Saturday, 14 January 2023

Free Guided Tours in Over 40 Croatian Cities - Get to Know Your Country

January 14, 2023 - "Get to know your country" is a project of the Croatian Tourist Board of free guided tours organised in more than 40 Croatian cities on Sunday, January 15, for the Day of International Recognition of the Republic of Croatia, the Association of Croatian Tour Guides announced on Wednesday.

As Gloria writes, the tours will be provided all over Croatia, and in almost all cities, they will start at noon. There are a couple of exceptions where the programme will be coordinated with other celebration protocols, such as Vukovar marking peaceful reintegration, or Cres, where the tour will happen a day early due to the start of the carnival.

The association of guides implemented the project in cooperation with the Croatian Tourist Board (HTZ), several partners, and with the support of many museums, historical units, and cultural institutions.

The campaign has been carried out since 2018; the president of the Association of Croatian Tourist Guides, Kristina Nuić Prka, reminds Hina and points out that it has received a great response from the local citizens, which she expects this year as well.

Hidden stories

There was a break in 2021 due to the pandemic; in 2022 it continued, and this year a large number of citizens are expected to join.

"In the first year, we included 60 cities, there were more than five thousand participants, and though it is difficult to say how many will participate this year, the interest is great. It is important that people know about their cultural and historical heritage because in the age of globalisation when national identities are lost, this is our wealth in difference", said Nuić Prka.

In addition to national identity and cultural heritage, this, as she emphasizes, once again points to the importance of tourist workers and guides for Croatia's international reputation.

"We invite all citizens to learn about cities across Croatia and discover the hidden stories with their tourist guides. Every citizen of Croatia can be a promoter and ambassador of their homeland, and it is good to know its history, culture, and other details", believes Prka Nuić, who thanked fellow guides and volunteers, thanks to whom the project costs nothing but provides a lot.

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