Friday, 15 October 2021

Omiš in Autumn, the Perfect Time to Visit Mountains, the Cetina and the Sea

October 15, 2021 – With local seafood currently at its best and cooler temperatures inviting runners, hikers and cyclists to this spectacular location, Omiš in autumn is one of the best destinations of the season.

When temperatures cool on the Croatian coast, the telltale signs of tourism start to fade. Villages that were full of people in summer become very still. Only in the larger places does life go on unaffected.

The seaside city of Omiš is one such place. The charming Omiš Old Town streets hold their special atmosphere throughout the year. Autumn, in particular, is a favourite time for visitors to come.

IMG_3546sdfghjk.JPGEarthenware shades of rooftops in Omiš Old Town © Marc Rowlands

Arguably, this is the time of year when Omiš's famous and distinct cuisine is at its best. Omiš's special bounty of seafood comes from its position on the Cetina river. The best-tasting Mediterranean fish and shellfish love these conditions, where the freshwater meets the saltwater. And, in autumn, the prawns, scampi and calamari are at their biggest and best. The restaurants of Omiš offer fresh, seasonal specialties every day. Their tables are taken by relaxed visitors from all over the region, drawn to the city now the summertime rush has subsided.

IMG_6040sdfghjklo.jpegSeafood is an autumn specialty at sister Omiš restaurants Puljiz and Bastion. © Marc Rowlands

But, in the hills above and behind Omiš, and along the long promenades of the Omiš riviera, different kinds of visitors can be found. The cooler temperatures of autumn are perfect for cycling, running, hiking and walking.

edfgbhnjmh.JPGStarigrad Fortress, Omiš © Marc Rowlands

Sitting 262 metres above the city, the 15th century Starigrad Fortress is a mildly challenging hike. But, even older children can easily manage it. And the views from the top are incredibly rewarding. Autumn's cooling winds blow along the water surface, cleaning the vista. You can see so much detail on the islands opposite Omiš when the air quality is like this.

For those who prefer sport and recreation of a different kind, autumn in Omiš holds four of the city's most eagerly anticipated challenges

Omiš in Autumn: Dalmatia Ultra Trail

Dalmatia_Ultra_Trailrfvbhnjk.jpgOmiš in Autumn © Dalmatia Ultra Trail

With between 60% and 80% of its entrants coming from overseas, Dalmatia Ultra Trail is among the most internationally famous of all Croatia's cross country runs. And for good reason. The scenery is spectacular. There are three route options, allowing the race to be accessible to runners of varying abilities.

Mountain Dut

Starting from the Roman town of Solin, just north of Split, Mountain Dut is the biggest challenge of this Dalmatia Ultra Trail. On a course with a total distance of 122 km, runners will ascend to Putalj and Klis, site of the famous fortress, crossing along the Dinaric Alps before dropping down to Gata in the Omiš hinterland. From there, they drop down into the spectacular Cetina river valley and run parallel to the river until Kostanje.

wedfgvbhjnmk.JPGIn the hills near the village of Gata, Ivan Meštrović's statue of Mila Gojsalić overlooks the Cetina river and Omiš © Marc Rowlands

Returning up into the hills to visit the traditional village of Zadvarje, the trail next takes runners down to beautiful Brela. Runners will pass by beautiful Brela beaches, then those of the Omiš riviera villages Pisak, Marušići, Mimice and Medići. Then, it's back up to the final stretch of hills, visiting the old village of Lokva Rogoznica on the way, before finally descending to Omiš.

Mountain Dut 2021 starts on Friday 15th October at 9pm from Solin. Trail runners have 32 hours to complete the course. Each finisher will be awarded with 5 ITRA qualification points.

Dalmatia_Ultra_Trailf.jpgOmiš in Autumn © Dalmatia Ultra Trail

Sea Dut

At 56km in length, Sea Dut offers a challenging trail set before the entire Makarska and Omiš riviera coastline. Starting in Makarska, runners rise up to the village of Kotišina, famous for its botanical gardens and castle. Thereafter, they ascend Biokovo mountain, the trail reaching almost 875 metres above sea level. They stay atop the hills all the way to Brela, where they drop down to the beach. Thereafter, they take the same course as Mountain Dut, past Pisak, Marušići, Mimice and Medići, up to Lokva Rogoznica, then down to Omiš.

