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Fortis Club Opens New Business Opportunities at Falkensteiner Punta Skala Resort

September 18, 2021 - Georg Unterkircher, general manager of the Falkensteiner Punta Skala resort, talks about the pandemic season, last-minute bookings, the opening of the Fortis Club convention and sports center, and the potential of MICE in the offseason.

Georg Unterkircher is the head of the Falkensteiner Punta Skala resort, and after living in Zadar for the last 13 years, he already understands the Dalmatian mentality and is developing the tourist offer of this area. Although the coronavirus pandemic has stopped the entire tourism industry, bookings are above expectations this season. The resort's offer will undoubtedly be enhanced by the opening of the Fortis Club convention and sports center. The awakening of the MICE segment in the off-season also raises optimism for the good continuation of business, as well as new investments in infrastructure and quality of service.

Poslovni Turizam caught up with Georg Unterkircher to learn more.

Behind us are two difficult business years caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. How did it affect the resort? How have you adapted to the new conditions in hotel management?

This pandemic surprised us at the beginning of 2020, just like all other industries. In the beginning, it was very challenging to make short-term business plans, let alone long-term ones. Fortunately, the entire group is very committed to maintaining the company's stability and preserving jobs, so we have accordingly adopted measures that will ensure this. Despite the uncertainty of the situation, we have been actively working on improving the quality of our products to be ready for another season ahead. Our long-term goal is to provide guests every year with the already well-known outstanding service they are accustomed to in Falkensteiner hotels and also to improve the facilities, programs, and activities that our resort offers.

This year started cautiously, and I have to admit that we had a satisfactory number of primarily domestic guests in the spring months. Unfortunately, travel restrictions were still in force in most countries from which we traditionally have guests, such as the Austrian and German markets. Compared to the previous year, reservations went a bit slower than last year at this time because no pandemic had been declared at that time. What kept us optimistic was that we had a relatively successful season, given the situation throughout 2020. This year we hoped and expected even better results, which of course depended on the global situation and travel conditions. People have been denied travel for a long time, so this gave us hope that the need and desire for travel and vacations will be strengthened and bring good results. I must emphasize that we were active in marketing terms throughout the pandemic to be in sight of our potential guests during the lockdown, and we are pleased to interact with guests and followers on our social networks. With the border openings, primarily Austria and Germany, the situation has significantly improved; we were ready for the last-minute bookings that happened as expected.

We are witnessing a positive trend in tourist traffic in Croatia, equal to that before the pandemic. What is the current occupancy of the Falkensteiner hotel in Zadar and Petrčane? Are there any differences in the types of guests compared to 2019?

I am glad to confirm that our figures are generally better in July and August, but the reasons for this, let’s be realistic, lie in several factors. Croatia is undoubtedly a very popular destination in the last few years. Still, this year it is supported by the unstable situation of other popular Mediterranean destinations (fires in Turkey and Greece, Spain and Portugal in the red zones), the relatively safe health situation on the Croatian coast and its most popular destinations, safe conditions that I believe, is created not only by us at Falkensteiner, but also by other tourist entities, safe arrival at the destination, and more and more car tourists who have decided to travel independently for the past two years. Our traditional markets are Austria and Germany, we record fewer guests from Italy but at the same time an increase in guests from Central and Eastern Europe - the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland. There is a slightly larger number of domestic guests in our resort in the high season than in previous years. But keep in mind that our work does not stop at the end of August and that we must all work together to attract guests in the off-season. As the resort is open all year round, we will host several MICE events in the off-season, which we are happy about because the MICE segment is slowly waking up. In addition, we are planning several exciting weekend events for local guests, but more on that soon.

Apart from the trend of last-minute bookings, what other trends and habits do you notice in sales this year?

This season has been in many ways different from previous ones, especially in terms of last-minute bookings, which are the primary feature of this season. Although we planned promising results, we are glad that it was above expectations. It is visible how guests more often book directly. Above all, they are looking for a safe vacation that we have provided with our Safe stay concept. There is also a focus on active holidays and vacations in nature, where Punta Skala resort offers many opportunities. Today’s guests want a personalized approach more than ever. The sales process requires an individual approach in the short term. Our team has successfully adapted to the demands of the market so that we have focused our sales activities on the requirements of each guest, and we have once again confirmed that we are truly the right choice for all guests in all life cycles.

