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The Art that Defines Croatia: From Lord Byron to Game of Thrones

June 10, 2022 - From renowned authors to thrilling narratives and illustrious actors and producers, there are certain masterpieces that reveal something essential about the crescent-shaped country of Europe. Croatia, a country overflowing with culture and a home to many creative souls, has faced richly deserved appreciation from various cultural works. These people and narratives have become integral to the country’s identity, demonstrating the way it is perceived through the eyes of foreigners. A look at the art that defines Croatia. 

Croatia has revealed itself to be a nation ‘forged in war’, emerging precisely in 1991 as an independent country. The centuries of unrest at the outer edges of earlier empires, as well as a devastating civil war when Tito’s Yugoslavia collapsed, had soon formed one of the most dynamic and creative countries in Europe; showcasing brilliancy to any tourist deciding to visit.

Starting from some of the distinguished books set in Croatia that depict the country’s enigmatic history, many will divulge in the “Black Lamb and Grey Falcon; A journey through Yugoslavia” written and published by Rebecca West. While those searching for a light-hearted novella might be lured into “Two Tickets to Dubrovnik” by Angus Kennedy as he depicts the area’s history and draws up a beautiful setting of the city. 

Moreover, not only are their books set in the celebrated central European and Mediterranean country but there are also authors who have shared their views on Croatia’s mesmerising landscapes. The great walled city of Dubrovnik, a popular tourist destination situated on the southern Adriatic coast, is famously known to be the “pearl of the Adriatic” as its picturesque views stun the most renowned poets of the world. This description from Lord Byron in the nineteenth century – one of the greatest Romantic poets in English Literature – has become unnoticed by numerous tourists that visit Dubrovnik every year.

Additionally, George Bernard Shaw, an Irish playwright who has been awarded both a Nobel Prize in Literature and an Academy Award, shared his sentiments on the city’s sheer magnificence. Upon his visit to Dubrovnik in 1929 he revealed: “If you want to see Heaven on Earth, come to Dubrovnik”.

And of course, you know that it is no secret that Game of Thrones was set in Dubrovnik as its primary filming location, but were you aware that the country itself has been continuously producing fascinating talents within the movie industry? Some of these surprising actors and producers include John Malkovich – who has received Academy Award Nominations for his distinguished performances – and Goran Višnjić – a Croatian American actor making an appearance in both American and British films and television productions. 

For many, Croatia is the entrance to the New World, and the country’s distinct personality has been shaped by generations of shocking talents who have passed through or lived in the country. Its nation conveys incredible nature, astonishing history, and generations of artists who celebrate the beauty of such land. So, it seems that no aspect of the culture-rich country of Croatia has gone unexplored by authors or even filmmakers – making it a sight worth seeing!

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Thursday, 2 December 2021

Game of Thrones-Related Tourism Brings €180m to Croatia

ZAGREB, 2 Dec 2021 - Film tourism related to the mega-popular HBO series "Game of Thrones", the filming of which began in Dubrovnik and elsewhere in Dalmatia ten years ago, brought into the Croatian economy a total of €180.7 million between 2013 and 2018, or €30.1 million annually. 

The figures were published in an article in the scientific journal Oeconomica Jadertina, issued by the University of Zadar. The article was written by Martin Vukašin and Josip Miočić from Zadar and Mirela Brechelmacher from Slavonski Brod.

The filming of the popular television series spawned a new type of tourism service, including trips to filming locations such as the Walls of Dubrovnik, the Palace of Diocletian in Split, the Klis Fortress, and the Krka falls in Krka National Park. Some travel agencies offer routes where particular Game of Thrones episodes was shot, the article says.

The BuzzFeed website, which has more than 80 million visits a month, has included Dubrovnik among the 18 most popular film tourism destinations.

The fourth season of the Game of Thrones series attracted a record 18.4 million viewers per episode.

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Thursday, 15 April 2021

Free Game Of Thrones Tour in Dubrovnik this Weekend!

