Friday, 10 September 2021

Croatian Boxing Spectacle: Hrgović Back after 10 Months, Mavrović after 23 Years!

September 10, 2021 - A Croatian boxing spectacle will be witnessed tonight thanks to Filip Hrgović, Željko Mavrović, and Peter Milas!

Filip Hrgović has his first fight this year in Klagenfurt tonight. Before him, in one of the pre-fights, Željko Mavrović enters the ring for the first time since 1998, and the great evening of Croatian boxing is completed by Petar Milas, whose opponent in Paris is one of the best young heavyweights of today, Tony Yoka, reports

Boxing has not been in the center of attention of the Croatian sports public for a long time, but tonight's program is an excellent reason to change that for at least one day.

Hrgović's first fight in 10 months

Hrgović had not fought since November last year when he defeated Rydell Booker in the fifth round by technical knockout and formally won the IBF International heavyweight title in the US. 

Since then, Hrgović and his camp have complained that no one wants to accept a fight against him, picking on some of the top heavyweights who could bring him closer to fighting for the world title. In the meantime, he duly ignored Alen Babić's challenges, justifying that he was below his level, and then arranged a fight with Montenegrin Marko Radonjić, the 229th heavyweight on BoxRec's list.

Radonjić is a 31-year-old from Cetinje who has 22 professional fights and 22 victories behind him, all by knockout. The ratio seems scary, more impressive than Hrgović's (12 wins, 10 knockouts), but Hrgović is by far the most renowned fighter he has ever encountered.

At yesterday's weigh-in in the center of Klagenfurt, Hrgović weighed 112 kilograms, which is in line with his usual weight for fights, while Radonjić weighed slightly more (113.2 kg).

Mavrović returns after 23 years

At the same Matchroom boxing event, Željko Mavrović will return, who last fought in 1998 for the world title against Lennox Lewis. Croatian boxing fans remember the seventh round, in which Mavrović had the fantastic Briton on the ropes. Still, he failed to finish it and eventually lost by a unanimous decision of the judges.

And such a defeat, the first after 27 consecutive victories, was quite an undertaking given Lewis' power at the time, and many expected his career to flourish after that, as he had not yet entered his 30s, the best years for a boxer. He is now in his 50s, and they are long behind him, but after watching the clash of the legends between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones, he became motivated, and now his ultimate goal is to arrange a fight against Tyson.

Mavrović went from boxing to entrepreneurship, but his business with macrobiotics failed. In recent years, he has been sought after in numerous roles in the world of boxing, but he has not held any of them, except for commentary on RTL. He left it to others for tonight because he would be on the opposite side of the camera.

His opponent is the 26-year-old Georgian Ramazi Gogichashvili, a "journeyman" who fights often and mostly loses. He has won 14 fights in his career, lost 35, and two ended in a draw, but even such a ratio is misleading as he has won only two of 26 fights in the last five years. He was last caught by Croatian boxer Agron Smakići two weeks ago and knocked out by Alen Babić two years ago.

At the official weigh-in, Mavrović weighed 99.2 kg, and Gogičašvili weighed significantly more - 111 kg.

The Croatian Boxing Federation did not issue a license to Mavrović, so tonight will be a revival fight.

Split's Milas faces Yoka

In Paris, a little further west at the Roland Garros tennis center, an event will take place where Peter Milas will fight the young French star Tony Yoka. Like that of Hrgović and Radonjić, it will be a clash of two undefeated boxers. Yoka has won all ten fights (eight by knockout) and Milas all 15 (11 by knockout).

Like Hrgović, the 26-year-old from Split owns the international champion belt, but according to the IBO version. This will be his first fight in almost two years when he defeated South African Johnny Muller by a unanimous decision. Yoka has a path similar to Hrgović's, whom he defeated in the semifinals of the Olympic Games in Rio 2016. Milas is conceived as one of his opponents on the way to the world title.

Milas fights with about 100 kilograms, so this time as well. He weighed in at 100.8 kg, and Yoka at 108.3.

Of all three Croatian fights tonight, the first on the program is Mavrović's, expected at 19:30, with a broadcast on RTL 2.

Filip Hrgović should start at around 22:30, and Milas should be in the ring against Yoka at around 22:00. RTL will broadcast these two fights on its first channel.

