Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Zero and Proud: Gorski Kotar Has No Infections Since Pandemic Beginning

Not one person from the beautiful green region of Gorski Kotar has been infected with the new coronavirus in the six months since the pandemic reached Croatia. No resident or guest is infected, nor have they become infected in Gorski Kotar. Naturally, the locals are very proud of their ''zero''.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 18th of August, 2020, back at the start of the pandemic, the levels of fear were high. The elderly population who live in Gorski Kotar, for whom the virus remains the most devastating, needed to be protected from it. Spring, quarantine, work from home and popular picnic areas have made Gorski Kotar an ideal place to escape from the crowds, which posed a danger of importing the new coronavirus.

"At the beginning, we were really concerned, at one point we had to ask all our dear guests, our friends who come from Rijeka and Zagreb not to bother, we needed to see what it was all about. When the National Civil Protection Headquarters said that they could come, we thanked them and invited them to come,'' said the mayor of Fuzine, David Bregovac, in a report brought by Dnevnik Nova TV.

Preserving health was and remains the main task. Even when gatherings across the country, and especially Mass celebrations were re-approved, in Gorski Kotar, they still held on a bit longer. In recent weeks, the focus has been on young people. The number of infected people has increased due to people going to nightclubs on the Adriatic, and especially in Dalmatia. In Gorski Kotar, they have no problems with such forms of entertainment.

"We ride bikes, we play football, take care of the elderly, wear masks, and we go to the store for the elderly," said Lorena Buric, a girl from Ravna Gora.

The border area and daily migrations of the local population who, due to their respective daily needs, cross from Slovenia into Croatia and vice versa didn't endanger this area. The protection is double because the recommendations of epidemiologists on both sides of the Kupa are being followed.

"That's right, the measures are respected, our dear Slovenian friends come here every day to Brod na Kupi to our store, our bakery, our hospitality facilities because they don't have anything over there on their side," says Davorin Klobucar, president of MO Brod na Kupi.

The proximity of the Croatian-Slovenian border has actually become a plus for Gorski Kotar

It is the proximity of the border with Slovenia that has quickly become something good for Gorski Kotar. Istria and Kvarner are the most successful Croatian regions in terms of the number of guests this season. In Gorski Kotar, from August the 1st until today, a little more than 2,900, both Croatian and foreign, have visited. Given the frequent changes in the colours of Croatia on the lists of various European countries, the proximity of the border crossings is a great relief for tourists.

"Our guests are mostly oriented to nature and to the top of Risnjak and the source of the Kupa, they want some peace and quiet, and since it is close to the Slovenian border, even if the borders are closed, they can be out of Croatia in 10 minutes and can return to their countries," says Marko Cicavica, a local landlord.

There was one new case in Istria County yesterday, while in Primorje-Gorski Kotar, there were two newly infected people. Due to the good epidemiological picture, despite the large influx of foreigners, they are calling for the introduction of measures by region.

"Gorski Kotar is truly a godsend in the sense that it is a large area with low population density, so visitors who come don't really change the epidemiological situation and therefore it is still coronavirus free," says Vladimir Micovic, the director of NZJZ Primorje-Gorski Kotar County.

Autumn and winter, and thus the cold season, are at the door. We now all need to make sure we're well prepared so that the discipline and effort and also the positive experience of the first coronavirus wave don't simply go to waste.

"The closest KBC to this part of Croatia is in Rijeka, where there are 53 respirators available for as many as three counties, which fortunately are still excellent with their coronavirus numbers. The people of Gorski Kotar hope that they will still have zero infected people by then and that there will be no need for such medical help.

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Thursday, 9 January 2020

Croatia Kvarner Region Tourist Traffic Up 50 Percent in 10 Years

Kvarner's tourist traffic numbers continue their upward trajectory. The Kvarner region, located in Northwestern Croatia, finished 2019 with 3.1 million arrivals and 19.1 million overnight stays. Compared to 2018, there were 2% more arrivals and 1% more overnights. Overnights also increased by 3% compared to 2017, 13% compared to 2016 and 50% compared to 2010.

During peak season, overnight stays remained at last year's levels, with an average occupancy of 25 days, and 30 days at hotels. That means that there wasn't a lot of room for growth during the the busiest season of the year, according to MorskiHR on January 8, 2020. Therefore, it is important to emphasize that overnight more stays increased by 1% during pre-season, while the post-season overnight stays increased by 4%. The increase in overnights during pre and post-season is more significant when compared with results from 2010, and it shows that overnights during these times of the year increased by 90%, according to the tourist board.