Sea Dut 2021 starts on Saturday 16th October at 8am from Makarska. Trail runners have 15 hours to complete the course. Each finisher will be awarded with 3 ITRA qualification points.

tergdhgjfhkg.JPGDalmatia Ultra Trail visits some of the most traditional and timeless sections of the Omiš riviera © Marc Rowlands

Ethno Dut

With a total distance of 18km, Ethno Dut is the most accessible of the Dalmatia Ultra Trails here. Starting in Dugi Rat, runners make a moderate ascent into the hills of just under 400 metres above sea level. They maintain roughly the same altitude for the entire trail, passing Jesenice and Tugare, before dropping down into Omiš.

Ethno Dut 2021 starts on Saturday 16th October at 1pm from Dugi Rat. Trail runners have 5 hours to complete the course. Each finisher will be awarded with 1 ITRA qualification point.

Omiš in Autumn: Omiš Half Marathon

Omiš_Half_-_Marathonswdfrgtyhuj.jpgOmiš in Autumn © Omiš Half Marathon

With a backdrop of mountains and the Cetina river, the half marathon in Omiš is perhaps Croatia's most spectacular. Where else can you run a virtually flat course with such scenery accompanying you?

Of course, the striking route is facilitated by following the Cetina river canyon. When doing so, runners pass some of the best rafting, kayaking, trekking, hiking and free-climbing locations in Croatia.

In 2021, the event again has two races - the half marathon and a recreational 6 kilometre race. Both take place within the Cetina river canyon.

Omiš_Half_-_Marathonsdfghn.jpg© Omiš Half Marathon

The Omiš Half Marathon takes place on Saturday 23rd October 2021.

You can register here and entries will be accepted in person between 8 am - 9 am on the day of the race. For more details, check the event's Facebook page.

UEFA Futsal Champions League 2021

244202666_2964388060467686_6950115119302343745_n.jpgZeleno Plavi © MNK Olmissum

With the tournament celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2021, there's no better time for the Fifa accredited UEFA Futsal Champions League to be coming to Omiš. Better still, the hometown Futsal team, MNK Olmissum are the current national champions. They won both the cup and the league in the 2020/2021 season!

MNK_Olmissumdf.jpgChampions! © MNK Olmissum

It's been two decades since a Croatian team reached the semi-finals of the tournament. Currently, MNK Olmissum are ranked within the top 16 of all European futsal clubs. To proceed in the competition, the hometown heroes will have to come top of their group. They face opponents Leo (Armenia), Diamant Linz (Austria) and KMF FON (Serbia). They will host the group at their home ground of Ribnjak, Omiš between October 26 and 31. The matches will be televised, but what better way to enjoy than in-person?

Omiš in Autumn: Dalmatian Trail League - Mosor Grebbening

GrebMarko_Hermansdfghjk.jpg© Marko Herman

The spectacular section of the Dinaric Alps that lies to the west of Omiš is known as Mosor. It starts near Klis, above Split, and runs to the Cetina river. Mosor Grebbening is a series of trail runs through this epic mountain terrain. In 2021, it is the 9th round of the famous Dalmatian Trail League.

The event contains a choice of three adult trails and one children's race. All of the races start or end in the village of Gata, in the Omiš hinterland.

Mosor_GrebbeningdfgvbhIvo_Pešić_Golub.jpg© Ivo Pešić

Starting in Klis and finishing in Gata, Sivonja is the toughest trail. It is 37.50km in length and has a 2590m ascent. Runners have 12 hours to complete the course.

Still a tough ask, Tovar is the slightly easier choice. At 17km and with an ascent of 1270m, you're given 8 hours to complete the trail.

At 8 kilometres in length and with a 400 metre ascent, Pule is the most accessible race. It should take way less than the 4 hours allocated. The children's race is an 800 metre dash around Gata.

