees and was joined by numerous members of the Hajduk family - members of the Supervisory Board, former players and employees of the Club, supporters, sponsors, public figures and media professionals. Everyone paid as they could, so donations ranged from 10 kuna to 200,000 kuna, and Hajduk equally thanked everyone for their solidarity and great Hajduk heart.

A number of former club players of all generations responded to Hajduk's call: Danijel Subasic, Mario Pasalic, Nikola Vlasic, Andrija Balic, Ante Palaversa, Anton Maglica, Domagoj Bradaric, Darijo Srna, Slaven Bilic, Ivica Surjak, Karlo Letica, Goran Milovic, Goran Vucevic, Mario Maloča, Nikola Jerkan, Zlatko Vujovic, Luksa Poklepovic and many others.

Numerous Hajduk supporters aided in the success of the action, and donations came from all over the world, from South America to Portugal and Germany, from individuals to the Friends of Hajduk and Torcida affiliates.

Former leaders of Hajduk also responded to the action - President Jasmin Huljaj, Vice President Luksa Jakobusic, Coach Damir Buric, Sports Director Sasa Bjelanovic, numerous public figures such as Mladen Grdovic, Gibonni, Jole, Tonci Huljic, Alen Nizetic and sponsors of the Spectrum travel and Apfar.

The total donation will be used to purchase medical devices and equipment that will be assembled by KBC Split according to their needs in the Intensive Care Unit of the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology of the Split hospital, which serves the most severe coronavirus infected patients.

HNK Hajduk Split once again gives thanks to all the donors who have contributed to the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

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Tuesday, 14 April 2020

VIDEO: Hajduk Begins Training at Poljud Under Specific Conditions

April 14, 2020 - Football is back! Well, almost. Hajduk Split returns to a much quieter Poljud to train under strict conditions.

Namely, Hajduk began training on Monday on the main and auxiliary grounds of Poljud. Training sessions are organized throughout the day.

Hajduk footballers have been given permission to train individually, i.e., without physical contact with other players and other people in general, as recommended by the Headquarters. The training is done by appointment, with two players training at the same time, one on the main pitch and one on Poljud's auxiliary grounds. Afterward, the players must go home because they are not allowed to shower at the stadium after training.

"The players will come to Poljud at different times and each player is alone on the field during training, which is in accordance with the instructions of the Civil Protection Headquarters," the club revealed.

The training is mainly about developing endurance and strength.

"This is how the Hajduk will train all week, and further activities will be organized in accordance with the latest instructions of the Civil Protection Headquarters," added Hajduk.

Recall, the Executive Board of the Croatian Football Federation has adopted changes to the competition calendar in the 1st and 2nd Croatian League and Croatian Cup, taking into account the current COVID-19 pandemic. 

According to the recommendation of UEFA, the Croatian Football Federation (HNS) management has considered all the options in the calendar to allow a successful end to the competition year. Considering that the further course of the coronavirus pandemic is unpredictable, the HNS Executive Board has adopted three calendar options for the Croatian First League, Second League, and Croatian Cup competitions.

HNS has been in communication with the Central State Office for Sport on this subject, which is aware of and agrees with the decisions cited here.

Depending on the epidemiological situation in Croatia and the decisions of the competent authorities, the Executive Board will, by a specific decision, determine which version of the competition calendar change will apply.

In addition, the Olympic Committee has set deadlines by which it will announce a possibly selected version of the decision:

Option 1
1st HNL Competition Starts: May 16, 2020
2nd HNL Competition Starts: May 23, 2020
Completion of the 1st HNL and 2nd HNL Competition: July 18, 2020
Deadline: April 20, 2020

Option 2
1st HNL and 2nd HNL Competition Starts: May 30, 2020
Completion of the 1st HNL and 2nd HNL Competition: July 25, 2020
Deadline: May 4, 2020

Option 3
1st HNL and 2nd HNL Competition Starts: June 13, 2020
Completion of the 1st HNL Competition: August 2, 2020
Completion of 2nd HNL Competition: 1st August 2020
Deadline: May 18, 2020

Before the Croatian First League was interrupted because of the coronavirus pandemic, Hajduk was in fourth place with 45 points, behind Lokomotiva (46), Rijeka (47) and Dinamo (65).

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Sunday, 29 March 2020

Hajduk and Fan Charity 'Bilo Srce' Launch 'Breathe as One' Campaign for KBC Split

March 29, 2020 - HNK Hajduk Split and fan charity ‘Bilo Srce’ have joined forces to launch the ‘Breathe as One’ campaign for KBC Split. 