April 15, 2021 - The Dubrovnik Tourist Board is marking the 10th anniversary of the broadcast of the first Game of Thrones episode with a special gift for all fans of the series this weekend - a free Game of Thrones tour in Dubrovnik, in both Croatian and English!

Turizmoteka reports, Dubrovnik hosted the filming of GOT, the most-watched HBO series ever from 2011 to 2018, from the 2nd to the 8th season. A series that has become a worldwide television phenomenon, based on George R.R. Martina's novel, won numerous accolades, including 59 Emmy Awards, was first aired on April 17, 2011, and was watched by about 13 million people worldwide.

In the series, Dubrovnik represented the capital of seven kingdoms, King’s Landing, one of the most important locations in the series. The scenes filmed in King's Landing brought invaluable worldwide promotion to both Dubrovnik and Croatia. The well-known attractive views of Dubrovnik have been recognized around the world, both by fans of the series and by numerous foreign media who have written about the beauties of Dubrovnik.

Numerous promotional activities, carried out by the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, related to the Game of Thrones series, have marked the past decade. The most popular was the Game of Thrones city map with marked filming locations through which many fans could tour the filming locations on their own and as part of several themed GOT tours accompanied by a guide.

The Dubrovnik Tourist Board hosted numerous foreign journalists, and TV crews who reported exclusively on GOT organized numerous presentations on the same topic in emitting markets. The iron throne used to film the series was briefly borrowed to promote Dubrovnik. For several study trips of foreign journalists, a unique thematic GOT menu was designed with the dishes mentioned in the series to imagine and taste that they are in King’s Landing. In cooperation with HBO, CNTB, and the City of Dubrovnik, the Tourist Board of the City of Dubrovnik organized the premiere of the last episode of the 8th season of 2019 in the Revelin Fortress in Dubrovnik.

On that occasion, the CNTB and the Tourist Board of the City of Dubrovnik organized a prize competition in 14 European countries. Hence, the lucky winners had the opportunity to attend the premiere and visit the locations of the filming of their favorite series. 

In the past ten years, Dubrovnik has established itself as an attractive location for filming, to which the Game of Thrones series has undoubtedly contributed. Themed GOT tours will be held on Saturday, April 17, starting at 10 a.m., in front of TIC Pile. Due to epidemiological measures, the number of participants is limited, so it is necessary to confirm arrival by Friday, April 16, until 17:00, by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone number: +38520312011.

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Friday, 26 February 2021

People also ask Google: How Many Days Should I Spend in Dubrovnik?

February 26, 2021 - Continuing the TCN series answering the questions posed by Google's People Also Ask function - how many days should I spend in Dubrovnik?

Dubrovnik, the walled city Lord Byron once called the 'Pearl of the Adriatic,' has dazzled tourists for decades.

Historians claim that tourism first really set off in this picturesque walled city in 1945. Its inclusion in UNESCO's World Heritage List over 30 years later only heightened its fame.

The breakup of Yugoslavia in the early 1990s pushed Dubrovnik into the spotlight once again, however not for its grandeur and charm, but as the target of the Yugoslav People's Army during the Seige of Dubrovnik. Intensive shelling blasted the medieval city walls, and over two-thirds of buildings in the historic core were damaged. The tourist jewel in pieces. 

But even after its darkest days, Dubrovnik shone again thanks to an extensive reconstruction between 1995 and 1999. The Adriatic Pearl was polished to its pre-war perfection, and it has been Croatia's champion of tourism ever since. 

I first visited Dubrovnik on my first trip to Croatia in 1996, not yet six years old and just after the war. I have photos of me striking poses on Stradun, slurping ice cream melted from the hot summer sun, and chasing pigeons around St. Blaise Square. The city's monumental effect on me as a child never dwindled, and its magic only grew as I got older. 