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Saturday, 27 February 2021

Filip Hrgovic will Meet American Michael Hunter in Fight of Career, Date TBD

February 27, 2021 - Filip Hrgovic will meet American Michael Hunter in the fight of his career. If he wins, he will fight for the IBF world champion title. reports that the best Croatian boxer Filip Hrgović (12-0), will meet American Michael Hunter (19-1-1).

His Team Sauerland confirmed this on social media, where a poster of the two boxers was posted. The date of the fight is not yet known.

Whoever wins this fight will get a chance to win the IBF title. Namely, the winner awaits the better of Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury.

The date of the fight is not yet known.
Hunter is currently fourth in the challenger rankings and was supposed to fight second-placed compatriot Charles Martin, but the latter has since withdrawn. 

Since the third challenger, Ukrainian Oleksandr Usik, is not interested in the IBF title and allegedly wants to box for the world title according to the World Boxing Organization (WBO) version, the next in line is Hrgovic. The IBF title, let us remind you, is held by Briton Anthony Joshua.

Hrgovic's British promoter Eddie Hearn said recently that he had already offered this fight to Hunter but received no response. However, it is one thing to box against Hrgovic in a regular fight and another for the first challenger's position in the IBF rankings, writes

Namely, the Hrgovic - Hunter fight winner will finally get the opportunity to box against the winner of two fights between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury.

Hunter has said before that Hrgovic's promoters have his number and are free to contact him.

"Hrgovic and I fought twice in the same program last year. I fought harder opponents every time, and after the fight, I would ask them: Why don't you want to let me fight Filip Hrgovic? They answered me how there is always a green light and that they are just preparing him for that caliber of fighting. If he is ready, so am I. I am absolutely ready to fight against Hrgovic; in fact, I have asked for it a couple of times already," Hunter said last year.

For the Croatian boxer, this means a chance for a direct path to the title. It brings risk, but it would be accepted by anyone who wants to progress, especially because Hunter is not a particularly big world name and is smaller than Hrgovic.

According to the BoxRec rankings, Hunter is the seventh heavyweight in the world, and in front of him are big names like Joshua, Wilder, Povetkin, and Fury.

Hrgovic holds 20th place on the list of the best heavyweights in the world.

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Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Filip Hrgovic Announces Zagreb Fight in December

November 10, 2020 - Croatian boxer Filip Hrgovic announces Zagreb fight in December if all goes to plan. 

The best Croatian heavyweight boxer Filip Hrgovic (28), who reached his 12th professional victory with a triumph against 39-year-old American Rydell Booker, announced on his return to Zagreb that he has the opportunity to fight again this year, but that a real breakthrough in the IBF challenger rankings is expected next year when he should fight someone from the top of the world in February or March.

"It is best to be at home; I am happy to be back," said Hrgovic in a good mood and thanked everyone for welcoming him at Zagreb Airport.

"The referee made a good decision to end the fight. Booker had no control and was behind in points. He might have endured another round, but that wouldn’t make sense; he’d get even more beatings. I think I played that fight very well, and I am the first to manage to ‘finish’ him. Bulgarian Kubrat Pulev, who has twice fought for the world title, won it by a referee's decision after ten rounds," Hrgovic said.

The next fight should be on December 19 in Zagreb, but that has not been confirmed yet. The location is unknown at this time.

"It will probably be without an audience; we just need a place for the ring and cameras."

After the victory against Booker, he named the boxers he wants to fight next.

"The ones I called out, I should fight against them in February or March. But an agreement needs to be made with them. It doesn't matter who it would be, but it is important that it is an opponent from the top of the world and that it resonates worldwide. If that fight goes well, I should be among the top five on the IBF challenger rankings. Also, then next year, I could have three or four fights," said Hrgovic and added:

"Our goal is to fight for the IBF title. I may fight for the title as early as next year or 2022. But it may never be. We will have to wait to see how things develop."

Source: HRT

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Sunday, 8 November 2020

Filip Hrgovic Books his 12th Career Victory, Celebrated with Technical Knockout

November 8, 2020 - Great news for the Croatian boxing world, as Filip Hrgovic books his 12th career victory!

Filip Hrgovic reached his 12th victory after defeating Rydell Booker with a technical knockout in Florida on Saturday evening. Booker entered the ring with 112.4 kilograms, 2.4 more than Hrgovic, but that couldn't help him much in the end. 