Last year, the large Fortis Club convention and sports center at the Punta Skala resort was announced. Is it operational, and what results do you expect from that investment?

We are pleased to have finally opened the Fortis Club in July, which has significantly enriched the offer of the Falkensteiner Punta Skala resort and opened the door to new business opportunities in both domestic and international markets. We expect excellent results, primarily in the segment of the MICE industry and sporting events. Fortis has immeasurably enriched the congress, sports, and recreational offer of the Punta Skala resort.

The MICE segment is slowly recovering due to several limitations and epidemiological measures when organizing events. What do you think business events will look like in the future?

We already have reason to be optimistic about organizing various events in our resort because, in 2021, we had the opportunity to hold a significant number of smaller events, while autumn this year brings us several important events. Event organizers focus on an authentic experience and combine smaller business or professional gatherings with active or sports elements. Demands for larger events are also in the direction of active elements. Sure, hybrid events will linger, but they won’t completely replace live encounters. The direct interaction of ideas and knowledge is essential for developing creativity and global progress, especially after a long period when we have not been able to do so.

You also manage Falkensteiner hotels in Serbia and Montenegro. To what extent do these markets differ from the Croatian market?

That's right, I've been working in Croatia for a full and happy 13 years, but in 2020 I also took over Falkensteiner Hotel Belgrade and Falkensteiner Hotel Montenegro. Although there should be no significant differences in a geographically small area, in terms of tourism, our hotels in Montenegro, Serbia, and Croatia are entirely different products. Falkensteiner Hotel Montenegro is a hotel located in Bečići; it is a renovated Queen of Montenegro hotel with a long tourist history in the destination, its dominant guests are air guests, and this year it is evident how much it depends on the agreed flights, especially from the markets of Serbia, Russia, Ukraine, and other CIS countries. In addition, groups come to us from Israel, and the most significant number of individual guests come from Serbia. Falkensteiner Hotel Montenegro is a location that guests choose at the last minute. Bookings are only a few days before arrival, and the previous two years, it is characterized by a very short season that should be extended in the long run with the National Tourist Board.

Falkensteiner Hotel Belgrade is our city hotel located in the business zone in Novi Belgrade, and whose business is affected slightly less than the Falkensteiner Hotel in Prague and Bratislava. The excellent positioning of the hotel and the services we offer attract mostly business people from Serbia and the closer region who often stay with us, so the hotel is recording positive results this year, regardless of the instability caused by the pandemic. MICE is also one of the critical branches of the hotel business, which fortunately is slowly waking up, and we believe that it will ensure good occupancy in the autumn months.

Unlike them, we have developed Falkensteiner Punta Skala in the last few years into a sport and ecological resort with a unique offer in Croatia. Therefore, it is not surprising that many famous athletes have chosen Punta Skala for their professional preparations and private vacation. Furthermore, every year the traditional triathlon championship, Zadarhalf triathlon, which is held for the seventh year, brings many sports lovers here, not only professionals but also their families, making this resort an ideal destination for the whole family.

Fans of active life are thrilled by the outdoor sports center with numerous sports fields, from tennis to beach volleyball. With the construction of the new sports complex, Fortis Club resort also has a professional fitness center on 800 m2, new yoga and group training halls, a new sushi restaurant, a fun zone with a bowling alley, billiards, a gaming zone, and a bar.

As a good sports massage goes perfectly after sports, all lovers of wellness treatments come to their senses because the most beautiful Spa in Croatia is located here - AcquaPura Spa. On as much as 6,000 m2, our guests enjoy numerous spa treatments, relaxation, saunas, swimming pools, and a hammam. All this makes the resort a desirable location for lovers of active life.

Are there any plans to open new Falkensteiner hotels in Croatia, especially on the continent?