Germany Traditionally Strongest Market

In 2019, 630,000 German guests visited the Kvarner region, resulting in almost 4.7 million overnight stays. This figure has certainly been influenced by the large number of promotions directed toward the German market.  In addition to Germany, three more markets have reached more than one million overnights: Slovenia (3 million), Austria (1.8 million) and Italy (1.3 million). The share of foreign traffic for these four countries is nearly 70%.

Kvarner’s inclusion on group tour routes which take guests from distant markets to Europe has also resulted in a large increase in traffic from these markets. In the last 3 years, guests from China have almost tripled their number of overnight stays while US citizens have increased their overnights by 50%.

Guests from the United Kingdom are also worth mentioning. They spent 137,000 overnights in Kvarner which is 25% increase from 2018, and 44% increase from 2016! Foreign tourists account for 85% of overnight stays and domestic tourists 15% (3 million nights, an increase of 5%). 


Mali Lošinj

Most Guest Overnights on Island of Krk

Among the subregions, the island of Krk is in the lead, with an increase of 1% and 7 million overnights (and has a 36% share of total overnights in Kvarner).

The Crikvenica-Vinodol Riviera ranks second (3.2 million) followed by the island of Losinj (2.4 million). The number of overnight stays continues as follows: the Opatija Riviera and the island of Rab (2.2 million), the island of Cres (1.1 million), the Rijeka area (925,000) and Gorski Kotar (110,000). The highest percentage increase in overnight stays (14%) was recorded in the Rijeka area.

Mali Losinj (2.4 million nights) and Crikvenica (2.2 million nights) are among the "best" destinations.

Guests Prefer Croatia Family Accommodations

Family accommodations accounted for 40% of recorded overnight stays (7.7 million). Campsites and hotels recorded almost the same number of total overnights: 3.7 million each with individual shares of 19%. 

The highest increase in overnights was recorded in upper-category accommodations:

  • Hotels generally realized 1% more overnights. However, 4 and 5-star hotels enjoyed a 6% increase.
  • All family accommodations experienced a 1% increase in overnight stays, but 5-star family accommodations enjoyed a 38% increase!
  • A similar scenario applies to campsites: there was an overall 1% decrease in overnight stays, but overnights at 5-star camps are up 22%.

Regardless of the type, 5-star facilities have seen 15% increase in overnight stays during the past year and 70% increase overnight over the last 3 years!



Nautical Tourism Overnights Up Thirty-Two Percent

These figures do not include 24,500 arrivals and 156,000 overnight stays due to nautical traffic, which in has increased by as much as 32% the last year alone. There are about 20 nautical tourism ports in Kvarner, and Marina Punat alone accounts for more than half of nautical overnights.

Kvarner Third to Istria and Split-Dalmatia in Accommodation Capacity

As of 2019, there are 190,000 permanent beds available for tourists in Kvarner which represent a 17% share in accommodation capacity within Croatia. The Kvarner region ranks third in terms of total available accommodation, which is behind Istria and Split-Dalmatia counties in Croatia. 

Irena Peršić Živadinov, Director of the Kvarner Tourist Board, emphasizes that the primary goal is to strengthen the pre and post-seasons, because one cannot always count on a record “peak” season.

Kvarner Tourist Board Expects Long-Term Increase

“In recent years, the Kvarner region has definitely succeeded in strengthening the pre and post-seasons. Compared 2010 to 2019, we have seen a huge increase in overnight stays during both seasons - almost 90%! Over the past 10 years, we have invested in the quantity and quality of the regions’ offerings. We have also focused on joint branding and activities and recognized our strengths regarding products and offerings."

“These steps probably won’t yield immediate results but will take a longer time to have an effect. Taking that into consideration, for example, 12.7 million overnight stays were recorded in 2010, it is clear that in a period of 9 years we have realized 6.3 million more overnights, or the total number of overnights in Kvarner ha increased by almost 50%,” Peršić Živadinov points out.


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Sunday, 22 December 2019

30,000 Tourists Expected in Kvarner for Holidays: A Look at What's On Offer

December 22, 2019 - Kvarner is ready for the 30,000 guests that should visit during the Christmas and New Year holidays, which is about the same number of guests as last year.

