Friday, 17 June 2022

Dalmatia to Host 1st World Cup of Basketball Veterans Next Year

Jun 17, 2022 - The first World Cup of Basketball Veterans will be held in Split and Omiš next April, with once-famous basketball players from Europe and even the NBA expected to compete. 

"We have been successfully organizing the Masters Handball World Cup for five years, so we decided to organize a competition of the same level in basketball, so from next year in Omiš and Split, in addition to handball veterans, basketball veterans will compete in the first World Cup," said sporting event organizer Mario Čaljkušić, as reported by Dalmacija Danas.

A well-established team started organizing the International Camp of Handball Goalkeepers eleven years ago, and then the Masters Handball World Cup, bringing the biggest names in international handball to Omiš. There is no doubt that they will be equally successful when organizing the basketball tournament.

"The hardest part of the job was getting to know the whole organization and we can freely say that in the last few years it has been going routinely. Not only for us who are involved in the organization, but also for the people who take care of the hall, hotel accommodation, transport, as well as volunteers, sponsors, and city and county structures. It is already a well-established system, and when we decided to do basketball, we joked that we just need to change balls, a handball for a basketball, and replace goals with baskets, as everything else will be the same," laughed Čaljkušić and added:

"Of course, we consulted and involved several basketball experts in the organization, but we will inform the public when the time comes."

The World Cup of Basketball Veterans is scheduled for April 13-16 next year, and registrations have already been launched on the official website. Moreover, a dozen teams have already applied for competitions to be organized in three groups, "5 v 5", "3 v 3" and "wheelchair basketball", in three women's (+35, +40, and +45) and four men's (+35, +40, +45 and +50) categories.

Given that the organizers brought many big names from the world of handball, it would not be surprising that once-famous basketball players from Europe and even the NBA League come to the World Cup of basketball veterans. So far, the project has been supported by many famous names such as Nikola Vujčić, Aramis Naglić, Aleksandar Petrović, Krešimir Lončar, Mario Kasun, Bruno Šundov, and Teo Čizmić, and a roundtable on current basketball events was announced. Representatives of the Croatian Basketball Federation also announced their arrival.

"I support the initiative and look forward to participating in the roundtable if my commitments allow. Basketball has a lot of problems that need to be openly discussed and pointed out what we as professional people think is not good. Of course, I am looking forward to meeting again many famous people from the world of basketball that I have not seen for a long time," said Aleksandar Petrović.

"Veteran sport is very popular all over the world, even among basketball players who may not be ready for professional sacrifices as they used to be, but still enjoy playing and socializing, which is why we all started training together a long time ago, as children. I am glad that this project has come to life in our country and I have no doubt that it will be successful," said Nikola Vujčić.

The final of the World Cup is planned to take place at the basketball temple at Gripe, where the story of the great and powerful Jugoplastika, unofficially the best basketball club in Europe in the 20th century, won three consecutive European titles.

"Our club supports all basketball projects, so we will actively support the World Cup of basketball veterans. We are looking forward to opening the doors of our home to all who actively live basketball, regardless of the fact that they have long since retired, and we are considering putting together a team of our veterans to compete in the official competition," said director of Split Basketball Club Edo Blažević.

The fifth edition of the Masters Handball World Cup, despite the problems created by the coronavirus and the war in Ukraine, gathered over 1,000 competitors and guests, so there is no doubt that the Veterans Basketball World Cup will yield similar, if not better results.

"I have to admit that I was a bit envious of handball players when I saw how many of them gather at veteran competitions and that I wondered why something similar is not organized for us, former basketball players. And here, it was as if I had summoned the organizers. I am glad that they started this project, and I am especially glad that my club will be actively involved in it," said the sports director of Split and one of the players of the famous golden generation of Jugoplastika, Teo Čizmić.

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Friday, 20 May 2022

KK Split Starts Semifinals against Zadar with a Convincing Victory

May 20, 2022 - Shorter and Perkovic lead KK Split to a 74:64 (39:33) win in front of 1500 fans.

