Sunday, 19 June 2022

Ana Đerek Wins Two More Medals at Gymnastics World Cup

June 19, 2022 - Croatian gymnast Ana Đerek won two new medals at the World Cup tournament. After Varna (gold on the beam and bronze on the ground) and Osijek (silver on the beam and ground), she climbed the podium in Koper twice on Sunday.

She gilded the ground floor and won silver on the beam, continuing an incredible series, the third SK in a row this season to win two medals each, reports 24sata. Or even better, she is thrilled for the fourth weekend in a row, since she had the Croatian Championship between Varna and Osijek, where she won gold twice.

The Olympian of the GK Marjan from Split opened the "vintage" in Slovenia with 2nd place on the beam with a score of 13,250. Only Hungarian Zsofia Kovacz (13,650) was better, while her compatriot Greta Mayer (12,450) was bronze. The second Croatian finalist on the beam today, Tina Zelčić (ZTD Hrvatski sokol) remained one step closer to the podium, she is fourth with 11,700 points in her third SK final in her career.

Ana Đerek's silver on the beam was the 18th medal in the World Cup tournaments, but only a few moments later she reached the 19th in her 33rd final thanks to gold on the ground floor.

She won it with a score of 12,900, and stood on the podium with silver medalist Poppy-Grace Stickler (12,750) and bronze medalist Greta Mayer (12,650). This is Ani's second gold this season after the one on the beam in Varna, but also the fifth in her career at SK.

''Three World Cups in a row, six medals, today gold and silver, I really couldn't be happier'', said Ana.

''Things happened this time on my own, considering that I made a small mistake at the beginning of the exercise on the ground floor where I think I thought that I had dropped out of the fight for gold, but in the end, things turned out so well that even with that one mistake I won gold'', she added.

The Croatian national team is now turning to the Mediterranean Games, and Tin Srbić, Jakov Vlahek, Mateo Žugec, Ana Đerek, and Tijana Korent, their coaches Lucijan Krce and Miroslav Končarević, and judges Dunja Lederer and Ratko Vuković will travel to Algeria on Wednesday.

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Sunday, 29 May 2022

Gymnastics Gold and Bronze Medal for Ana Đerek in Varna!

May 29, 2022 - Ana Đerek won two medals at the World Cup in Varna on Sunday!

First, she won gold on the beam, and soon after she won the bronze on the floor! After Mate Žugec's silver medal yesterday on the pommel horse, Croatia returns from Bulgaria with a set of medals, which is a great announcement for the World Cup in Osijek, which awaits us from June 9 to 12.

The Split double Olympian and member of GK Marjan already in the qualifications on Friday showed that she is more than ready for the international season. In her first competition this year with both new exercises both on the beam and on the floor, she reached the finals with the third-best scores. And then today in the finals she shone even more.


Slobodan Kadic

Ana Đerek won gold on the beam quite convincingly, with a score of 13,300 ahead of silver medalist Maise Kuusikko (13,000) and bronze medalist France's Aline Friess (12,450).


Slobodan Kadic

"I am very pleased, overjoyed, and proud to have shown what I did today. This is my first gold at the World Cup on the beam and while the anthem was playing there were tears of joy. This gold on the beam came after a hard period of training. Since the beginning of the year, on the one hand, I have been training on the beam so much, and on the other hand, I hate her so much that this came to me like a fool's dance. The reward for all these months of fighting with ‘do I need this device, why am I doing it so much, why is this not going to get better’… I am so proud because I have a new jump. If someone had told me at the beginning of the year ‘you’re going to do a D jump on the beam’, I would have said ‘well you’re crazy, I don’t have that in me’. In the end, I have the only jump in this competition. I am most proud of that," said the double medalist from Bulgaria.

Soon after one podium, another came. Bronze on the floor with a score of 12,900. France's Aline Friess (13,000) celebrated, while the silver medalist was Greta Mayer (12,950).


"I could have been better, I have better exercises, but to say I'm dissatisfied would be crazy. I did the exercise again, with minor mistakes, but since I had the beam before which tested me both mentally and physically, I pulled out the floor again. As tired as I was, 12,900 is a good grade, bronze is too good a medal. I'm satisfied."


In her career, including Varna, Ana has competed in 29 World Cup finals and has won 15 medals. Croatian gymnastics, on the other hand, has improved its overall numbers and our women's gymnastics currently has 123 finals at World Cups - 7 gold, 16 silver, and 15 bronze medals.

“I hope that this start of the season will not be all I will do in 2022. I am aware that I still have a lot of competition, a lot of opportunities, and that a lot of work still needs to be done so I can end the season and say I am satisfied. But this start is great, great, great!"

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Sunday, 4 October 2020

Croatian Gymnast Robert Seligman Wins Silver at World Cup in Szombathely

October 4, 2020 - Croatian gymnast Robert Seligman wins the silver on the first final day of the World Cup in Szombathely, Hungary.

HRT reports that in the pommel horse final, Seligman received 14,350 points, and only the Kazakh gymnast Nariman Kurbanov (14,600) was better than him to win the gold. Croatia's second finalist on the pommel horse, Filip Ude, finished 4th with 14,000 points just 0.050 points away from bronze.

For Seligman, this was the 62nd World Cup final in his career and the 27th medal he won, and for Croatian gymnastics, the 135th medal from a World Cup tournament.

"After a seven-month break, I won the silver at the first World Cup! This means a lot because seven months ago, I was injured in the SK final in Melbourne, so I am extremely happy and satisfied today. I deservedly won silver. I did my best both days, and it paid off. The exercise was really great, and I am proud of this silver," Robert Seligman said after the final.

In the second Croatian final of the day, Tijana Korent took seventh place in the high jump (13,125).

"Unfortunately, not everything went according to plan today, but it is important that everything went without injuries. I did the jumps, but not the best I could. Still, it’s all part of the sport. Now we are preparing for the European Championship. I am hoping that it will really take place," said Korent.

On the second final day, which will take place on Sunday in Hungary at 3 pm, Christina Zwicker will fight for a medal on the beams and floor routine, Tina Zelcic will also perform on the beams, and the current vice-champion of the world and Europe Tin Srbic will try to add a medal to his celebrated collection on the bars. 

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