Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Flydubai Announces Flights to Dubrovnik for 2018

The Dubai airline has Dubrovnik in its sights for next year!

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Bored With Ferries? Fly From Dubrovnik To Bari Next Year!

Why go just by water when you can go by air?

Friday, 22 September 2017

Transavia Introduces Dubrovnik - Hague/Rotterdam Line for 2018

A new line between Dubrovnik and Rotterdam/Hague for summer 2018!

Friday, 11 August 2017

2018: Greek Carrier Aegean to Boost Athens-Dubrovnik Line

Good news as the Greek carrier increases its 2018 flights to Dubrovnik.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Flights to Dubrovnik from London Stansted: 6 Cheapest from £107 Return WITH Luggage

With the number of flights going to Dubrovnik and its close proximity to Split, many visitors to Split and the islands fly into and out of Dubrovnik Airport. There are regular bus connections to Split from Dubrovnik (see our bus information page), and it is possible to find some great deals on the low-cost carriers. 

Continuing our series of finding the best flight prices for you for the 2013 season, we had a look at flights with easyJet ftom London Stansted to Dubrovnik, with the cheapest flight just £75 return all inclusive (hand luggage only). Luggage is £32 for a 20 kg bag.

Heading to Ultra Europe? Get to Dubrovnik and back for just under £100 return. 

Depart from Stansted May 1        £53.49        Depart from Dubrovnik May 8       £27.49
Depart from Stansted May 29      £53.49        Depart from Dubrovnik June 12    £63.49
Depart from Stansted July 10      £55.49        Depart from Dubrovnik July 19      £44.49
Depart from Stansted Aug 14      £48.49        Depart from Dubrovnik Aug 21     £80.49
Depart from Stansted Sept 20    £44.49         Depart from Dubrovnik Sept 27    £84.49
Depart from Stansted Oct 9       £32.49         Depart from Dubrovnik Oct 16      £42.49

More information on the easyJet website.

Check our flights page for the most comprehensive information about flying to Split this summer. 

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Flights to Dubrovnik 2013: 7 Cheapest from Edinburgh

There are several choices to the Adriatic coast this summer from Scotland, with easyJet leading the way with their service to Dubrovnik, which will last from late April until October.

Prices vary considerably, and we have been through the easyJet booking system to find the best deals per month for the seven months that they fly. The best we could find was £97 return all inclusive (hand luggage only) when booking with a debit card. Luggage is £34 for 20 kg if booked online.  

Depart from Edinburgh Apr 27 - £59.49      Depart from Dubrovnik May 4 - £53.49
Depart from Edinburgh May 7 - £57.49       Depart from Dubrovnik May 14 - £62.49
Depart from Edinburgh June 11 - £59.49    Depart from Dubrovnik June 25 - £64.49
Depart from Edinburgh July 23 - £48.49      Depart from Dubrovnik July 30 - £85.49
Depart from Edinburgh Aug 6 - £35.49       Depart from Dubrovnik Aug 17 - £84.49
Depart from Edinburgh Sept 24 - £35.49    Depart from Dubrovnik Oct 5 - £62.49
Depart from Edinburgh Oct 8 - £38.49       Depart from Dubrovnik Oct 15 - £58.49

To find out more and to book, visit the easyJet website

For the most up-to-date information on flights to the Dalmatian coast, and other flight-related info to Split, check our flights page.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Flights to Dubrovnik 2013: 7 Cheapest from London Gatwick. From £57 Return Inclusive!

While Split airport is the most convenient entry point to the Dalmatian capital, Dubrovnik is also a major tourism draw, and many visitors visit both cities on their trip.

There are lots of flights to Dubrovnik - and some excellent deals if you shop around. We have been through the easyJet website to seek out the best all-inclusive prices for you (luggage excluded) from one of the most popular routes - London Gatwick to Dubrovnik - with the best current deals per month as follows: 

Depart London Gatwick April 28      £39.49      Depart from Split  May 10    £17.49
Depart London Gatwick May 8        £39.49      Depart from Split  May 15    £34.49
Depart London Gatwick June 10     £44.49      Depart from Split  June 19   £60.49
Depart London Gatwick July 10       £47.49      Depart from Split  July 17    £46.49
Depart London Gatwick Aug 7        £66.49      Depart from Split  Aug 15   £76.49
Depart London Gatwick Sept 29     £33.49      Depart from Split  Oct 6      £62.49
Depart London Gatwick Oct 9        £33.49      Depart from Split  Oct 19    £34.49

To find out more and to book, visit the easyJet website

For the most up-to-date information on flights to the Dalmatian coast, and other flight-related info to Split, check our flights page.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Croatian Route Number 31 for easyJet, as Toulouse to Dubrovnik Announced

The impressive easyJet expansion in Croatia continues with one more new connection from France. 

Thursday, 8 October 2015

And Now France: Volotea Connects Dubrovnik to Marseilles, Nantes, Bordeaux

Volotea expands its commitment to the Dubrovnik flight market with new connections to France for 2016.

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