In the first round, Hrgovic proved just how much better he was, though he didn't fully show his dominance over the American boxer until the second round when the judge had to count Booker twice.

His domination continued in the third round, but Booker held his own and showed why no one ever beat him by knocking him down. The best Croatian boxer continued with relentless attacks, and the judge decided that it was enough only in the fifth round. Booker could no longer defend himself and received so many heavy blows that the judge decided to stop the fight for his health.

"Thanks to Booker for accepting the fight. He's a great warrior; he had a hard life. I had a good fight; a lot of tough plays, the referee made the right decision. I thought I would knock him out sooner, but I did a good job. Next, I want to fight the best in the division. Let's go, people, sign the contract, it's not that hard. I am impatient, I feel good, and I want a hard fight. Boxers mostly talk via Instagram and don’t want to fight El Animal. I need big names. Michael Hunter, Daniel Dubois, Povetkin, Dillian Whyte, Chisora, I want them all," Hrgovic said after the fight.

This was Hrgovic's 12th fight in his career and 12th win.

Hrgovic was weighed in on Friday before the fight with 110 kilograms, 2.4 kilograms less than his opponent.

"I didn't come here to be Booker's friend; I intend to finish him. You'll see a great fight tomorrow before the knockout because I need to box him. I'm not just going to knock him out; I'm going to show my boxing skills," he said before the fight.


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Saturday, 3 October 2020

Filip Hrgovic Will Fight Rydell Booker in Florida this November

October 3, 2020 - Croatian boxer Filip Hrgovic will fight Rydell Booker, a 39-year-old American and former sparring partner trying to revive his career after his release from prison, on November 7 in Florida. reports that Hrgovic's promoters responded to messages from critics questioning whether the program they had designed for the Croatian champion made sense. After the match against Kartozia, a boxer who is not even among the 600 best in the world, Hrgovic answered that it is up to his promoters to organize the fights, and it is up to him to be ready for any fight.

And while Kartozia received a boxing ban of a few months, Hrgovic enters the ring again a little over a month after the knockout in Denmark. He has already left for America, where he will prepare for the fight against Booker.

The American has had 29 fights and won 26 times in his professional career. He lost three times, in 2004 to James Toney, in April 2019 to Jermaine Franklin, and recently against Bulgarian boxer Pulev.

Booker, who will turn 40 in February, was one of America’s most promising heavyweights at the turn of the century. Born in Detroit, Booker had 22 straight wins by mid-2004, winning an IBA title match against James Toney, who had earlier demolished Evander Holyfield. The winner would get a chance to box for the world title.

However, in parallel with his boxing career, Booker also built a criminal one. Five months before the fight with Toney, he was arrested along with three other men for possessing more than a pound of cocaine and was awaiting trial.

"I had to accept that fight even though I wasn't ready for it. I needed money for expensive court costs, and I had no choice," said Booker years later, who lost to Toney by a unanimous decision of the judges after 12 rounds.

Hrgovic believes that he will bring down Booker without any problems.

"I can't wait to fight in America. Booker is a skilled fighter; he had a good fight against Pulev. He kept his distance and won the first couple of rounds; he endured 12 rounds. I can do much better. I will finish this fight earlier. Booker was one of my sparring partners before the fight with Corbin. I know him well, and he knows me well. He scanned me. I am looking forward to the fight. He has good technique and skill, but I am more prepared, and in better shape, and I think he will not be able to bear my strength and pressure," Filip Hrgovic said.

His promoters from Team Sauerland predict that by the end of 2021, Hrgovic will be fighting for the world heavyweight title.

"Filip can hurt any heavyweight at the moment. He has dynamite in both hands, he showed that in the last fight, and he will show it against Booker. Filip must stay in rhythm and fight because a challenging year awaits us. He is ready to fight for the title of champion," said Nisse Sauerland, Hrgovic's promoter, announcing the new fight.

He recently said he would not give up on a deal to fight British boxer, Daniel Dubois.

Sauerland confirmed that the fight is still in the plan, and by the end of 2020, he could be in the ring for the third time.

"After Booker, we hope to fight one more time by the end of the year. We're trying to keep Filip busy and going in the right direction," Sauerland explained.

There have been rumors for some time about the clash between Hrgovic and Dubois, a duel between two upcoming fighters who should be at the top of international boxing for a long time.