HNK Hajduk’s statement in full:

“Aware of the moment we are all experiencing, the importance of combating the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic and ultimately the impact of the pandemic on the Club's functioning, HNK Hajduk and the Hajduk Fan Charity “Bilo Srce“ are launching the "Breathe as One" campaign to equip the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology at KBC Split, which serves the care of the most severe coronavirus infected patients.

HNK Hajduk, its first team and club employees have already raised the funds needed to buy two sterilizers, which are currently most necessary to the employees of the Split hospital. The original intention was to raise funds to purchases ventilators, but due to the length of the delivery time, in agreement with the KBC Board, the idea was dropped.

Excess funds from buying the sterilization devices will be donated for the second part of the action, in which we invite all our fans, veterans, sponsors and all the big-hearted people who are able to participate in the fundraising campaign to equip intensive care (beds, monitors, pumps, suctions and all the other equipment necessary to function in these most difficult moments).

We want to help KBC Split and our entire community to ensure that all those who need it receive the highest quality healthcare in the fight against coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

According to his or her ability, anyone can make personal payments to the account listed below, especially for humanitarian purposes:


IBAN: HR9124070001500328067


Model: 00

Call number: 00

Description: Humanitarian action

In advance, we thank everyone for their contribution, solidarity and demonstration of social responsibility, and in the interest of all of us and our loved ones, our fellow citizens and all those who unfortunately will not be able to avoid hospitalization.

Let's breathe as one: Hajduk and Bilo Srce for KBC Split! #ostanidoma”

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Sunday, 22 March 2020

PHOTO: Hajduk Split Stands with Zagreb in Wake of Earthquakes

March 22, 2020 - A 5.3 magnitude earthquake rattled Zagreb this morning, which was followed by a second just 30 minutes later. 

Not even 24 hours after the Croatian capital was shut down and residents asked to stay indoors due to the developing coronavirus crisis in the country, the Croatian capital awoke to yet another scare - a 5.3 magnitude earthquake. 

The first earthquake hit at 6:24 am, which was followed by another of 5.0 magnitude 9 kilometers north of the capital. 

The photos that emerged were catastrophic. Rubble spilled onto the streets, blocks of cement crashed into cars, bedroom walls cracked, roofs destroyed, and perhaps one of the most shocking scenes came from the University Hospital Centre, where nurses evacuated with newborn babies in hand. 

Damage to property in the city center is inconceivable, and many parts of the city are without electricity or water. 

A challenging 24 hours in Zagreb, indeed, though it has once again proved that Croatian solidarity prevails. 

Hajduk Split, the eternal rival of Dinamo Zagreb, sent a message to the capital this morning in the wake of the earthquake news. 

“Hang in there, Zagreb” reads the caption, posted with a photo showing one of the damaged spires on top of the Zagreb Cathedral.

A 15-year-old boy is in critical condition following the collapse of the building at Djordjiceva 13 due too the earthquakes.

TCN reported three initial earthquakes, all a few kilometers north of Zagreb. The first had a magnitude of 5.3 at 06:24, the second 5.0 at 07:01, and a third at 07:41, measuring 3.7. We are also hearing of another small earthquake at 09:07, although this has to be confirmed. Follow this official global earthquake monitoring website for the latest.

Friday, 14 February 2020

Poljud Museum and Hajduk Interpretation Center Presented in Split

February 14, 2020 - The Poljud Museum and Hajduk Interpretation Center projects were presented in Split on Hajduk's 109th birthday. reports that the Poljud Museum and the Hajduk Interpretation Center will be housed on approximately 2,500 square meters, located below the eastern stand of Poljud Stadium. Through a series of interactive interpretive elements, visitors will be told through three floors (basement, ground floor and first floor) the centuries-old story of Split sport and Hajduk and the unique architectural narrative of the stadium.

The biggest challenge for the project team was certainly to interpret and present the unique relationship between the Split club and Split and Hajduk fans in general, that specific, almost phenomenological connection that is created by birth and never breaks.

It is these topics that open Hajduk’s story. Through the first topics - 'Idea and Genesis' and 'A Brief Overview of the History of Split Sports', visitors will be introduced to Split's sporting beginnings, the development of the most important sports and sports clubs, trophies and historical moments and the most influential athletes throughout history. Fabjan Kaliterna, the initiator of the development of a series of sports in Split, is also represented within the whole. 


