Thursday, 31 March 2022

Foreign Tourists Generate €9.1bn In Revenue Last Year

ZAGREB, 31 March 2022 - Foreign tourists generated €9.1 billion in revenue in 2021, up 89% in 2020 and, it was equivalent to 87% of the revenue they generated in the record year 2019, the Tourism Ministry said on Thursday, citing Croatian National Bank data.

"We are extremely pleased with these results," Minister Nikolina Brnjac said. "Thanks to the government's measures and a good preparation by the whole sector, we have kept the tourism system stable."

She sees that as a confirmation of the big demand for quality tourism products and services, saying that the focus on quality and responsible business can ensure long-term success.

The ministry also cited the central bank's data for Q4 2021, when foreign tourists generated HRK 1.8 billion (€240 million) in revenue, up 116% on the year, and it was equivalent to 91% of the revenue they generated in Q4 2019.

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Sunday, 4 July 2021

Over Half a Million Tourists Currently in Croatia

4 July, 2021 - As reports , Croatian Minister of Tourism, Nikolina Brnjac, published a tweet declaring over 500000 tourists currently in Croatia.

Istria and Kvarner regions, as well as Split-Dalmatia County and Zadar County are leading the list with the most guests at the moment. Considering the majority of them are coming from Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland and Austria, it is safe to assume most of these guests arrived by land. Airport destinations like Dubrovnik are still lagging behind in numbers, but with the recent start of Delta Air Lines and United Airlines direct flights to the city, this too is likely to change.

Dalmatian Destinations Rise

Makarska is doing well at the moment. With 6500 guests on record this popular seaside town is up a whopping 100% when compared to last year. This is still a far cry from 2019 though. This number only makes up about 50% of guests visiting Makarska in the same period two years ago.

Split is seeing the benefits of train connections to Central Europe. Since late May the city has seen direct trains to Prague, Bratislava, Vienna and most recently Budapest. Numbers at Split Airport are also rising. 160 airplanes are due to land in Split this weekend, 120 of them being commercial flights. At the same time, the Split Ferry Port is expected to receive over 40000 passengers and 11500 vehicles. Incoming tourism seems to definitely be picking up for Dalmatia's capital city.

As already mentioned, Dubrovnik is seeing two American airline companies connecting it directly to New York. Both companies started flying this week with airplanes full to capacity. This is a big step towards giving American tourists a chance to take over the position of Dubrovnik's most numerous guests from the traditionally strongest British market. Speaking of the British, they are the ones much of Croatian coast, especially Dubrovnik, are still waiting for. As of now, it is still unclear how, when and in what numbers will the British visit Croatia this year.

In the north, Rijeka region is seeing the return of Lufthansa flights as well as low-cost Eurowings flights. These will be a huge boost for the numbers from German market as the two companies now connect this part of Croatia to Frankfurt, Munich, Düsseldorf, Berlin and Hamburg.

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Friday, 14 August 2020

COVID-19 in Croatia: Damir Trut Reveals 50 Foreign Tourists Infected in Croatia

August 14, 2020 - Director of the Civil Protection Headquarters and Assistant Interior Minister Damir Trut spoke about COVID-19 in Croatia. In an interview on Thursday evening, he explained why the Headquarters decided to tighten measures for cafes, bars, and nightclubs, and revealed just how many foreign tourists were infected in the country.

"The situation prompted us to make that decision. The infection comes from the Adriatic and young people are most affected, so it could be concluded that the most important factor could be nightclubs and cafes," he said as a guest for Dnevnik Nova TV, as reported by

Asked what will be achieved because the corona does not know the time, he replied:

"Yes, the corona does not know what time it is, but we have reduced the working hours by six hours and thus the possibility of infection."

He explained that the inspectors would control all activities and events throughout Croatia, and these are, in addition to clubs and cafes, weddings, and other events where more than 100 people are in one location.

He also said that people usually do not adhere to social distancing, but that they should also not be too harsh in sanctions.

“It’s like that in those locations, with alcohol and music, so people forget about keeping a distance,” he said.

When asked what he recommends, he answered:

"The recommendation is that the epidemic is here and among us, we have relaxed over the summer and we need to become aware of that. We need to be responsible so that it does not spread."

He also revealed that about 50 foreign tourists were infected in Croatia, and some had already returned to their countries.

Recall, Croatia recorded 180 new cases on Thursday, by far the most in the country since the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic.

So far, counting Thursday, Croatia has had more than 100 new infections in one day seven times. To date, the record day was July 11, with 140 newly infected, yesterday was the second-highest in terms of the number of newly infected - 130, and on July 15, there were 126.

Croatia first recorded more than 100 new cases on July 10. There were 116 newly infected at the time. The same number was recorded on July 18.

Now, for the seventh time, Croatia recorded over 100 newly infected people in one day - as many as 180 - and Thursday was the worst day since the beginning of the epidemic in Croatia.

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