"We are definitely considering a fight with Dubois, he is constantly progressing; he is completely different than a few years ago. We will see him as he really is in the next fight against Joe Joyce, in my opinion, it is completely open. But the fight between Dubois and Hrgovic will happen soon, in a year, no matter how Dubois fares against Joyce," Sauerland said, adding that this is the perfect time for Hrgovic to fight for the top of world boxing because the heavyweight division has never been more exciting, after a boring era dominated by the Klitschko brothers.

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Sunday, 27 September 2020

VIDEO: Croatian Boxer Filip Hrgovic Knocks Out Kartozia for 11th Career Victory!

September 27, 2020 - Croatian boxer Filip Hrgovic returned to the ring in the best way possible after a 10-month break, knocking out Greek opponent Alexandre Kortozia. His next opponent will be Rydell Booker, Hrgovic's former sparring partner who once fought for the title of world champion. reports that the best Croatian boxer Filip Hrgovic recorded his 11th victory in the same number of fights in his professional career. He knocked out Greek Alexandre Kartozia in the second round, who did not offer too much resistance.

In the second round, less than a minute was enough for Hrgovic to finish this fight. And there was no salvation for Kartozia - a brutal right-hander put the Greek to sleep, knocking him out instantly as he fell on the ropes in the ring.

After the fight, Hrgovic's coach Yousef Hassan spoke about the win.

"I ran into the ring after the match and saw a man, he almost died. He couldn't get air. Filip really has a bomb in his hands, that right one is really strong," said Hassan and added:

"Filip and I bet before the match about which round the fight would end and we said it would be over in the second. We are returning home happy with the victory, we are more experienced now, and didn't work for 10 months for nothing,", said Hassan and announced the standard ritual that goes after every one of Hrgovic's victory.

“We go to McDonalds, eat some unhealthy burgers, and then we go home. In a couple of days, we're going on the hunt for Booker. Something ugly is waiting for him as well,"  concluded Hassan.

Hrgovic returned to the ring in the right way after a break of ten months. His next opponent will be Rydell Booker, Hrgovic's former sparring partner who once fought for the title of world champion.

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Monday, 9 March 2020

Boxer Filip Hrgovic to Fight Jerry 'Slugger' Forrest in Oxon Hill, USA

March 9, 2020 - Croatian heavyweight talent Filip Hrgovic will face Jerry 'Slugger' Forrest on April 17 in Oxon Hill, USA. 

ESPN reports that one of the most interesting heavyweight talents, bronze Olympic medalist Filip Hrgovic (10-0, 8 KO) will compete on April 17 in Oxon Hill against Jerry Forrest (26-3, 20 KO), an American boxer who missed fighting Murat Gassijew in February due to the Russian's injury.

The 31-year-old 'Slugger' has no significant victories on his account, but in July last year, he fought an even, losing duel against the undefeated Jermaine Franklin. It was his first defeat since 2014, when he lost against Michael Hunter. Forrest's third defeat took place in August 2013, when Gerald Washington knocked him out. It is worth noting that Forrest is small for a heavyweight (185 cm tall), but with a nearly two-meter reach. 

Forrest has 26 wins and three losses and has registered 20 victories with a knockout. Boxrec ranks him as the 93rd heavyweight in the world and the 23rd best American boxer in the royal category, which is nowhere near the references Filip had hoped for his next rival. Forrest began his career in 2012, and in the next two fights, he met his most famous opponents - Gerald Washington and Michael Hunter, against both of whom he suffered defeat.

The last fight for the 27-year-old Hrgovic was in Saudi Arabia last December. ‘El Animal’ knocked out Eric Molina in the third round. It was said that in the spring, the Croatian boxer could cross gloves in Great Britain against Martin Bakole, though this has been put on hold for now. 

The reason for the not-so-challenging fight against Forrest is that Hrgovic has Olympic qualifications in May. It all depends on whether the Croatian champion Marko Milun manages to qualify for the games in March in the European tournament. If he fails, Hrgovic will most likely prepare for the May tournament. At the moment, the Zagreb heavyweight is located in Miami.

Hrgovic and Forrest will meet in Oxon Hill, a small town near Washington, next month. Besides the Hrogvic fight, the program also includes Regis Prograis vs Maurice Hooker, Luke Campbell vs Javier Fortuna, Cecilia Braekhus vs Jessica McCaskill, and Danijar Jeleussinow vs Julius Indongo.