The KK Split basketball team has started well into this year's semi-final play-offs of the Croatian Championships against Dalmatian rival KK Zadar.  Both teams only needed 2 games to pass through the quarter-finals where Zadar eliminated Zabok and Split went through Škrljevo. 


With well-rested and complete squads, the debut game was played in front of a very supportive atmosphere. Additionally to the regular supporters, 50 kids of K.K. Solin’s youth teams were invited as special guests and became witnesses to a high-level display from both sides. While all players started the game a little nervously and with a focus not to make mistakes, the defensive effort and intensity were at 100% right from the start. 


The Yellows were able to rely on Shannon Shorter again as so often this season to give them confidence. The American guard scored the first five points for the home team and was always there with important points and eight rebounds when the game was close. The team from Zadar on the other side needed Justin Carter to contribute 16 points in order to stop the game from being decided early. 


The guests made every effort to keep the game close and even had a few leads during the game and tied the game in the final quarter at 62:62 with five minutes left to play. However, Shannon Shorter was not the only sharpshooter in a yellow uniform tonight. Toni Perković’s 22 points coming off the bench and hitting 6 of 10 tries from three-point land were just too much for guest coach Vladimir Anzulović’s team to digest. 


“We made an important step and finally played the home game against Zadar at the right level. After six or seven minutes of nervousness, we stabilized. I think that was the decisive factor that we kept the game under control," said the coach of Split, Srdjan Subotic to sum up the evening.


The first game of the best of 3 series bears great importance as from now on reigning champion Zadar is already with their backs to the wall. Split could finish the series with an away win in Zadar on Monday but even if they should lose in Zadar, they would have another shot at home.


Result by quarters: 74:64 (18:22, 21:13, 16:17, 19:12).

Referees: Josip Radojković, Alfred Jovović and Martin Vulić.

Box Score:

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Saturday, 12 February 2022

ABA League: Cedevita Olimpija Tops KK Split in Dramatic Finish at Gripe 83:79

February 12, 2022 - KK Split missed a chance for another sensation in the ABA league, losing to Cedevita Olimpija at home.

There was plenty of frustration visible in Split during the last minutes of the 20th round of the ABA League. 70:70 with two minutes to go looked like a pretty good base for yet another surprise for the Yellows after the 89:77 against Igokea in their last ABA league home game 2 weeks earlier. It would have been an important win after the disappointing display against Cibona in Zagreb on Monday (84:65).


The Slovenian national forward Edo Murić did show his qualities with two back-to-back three-pointers under pressure to silence the home crowd of 600. His 17 points in total allowed the team from Ljublijana to increase their winning streak to 4 wins in EuroCup and ABA League.


Guest coach Jurica Golemac was already aware of the recent success in Split against Igokea and was especially impressed with the close game against Red Star. Last night's game being their 4th win in 8 days made the victory even more outstanding and showed how well he was able to prepare his team for the Yellows.


KK Split remains tied with Krka for last place (3 wins each) and will need a miracle to catch up with the next teams from Borac and Zadar (6 wins each) while Olimpija manages to hold on to fourth place which would give them home-court for advantage in the first round of playoffs. 


Split's top-scoring players were Karlo Žganec (17 points, 7 rebounds) and Shannon Shorter (19 points, 5 rebounds, 7 assists).


Referees: Sašo Petek, Marko Juras, Marko Pecelj

Final result (79:83) by quarters: 21:22, 13:14, 22:21, 23:26

Box score:

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Saturday, 29 January 2022

KK Split Shows Sign of Life in ABA League

January 29, 2022 - KK Split won 89:77 over Igokea to mark the end of a 0:8 losing streak. 

The 350 fans who came to Gripe last night had good reason to celebrate. After a devastating 8 losses and last position in the league, the first-ever ABA league victory against the guests from Republika Srpska could not have come at a better time. 

Both teams had good reasons why they needed a success. Igokea was hoping to strengthen its position amongst the top 8 teams to qualify for the play-offs, however, "The Yellows" from Split had an urge to leave the end of the list in order to maintain a chance to avoid relegation.