As a teenager, I would dream of visiting the baroque city during month-long stays in my mother's village of Kosa, just outside Metkovic and only 45 minutes from Dubrovnik. On Dubrovnik day trips, I begged my mother to dress up with me for fancy fish lunches and sunset gelato. It was my favorite Croatian city, without a doubt. 

We have brought dozens of friends from the US to Dubrovnik, staying for days in old-town apartments we wished we maybe hadn't booked after schlepping oversized luggage up 100 steep steps. But once the golden hour lit up Stradun, nothing else mattered - and the magic of Dubrovnik was infectious.

But that was over a decade ago. 

If Dubrovnik wasn't already popular then, today is it one of Europe's top travel destinations and a summer haven for cruise ship tourists who pile into the town for a day. A victim of 'overtourism' next to Venice before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the city's charm has often been met with critique and tourists wishing they hadn't visited in the summer after all. 

But there are ways to beat the bustle and ensure you get the most out of what Dubrovnik has to offer, so you too can experience its perpetual allure. Just read carefully. 

How Many Days Should I Spend in Dubrovnik?

While I thought it was tough to decide how many days you should spend in Split, quantifying it for Dubrovnik is infinitely harder. If you asked me in 2006, I would say a week, in 2010, maybe 3 days, and in the last couple of years, I would say no more than a day.

Though I would hardly agree with that now.

Factoring the potential of summer crowds (though we can't predict they'll return so fast after COVID-19), the key to Dubrovnik is taking your time. 

How long should I spend in Dubrovnik to see the Old Town?

Truth be told, Dubrovnik's center looks much mightier than it really is. This rather compact old-town town could be explored on a speedwalking tour in just a few hours, but that's not as much fun. 

To really explore the cracks and crevices of Dubrovnik's old town, I'd recommend one day - minimum. This gives you time to wander and stop to examine numerous historical attractions like Onofrio Fountain, built in 1438, the Franciscan Monastery (which is also home to Europe's oldest pharmacy), and the baroque Church of St. Blaise (circa the early 1700s). 


Don't forget the Rector's Palace, which held the Rector's seat of the Republic of Ragusa, nor can you miss the Romanesque-style Cathedral of the Assumption, designed by Roman architect Andrea Buffalini, which dates back to the 12th century. The 16th-century Sponza Palace is best seen at dusk, while the 31-meter-tall Bell Tower can be used as your marker as you wander around town. 

You'll certainly need time to peruse the shops hidden in high alleyways and people watch with a probably over-priced beverage on Stradun, which won't matter much to you then as you embrace the history around you.  

How much time do I need to see the city walls?

Dubrovnik's main attraction, its walls, has guarded the town for centuries. Built between the 12th and 17th centuries, these defensive stone walls are almost two kilometers long and wrap around the Old Town with scenic views overlooking Dubrovnik's red rooftops and sparkling Adriatic Sea. 

You haven't really been to Dubrovnik unless you've examined the city from this height, and history will continue to reveal itself at every tower, fort, and turn.


By entering from the busy Pile Gate, you'll find that walking the walls will take around two hours, that is, if you really take your time to enjoy it. Should you choose to visit in summer, it's best to book in advance and book to tour the walls in the morning - you'll thank me later. 

Because you'll likely need to rest after this wall-workout, don't rush to see the next thing - take the day in Dubrovnik to relax at a cafe or beach! 

How many days should I spend in Dubrovnik to visit Mount Srd?

One of Dubrovnik's top recommendations is Mount Srd, which you can reach in style with the cable car (5-10 minutes to the top), by hiking (about an hour), or driving (13 minutes from Pile Gate). Offering incredible panoramic views of Dubrovnik and the Adriatic, no matter which way you choose to make it to the top, you'll be rewarded with a panoramic restaurant, buggy tours, and the Croatian Homeland War Museum, which exhibits the Croatian War for Independence in haunting photographs from 1991-1995. 


Depending on what you choose to do, you could make Mount Srd a full-day activity! 