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Saturday, 7 December 2019

Filip Hrgovic Knocks Out Eric Molina to Win Biggest Fight of His Career!

December 7, 2019 - Filip Hrgovic defended his WBC International Heavyweight belt on Saturday after knocking out Eric Molina at the Diriyah Arena in Saudi Arabia. reports that Filip Hrgovic knocked out Eric Molina in the third round of the ‘Clash On The Dunes’ on Saturday to remain the WBC International Heavyweight champion. The Croatian boxer dominated the whole fight, leaving the American boxer with little hope. 

Molina was knocked down twice, once in the first and second in the second round.

Hrgovic started strong in the third round, threw a few heavy punches, and after less than a minute, managed to knock out Molina.

After the fight and proclamation of Hrgovic as the winner, the Croatian boxer made a statement calling out the biggest names in boxing. 

"I am pleased with my performance; I have a lot of respect for Molina, who agreed to fight against me when no one wanted. Thanks to my coaches, promoters and thank you to Saudi Arabia for making this event possible," Hrgovic said after the fight, and commented on the fact that Molina complained that some of his strikes were in unauthorized areas:

"This is a war, and I used all the weapons. He turned his back on me, this is a regular hit, there is a judge so let him punish me if I was wrong,” he added.

He then asked the world's best to fight this promising boxer from Croatia.

“This is my wish from the beginning of my career, and I hope that one of the warriors will come and fight. This is a dangerous sport, I am convinced of my skills and moving forward, I believe that I can become a world champion, but I could also never become one,” concluded Hrgovic.

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Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Meet Filip Hrgovic: Once Called a "Fatty", Now a World Title Challenger

December 4, 2019 - This Saturday at the Diriyah Arena in Saudi Arabia, Filip Hrgovic (9-0, 7 KOs) is scheduled to defend his WBC International Heavyweight Title against former world title challenger Eric Molina (27-5, 19 KOs) on the undercard of the huge rematch between Andy Ruiz Jr. and Anthony Joshua, who fight for the IBF, WBA, WBO and IBO World Titles. 

The Croatian star is enjoying the spotlight and is looking to make a statement on the biggest stage this weekend, but reaching stars wasn’t easy for Hrgovic, whose biggest support has always been his family. 

Filip was born on the 4th of June 1992 in Zagreb. His father Petar works for Croatian Motorways and was born in Livno, Bosnia and Herzegovina while his mom Iva was born in the capital of Croatia, graduated with a BA in kinesiology and has been focusing on raising five children. Filip has an older brother and sister, Ivan and Ivana, while older than him are Matija and Marta. There was also his grandfather, who Filip looked up to. 

“I am regretting that my grandad Stipe, to whom I was particularly attached to, didn’t experience my greatest success,” Filip once said.

As a kid, Filip gained extra weight and, therefore, in elementary school earned the nickname “fatty”. He was bigger than his peers and was often reprimanded due to his bad behavior in school. 

“I was naughty, playful, at least that's what I think about myself. I was a playful, but naive kid, we were all doing some nonsense, but it was always me who got in trouble,” said Hrgovic. 

Even though he is a well-renowned name in professional boxing nowadays, the first sport he got to know was basketball, as he was hoping to lose weight when he was eight years old. A few years later, he even won the national championship with the club Dubrava, but soon he retired due to back and knee injuries. 

Next, he dived into swimming, but not for too long. In 2005, for the first time, he started practicing box in Sesvete near Zagreb, his home district. He started learning the trade in the boxing club Leonardo under the guidance of coach Leonardo Pijetraj. His parents, especially his mother, met his decision to go into boxing with reluctance. However, no-one could stand in his way as he fell in love with the sport. 

Hrgovic said earlier this year: “It was difficult for them to accept it, but they had no choice. Mom can barely watch me fight.” 

That didn’t stop Filip from dominating on a junior and senior level where he was winning title after title. He was dominating so hard that he got carried away in 2013. During a closed sparring session in a gym in the UK, Hrgovic sliced open David Haye's left eyebrow with a wayward right elbow. The Brit was preparing for a multi-million-pound fight against Tyson Fury but had to postpone it, therefore losing a lot of money. 