It only took a few minutes until everyone could see who was the better team and why. Split's Shannon Shorter was unstoppable right from the start. The guests could neither stop him nor were they able to launch counterstrikes themselves. The 10:12 guest lead in the sixth minute was continuously remodeled by the hosts and turned into an 18 point lead in the 23rd minute of the match (54:36).


Burak Canboy

The guests tried to come back, but Coach Srđan Subotić's team found quality answers to all of Igokea's attacks, even without the injured players Roko Ukić and Toni Perković. Apart from Top Scorer Shorter (28 points), Nejc Barić and Maj Kovacević also set exclamation marks by each hitting 4 of their 7 three-point attempts. Darko Bajo added another 14 points.


Burak Canboy

"This is a very important victory for us, because of the situation in the table. We needed this self-confidence and faith that we are on the right track. This is proof that we can play against serious teams" was Subotic's comment on the success. 


Burak Canboy

Guest coach Mirko Barač's team could not show the same quality of play that they had shown in the Champions League lately where they were close to qualifying for the round of 16. Marko Jošilo was his best scorer with 17 points followed by Robinson and Ilić with 14 each. 

Final result 89:77 (By quarter: 23:18, 24:18, 16:21, 26:20).

Referees: Marko Juras, Ivan Stefanović, Stefan Ćalić

Box Score: 

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Monday, 3 January 2022

KK Split Falls Short of a Sensation against Red Star Belgrade

January 3, 2022 - A basketball giant as an opponent, Hajduk Coach Valdas Dambrauskas as a special guest, and 1500 spectators at Gripe could not help KK Split on Sunday, currently the worst team in the league. However, hopes were high for a sensation in the 14th round game of the ABA League. 

Hajduk Split coach Valdas Dambrauskas was welcomed by KK Split director Edo Blažević who handed him a Jugoplastika Toni Kukoč jersey before tip-off.


Understandably apart from the VIP guest, the fans were especially looking for support from the newly signed American Guard Shannon Shorter. The 32-year-old Texan recently joined KK Split as his 21st club in his 11th season as a professional athlete. The 193cm Combo Guard made a big difference to KK Split at both ends of the floor.


However, even Shorter's 24 points, including several sensational crunch-time baskets, did not stop Split from being defeated by Belgrade (Crvena Zvezda) 66:62 (16:9, 18:18, 15:15, 17:20). 


The guests had entered the game much more aggressively and quickly secured a seven-point lead, but the "Yellows" were persistent; they came back repeatedly to keep the game close. The spectators created a great atmosphere at Gripe and witnessed an uncertain game outcome until the very end.  


"We played an excellent game, a gentlemen's game.  Unfortunately, we did not have enough strength and quality to keep the points, but this game can guide how we can and should play. If we can play like this against Zvezda, then there will be no problems in the continuation of the season," said Split Head Coach Srdjan Subotic when analyzing the game. Regarding his new player, he added: "I don't like to judge good or bad based on one or two games, but if he is close to this level, we have certainly got the right player we need."


Guest coach Dejan Radonjić was able to celebrate the 13th victory of the season and continues to lead the league. Ten of his twelve players scored; however, 11 points from Ivanović and 10 from White stood out for the only two who reached double figures.

Referees: Sašo Petek, Bojan Kruljac, Dragan Porobić 

Box score: 

All photos by Burak Canboy

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Thursday, 16 September 2021

Split Street Art Scene Gears Up for 8th Edition of xSTatic in October

September 16, 2021 - The 8th edition of xSTatic is approaching this year in a slightly different, expanded edition. With the xSTatic trademark - graffiti art, which will come to life in public urban spaces through the works of famous graffiti artists, Split's Gripe (Koteks plateau) will gather the local urban scene on October 2.

Skate, music, dance, street basketball, and humor are the backbone of this year's xSTatic program - a festival that brings together and revives the 'street art' scene and promotes all the positive aspects of urban culture.