Can I see everything on Lokrum in one day?

Just 15 minutes by boat from the Dubrovnik Port is Lokrum, a small green island oasis that dates back to pre-historic times (1023). The perfect day-trip idea, Lokrum, is a natural habitat that boasts a botanical garden, medieval Benedictine monastery, nudist and rocky beaches, and even a Dead Sea-like saltwater lake. 

You can easily spend the day on Lokrum to beat the summer heat and crowds. This forested wonder even has a restaurant! 


Can I see the Elaphiti Islands in one day?

I didn't visit the Elaphiti Islands until maybe my 6th or 7th time in Dubrovnik, and I'm so sorry I didn't go sooner. The Elaphiti Islands, which get their name from the Greek word elafos, are a small archipelago of several islands slightly northwest of Dubrovnik. The three most famous are Kolocep, Lopud, and Sipan, populated by less than 1,000 people in total, though 13 islands make up the archipelago.

Tranquil, forested, and mostly car-free, the Elaphiti Islands offer a picturesque escape from the busy city. While you can visit Kolocep, Lopud, and Sipan by ferry, the timetables could get a bit tight, so booking a private speedboat tour for the day ensures you get the most out of your adventure - and lunch at an island konoba to boot!


How many days should I spend in Dubrovnik if I'm a Game of Thrones fan?

Calling all Game of Thrones fans! If you didn't know by now, Dubrovnik was transformed into King's Landing for the hit TV series, and you'll notice many famous scenes just by walking around the Old Town. For example, Cersei Lannister's steps of 'Shame!' (or Dubrovnik's Jesuit Stairs), St. Dominic Street (most marketplace scenes in King's Landing), while the Rector's Palace, Rupe Ethnographic Museum, Fort Bokar, Fort Lovrijenac, Ploce Gate and more all have their chance in the spotlight. 

There are several Game of Thrones tours you can choose from, most lasting around two hours, which will not only take you to filming locations but give you the history spiel of the city, too.


You can also head 30 minutes outside of Dubrovnik to the Trsteno Arboretum, whose gardens are featured in seasons 3 and 4! 

How many days should I spend in Dubrovnik, depending on the season?

Summer is without a doubt the busiest time in Dubrovnik thanks to the scorching hot sun, but that doesn't necessarily mean it is the best time to visit. Trying to do everything you want in a day or two during the summer could be an impossible task, given that long lines and crowds make many tourist activities tough to tick off. If you have time to spend in Dubrovnik in the summer, do it, and book yourself accommodation outside the bustling Old Town so you can maintain a somewhat slower summer pace. 

Spring may be the best time of the year to visit Dubrovnik for various reasons - 1) usually good weather, 2) tolerable crowds, less traffic, and emptier walls, and 3) more affordable prices. Most tourist attractions are open as well, and booking in advance is probably not necessary. Summer flight schedules to Dubrovnik usually kick off in the spring, making it easier to get in and out. 


Winter in Dubrovnik exposes the city's local life, which is often hard to experience any other time of the year. Dubrovnik is still enhanced by events in the wintertime, like Advent Christmas markets, its Winter Festival, and, of course, the celebration of its patron saint, St. Blaise. The weather may be cooler, but the vacant streets give the town a new kind of enchantment that only winter can bring. 

Conclusion: How many days should I Spend in Dubrovnik?

Another impossible question to answer, I believe it all comes down to why you're visiting in the first place. If you want to be fully immersed in the history, culture, and beauty of Dubrovnik, do yourself a favor and don't cut your trip to one day. However, if you're only looking to walk walls to say you did it and prefer a quick gander around town, one day is plenty. 


Keep in mind that the time of year you choose to visit will have a huge part in how your trip plays out. Even so, we're pretty sure you'll feel the magic no matter when. 