After exploring the rich sports history, visitors are presented with a series of the interactive content as a key theme of the setup - the relationship between the fans and the club through the ‘Outside View' theme. First, through the testimonies of numerous famous and celebrated Split athletes who talk first-hand about what it was like to take their first sports steps in Split and how the city rewarded and celebrated their greatest sports achievements. It will also tell the story of the city's specific attitude to sports in general. 

In addition to showing Split as a sports city through these stories, it will also give the visitor an insight into the special sports heart of Split, the habit of citizens to celebrate the greatest athlete achievements and organize grand receptions for their winning athletes. This element of interpretation is crucial to understanding the relationship between Split and Hajduk, which rests on the aforementioned mutual appreciation, but is far deeper and more specific. Visitors see this relationship and its features in the 'Inside View' theme, which will offer a series of testimonials from fans who will talk about why they love Hajduk and what role that club plays in their lives. It will be intimate confessions, personal perspectives, and emotions conveyed to a specific multimedia platform. The original stories conclude the first stage of the setup, which continues on the first floor.

The first floor is reserved entirely for Hajduk’s history. Through introductory stories in the theme 'Development of the club's coat of arms and kit over time', through presenting the most important facts from the club's past and interactive multimedia systems, visitors will uncover the club's centuries-old history, and the most valuable sports figures - from the founders to the players and coaches through 'Hajduk 1911 to today'. 

The emergence of the Torcida fan group, an integral part of Hajduk, is also interpreted in this topic. The interpretation will be placed on specific visual platforms that accompany the decades. Visual platforms are a kind of homage to the unique construction of the Poljud roof, built by the MERO technique. The same technique is applied in the implementation of the aforementioned visual platforms, which are also unique in the world (surface banners in combination with graphic maps from the rear and interpretation texts from the front, with integrated multimedia and product design solutions, all in harmony with the dominant glass floors of the floor first floor).

After learning about the club's history, visitors descend into the basement, which is a kind of showroom setup. In this section, the topic "The Museum of Poljud" presents the origin of the idea and the construction of the Poljud Stadium into its basic features. The entirety of 'Historic Retrospective', 'Hajduk and Torcida', 'Torcida First Hand' is replaced, and the latter offers a personal experience by showing the fans in the north stands and the most beautiful choreographies of Torcida. The space is equipped as a 9D cinema.

The basement also contains a corridor through which visitors can enter the eastern stand or take a tour of the stadium and club rooms with prior notice. It is important to note that visitors are allowed to continually update their lineups through booths where they will be able to record their testimony of the Hajduk and Split experience, or comment on a Hajduk match, and the content will then be played on one of the screens in the facility.

With accompanying facilities - a souvenir shop/fan shop, multifunctional halls for various exhibitions, lectures and games, a tasting room designed after the Prague beer pub 'U Flek' where the Hajduk story began - the Poljud Museum and the Hajduk Interpretation Center will be a place that is attractive and educational, and where interactive content presents the unique story of this Split club.

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Monday, 16 December 2019

Hajduk Presents New Advisor to President Mario Stanic, Sports Director Ivan Kepcija

December 16, 2019 - Hajduk officially presented Mario Stanic and Ivan Kepcija as new members of the club at a press conference at Poljud on Monday. 

The club sent out a call to the media Monday morning that a press conference would begin at noon, without specifying the subject matter. In the meantime, we’ve learned that the Split club presented President Marin Brbic's new closest associates - namely, Mario Stanic and Ivan Kepcija. Stanic has been named President Brbic's new advisor on sports policy, and Kepcija the new sports director.

"With us is Mario Stanic, a celebrated international footballer, and Ivan Kepcija, a respected junior specialist. I see this combination as a long-term solution to our sports policy," said President Brbic.

"First of all, hello to everyone. I am happy to see you. I would also like to thank President Brbic and Hajduk for their confidence. This is a great honor; we come as professionals with a vision. Personally, I think Hajduk is at some kind of a turning point, which means that they will continue to monitor the football market or turn to themselves. I would rather not be a part of a Hajduk that follows fashion but creates it,” Stanic said.

"Hello everyone, it is a great privilege to be a part of a club like this. I hope that together with Mario, I will contribute to raising the quality in all segments of the club. As Mario said, I also do not like to talk much but to work and that the work of all of us will be judged,” said Kepcija.

Mario Stanic was born in Sarajevo on April 10, 1972, and is a celebrated Croatia national team member and bronze medalist at the 1998 World Cup in France.