GrebMarko_Hermansdfghj.jpg© Marko Herman

Mosor Grebbening takes place on Saturday 13 November 2021.

Registration for the races: exclusively via the online registration form here.

Monday, 8 March 2021

Fantastic Croatia Futsal Team Defeats Ukraine Again on Path to Euros!

March 8, 2021 - The Croatia futsal team defeats Ukraine for the second time in a week, bringing them one step closer to qualifying for the European Championship. 

The Croatia futsal team is one step closer to securing their spot at the 2022 European Championship after yet another convincing away victory against Ukraine.

In the fourth round of the new qualification cycle, Croatia recorded its fourth victory. Two rounds before the end of the competition, Croatia holds the top spot in Group 1, which confirms direct placement at the Euros in the Netherlands.

After winning 3:2 in the final minutes of the match in Osijek, Croatia took the lead away against Ukraine. In the ninth minute, Suton found Matošević, but a quick reversal from Ukraine soon followed. Šoturma scored from 6 meters, and less than a minute later, Zvaryč scored from a distance for 2:1.

However, in the 15th minute, Marinović cheated the goalkeeper Cypun with a brilliant move to equalize at 2:2. Ten seconds before the half, Ukraine's goalkeeper received a red card for playing with his hand outside the penalty area.

Croatia did not use the numerical advantage, but Marinović quickly returned Croatia's advantage for 2:3, and Jelovčić made it 2:4 with a fantastic goal from his own half. Kanjuh punished Ukraine with a new long-range goal for 2:5. 

Marinović increased Croatia's lead to 2:6 by breaking through the Ukrainian defense, and a Suhov own goal a minute before the end of the match made it 2:7. 

Croatia will play against Albania (April 7, Tirana) and welcome Denmark (April 10, Varaždin) in the last two qualifying matches. Croatia can lose first place only if they are left empty-handed, and Denmark wins in all three remaining matches, including the one against Croatia, with a better result of 4:1.

The European Championship is scheduled from January 19 to February 6, 2022, and the 16 best national teams will play in Amsterdam and Groningen.

Futsal EURO Qualifiers, Group 1:
1. Croatia 12 (4)
2. Ukraine 3 (3)
3. Denmark 3 (3)
4. Albania 3 (4)

Source: HNS

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Thursday, 4 March 2021

Croatia Futsal Team Tops Ukraine, One Step Closer to Euros

March 4, 2021 - The Croatia futsal team recorded its third victory in the European Championship qualifiers in an excellent match against Ukraine in Osijek on Wednesday.

After the successful opening of the European Championship qualification cycle in 2022, with victories against Albania and Denmark, Marinko Mavrović's Croatia welcomed the main competitor for first place, the national team of Ukraine.

The match in Osijek could not have started better for Croatia: in the second minute, Suton finished a quick action for the lead. However, Pedias scored in the ninth minute from a distance to equalize, and shortly before the half, Malyshko beat Luketin for the Ukraine lead (2:1).


Slobodan Kadic

That result stood on the scoreboard until the last five minutes of the game. Perić first assisted Jelovčić for 2:2, and then they switched roles - Jelovčić served Perić, who hit the back of the net for the Croatia victory (3:2).


Slobodan Kadic

"Well done to the boys; we kept a high rhythm and pressure; it was not easy to play against them," coach Mavrović told HNTV.

"We have a good atmosphere in the team. Everyone gave a lot to this victory. This victory brought us very close to the European Championships; we did what we wanted," added the coach after his third appearance on the Croatia bench and the third victory.

Croatia now leads the table with nine points, Ukraine and Denmark have three points each, but one match less, while Albania is at the bottom without points.

A spot at the 2022 European Championships in the Netherlands will be won by the winners of eight groups and the six best second-placed teams.

The two weakest second-placed national teams will fight for a spot as well. 

In the second match of Group 1, Denmark won in Albania 3:1.

Croatia will play against Ukraine again on Sunday, March 7, this time in Zaporizhia.

Futsal EURO Qualifiers, Group 1:
1. Croatia 9 (3)
2. Ukraine 3 (2)
3. Denmark 3 (2)
4. Albania 0 (3)

Source: HNS

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