Tuesday, 22 March 2022

1,500 Agreements Signed on Co-Financing Energy Upgrade of Family Homes

ZAGREB, 22 March 2022 - The Environment Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund has sent 1,500 agreements on the co-funding of energy upgrade of family homes, valued at HRK 102 million (€13.6 million), the fund reported on Tuesday.

The fund's director Siniša Kukić underscored that more than 3,000 applications have been processed for energy efficiency cofinancing, and contracts for a part of these requests are being prepared.

"An analysis of the applications processed so far shows that a high percentage are being approved, as many as 87%," said Kukić. 

He underscored that the average amount approved for cofinancing is about HRK 68,000 per project.

"If we continue at this rate we expect that about 5,700 projects will be approved within this scheme," said Kukić and added that the programme is important with regard to achieving climate objectives but also in light of the increased energy prices. 

The majority of projects refer to insulating exterior walls, reconstructing roofs and replacing windows and doors while some intend to install systems powered by renewables.

The fund added that cofinancing projects will continue again this year through another public call for applications.