Novi List writes that about 100,000 overnights will be realized during the holidays, most of them on the Opatija Riviera (45,000). The island of Lošinj has announced 17,000, the Rijeka area 15,000, the Crikvenica-Vinodol Riviera 9,000, the island of Krk 7,000, Gorski Kotar and the island of Rab 5,000 each, and the island of Cres 1,000. 

There will be 64 hotels open in Kvarner, as well as three camps, two in Losinj and one in Krk.

Most guests are expected on the Opatija Riviera. In Opatija itself, according to the data of the Opatija Tourist Board, the Christmas and New Year holidays should see13,250 guests, which will generate 37,800 nights. Most overnights will be spent on hotel accommodation. In this period, 27 hotels will be open in Opatija, with the majority expected to be guests from Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Italy and Croatians.

“A rich program of ‘The Most Beautiful Advent by the Sea’ awaits all visitors, which will bring a lot of good music like concerts by Marko Tolja, Martina Majerle, Renata Sabljak and Đani Stipanič, as well as many other renowned musicians who will grace the beautiful winter and summer stage, animation for the youngest and other surprises. As many as four events have been prepared for the New Year - for the youngest at noon on the Summer Stage, to three outdoor parties. All guests who have chosen Opatija for the New Year will be congratulated by the Mayor of Opatija on January 1 at the traditional Mayor's Toast,” said Željka Stašić, project manager at the Opatija Tourist Board.

The second most visited destination for the upcoming holidays will be Rijeka and its surroundings. According to the long-term trend of growth in the number of overnight stays in the city, the Rijeka Tourist Board emphasizes that the tourist turnover for the holidays will exceed last year's results.

“The rich Rijeka Advent program will certainly contribute to the positive results, which this year ends with a spectacular New Year's Eve concert with Nina Badrić, Dubioza Kolektiv and Nikolina Tomljanović. However, there are also New Year's Eve celebrations at numerous restaurants in the city center and the surrounding area.

Five hotels are open in the city of Rijeka - Bonavia, Jadran, Neboder, Continental and Molo Longo, most of the hostels and a large number of privately owned accommodation, where the highest number of overnight stays has been realized,” said Dominik Damiš, Head of Marketing at the Rijeka Tourist Board. Furthermore, domestic tourists usually achieve the most overnights, followed by foreign guests from Italy, Germany, Serbia, Slovenia and Austria.

In the area of the Crikvenica Riviera, from December 20 to January 6, approximately 1,700 guests will spend 7,500 overnight stays. The Crikvenica Tourist Board states that in addition to the Marina Hotel in Selce, which is always open, the Omorika Hotel, the Mediteran Hotel and the Crikvenica Hotel will be open during the New Year holidays. In addition to hotels, several dozen apartments will be opened. Most guests are expected from Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia, and the largest number of guests will stay in Crikvenica during the New Year holidays. Guests stay an average of three days. As the Crikvenica Tourist Board revealed, most of the hotel accommodation is already full, while some of the private apartments are still available to guests who want to spend their holidays in Crikvenica, which boasts a unique Advent atmosphere this year.

The largest tourist company on the Riviera, Jadran Crikvenica, is organizing New Year's Eve at the Omorika Hotel.

“Only this hotel is open to us because we have already started the second phase of the investment cycle in other facilities to be even more prepared to welcome the new 2020 season. The main broadcasting market for us is Italy, and we also have a lot of local guests,” said Lucija Jukić, director of marketing for the Jadran Crikvenica, adding that they offer guests a New Year's Eve dinner with live music, champagne at midnight, as well as live music.

In Novi Vinodolski, for example, 250 guests from Austria are expected for the New Year holidays in the only open hotel Lišanj and about 100 guests in private accommodation. Guests stay an average of three days, and the Novi Vinodolski Tourist Board revealed, the hotel is fully booked. Otherwise, the organized New Year’s Eve reception is in Marina Nova. And at the traditional Zdravica Nova 2020, about 1,000 foreign guests are expected, or about 8,000 in total.

This year, more destinations became involved in the organization of Advent, so the whole of December was marked by increased arrivals and overnight stays. But as expected, the culmination is yet to be expected. Most destinations have prepared outdoor receptions, with hoteliers and NYE parties for their guests.

