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Check Out Greyp's Newly Launched 100-km Electric Trekking Bike - Greyp T5 e-SUV

July 13, 2021 - Thanks to the marvelous fusion of genius and technology of Greyp and its sister company Rimac, Greyp T5 e-SUV - a new, high-tech 100-kilometer electric trekking bike was born. Here is Micah Toll's experience on Greyp T5's first-ever external test ride in the lovely Croatian countryside!

Micah Toll is a highly experienced mechanical engineer in the electric vehicle industry who is also the author of #1 Amazon bestselling books such as DIY Lithium Batteries, DIY Solar Power, The Ultimate DIY Ebike Guide, and Electric Motorcycles 2019. It is not surprising that Greyp would invite Micah to their headquarters and give him the honor to do the first-ever external test of the new bike. 

"Nestled in the outskirts of Zagreb, Croatia, sits an unassuming building where some of the most high-tech electric bicycles in the world are dreamed up, designed, and then manufactured. Greyp applies the same kind of forward-thinking approaches as its electric supercar parent company, Rimac, resulting in e-bikes that are both high performance and high tech. Now the company has branched out into yet another e-bike category as it tackles trekking bikes with the new Greyp e-SUV T5.", Micah Toll wrote at the beginning of his review on Electrek.co.

Filling the gray area between the limited capacity of road and mountain bikes, trekking bikes offer a more rugged yet comfortable ride than gravel bikes but also have better performance than a regular hybrid bike. According to Micah, Greyp's new e-SUV T5 has wider tires and handlebars that are perfect for riding in less ideal conditions; the added electric motor, too, helps riders to push longer and farther on their adventures. The bike usually comes with components needed for road and utility use such as lights, racks, and fenders.

The Greyp T5 intensive design is perfect for both a city ride and a bike ride through the Alps. "Adorning the frame is a host of high-end components that each impact the experience of the ride. While flying fast over dirt trails I had the confidence of a dedicated mountain bike, yet I still felt quick and efficient in the city – not like I was lugging a mountain bike through an urban jungle. That’s thanks to the hybrid design of a good trekking bike like the T5, something that can split the gap between the two distinct disciplines," Micah Toll commented. The T5 also comes with high-power Busch+Müller LED lights. 

Greyp Bikes Smart Technology

T5_eSIM.jpgT5 e-SIM | Courtesy of Greyp Bikes

The Greyp team proudly says: “A Greyp bike wouldn’t be a Greyp bike without its integrated eSIM which delivers constant connectivity, and for the complete experience, the accompanying Greyp App provides additional numerous handy features. The Greyp App can be used in two modes: Dashboard and Remote. The Dashboard mode transforms the smartphone into an extended dashboard and gives access to various features like turn-by-turn navigation, terrain-based range, camera, and Retro Video, while the Remote mode can be used much like the bike`s remote control, so users can text, take a photo, remotely lock the bike, or activate the kill switch to shut it down completely.”

All of Greyp's e-bikes come with an integrated e-SIM technology, too, which provides constant connectivity to The Grey App.


T5_app_ride_session.jpgT5 App Ride Session | Courtesy of Greyp Bikes

Micah Toll's Final Thoughts on the Greyp T5 e-SUV

Micah Toll praised how much Croatia's Greyp e-bike company pays attention to every bit of their products' details. Since all the production is done in-house, Greyp bikes are built from the ground up and under the constant scrutinizing eyes and hands of Croatia's top engineers and experts in the electric vehicle industry.  According to Greyp, “Some companies just choose an e-bike out of a catalogue and sell it. Others go farther and choose a frame from the catalogue. Others are even more involved and choose from a catalogue of tubes to build a frame. We start from scratch and design our own tubes.”

216718500_512675926721164_4232915473147159552_n_1.jpgCourtesy of Greyp Bikes

The difference between Greyp and other companies is that Greyp is a company where top engineers, mechanics, battery builders, designers, testers, and the sales team work under one roof whilst closely supervising the creation of their products down to the very last detail - and that is something most companies cannot claim. Greyp's excellent teamwork shows in the level of quality and design of Greyp's e-bikes and that is what customers and avid e-bike enthusiasts will pay for. It certainly isn't cheap (Greyp's manufactured suggested retail prices start at 4,449EUR) but as Micah Toll wrote at the end of his product review, "As a premium model, this obviously isn’t an e-bike for everyone. But for those that can afford it, the quality and ride experience will make it worth every penny. I’d kill to have one in my garage, that’s for sure!"

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Saturday, 16 March 2019

Mate Rimac Featured in The Economist, as Greyp G6 Launches

March 16, 2019 - International acclaim and successful new product launches, it is all happening for Mate Rimac at the moment, with a feature in The Economist the latest exposure.

It is becoming increasingly hard to keep up with Mate Rimac, and not just because he makes the fastest cars in the world. 

It seems not a day goes by without another achievement of media spotlight for the young Croatian entrepreneur, who single-handedly built a car industry in a country where none exists. But while the stereotype is that Rimac Automobili builds cars for the super rich, the core business is technology, as he explained in a major 2016 interview on Croatian television, which was translated by TCN in 2016.

Rimac once again had a spectacular Geneva International Motor Show, and the impact of Rimac Automobili was highlighted in a post on his Facebook page:

What makes us very unique in Geneva (and automotive industry/history in general) is that our products and technologies are represented in many other brand's cars and stands at the show. And not "just" with any parts but with key enables for these cars to even be possible. It is quite incredible that out of the 5 hybrid/electric supercars coming to the market (Aston Martin Valkyrie, Koenigsegg Regera, Pininfarina Batista, Mercedes AMG Project 1, Rimac C_Two), 4 have at least our battery system (some of them much more), which makes Sveta Nedelja the world capital of high-performance hybrid/EV systems. At the same time, there is much more going on behind the scenes - will be an interesting time. 

And the industry media has been quick to take notice:

"Rimac is the company that currently holds all the aces. Not Tesla, not Toyota."

Last night's focus was in Zagreb, for the launch of the Greyp G6 smart bike. You can read more about that in this TCN report, or watch the product launch above. 

Also named in the top 100 digital champions of Europe by the Financial Times, Mate Rimac also appears in this week's edition of The Economist, Speed King: a Croatian Inventor Says He is Building the World's Fastest Car.

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