“That cut cost him five million pounds, which was the agreed fee for the fight. I am sure he still hates me for that,” Hrgovic said last year. 

Nevertheless, in August 2015, Hrgovic announced himself to the world in a different light. He won the gold medal at the European Amateur Boxing Championship, first Croat to do so after legendary Mate Parlov, who won gold in 1971 and 1973. He didn’t stop there. In 2016, a medal was shining around his neck once more. At the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, he won the bronze medal. 

The next step was to become a professional, but that wasn’t easy on him. He waited for the first fight for 14 months. 

“'It was the most stressful and the worst year of my career. I hope that it doesn’t happen again. Not only because I wasn't boxing, but also because it took me months to get used to the new rules of the game because professional boxing is not just a sport, it's a business.” 

A business he quickly learned how to handle. At the end of 2017, he won his first professional fight against Brazilian Raphael Zumbano Love. There was no stopping him then or now. He was beating opponent after opponent after opponent and currently holds a record of 9-0, 7 KOs. The last time he was victorious was in August against Mexican Mario Heredia, who he fought as a married man for the first time. 

In June this year, he tied the knot with his long-time girlfriend Marinela Caja, in Sesvete. Filip and Marinela, who is two years younger than him, have been together for the past six years. 

This Saturday, however, he is looking to win for the 10th time as a professional and already has his sights set on the World Title. 

“It feels great to be here in Saudi Arabia,” said Hrgovic, who took part in a public workout today with his coach Pedro Diaz. “To be a World Champion, you have to be willing to fight all over the world. It is part of the job, and as I always say, a ring is a ring no matter where it is. I’ve boxed all over the world as an amateur, and I’m excited to fight in Saudi Arabia. 

“I have always said I want to fight the best in the division and my team and I will not avoid anyone. We offered Chisora to fight me when Joseph Parker canceled their fight, and they refused, so I would like to fight him next.” 

Filip’s life story has so far been incredible, but something tells us the best of him is yet to come. 

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Tuesday, 29 October 2019

World Boxing Council Decision Crushes Olympic Dream for Filip Hrgovic

October 29, 2019 - A new decision by the World Boxing Council forces Croatian professional boxer Filip Hrgovic to make a tough decision about competing at the Tokyo Olympics next year. reports that Croatia's best boxer Filip Hrgovic, a bronze medalist at the Rio Olympics, dreamed of winning the gold medal next year in Tokyo. For that reason, he recently engaged former coach Leonard Pietra and specific staff in the boxing federation. 

"Next year is the qualifying tournament, in May, and this is the last qualifying tournament. The plan for me and my team is to go to that tournament and to qualify that way. There have been some misunderstandings about the attitude of the Croatian Olympic Committee and the Croatian Boxing Federation towards my team and me. I believe that this will be smoothed over and that everything will be arranged for me to participate in that tournament, to qualify and, God willing, win an Olympic medal, and even better, Olympic gold,” Hrgovic said in March this year.

But it seems like nothing may come of that in the end. Namely, official confirmation from the most famous boxing organization (World Boxing Council) has said that all professional boxers are threatened with a two-year suspension if they decide to compete at the Tokyo Olympics.

At the 57th annual WBC convention in Cancun, Mexico, the views of organization leader Mauritius Sulaiman were confirmed, announcing a decision like this at the beginning of the month.

Sulaiman believes professionals should not fight young, underdeveloped amateurs, and therefore announced a repeat of the 1975 suspensions.

‘’We are inspired by the South Africa ban that my Father did with WBC in 1975 when we supported the efforts of Nelson Mandela to combat the horrible act of discrimination. The WBC started a ban on anyone who would participate in boxing in South Africa, supporting apartheid. So that is the inspiration and the message."

Discussing the pros who choose to fight amateurs in the Tokyo Olympics, Mauricio stressed: ‘’Well they’re simply expelled from WBC activity for two years.”

Recall, Hrgovic holds the WBC "International Champion" belt, a sort of regional title, and the third-highest in the organization.

Moving to another organization, such as the WBO, WBA, and IBF, is also not a solution for Filip as they will follow WBC decisions.

This decision also effects world champion Andy Ruiz, who considered performing for Mexico in Rio. 

Hrgovic's next match is on December 7 in Riyadh, as part of the introductory program of the big rematch between Andy Ruiz Jr. and Anthony Joshua.

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