Monday, 25 October 2021

Zagreb Youth Commits Fraud, Sells Non-existent Apartments, Steals Millions

October the 25th, 2021 - One Zagreb youth has taken entrepreneurship to quite the next level in the form of selling apartments which don't even exist to end customers and then pocketing their payments for them, which amount to millions.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, police officers from the Zagreb Police Administration have further confirmed the suspicion that the currently unnamed Zagreb youth, who we can reveal is 20 years old, has financially three people for more than 600,000 kuna in total by further intensive and persistent criminal investigation.

During the above-mentioned police investigation, it has been found that the 20-year-old has already committed several criminal offenses (fraud) and the criminal offense of forgery of a document to the detriment of four men aged 41, 57, 41 and 79 and two women aged 58 and 59.

Namely, it is suspected that the Zagreb youth in question purposely misled the injured party by claiming that he was seriously planning to build a residential building in the western part of the City of Zagreb by showing them forged architectural designs of the future residential building, a forged partnership agreement, a forged contract with a contractor and even forged payments, not to mention ''proof'' of having purchasing equipment.

Furthermore, the aggrieved persons also signed contracts for the purchase of these fictitious apartments in the still unbuilt residential building and paid advances for those purchases to the account of the company owned by the suspect, of which he is also the director.

The material damage caused by these criminal offenses amounts to around 2.3 million kuna in total.

After the criminal investigation into this Zagreb youth was completed, and after the criminal report was previously submitted to the Municipal State Attorney's Office, the police officers informed the Municipal State Attorney's Office in Zagreb about everything determined so far in a special report.

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