Tuesday, 12 March 2013

FIGA Food Bar Hosts Penis Caricature Exhibition

FIGA is a great place to come for a light snack and a neon cocktail and why not enjoy all the great flavours in the company of penis art hanging on its walls?

The penis caricatures each have a funny name that definitely draws associations to people we have met throughout our lifetime such as Liar, Mommy's Boy, Poisonous, House Type, and the list goes on.

Its unsure how long the exhibition will be on display but pop in for a look around, even if you don't plan to order off the menu.

FIGA Food Bar is located on Buvinina 1 at the end of the popular Dosud street in the palace.

Monday, 8 April 2013

FIGA Food Bar: A Hipster Hangout in the Palace

(Bavinina 1; +385 (0)21 274 491)

Figa Food Bar is without doubt the funkiest one-stop going out spot in the palace. It has gotten a cult status from its days as Puls and the same crowd have been popping into this hip dungeon for more than 15 years.

When the owners gave Puls a facelift in 2012 they added food on the menu and converted it into Figa Food Bar. To locals, Figa will always remain as Puls in their heart, a cocktail hangout with thumping tunes after sunset; and it still remains however, Figa has attracted the tourist crowds by cleverly adding food on their menu without compromising on the venue’s identity.

The venue has been owned by the same family for 50 years and originally, it was a restaurant, then pizzeria, and as the war broke out in the 90’s, sourcing food became harder, and hence Puls was born. Next generation owners and hipsters, Linda and Toni have added their creative flair to the new(ish) joint by merging original palace walls with quirky art and euro-hip interiors. The sweetest surprise is in the basement, which boast a living room vibe with eclectic revived furnishing.

The menu provides a tempting selection of bites you can enjoy on the outdoor steps such as the pogača, crispy bread topped with Mediterranean vegetables. Its tough to find a good breakfast in town but Figa’s affordable breadbaskets with all sorts of egg combos are a nice surprise. Figa produce all their pastas themselves and this year they have rolled out with enticing seafood dishes such as the skartoču, where various white fish have been baked with vegetables in baking paper. At the entrance is a daily selection of cakes and cupcakes to lure you in.

Figa recently launched a new wine list which pays tribute to Dalmatia with representations of the region’s most loved grape varieties produced by Duboković from Hvar, Bibich from Skradin, Senjković from Brač, and others.

Throughout the day and night, Figa is a hotspot at the foot of Dosud street as people fight for a spot on their charming steps, whether it be for one of their killer cocktails or mocktails, sumptuous bites, coffee, or a summery rosé.



Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Croatian Chefs Bring Home Gold and Silver from the Sweet Thread International Culinary Competition

Croatian Master Chefs Association team scores big at the international culinary cup in Bjelovar

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