Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Le Petit Festival du Theatre - Another Wonderful Festival in Dubrovnik!

Where will you be from June the 15th til June the 18th, 2017? If the answer to that question is Dubrovnik, then this is not to be missed.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Festival of World Travellers in Vrgorac this Weekend

For the first time this year a rather interesting festival will take place in Vrgorac - Festival of Adventurers "Mate Svjetski" on August 21 and 22, 2015. Organized by the Vrgorac tourist board, here is more information from their Facebook page about the event:

Festival of Adventurers and an annual meeting of major world-wide travellers, travel writers, adventurers and adventurists and those interested in travelling. Organized by the Vrgorac tourist board for the first time this year to take place in Vrgorac, where two greatest Croatian, if not even world travellers, travel writers and adventurers were born - Stipe Božić and his publicly just discovered fellow townsman Mate Svjetski.

Host of the festival will be Stipe Božic, Croatia´s most successful world Alpinist and adventurer who was standing on the highest peaks of all seven continents and descended into some of the deepest pits, with an international expedition arrived at the North Pole and recorded plenty of film and documentary material with his professional camera in the most remote parts of the world.

Just recently all those great adventures of Mate were discovered by the general public, only thanks to Stipe Božić, who met with the treasure of Mate´s trips through a series of articles published in the local newspaper Vrgoračke novine in 2008, which resulted in publishing a book and filming a documentary.

Born 50 years before Božić, Mato Šimunović (called Svjetski) from Stilja near Vrgorac was a world traveller and travel writer. He left Stilja in 1928 and in 19 years with a dog Globus, Mate has travelled by bicycle, on foot and sail boat 360 thousands of kilometers on five continents. He visited 70 countries and thousands of islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, where he met with natives not yet touched by civilization. Everything is documented in his travel book (signed by a number of heads of state and celebrities) and in 26 diary notebooks, documented by over thousand photographs done by Mate. His trave book was published in 2013 by VBZ, named "Ja, Mate Svjetski" and a documentary by the Croatian Television was filmed by Stipe Božić.

Program of the festival:

21.08. Friday - City Park Vrgorac:

20:00 Promotion of the documentary and book "Ja, Mate Svjetski" (Mato Šimunović) by Stipe Božić and Drago Glamuzina

21:00 Željan Rakela: "S Rakeolm po svitu - Mojih prvih 100.000 km" (With Rakela around the world - My first 100.000 km) - motocycling traveling through Marocco, Nordkapp, Nepal via Iran and Pakistan, Around the World)


22.08. Saturday - Stilja (in front of culture center of Stilja) near Vrgorac

20:00 Dvina Meler: "Nepodnošljiva lakoća putovanja - 100 savjeta koji život znače (Unbearable Lightness of Travelling - 100 life savers)

Nikola Baraka: "Kako obići svijet u 60 dana (How to Go Around the World in 60 Days)

21:00 Stipe Božić: "Sedam vrhova" (Seven Peaks) - a lecture about climbing the highest peaks of all continents and exploring remote places of the world


Two Photography Exhibitions

- Photos of Mate Svjetski at the Culture centre in Stilja

- Photos of Stipe Božić at Hotel Prvan in Vrgorac


More information and pictures at the Vrgorac tourist board.




Saturday, 12 September 2015

Parkin Trilj Festival Tonight

The youth association ACTUS from Trilj organizes the second Parkin Trilj festival to take place tonight (September 12, 2015) at the Trilj city park starting at 20:30. Performers for this year are: Bekdors (Sinj), Go Lilly (Split), Đona + Žuky, UnderDog (Sinj). The after party will take place at C.B. Nadalina.

As a part of the festival, the S.K.U.P. association will held an photo exhibition "Objekti(v) Budućnosti" a the Trilj park during the festival. It is a touring exhibition, which consists of photos of that particular location. Photos are mostly of and about young people and their life.

Free entrance for everyone. Enjoy!!


Monday, 28 March 2016

Festival of the Guardians of the Tomb of Christ in Imotski

They call them "Žudije", the Guardians of the Tomb of Christ, usually dressed as Roman soldiers during the Holy Week, it is a tradition especially rooted in Dalmatia, where the oldest Žudije come from Metković and were established in 1857.

This year, the sixteenth in a row Festival of Žudije began by the celebration of the Holy Mass in the Church of St. Franje in Imotski, informs Dalmacija News.

Festival´s main motto was "To Love Each Other" and there were 35 parishes from Croatia and from Bosnia and Herzegovina with more than a thousand participants of the whole event.
The famous Croatian photographer Šime Stikoman made another of his "Millennium photos" with all participants of the festival and many locals from Imotski, who posed at the "Gospin Dolac" football stadium in Imotski.

Read the whole article here.

Friday, 7 August 2015

Pumpkin Festival in Vinjani Donji near Imotski

How does a Pumpkin Festival sounds to you? Are you curious about how many delicious meals can one prepare from the Hokkaido pumpkin? Then this festival is the one for you. Taking place in Vinjani Donji tonight (August 7, 2015) at the Bistro Pizzeria Lučica from 19:00.

Come and taste meals, sweets and other yummy things made out of pumpkins from the Vinjani fields. Enjoy the "Tikvijada (Tikva = Pumpkin) in Vinjani Donji tonight.

(photos: Lučica Vinjani Facebook page)