This year, xSTatic will host 24 domestic and 4 international graffiti artists who will enrich several public areas with their works: Miles (ST), Anxio (ST), Hoba (ST), Raider (ST), Nel (ST), Mrawa ( ST), Mikun (ST), Troll (ST), Osker (ST), Kwon (ST), Wens (ST), Ne (ST), Apaš (ST), Alte (ST), Owen (ST), Odie ST), Order (ŠI), Stone (ŠI), Sperk (ŠI), Liver (ŠI), Apler (ZD), Botro (ZG), Lonac (ZG), Bare (ZG), Wuper (Serbia), Azram ( Slovenia), Boriz (Slovenia) and Jarus (Canada).


On the central day of the festival, Saturday, October 2, artists will draw. at several locations around Koteks. As part of the event, graffiti dedicated to DJ Bronson will also be renewed:

"We will restore the portrait of DJ Bronson, in the same location where he was before. This time, his family is included in the selection of portraits, and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts for that. The mural will be drawn by our great friend and great graffiti artist Wuper, and should be finished during the festival. For all those who love graffiti art (almost) as much as we do, the story continues for the next few days, on October 3, at the Spaladium Arena, where Lonac (ZG) and Jarus (Canada) will paint "towers" measuring 25x10m," explains Pero Ranchic, the main representative of the graffiti section.

The skate competition organized by the Split skateboard club Kolo will start at 1 pm, and the competitors will measure their strength and skills 'one on one', modeled on the Game of skate.

A street basketball competition will follow at 2 pm, followed by an "All style battles" dance competition at 3 pm. Participants' dance skills will be assessed by famous dancers: Kamilla (LT), Leksa (BiH), and Lux ​​de Lux (HR). Announcements of winners in all categories will begin at 6 pm.

The all-day program does not end there. From 8 pm, stand-up comedians "SplickeScene," Josip Škiljo, Tomislav Primorac, Ivica Lazaneo, and Ante Travizi will try to make the people of Split and their guests laugh, along with dancing by Split hip-hop musicians Alejuandro Buendija and Sons, Banana Zvuk, Krešo Bengalka, Žuvi, Magellano, Lil Bear and Phlagma.

The all-day program will be accompanied by KLFM radio behind the scenes, which will move its studio to Gripe, from where it will report from the field, broadcast shows, and provide an all-day electric music backdrop to the festival.

Admission to the Festival is free for all visitors, in compliance with all applicable epidemiological measures.

Recall that since its first edition in 2009, xSTatic has become a cult festival that celebrates various aspects of urban culture and promotes affirmative messages and values, especially towards young people, which was recognized by the City of Split and is the only city festival of its kind.

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Tuesday, 10 August 2021

Longtime KK Split Captain Srđan Subotić Becomes New First Team Coach

August 10, 2021 - Croatian basketball runner-up KK Split announced on Monday that Srđan Subotić (41) has been appointed the new coach of the first team.

The long-time captain of Split, who was a promising young player and had a unique game as a playmaker, immediately started working as a coach at the club after the end of his playing career.

In 2017,  Subotić started working as a coach in the club's youth team and then assisted the coaches of the first team, Ivica Skelina and Mile Karakaš. He will lead Split to a new season in which they will fight again in the 1st ABA League, but also the qualifications of the FIBA ​​Champions League.

"Thank you to the club's management for the trust in me, this is a great honor, but also an obligation. I know how this club breathes, I know its size and I am aware of all the challenges ahead. At the very beginning, it is not the time for some big statements, the most important thing is to equip ourselves as soon as possible and start working," said Subotić.

Subotić will replace Milo Karakas on the Split bench, who led the team at the end of last season and managed to stay in the regional ABA league, while in the Croatian championship playoffs they reached the final in which Zadar won 3-2. 

The key and the most urgent task facing the club is to put together a team as soon as possible for the demanding season ahead of them, given the numerous departures of players from last season's squad. Split was left without Luković, Đoković, Mesiček, and Vranković, but reinforcements are still expected. However, we are still unsure we know what the roster will look like in the new season.

Source: Sportklub

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Wednesday, 2 June 2021

KK Split Sensationally Stops another Zadar Match-point to Tie the Series

June 2, 2021 - 81:68 (44:37) KK Split victory sends the national finals into a decisive game 5 in Zadar on Friday.