Stanic started his football career at FC Zeljeznicar, and also played for Croatia Zagreb, Sporting Gijon, SL Benfica, Club Brugge, AC Parma and Chelsea.

He made 49 appearances for the Croatia national team, scoring seven goals, which includes Croatia's historic first goal at the World Cup.

Ivan Kepcija was born on May 9, 1982, in Pula and graduated with a BA in Economics from the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb and Kinesiology at Saint Mary's College of California.

In the US, he worked as a football coach and technical director of the San Ramon Soccer Club. He started his coaching career in 2004 as a coach at the Jadran Youth School in Poreč. A year later, he went to the United States to study, where he stayed until 2014.

For three years, he was the Deputy Leader of the GNK Dinamo Academy, which he joined in 2014, and at the same time, he served as assistant coach to then-coach Ferdi Milin for the U-19 Croatia national team, which lasted two years.

From 2017 to 2018, Ivan Kepcija was the sports director of the Warsaw Legia. 

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Friday, 19 July 2019

Siniša Oreščanin No Longer Coach of Hajduk Split

July 19, 2019 - Not even 24 hours after Hajduk lost to Gzira United and dropped out of the Europa League in the first round, the club announced that its cooperation with coach Siniša Oreščanin has been terminated.

Oreščanin took over Hajduk at the end of November 2018 and led them to fourth place at the end of the season. His final game leading Hajduk was on Thursday at Poljud against the Maltese club Gzira United (1:3). Before taking over the Hajduk A team, he worked at Hajduk’s “Luka Kaliterna" Academy.

Hajduk thanks Oreščanin for everything he has done for the club and wishes him a lot of luck in his career.

The president of the club Marin Brbić, Vice President Luka Jakobušić, Benjamin Perasovic, President of the Supervisory Board, and Sports Director Saša Bjelanovic led the press conference on Friday afternoon, where they announced that a new coach would be named on Saturday at the team training. The media has speculated that it would be former Hajduk coach Damir Burić.

Hajduk president Marin Brbić and sports director Saša Bjelanović offered their resignation, though they were rejected.

"I have to apologize to all the Hajduk fans for this blow. I fully understand the anger of the fans. I am the most responsible person. I made a compromise and I'm aware that I made a mistake. Last night we did not want to make decisions. I made this mandate available to the Supervisory Board this morning. I wanted to say that. what I did with the coach I did not do well. NO has confidence in me again and because of these people, I have decided to continue the job, because I think we have moved in the right direction. We have started the process, we have a clear goal, which is entering the qualification for the Champions League. If we see that we cannot do this, we will leave the club. Everyone who does not want to go with us must go,” President Brbić said.

"I think the coach underestimated the opponent. We had a few starters on the bench. If we played with the first team, we’d win ten out of ten games. But we lost the most important one. Oreščanin was given a contract termination because of bad results. This is an opponent who was not equal. We had to win against them. We all think this is the toughest defeat in the history of the club. That defeat will mark us permanently. Both us and the trainers," he added.

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Thursday, 18 July 2019

Chaos after Hajduk Split Drops Out of Europa League, What's Next?

July 18, 2019 - It was the biggest embarrassment for Hajduk Split in their long history of the Europa League. After a 0:2 victory against Gzira United in Malta, Hajduk managed to lose 1:3 in the return match of the first round of the Europa League qualifiers, in front of over 18,000 of their fans at Poljud stadium in Split. 

Hajduk’s Europa League campaign this season is now over. An outcome not even the most pessimistic Hajduk fan could have anticipated. 

Hajduk fan group Torcida charged the pitch after the game and chased after Hajduk players before the police intervened. An incident in the West Stands also broke out, and dozens of seats were pulled from the North Stands and thrown onto the pitch. It was bound to be an ugly night in Split. 

Hajduk coach Siniša Oreščanin made questionable decisions with the lineup on Thursday, as if the victory in Malta was enough to carry the team through so they could prepare for their first Croatian League match against Istria. What a mistake that was in the end. 

At the Hajduk press conference after the game, which didn’t begin for nearly an hour after the final whistle blew, the Gzira coach - as well as 99% of journalists in the room - was in shock. 

“I can’t believe we did this against a big club like Hajduk,” the Gzira coach expressed. 

While his reaction was expected, we couldn’t imagine how Oreščanin would explain this defeat. 

"We went into the first half well, but our mindset fell in the second half, and we conceded two goals after interruptions. No one expected this," said Oreščanin. "That's sport; it will go on." 

Answering a German journalist's question of what he has to say about the fan reaction after the game, Oreščanin responded briefly: "That's Hajduk." 