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Thursday, 10 September 2020

Diana Rigg Star of Game Of Thrones Has Died Aged 82

Thursday, 10 September 2020 - Diana Rigg star of Game Of Thrones has died aged 82 “I loved that location,” she said of filming the series in Dubrovnik and Gradac Park, “it was absolutely beautiful.”

Dame Diana Rigg, famous to younger generations for playing Olenna Tyrell in Game Of Thrones, has died aged 82. The star spent time in Croatia, filming the Purple Wedding in Gradac Park, Dubrovnik. “I loved that location,” she said of Dubrovnik and Gradac, “it was absolutely beautiful.”

“I love locations, I love traveling,” Rigg told one journalist after the filming had ended. “Locations, for the most part, have always been interesting. To begin with, it was Croatia, and that was wonderful because I’d never been to Croatia, and on my days off I’d do some exploring.”

Diana Rigg star of Game Of Thrones, pictured in 1973

Born in 1938, to older generations Rigg was well known for playing Emma Peel in the hit TV series The Avengers between 1965 and 1968. In 1969 she played Countess Teresa di Vicenzo, wife of James Bond, in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

Rigg joined the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1959, just after the start of her career. She made her Broadway debut in 1971, won the BAFTA TV Award for Best Actress for the BBC miniseries Mother Love in 1989, and an Emmy Award for her role as Mrs. Danvers in an adaptation of Rebecca in 1997. For her title role in Medea, she won the 1994 Tony Award for Best Actress in a Play. She was made a CBE in 1988 and a Dame in 1994 for services to drama.

Despite achieving much in her career, she is said to have been pleasantly surprised to have become known as Diana Rigg star of Game Of Thrones, so late in life. She played the role of Olenna Tyrell in the series for four years, between 2013 and 2017.

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Saturday, 25 May 2019

Game of Thrones Prequels Rumored to be Filmed in Korčula?!

In the week right after the long-awaited and controversial finale of the HBO series Game of Thrones, which was partially filmed in Croatia, Dora Lozica reports for Dubrovački Vjesnik that a group of high-level HBO executives and producers have arrived to Korčula to what is speculated to be a scouting expedition in preparation for filming of some of the potential Game of Thrones prequels.

Dubrovački reports that the HBO people arrived to Korčula on a private yacht from Dubrovnik, that they spent the night at the Liburna hotel and that they shared with the staff at the hotel that they're scouting the locations for some shoots on the island.

Some of the HBO executives that were seen on Korčula include well known names such as Mark Mylod, who directed 6 episodes of Game of Thrones (none of the episodes in the final season), but is best known for his work on the TV show Shameless.

Holly Rymon, the producer of such hits as John Wick, Spider-Man and Men in Black, as well as Patrick Capone, cinematographer and producer on numerous hits, such as Philadelphia, Spotlight, Girl on the Train and many other were seen walking around the Korčula Old Town and the surroundings, probably looking for perfect locations for an upcoming project. They left Korčula after having spent one night, and the hotel staff has shared with the press that they've made further reservations at the hotel and that they plan to come back in July (one can only guess that they won't be thrilled with the indiscretion of the hotel staff).

There are no indications as to what the project is that HBO is considering shooting on Korčula. However, HBO's CEO recently confirmed that several Game of Thrones prequels are being considered by the company, and one of the projects tentatively titled Bloodmoons is already being filmed in Belfast.

We've already written extensively about the missed opportunity that HBO had given Croatia when they decided to film Game of Thrones in Dubrovnik, Split, Klis and other Croatian locations; maybe if it really happens, the filming of the Game of Thrones prequel will be an opportunity to fix those mistakes!

Friday, 3 May 2019

BBC Promotes Croatian Tourism: Game of Thrones Locations Filmed

As Morski writes on the 2nd of May, 2019, the Croatian National Tourist Board (HTZ) has established a successful cooperation with the BBC, one of the largest and most respected media outlets in the world.