Zadar had already celebrated with its fans from the balcony of Krešimir Ćosić Sports Center after the win on Friday to take a 2:0 lead in the series. Then at the game on Monday, the guests were already 16 points ahead in the second quarter and looked like the next champions. Now it looks like they celebrated too early. After tonight's defeat, Zadar will have a home-court advantage, but the Yellows now have the momentum on their side.

Split showed a remarkable reaction already during the last game. After a dunk from the Yellows' big man Luka Babić, Zadar had to take a timeout. On the way to the bench, Marko Luković from Split and Aleksandar Bursać from Zadar got into a verbal dispute that caused the teams to go head to head on the court and home coach Mile Karakaš had to wrestle Luković to the ground to save him from further disciplinary punishment. Both players were ejected and it became a turning point in the series. Zadar seemed to have lost all energy while Split started to dominate the game and managed to cut the lead by end of regular time and then easily won the game in overtime.


Burak Canboy

Both "fighters" were allowed to play again today and the game started with both teams playing on the same level. Changing leads with good outside scoring was the predominant situation in the first minutes before Zadar was able to pull away 14:21 after 9 minutes and close the quarter at 19:23.


Burak Canboy

The guests managed to lead until Split came back with a double punch. A three-pointer by Toni Perković marked the 25:27 in the 13th minute before another three-pointer by Perasović gave the Yellows a 28:27 lead. 


Burak Canboy

KK Zadar fought back and both teams were exchanging leads before Perković marked the 33:31 and Split managed to have a run to reach its biggest lead of the first half at 44:36 just before half-time (44:37).


Burak Canboy

The second half started with both teams respecting one another and none wanting to lose ground. There was a long time without scoring before Marko Luković showed the positive side of his game by hitting 2 back-to-back three-pointers to give the hosts a 56:42 lead who managed to maintain the lead until 62:48 at the end of the third quarter.


Burak Canboy

Zadar could not come back and Split managed to use its homecourt advantage for the second time and now has a shot at the title again on Friday when the decisive game at Krešimir Ćosić Sports Center will produce the 2020/2021 Croatian National Basketball Champions. 


Burak Canboy

The best players of the night were Toni Perković with 18 points (4/8 three-pointers) and Marko Luković 17 points (5/8 three-pointers). Mavra, Onuaku, and Carter were able to score double digits for the guests. 

Referees: Tomislav Vovk, Alfred Jovovich, Bojan Kruljac


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Monday, 31 May 2021

Croatian Basketball Finals Game 3: Split Stays Alive with Overtime Win against Zadar!

May 31, 2021 - KK Split stays alive with an overtime win against Zadar in the Croatian basketball finals game 3 in Split on Monday (83:75). 

Split and Zadar met at Gripe in Split for the third game of the Croatian basketball championship finals. Zadar celebrated in the first two games, and one victory separated them from the title.

Ukić opened the match with a basket, and Bursać returned the favor on the other side with a three-pointer. In the fourth minute, Vranković scored for 6:8, and in the next four and a half minutes, Zadar's Mavra, Justice, and Bursać had a 13:0 series for the 21:6 lead in the ninth minute. Marić missed two free throws but got both in the next attack. Carter closed the quarter with a cross from the center at the last second. Carter hit a buzzer-beater to end the 1st quarter at 10:24 for Zadar.


Burak Canboy

Split burst into the 2nd quarter with newfound energy, but it wasn't too much for Zadar to handle. Zadar had more offensive rebounds. Carter scored for 26:10, and Ukić returned the favor with a three-pointer. Mesiček also scored (15:26), and Planinić was precise on the other side of the floor. Babić scored a three-pointer for 18:28, and Split did not score in the next four minutes. Zadar scored four points and led 32:18 by the 17th minute.


Burak Canboy

Luković scored a three-pointer, and after Perković was blocked in the counter by Bursać, Karakaš reacted violently and earned a technical. Justice scored a free throw for 21:35. Ukić scored a three-pointer, followed by a Perković field goal. The heat between Bursać and Luković resulted in a fight on the floor, and both players were excluded. Ukić scored a three-pointer, and Zadar only had a six-point advantage at halftime (29:35).