The New Year holidays are traditionally the best for Gorski Kotar. This year, for the twentieth time, the people of Fužine and their guests will celebrate the ‘old year’ at noon. 

Marinko Jakovljevic, director of the Fužine Tourist Board, said that most of the accommodation for the New Year holidays are reserved in the Gorski Kotar area. As a rule, holiday homes and apartments are full, while there is some room in household accommodation, as well as in hotel accommodation. But in the coming days, all should be full.

“Since we have prepared a four-day program starting on December 29th with a traditional concert of our Wind Orchestra, as a rule, these are stays based on three overnights. We have also prepared surprises to bid the Old Year farewell at noon, and besides, the New Year's train from Rijeka will come again. The director of the Fužine Tourist Board concluded that guests are coming from all over Croatia, and there is an increase in arrivals from Slovenia.

The Kvarner islands are ready for the busy holidays. This year, for the fifth time, a rich Advent program called ‘The Most Beautiful Island Advent’ was prepared for the coming holidays. This year, the program started on November 30 and will last until January 7 next year, with the extension to the Boškopini Park in addition to the historic city center. Rab’s rich program, as well as hotel programs, will attract more guests this year than last year. Namely, the Valamar Collection Imperial Hotel will open for NYE, while the Valamar Hotel Padova and the Veritas Restaurant and Wine Bar will open before Christmas. 

“So, that is one more hotel than last year. Full occupancy is expected, with guests coming mainly from Austria, Germany and France. In addition to all hotel facilities with entertainment and animation programs, guests will also have access to excursion programs and various programs within Rab Advent, which this year deservedly bears the name 'Best Island Advent'. By the way, the Best Island Advent has been increasingly profiled for several years as an additional motive for the arrival of guests to Rab, and the question is only to what extent the weather will allow its realization,” said the President of the Imperial Riviera of Rab.

On the island of Krk, advent programs for the New Year have been prepared by the tourist boards of Omišlj - Njivice, Malinska - Dubašnica, Krk, Punta, Dobrinj and Vrbnik. A rich program throughout Advent as well as for the holidays themselves was prepared in Mali Lošinj, which this year received new Advent attire and an ice skating rink, as well as a covered space for the New Year's festivities, so that even the bad weather cannot spoil the fun. 

Hotel Aurora in Mali Lošinj and Hotel Televrin in Nerezine are open for New Year's Eve, as well as two campsites. In addition to Čikat, the Poljana campsite in Mali Lošinj is open, and part of the private accommodation will be provided, with the assistance of local tourist agencies. Vitality Hotel Punta and Family Hotel Vespera are open for closed groups. Talking about the upcoming holidays as well as announcements for 2020, Ricardo Hesky, a member of the Jadranka Hotel Management Board, said that the number of guests coming from Lošinj Hotels & Villas have increased year by year, along with the number of overnight stays.

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Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Experience Delnice in Gorski Kotar on a New Walking Tour

Delnice is a quiet little town in Gorski Kotar, in the mountains near the sea, and full of surprises waiting to be shown to visitors.

Jelena Holenko Pirc (Lynx and Fox) and the STEP RI Science and Technology Park at the University of Rijeka, have designed a new, creative tour called "Live the Story of Delnice". It was a part of the EU project ATLAS Interreg Italy - Croatia. The tour was created to reveal the valuable and diverse heritage of this town and the region of Gorski Kotar, both during the high tourist season in Croatia and outside of that period of the year. 

The Hunting Lodge restaurant’s terrace in Delnice, which offers a fantastic view of the town, is an ideal starting point for the “Live the Story of Delnice” tour.

Take a deep breath of fresh air and inhale the aroma of medicinal herbs with which Jelena Holenko Pirc introduces you to the story of her town. Taste the well-known mountain herb liqueur and listen to what connects Jelena the most to her hometown. On the way to the centre of Delnice, Jelena will take you on a pleasant, relaxing stroll through the Park Forest Japlenški vrh, where you might get surprised by many things.

It may be a close encounter with a fallow deer that reside in enclosures in the forest, perhaps a Love Trail where you can read love verses, leave a message in a mailbox, hear the story of an unhappy Strawberry, and encounter many more surprises among the centuries-old trees. 