This cooperation includes the full production of three sixty second videos that will showcase the Republic of Croatia as an attractive year-round destination, the production of three articles with accompanying video footage for the BBC platform, as well as advertising and activity on all online BBC platforms from May to September on twelve key broadcasting markets.

''Cooperation between the Croatian Tourist Board and the BBC is one of the great examples of cooperation and working together with foreign entities on the promotion of Croatian tourism. We're exceptionally proud that such a large media group, achieving the reach of 454 million households around the world, has recognised the significance and potential of Croatia as a tourist destination. I'm sure that all the material shot, as well as all of the other activities, will significantly contribute to the visibility of Croatia, and thus to achieve even better tourist results this year,'' said HTZ's director Kristjan Staničić.

The BBC recording crew visited Osijek, Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik, Klis, NP Paklenica and other destinations where they recorded eno-gastronomic themes, cultural and historical heritage, active tourism offers and other interesting tourist attractions focusing on the locations of the world famous "Game of Thrones" hit series.

Other activities within this cooperation include content placement via BBC Story Works social network channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and the creation of websites on where there will be video and written material about Croatia. The markets covered by this cooperation, and on which the materials will be presented, are Germany, USA, Austria, Russia, Italy, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Norway, Belgium and Switzerland.

It's worth mentioning that the BBC network reaches as many as 308 million individuals on a monthly basis, while on social networks, there are more than sixteen million followers. In addition, the BBC has over 472 million views on its YouTube channel. A large percentage of their users are lovers of travel, and as many as 72 percent usually travel abroad.

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Sunday, 21 April 2019

Unforgettable Croatia Agency Offers Trip to Croatia for GoT Game Winner

Think you can predict the ending of GoT? Let the Unforgettable Croatia agency know!

If one thing has put Croatia on the map more than anything else for film and TV buffs, its the hit Game of Thrones series which has taken the world by storm, leading to countless visits to the many Croatian filming sites, particularly those in Dalmatia's southernmost city of Dubrovnik, which plays Kings Landing in the series, as well as Split.

While the Game of Thrones hysteria has been met with both positive and negative conclusions from residents of popular cities like Dubrovnik and Split, there is no doubt that economically speaking, Croatia has benefited beyond belief.

As Lider writes on the 19th of April, 2019, the British-American agency Unforgettable Croatia has announced a competition in which the task is to guess the ending of the wildly popular Game of Thrones (GoT) series and the reward for the one who manages to decifer the unfolding of the series' events will be rewarded with a trip to no less than GoT heaven - Croatia. So far, more than 5,000 people have sent Unforgettable Croatia their thoughts about who will take the throne at the end of the hit series.

The winner will be awarded a tourist-style tour of the various locations where the popular series was filmed across Croatia, more specifically Dalmatia, including Split, Klis, Hvar, Vis and Dubrovnik. Game of Thrones took off like few could have ever imagined, and the promotion that brought to Croatia was and remains unquantifiable. The first episode of the final season alone, which broadcast on Sunday attracted a record 11.8 million viewers.

Graham Carter, the owner of the British-American Unforgettable Croatia agency which launched the this GoT inspired competition, had his business in mind, which would further flourish by increasing the overall interest in travelling to Croatia. Every year, this agency brings about 5,000 passengers travel to Croatia, and they're hoping to increase that figure to 6,500 next year, as Carter revealed for Večernji list. Carter is currently residing in Split, where he is trying to establish a Croatian office for his the Unforgettable Croatia agency.

The winner of Unforgettable Croatia's competition will be offered half-board accommodation for a seven-day trip for two to Croatia, a tour of the Game of Thrones sites accompanied by a professional guide, and a visit to Hvar and Vis by sea. But there is, of course, a catch - the winner will not win the airplane tickets for travel, and they'll need to foot the bill for that themselves. 