The Falkensteiner Group is always active in terms of investments, and this is what characterizes it because it is continuously working on expanding its hotel network and improving services. We are currently realizing new hotels in Austria and Italy, while in Croatia, we are working on new infrastructure within the existing resorts of Borik and Punta Skala. The master plan for the development of the Punta Skala resort includes investments in the complete refurbishment of the Diadora Hotel, which will be even more adapted to children and generally families with children in terms of interactive facilities in public spaces, wholly refurbished and interactive rooms, new Falky playroom, and many other new facilities. In the coming years, we plan to build several luxury villas and the new infrastructure of the resort, which will include smaller local shops, new bars, and restaurants, the central square as a place of events and entertainment, etc. We are convinced that the direction in which we plan infrastructure development, content, and offers will further attract old and new guests to our resort.

Has the tourist development of Dalmatia reached its maximum? Everyone is talking about sustainable tourism, but it is happening slowly in Croatia. What is your vision for the tourism development of this region?

Tourism in the region happens under the influence of several factors; there is primarily the destination's natural beauty, which undoubtedly attracts enormous amounts of guests. Guests will always look for beautiful locations, quality infrastructure, proximity to the sea and beaches. Although this is consistently highlighted as a comparative advantage of Croatia, trends show that some other values ​​come to the fore and significantly affect the final decision on where to stay. The potential of Zadar and Zadar County lies not only in new investments in new accommodation facilities of high categorization that are necessary for the destination but also in stronger branding of the county as a destination for active vacations, culture, gastronomy; the choice is progress. The proximity of several national parks and nature parks provides unlimited recreational opportunities such as cycling, trekking, hiking, etc. They should be well and continuously communicated in all emitting markets. Furthermore, the position of Ravni Kotari opens countless opportunities for the development of family farms and, in the future, quality continental tourism. Istria is the best example of how a destination can be developed in this direction and branded on the tourist map of the Mediterranean.

The potential is enormous; it is only essential that all entities look in the same direction - from political structures, tourist boards to businesses to turn the prospect into a developed and strongly branded destination, with a long-term source of income for residents throughout the region.

You have been the director of the Punta Skala resort for 13 years. Have you settled in, and what do you like most about the Zadar region?

Good question! Yes, I have lived in Zadar for thirteen years, and I already feel a bit like a Dalmatian, especially when it comes to Dalmatian songs. I was born in South Tyrol in a small village near the popular winter destination of Kronplatz, where we opened a new 5-star hotel at the end of last year, ‘adults only’ on the ski slope itself. That way of life shaped my childhood. I later lived in big cities like Prague and Vienna, after which I arrived in Zadar. The first words I learned in Croatia, related to work, are "nema problema" and "sutra. “ Although it was exciting and challenging for me, especially in the first years of living and working in Zadar, the openness of local people and the willingness to create great stories together is what sold me forever. The people I work with today are people I believe in and love to work with, who I love to both relax and sing with. It is this famous Dalmatian way of life that I do not plan to change.

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Friday, 11 December 2020

Welcome Home Office: Falkensteiner Introduces Digital Nomad Offer

December 11, 2020 - Falkensteiner is the latest to join the digital nomad trend, offering their Premium Senia apartments as part of the Welcome Home Office offer! 

Remote work or "long stay" offers for digital nomads is a new global trend, which has been accepted by many Croatian hoteliers and camps. Falkensteiner is the latest to join the new trend, offering Premium Senia apartments to digital nomads and business people through long-term rentals in the top Punta Skala resort, just ten minutes by car to Zadar!

The apartments are bright and spacious, in a variety of sizes, with a fully equipped kitchen and a large terrace, and, of course, high-speed internet. 

The Welcome Home Office offer is based on a minimum of seven nights, with a price of 80 EUR per day onwards, including one free massage and a twenty percent discount on spa treatments at the Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Iadera.

The service also offers a meeting room with conference equipment, and the possibility of printing and scanning is available. There is also a "Premium living" service, a weekly purchase according to your needs, and the possibility of breakfast or half board.

In addition to work, additional content is important, in which the Punta Skala resort has a sure advantage. The resort offers a full range of facilities for sports fans - from a fitness room to endless promenades and jogging trails by the sea and an outdoor sports center with tennis courts, golf course, mini-golf, badminton, basketball, five-a-side football, beach volleyball, rental of sports equipment.

On the other hand, in the AquaPura Spa center on as much as 6,000 square meters, there are outdoor and indoor pools, Turkish hammam, steam baths, numerous saunas, including a panoramic earthen sauna overlooking the sea, Kneipp pool, and private spa.