The town park is a favorite place for residents of all ages, especially the young ones. It hides numerous stories that you cannot find easily on your own. Firstly, Jelena will take you to the time of the Kingdom of SHS and reveal why the social cream of the time came here for some enjoyment, and why the habit did not last. The reason is in one of the many monuments in the park, and Jelena will tell you its story!

She will then introduce you to the legacy of Grga Marjanović, an academic painter and professor who has left a deep mark with his works and also influenced future generations. The park houses his atelier with many works by this animalist, including the famous bear drawing, awarded at the First Meeting of European Animal Painters in Paris. In his honour, the citizens organise art colonies and gatherings in the park.

As a stroll through Delnice in the fresh mountain air is sure to whet your appetite, on this tour Jelena has in store something quite special. Since this dish is traditionally prepared for Easter, this tour will be a rare opportunity to taste the traditional culinary delicacy of Gorski Kotar – the “Mountain Stuffing” or, as locals call it “stomach.”

Along with yet another herb liqueur, you will taste it at the legendary Café Center, where you can also see an exhibition of paintings by local artists. The place also offers accommodation and accompanying facilities. In the center of Delnice, there are many houses along the main road, but one yard hides something truly special. Take a peek with Jelena at “Popović Mill,” a mill owned by the Mihelčić family who had returned from America a hundred years ago, and decided to invest money in the first electric mill in this region! Its fascinating mechanism, designed in Budapest, has been in operation since 1925.

The descendants of the Mihelčić family will show you, among other things, how this small factory works. Jelena will take you even further into the past of her hometown with a visit to the “Rački House,” the oldest house in Delnice and a cultural monument. Heritage keepers from the “Prepelin'c Ethno  Association” and Delnice residents filled three rooms of this small house with objects from the everyday life of the 18th century. Each of them evokes the diligence and resourcefulness of the town’s people, as well as a series of customs that were interwoven in their lives, like some that Jelena will demonstrate by turning you into the main actors of at least one Delnice story!

“Live the Story of Delnice” tour comes to the inevitable end with a return to the culinary past. A guide on this inspiring journey is the owner and head chef of the “Kauzlarić Inn”, Boris Kauzlarić. As a true lover of culinary tradition, his desire is to revive the old recipes and restore the tradition of the mountain inns, taverns and boarding houses, where seasonal and locally available foods were used in preparing dishes. Make an extra hole in your belt and get ready for the ultimate culinary surprises and a story in which each plate is a delicious link to Delnice’s tradition and customs.

To find out more about the walking tour or to book your place, just visit Lynx and Fox FB page or write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Saturday, 24 August 2019

Cedar Timber Factory “Example of Development for Mountainous Regions”

ZAGREB, August 24, 2019 - Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković on Friday visited the Vrbovsko-based Cedar timber factory and said that it was important for the region of Gorski Kotar to have such businesses that can create jobs and generate economic growth.

"I am confident that the activity of Cedar, fully export-oriented company, will contribute to Vrbovsko, Gorski Kotar and parts of Lika," Plenković said after he toured the company's compounds, which include the state-of-the-art hardwood processing plant under construction, and other units as well as the biomass co-generation plant.

We have seen the modern factory which does business according to the best technological standards, Plenković said.

He added that he expected good cooperation between this company in the mountainous region of Gorski Kotar and the state-run national forest management company "Hrvatske Šume".

The premier recalled that the government had made great headway with the legislation on the mountainous and hilly regions and on the regions entitled to special state aid.

The Cedar director Darko Prodan said that with the completion of the hardwood processing plant, this factory would be one of the top companies in that segment in Europe. Currently, some 350 people are on Cedar's payroll.

Cedar has to date invested more than 70 million euro in its capacities, and the total value of the whole investment stands at 100 million euro.

Agriculture Minister Marija Vučković said that the ministry would work on making sure that as much raw material as possible be directed to timber factories with higher levels of finished products.

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Sunday, 16 June 2019

Bajer Lake in Fužine Emptied, Shows Amazing Sites at Bottom

If you've ever traveled from Zagreb to Rijeka on the A6 highway, you'll probably have noticed that there are several lakes visible en route.

It's unlikely that any of the lakes are as impressive as Bajer lake, located in the centre of Fužine, a town in Gorski Kotar. It's an artificial, accumulation lake, created in the early 1950's as a part of the hydro-energy system Vinodol, using the water from the area of Gorski Kotar to create electricity. Bajer lake is just one part of the system, along with the Lokvarsko, Lepenica and Potkoš lakes which provide the water for several turbines, located at appropriate locations.

