Wednesday, 9 February 2022

Valuable Ring Found in Ferry Port in Istria, Search for Owner Underway!

February 9th, 2022 - A ring was found in Brestova ferry port by a diver who's now looking for its owner. The ring is engraved, and the rightful owner will surely know what the inscription says

Diving expert and underwater explorer Velimir Vrzic announced on his Facebook page that he found a valuable women’s ring during a recent dive in Brestova ferry port in Istria.

Vrzic was on a quest with a very sweet objective: to find another piece of jewellery, a wedding ring lost in Brestova last summer by a woman who reached out to him having seen his explorations on social media. That particular ring unfortunately wasn’t found, but Vrzic instead came across another shiny object:

He kindly asked the public to share the announcement so the owner could be found before Valentine’s Day. While it hasn't been established if the ring has any monetary value, it very likely has a notable sentimental value for its owner. 

Vrzic also came out with a video of his dive that shows the moment he discovered the ring on the seabed, and shared more information about the find. 

Brestova is a ferry port in the northeast of Istria, best known for the ferry service to Porozina port on Cres island. It typically sees a lot of traffic, especially in summer months; as Vrzic notes in his video, many travellers opt to take a dip while waiting for the ferry, as there’s a pristine beach located next to the ferry terminal. However, since they don’t stick around for long, swimmers usually forget to take off their jewellery, leading to many losing their valuable possessions. Definitely not something by which you'd want to remember your trip to Croatia!

Watch the video here:

 The explorer says the ring is engraved and the rightful owner will surely know what the inscription says. He can be contacted via his Facebook page.


Thursday, 17 June 2021

Jadrolinija National Ferry Company Acquires New Ship

17 June 2021 - Jadrolinija national ferry company acquired a new ship that will connect the town of Biograd with Tkon on Pasman island.

"Jadrolinija" is one of the most used words in the Croatian language during the summer, at least on the coast. This national ferry company has been connecting the mainland and the islands of the Croatian part of the Adriatic for decades. Its international lines see it connecting Croatia with Italy for part of the year as well.

Because of the small size of the towns and villages and the scarce population living on the islands, only a portion of these lines are profitable and the fleet is pretty large. It is therefore quite a newsworthy item to see Jadrolinija presenting a new addition. Ferry „Tkon“ joined the fleet that now counts 55 ships in total.

Valuable Addition

It was purchased from Rapska Plovidba (Rab Shipping) as reports. Tkon is a product of renowned Croatian shipyard Viktor Lenac. It is 42 metres long, 15,3 metres wide, and can hold 250 passengers and 35 cars. It was built in 2003. In comparison, ferry „Prizna“ that serviced this Jadrolinija line so far is over 50 years old. It will be on stand-by for the busiest parts of the year. After the purchase Tkon is heading to the docks for maintenace and re-painting. This is good news for all travellers to Pasman island, but also all the islanders and Biograd locals. Chairman of the board of Jadolinija, David Spota said the move goes along the strategic goal of updating and improving the fleet. This is the fifth new ship to come under Jadrolinija flag in the last four years.

It really is difficult to avoid blue-striped Jadrolinija ships along the Croatian coast. They bring much joy to all those wishing to visit some of over a thousand magical islands of Croatia. Here's to Tkon's smooth sailing!

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Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Works at Dominče Starting

After having signed the contracts for the works in early October, things seem to be moving along.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Islands of Kvarner: Cres (photos)

For some reason, when I hear someone say island-hopping, my mind instanly jumps to Split and the islands of central and southern Dalmatia. An inexcusable thought for someone who lives in Rijeka and is constantly trying to draw attention to Kvarner bay, the stunning northern part of the Croatian coast.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Ferry Port in Split Breaking Records, 60.000 Passengers Expected This Weekend

It's the last weekend in July, the traditional peak of the high season in Croatia

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Cruise Timetables for said week