DSC06668_2.jpegBurak Canboy


Burak Canboy

Ukić opened the 3rd quarter with a three-pointer for Split (32:35). Vuković made two free throws, and then Onuaku scored (32:39). Ukić reduced the lead to 35:39 with his fifth three-pointer, but Zadar retaliated with a three-pointer by Mavra and Justice (35:44). Perković nailed a three-pointer, and Ukić was fouled (41:44). Jordano scored five consecutive points (41:49), but Ukić returned (43:49). Thanks to Marić, Split reached 52:55 in the last minute of the 3rd quarter (54:49). 

Burak Canboy

Split was minus two (57:59) to start the final quarter. Zadar again reached a six-point advantage thanks to Carter and Onuaku. The 'Yellows' came to 61:63 with a three-pointer by Marčinković, but Zadar fought back. Carter scored for three (61:67). Five minutes before the end, Marić knocked for 68:69, but Carter soon returned (68:71). Split was in the lead for the first time (72:71) with Ukić's baskets from the free-throw line. With just over two minutes to go, Vuković missed, Onuaku jumped in the attack, and Jordano returned the advantage to Zadar with a three-pointer. Ukić was brilliant to score for 74:74. In the final minute, Junaković and Ukić could not score, moving the game to overtime.

Split managed to win in overtime 83:75, bringing the series to game 4 in Split on Wednesday! 

Source: Dalmatinski Portal 

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Friday, 19 March 2021

KK Split Celebrates Impressive 74:65 (42:40) Upset over Mega Soccerbet Belgrade

March 19, 2021 - KK Split continues to ride a wave of success in the ABA league!

It has only been 4 weeks since coach Mile Karakaš took over his position on the sidelines from Ivica Skelin but what a difference he has made so far. Before today’s game, the Split basketball team was to be looked for somewhere in the middle to bottom third in the tables of their competitions.


Burak Canboy

However, a fresh wind is sweeping through between the walls of Sports Center Gripe lately. In the Croatian Premijer Liga, the team from Split has risen to the second rank behind Zadar and with this evening’s 7th win in the last 9 games, they have made quite a statement in the ABA league.

This week the ABA league was all over the news after dismissing three referees for their weak performance during Saturday’s Cibona-Buducnost game. KK Split however created some good news today and promoted the sport with an impressive upset against the highly favoured team from Belgrade. Mega Soccerbet Belgrade had decided the first meetup of the two on December 6th with 91:75. The topscorer back then was Filip Petrušev with a dominating 31 points.


Burak Canboy

The “Yellows” plan however was to ignore Belgrade’s top scorers’ performance and concentrate on keeping all other players from getting into the game. Not only did they succeed in keeping the guests at 65 points but they also were able to contain Petrušev to 22, while Roko Ukić was able to put in 29 points for the winning side.


Burak Canboy

The game was close for most parts and both teams were keeping the other at arm’s length. While the guests from Serbia were clearly better when it came to field goal percentage and rebounds they failed to score from the perimeter. Only two of 22 3-point attempts were successful. The hosts on the other hand sank 12 of their 32 attempts and were able to enforce 21 turnovers while only losing the ball 11 times themselves.


Burak Canboy

After a close first half, both teams picked up the intensity during the third quarter, and during the fourth quarter Split made the decisive shots and was able to lock down Belgrade to 8 points. The victory allows them to take a deep breath and gives them hope that they will be able to leave the fight against relegation very soon


Burak Canboy

ABA League 

20210319 16:00 

S.C. Gripe

KK Split Mega Soccerbet Belgrade

Results by Quarters

Q1 24:30 Q2 18:10 Q3 18:17 Q4 14:8

KK Split

Top scorers:

Ukić R. 29

Luković M. 16

Đoković I. 11

Marčinković P. 9

Coach: Mile Karakaš

Mega Belgrade

Top scorers:

Petrušev F. 22

Simonović M. 15

Jović N. 10

Matković K. 6

Coach: Vlada Jovanović

Referees: Sašo Petek, Uroš Nikolić, Bojan Kruljac

Full Boxscore available HERE.

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