Whether Oreščanin will resign is still unknown, as he revealed he would need to speak to the club first and take the next steps accordingly. 

Hajduk will open the Croatian First League against Istria on Sunday, though the atmosphere around the club is looking anything but bright. 

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Thursday, 18 July 2019

Europa League Qualifiers: Hajduk Split Out After Losing to Gzira United at Poljud

July 18, 2019 - Hajduk Split and Gzira United met in the second leg of the Europa League qualifiers on Thursday night at Poljud Stadium in Split. 

After Hajduk won 0:2 against Gzira United in Ta’Qali, Malta for the first leg of their Europa League qualifications, the two teams met again one week later in the sunny city of Split.

Hajduk featured a different lineup than the game in Malta, and instead came out with Duka, Lopez, Barry, Svatok, Beširović, Delić, Jairo, Bašić, Dolček, Tahiraj, and Jradi for the starting 11. 

While Hajduk fans don't need much reason to make the trip to Poljud, because it was their first home game of the new season, almost 20,000 spectators were expected to fill the stadium - and over 14,000 tickets were sold by 2 pm on game day! The final attendance was 18,326.

The game began at 8 pm and Hajduk came out with momentum. It didn't take long for the Split club to thank their fans for the support after Jradi scored for 1:0 in the 7th minute! 

Gzira was not able to do much against Hajduk in the first 20 minutes and had their first shot on goal only then. Hajduk, however, found ways into the box and had a few chances which hit just wide of the goal. 

In the 29th minute, Hajduk had another golden opportunity from a free-kick outside the penalty area, which Lopez made difficult for the Gzira goalkeeper. Delić hit just over the crossbar moments later. The first half ended 1:0 for Hajduk. 

Gzira seemed to pick up the pace at the start of the second half, though they were unable to capitalize on their few chances. Hajduk's first real chance of the second half was from Tahiraj, though he shanked his shot far from the goal. 

But Gzira's momentum carried them past the Hajduk defense to equalize in the 57th minute. Jefferson scored for 1:1. 

Hajduk had a chance to retake the lead in the 59th minute, but a deflection resulted in a corner instead. Delić had a chance minutes later, but hit wide again - and just minutes after that, Juranović hit the post! 

In the 67th minute, the Gzira goalkeeper denied Hajduk another opportunity in front of the goal, and it was Gzira to capitalize just two minutes later when Kone scored for 1:2. 

Delić once again had the chance to save the day after a brilliant Jurić attack but took one touch too many. Hajduk was pressing but failing to make any gains. 

Six minutes of extra time were added and the game took a nasty turn. Gzira scored in the final 30 seconds for 1:3. With this loss, Hajduk is out of Europa League. 

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Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Europa League Qualifiers: Hajduk Tops Gzira United in Malta (0:2)

Football club Hajduk Split played their first Europa League qualifier against Malta club Gzira United after 29 days of preparations. The first qualifying round was played on artificial turf in Ta' Qali.

Hajduk opened the start of a new European season with a 0:2 win against Gzira United in the first qualifying round at the Centenary stadium in Ta 'Qali, Malta, reports on July 9, 2019.

Siniša Oreščanin’s team managed to secure the victory with goals by Adam Gyurcso in the 44th minute and Ivan Dolček in the fifth minute of injury time. 

Hajduk dominated the first minute but was unable to break through Gzira’s defense in the first half, which ended without goals.

Hajduk’s first real chance was in the 37th minute when Jradi passed two players to find Gyurcso, who missed the goal by 10 meters. Three minutes later, Jurić cut the ball from the right and shot from 20 meters but was also unlucky. 

Hajduk finally had their chance in the 44th minute thanks to a penalty which Gyurcso scored after his shot bounced back off the side post. 

Hajduk could have increased their lead in the 69th minute, though Hamza and Dolček were unable to realize their chances. However, seconds before the final whistle and five minutes into injury time, substitute Ivan Dolček increased Hajduk’s lead to 0:2, which was the final score of the game.

Hajduk arrived in Malta on Sunday and held one official training on Monday evening, and was welcomed by hot and muggy weather, with a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. The club also arrived in Malta without a few sound names. Namely, Oreščanin could not count on captain Josip Juranović, Mijo Caktaš and Josip Posavec who received an extended rest after the U21 European Championship. 

The second leg is scheduled for July 18th at Poljud. If Hajduk moves forward,  they will play in the second qualifying round against the winner of Latvian club Ventspils and Albanian club Teuta.

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