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Saturday, 13 April 2019

Get Ready for 'Game of Thrones' Final Season with 2CELLOS (VIDEO)

April 13, 2019 - Unless you live in a cave, you’re probably aware that the final season of Game of Thrones airs on Sunday, April 14. Even if you’ve never seen an episode of the wildly popular TV series, it’s safe to say that you’re somewhat familiar with the show’s drama - and that fans will enter a severe post-Game of Thrones depression once the final episode airs in just over a month. 

For those of you gearing up for the end while recapping the first seven seasons, and for those of you who really could care less, we have something both diehard GoT fans and anyone with an ear for music will enjoy. 

You might recall that back at the beginning of 2017, Croatia’s favorite cello duo released the first single off of their critically acclaimed album ‘Score,’ which was released in March of 2017. Namely, the album featured 14 theme songs from famous blockbusters which were recorded with the London Symphony Orchestra - often considered ”the best orchestra in the world".

There was no better way to announce the new album than with a taste of Game of Thrones, and Stjepan Hauser andLuka and Stjepan of 2CELLOS fame did just that, in the heart of Kings Landing - Dubrovnik. 

“We filmed the video in the beautiful Dubrovnik where 'Game of Thrones' is filmed. We are happy that with our videos, we have the opportunity to show the world the beauty of our country, and this time the beauty of Dubrovnik where we particularly have ties because of Luka’s family,” said Stjepan Hauser back in 2017 of the music video directed by Darko Drinovec. 

Today, in an effort to prepare GoT fans for what lies ahead, we’re bringing you back to January 13, 2017, when the 2CELLOS released their take on the ultra-famous Game of Thrones theme song. 

You can watch the full video below. 

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Friday, 8 February 2019

Klis Fortress near Split to be Illuminated at Night

Starting later this year, during the upcoming tourist season, the Klis fortress (best known around the world as the place where Khaleesi kept her dragons in the HBO's mega-hit show Game of Thrones) will be illuminated during the night!

The fortress of Klis has been an amazing place to visit not only for the Game of Thrones fans in the past several years but also for all those in love with the medieval archaeology, fortresses, historical armed forces and the tourists who expect to get more out of the vacation experience. Recently, a contract was signed in Klis which guarantees that the fortress will become even more interesting in the future when it becomes illuminated during the night. The former Croatian capital is a part of the project financed by the European Union, IPA Interreg ‘Fortress ReInvented’ project submitted by Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. The whole project is about the reconstruction of the historical fortresses in the area, and it was submitted by Šibenik Museum for their St. Michael's fortress reconstruction. The Klis fortress portion of the project is worth 2.4 million kuna (350 thousand euros), and almost of all those fund will go towards the illumination of the fortress during the night.

Slavica Vuković writes for Večernji list about the plans, and the municipal prefect of Klis Jakov Vetma explains that the plans for the night-time illumination have been around for a while. All the documentation for the project has been done several years ago, he says, and now the project will be finalized. The illumination will make the fortress even more attractive, and more visitors will come. In 2018, there were 70.000 visitors at the fortress (an increase of over 50% compared to 2017, which also held a record!), and the prefect is sure that the fortress will be able to attract even more people, once it's illuminated. The deadline for the works to be completed is 90 days, so even in Croatia, that means that everything should be finished right in time for the high tourist season.

Klis fortress is considered to be an archaeological paradise as well, with renewed interest by the experts since a new, yet unknown site was found near St. Vid Church. The wealth of the archaeological findings at the area is the only real danger to the setup of the illumination on the fortress, as the process itself might be slowed down if something yet unknown is discovered while digging for the lighting.

Prefect Vetma also explains that there aren't many places in Croatia that have such a wealthy history like Klis, and he thinks that it shouldn't be a municipality, but it should be named a town. Municipal council and the Council of Split-Dalmatia County agree, and have supported that petition. Although the current number of inhabitants wouldn't support that decision, Vetma says that it's the people in tha past and the present that make a town, not buildings. He hopes that it would be easier to get European funding for the projects if Klis was a town, which will improve visibility, development and a better standard for the inhabitants.

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