Sunday, 23 October 2022

Fuel to Get More Expensive on Tuesday, Government Won't Intervene

October 23, 2022 - After the last week's Government intervention which stopped the inevitable increase in fuel prices, the media reports that this week there will be no such intervention.

Last week, the prices of fuel at all gas stations in Croatia were to go up significantly and the media already reported on the increase. However, the government stepped in and prevented that from happening. However, today the media reports that it was only a postponement of the inevitable, as the government has reportedly decided not to step in again this week.

Unofficially, the prices will be 13.44 kn for a litre of diesel (1.14 kn increase), 11.10 kn for a litre of eurosuper (0.38 kn increase), while the price for the so-called "blue diesel" should increase by 1.31 kn.

Supposedly, reliable sources explain that this decision by the Government was greatly influenced by OPEC's announcement that they plan to further reduce production, which will inevitably increase the prices further. Thus, there seems to be only one measure left to the government to prevent additional fuel price increases: the eventual decrease of the excise tax. However, there is no indication yet whether the Government is considering such a move to help the citizens. Some reports suggest that the move might come earlier than expected and that there is a possibility that we might see this type of intervention as soon as tomorrow.

Thursday, 3 March 2022

INA Gets Exploration License For Concession In Egypt

ZAGREB, 3 March 2022 - INA, the leading Croatian oil, and gas, has been given "an exploration license for the East Bir El-Nus concession (Block WD-8), located in Egypt’s Western Desert," the leading Croatian oil and gas group stated on Thursday.

"This is a follow-up to INA's activities on this key foreign market for the company in terms of oil and gas exploration and production," the press release says.

"INA enters the new exploration license as a 50% partner, while the remaining 50% is held by Energean, which will also be the operator. In the coming period, Energean and INA will finalize the license agreement with the Egyptian Government and the Egyptian national oil company, and before it enters into force it will have to be confirmed by the Egyptian Parliament."

In their bid, INA and Energean committed to conducting a 180-square-kilometer 2D seismic survey and a 200-square-kilometer 3D seismic survey, followed by at least two exploration wells.

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Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Croatia Gas App: Student Launches Gas Station Locator

Gas Station Locator: A student from Osijek just launched an app which shows where to find the cheapest nearby fuel in Croatia! The application, which is available in English, German and Croatian, currently tracks prices at gas stations from the five major oil companies in Croatia. There are also plans to expand the service to the rest of Southeast Europe.

As reported by Mladen Smrekar/tportal on November 20, 2019; the new application was created by Matej Arlović, a 23-year-old student of Software Engineering at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computing and Information Technology in Osijek.

Gas Station Locator

"After almost four months of development and administrative tasks, I’ve reached the moment where the Gas Station Locator application is ready for public release," said Matej Arlović, a 23-year-old student of Software Engineering at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer and Information Technology in Osijek, on Facebook. “A big thank you to everyone who helped me with this project: from developing and testing concepts, to writing articles and translations. This is my first experience with Android apps, so if you find any bugs let me know and I will fix them.”

The application monitors the prices at gas stations from five major oil companies in Croatia: INA, Petrol, Tifon, AdriaOil and APIOS. Information on the companies, gas stations and the prices of petroleum products are checked and updated regularly.


Cheapest Fuel in Croatia

"The goal is for the user to come up with the cheapest nearby fuel options, which result in significant savings," Arlović says. “Our algorithm does not predict fuel prices but uses current prices at gas stations. Fuel prices are updated on a weekly basis.”

The Gas Station Locator uses the user’s location to find the nearest gas station with cheapest fuel. Your location is detected when you enter the application, and if you are on the move you can refresh your location by clicking the button. Refreshing the location also moves the marker showing the user’s location, and the algorithm automatically searches for gas stations in the new location. If the new location is more than 100 kilometers away, the data will reload.

The user’s location is not saved, however, and the application will delete it after shutdown. As the team at Gas Station Locator points out: their goal is to preserve users' privacy.


Additional Services

In addition to fuel prices, the app shows additional services offered by gas stations: from restaurants and cafés to car washes. You can also find the gas station’s business hours and opening/closing times. Holidays and seasonal hours are also calculated within the algorithm.

You can download the app from the Google Play Store here and on the Gas Station Locator website, where you can find additional information about the service.

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Sunday, 13 September 2015

The Non-Existent Gas Station in Sucuraj