Sunday, 12 June 2022

Friend of the Sea Certificate to be Given to Beloved Pula Aquarium

June the 12th, 2022 - The much loved Pula Aquarium is set to be handed the prestigious Friend of the Sea certificate in just a few days.

As Morski writes, the Pula Aquarium will receive the prestigious "Friend of the sea" certificate of self-sustainability from the World Sustainability Organisation on Friday, June the 17th, 2022.

The main goal of the World Sustainability Organisation is to encourage the development of companies in a sustainable direction, and by receiving the "Friend of the sea" certificate, Pula Aquarium has very clearly shown that it is well and truly committed to social responsibility and active involvement in breeding programmes for endangered species, all to preserve wild populations of various marine animals and marine ecosystems through their own business.

In addition to its core activities, the Pula Aquarium directly contributes to the protection of nature and sensitive and endangered marine species, which is why it has been recognised by national and international institutions, primarily for carrying out activities to protect sea turtles and other reptiles, not to mention the critically endangered noble pen shells, the population of which across the Mediterranean is dwindling.

The number of living noble pen shells in the Croatian Adriatic is believed to stand at a mere twenty, with hopes that there are more to be found yet.

The Pula Aquarium also indirectly contributes to the community itself by raising public awareness and restoring habitat and biodiversity. In addition to education, the main goals of the entity are to ensure animal welfare, nature and energy, along with the professional development of employees in each business segment.

With its own development, this aquarium follows many different global trends and carefully selects raw materials in order to use the most acceptable solutions for the environment and sustainability, which are also the reasons for the recognition of the Pula Aquarium as an example of good practice.

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Saturday, 2 April 2022

Aquarium Pula Receives Friend of the Sea Sustainability Certificate

April 2, 2022 - Aquarium Pula, the largest aquarium in Croatia, has just received the Friend of the Sea Sustainability Certificate for its outstanding efforts to preserve the sea.

To be a certified Friend of the Sea, aquariums must not only meet strict sustainable policies, waste management, and social responsibility but also commit to displaying comprehensive scientific information related to each species housed, offering annual educational courses for their visitors. The certificate also ensures that aquariums meet the highest animal welfare standards and prevent mammals from being trapped unless notable exceptions are made.

Aquarium Pula is located in a 130-year-old Austro-Hungarian building with a beautiful view of the historic port of Pula, conveniently set to experience the beauty of the sea fully. Today, the former fortress abounds in the marine world, which is mainly found in the Adriatic Sea, Croatian lakes and rivers, but also in seas around the world.

Aquarium Pula started as a private family venture by biologist Dr. Milena Mičić in 2000 and has grown into the largest aquarium in Croatia.

"The aquarium boasts one of the most diverse displays of Mediterranean life in Europe and numerous tropical exhibits displayed on an area of ​​more than 3,000 m2," said Dr. Milena Mičić, director of Aquarium Pula.

Dr. Milena Mičić started the aquarium with marine conservation based on basic activities, which today is widely known for its high-quality water experience, but also intensive research and environmental education. Aquarium Pula places a strong emphasis on educational tourism by organizing a series of activities and workshops to raise awareness of the many threats facing the ocean and the preservation of biology.

Aquarium Pula has received a lot of positive media attention due to its involvement in numerous ongoing conservation programs. The most important are: the Sea Turtle Rescue Center and the Noble Armor Sanctuary, both recognized by the Croatian Government.

Since 2001, Aquarium Pula has saved, rehabilitated, and returned more than 180 sea turtles. It was jointly praised in cooperation with the Croatian government and other partners (national parks, universities, public bodies, NGOs) for the preservation of Pinna Nobilis, a shell that is critically endangered after one of the most ruthless pathogenic disasters that brought the shell to the brink of extinction.

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