Friday, 25 October 2019

Dubrovnik to become First City in Croatia with 100% Electric Car Sharing System

October 25, 2019 - Car sharing is recognized around the world as a quality alternative to ownership, and an excellent upgrade to the public transportation network. Thus, the city of Dubrovnik will become the first in Croatia to boast a 100% electric car-sharing system. 

Namely, HRTurizam reports that the first thirty Avant2Go vehicles will soon be deployed in seven locations around Dubrovnik.

It is estimated that one car in this system can replace more than ten privately-owned vehicles, and the value of this is particularly evident in cities such as Dubrovnik, in which transport infrastructure is hugely burdened. 


Grad Dubrovnik

“The city of Dubrovnik is systematically working to address the problems of traffic. In this regard, we have initiated numerous projects, primarily aimed at our fellow citizens. Among them is the first comprehensive smart parking in Croatia, for which we were awarded the first prize in the Smart City category this year. This is a sequel to the story. The car-sharing project has fully integrated into our vision of the city's development, which is why we have supported its implementation in Dubrovnik, which thus becomes a pilot project and once again takes the lead in introducing new technologies and smart solutions to raise the standard of living of its citizens. We believe that this service will help to unburden transport infrastructure and parking, which is currently one of our main focuses, and includes all other positive aspects that the City strives for, such as sustainability, energy efficiency, and environmental protection,” said Mato Franković, mayor of Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik's new car-sharing service is called Avant2Go and is led by Avant car, the leading provider of this service in the region. 

"Electric mobility and co-sharing vehicles are currently the biggest global trends in the automotive industry. We believe that the 100% electric car-sharing Avant2Go will meet the needs of locals and their city. Among the main benefits of the system are noise-free driving and emissions, the availability of the service to a wide range of people, easy use of the service 24/7 via smartphones, and secured parking spaces,” said Matej Cer, founder of Avant car.


Grad Dubrovnik

The vehicles will be deployed in seven locations in the city from the second half of November at Dubrovnik Airport, Gruz Harbor, by the cable car leading to Srđ, the Public Garage, in Lapad, and at the Rixos and One Suite parking lots.

For starters, there will be thirty vehicles available, and mostly the Renault ZOEa models. The fleet and number of locations where the cars can be picked up and dropped off will increase in line with the needs of users, adds Avant. 

Car sharing is a service intended for Dubrovnik residents and their guests, since tourism destinations must systematically develop the diversity and complementarity of mobility services. 

"At the same time, Dubrovnik is one of the most demanding cities in terms of traffic optimization, but also a jewel of cultural heritage. Services such as car-sharing should, therefore, serve the development of mobility but also contribute to the sustainability of Dubrovnik. This project strategically links vital parts of the city to the most important traffic hubs. This makes Dubrovnik even stronger and more environmentally friendly with the rest of the world,” said Vladimir Markulin, director of Avant in Croatia.

The vehicles are booked, unlocked, and paid for with the mobile application. As an upgrade to public transport, car-sharing will contribute to relieving traffic in an environmentally friendly way, while giving citizens easy access to the roads without needing to own a car. 

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