It's been 12 years since Bajer lake has been emptied, and the time has come for some maintenance work to be done on the concrete structures around it (which are quite close to the centre of Fužine). It took a while for the entirety of the lake to be emptied, but now that work has been completed, and if you find yourself going along the highway or visiting Fužine, you'll see that the lake is - gone.


The lake is located in the valley that used to be the river valley of the Ličanka valley, and believe it or not, you can still see where the banks of the river that has been gone for 60+ years used to be, now that it's dried out. The lake is not too deep, 2-7 meters when it's filled with water,  It's strictly forbidden to walk on the bottom of the lake, as it is still quite wet, gooey and dangerous, but if the temperatures remain this high, it's imaginable that the soil will get firm enough to be able to walk on it.

The Lynx and Fox tourist guide, who we've already recommended if you wanted to go on personalized tour of Gorski Kotar, visited the lake and have allowed us to use the photos they took.

On their Facebook page, Jelena from Lynx and Fox also answered the question I've been wondering about since the first time I heard about the emptying of the lake: what happened to all the fish? Bajer lake is a well known fishing location, and there was quite a large population of fish in the lake - and they were moved, as much as they could've been to the nearby Lepenica lake, located just a couple of hundred meters away from Bajer.

If only there were videos available of the human relocation of the fish! Lepenica is much bigger and deeper than Bajer, it's a favourite location for swimming in the summer, and was quite popular for underwater orienteering. Once Bajer lake is up and running (floating?) again, the fish will probably be returned to it again.


Bajer lake will be empty until late July, as the planned re-filling is supposed to start on July 27th. One other amazing fact is that it's expected that the process of getting the lake back to its usual water content will take two days! Much less than the process of the emptying took... (More photos of the empty lake in the Večernji list gallery)


Monday, 18 March 2019

A Local "Fox" Can Show You Around Gorski Kotar

If you decide to explore around the "Green Heart of Croatia", as people sometimes call Gorski Kotar, you'll probably do yourself a favour if you opt for a local guide. And one of those, Jelena Holenko Pirc will be happy to introduce you to the region through the most amazing stories and give you a different perspective. (Srđan Brajković writes for

Her business is called Lynx and Fox and you'll be able to hear the origin story behind the name when you come to Gorski Kotar and Jelena's tour. Jelena is from Delnice, still lives there and she says that her core business is designing tours and being a tourist guide, and that she enjoys that immensly. While Gorski kotar is a well-known name in Croatia, Jelena thinks that it's not promoted and developed as much as it deserves. It's a location with extraordinary natural beauty and a huge potential for tourism. She says that she's currently the only tourist guide working exclusively in the Gorski Kotar area, since everyone enjoys having a local guide to get as close as possible to a authentic experience. And she still enjoys researching new ideas, routes and places to show people who want to get to know Gorski Kotar. Jelena says that she has lived a part of her life abroad, and that it brought her a lot of good, first of all, a better understanding of how amazing her life in Delnice really is. She enjoys all the time she gets to spend outside, in the fresh air, and the cities, Zagreb and Rijeka are a short drive away on the highway.

The tours she usually takes her customers on are varied and are often tailor-made for a specific group. She works with families, groups, school trips, groups of retired people of business-people at their team building trips. Some of the popular places in Gorski Kotar include Zeleni Vir, Vrajži Prolaz, Golubinjak, Kupa spring, Petehovac, caves... But her favourite tours include nature combined with some other activities, such as tasting of the local products or a lunch at a local restaurant.

You can find Jelena at and on Facebook.

Friday, 2 March 2018

Springtime at -16 °C

All you need is snow, some talent and good will!

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

MOST Calls for New Law on Mountainous Regions

ZAGREB, February 28, 2018 - Commenting on the current harsh weather conditions, MOST party MP Miro Bulj and Independent Democratic Serb Party (SDSS) MP Milorad Pupovac warned on Wednesday that less developed Croatian regions were particularly affected, with Bulj calling for the adoption of a good law on mountainous regions.

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Government to Help Snow Hit Areas

ZAGREB, February 25, 2018 - Prime Minister Andrej Plenković said on Sunday the government would help the town of Delnice and its people who have been dealing with heavy snowfall for several days, helped by the army to remove it.

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