Even better, back in August, Falkensteiner introduced free COVID-19 testing to the guests in its hotels. 

You can read more about Falkensteiner's Welcome Home Office offer for digital nomads HERE.

Source: HRTurizam

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Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Falkensteiner Offering Free Coronavirus Tests for Guests from Italy and Austria

August 19, 2020 - After Austria and Italy put Croatia on the "red list", i.e., introduced mandatory COVID-19 testing for anyone returning from Croatia, Falkensteiner reacted proactively and introduced a free coronavirus test (PCR test) for guests inside its facilities two days ago. 

HRTurizam reports that this is a great move that especially benefits foreign tourists, who can now be tested in the safety of their accommodation. This avoids many questions, especially for families with children, such as: Where can I find a testing clinic? How do I get there? Is it safe? Is it crowded?, which is further emphasized in a crisis situation.

“In order to facilitate the return of our guests from those two countries, we decided to donate COVID-19 tests, and in cooperation with the Institute of Public Health, organized daily visits to the resort to take samples on the spot, so guests do not have to go to the Zadar Institute," Falkensteiner pointed out.

For those guests who do not want to be tested in the hotel, i.e., in Croatia, Falkensteiner has provided a discount of 50 EUR per person, so that guests can be tested in their countries, and thus covers the cost of testing. 

Measures in Falkensteiner hotels in four languages

Falkensteiner's reaction to the COVID crisis and the preparations before the hotel opened should also be highlighted. For the needs of the guests, through a video and website (in four languages: Croatian, German, English and Italian), they explained all the procedures, gave answers to key questions and epidemiological measures they took to make guests feel safe. All information can be found HERE.

Falkensteiner should be used as an example for all as an excellent case study of crisis communication, i.e., making crisis decisions in hotel management. If Falkensteiner only looked at the profit, because the cost of testing is certainly an unplanned cost, they might have earned a few thousand euros more this season. However, with this decision, they have definitely profited in the long run. This is not a cost, but an investment and, logically, a human reaction. 

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Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences Donate 200 Vouchers to Medical Workers in Zagreb

April 8, 2020 - Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences has donated 200 vouchers for their resorts in the Zadar area.

Two hundred vouchers, 100 for Falkensteiner Resort Borik in Zadar and 100 for Falkensteiner Resort Punta Skala near Petrčane, have been donated by the Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences hotel group to two Zagreb hospitals.

Namely, the health workers of the Sveti Duh (Holy Spirit) Clinical Hospital and the Infectious Diseases Clinic ”Dr. Fran Mihaljević ”will be able to use their vouchers for two nights for them and their families as soon as possible.

"Doctors and nurses, as well as other staff in the healthcare system, are doing their best during the coronavirus pandemic. We think that when all this is over, these holidays will be perfect. This is our small contribution at a time when we all need solidarity,” Falkensteiner said.

"On behalf of our staff and the staff of the Infectious Diseases Clinic “Dr. Fran Mihaljević”, I can only heartily thank you for this exceptional donation and say that our staff will be happy to use them as soon as our joint fight against the current pandemic is over," said the director of the Sveti Duh Clinical Hospital Dr. Mladen Busic.

Falkensteiner Resort Borik is an all-inclusive family hotel located on the 1.7 km long beach of Zadar. Boasting the 2500 sqm Acquapura Thalasso & SPA Centre, pool and water slide, children’s world, adventure playground, kid’s disco and a fantastic entertainment and sports program, it was chosen by Holidaycheck as the most beautiful family club in Croatia.

Falkensteiner’s Punta Skala resort is located just 10 km outside of Zadar in Petrčane, offering two superb hotels, fine restaurants, shops, exclusive apartments, and modern sports facilities all along the coast. The 6,000 sqm spa facility is the largest in Croatia, while there are also 7 tennis courts, 3 multi-sports courts, 2 padel-courts, 2 beach volleyball courts, and minigolf & golf training range.

This news was announced at the same time as Arena Hospitality Group, which, with partner Kamgrad, has purchased disinfection devices for the Pula General Hospital. 

Both hotel groups emphasized the importance and value of the work of clinics and hospitals and the efforts of their staff in treating patients during the COVID-19 pandemic, helping both the community and, as they point out, part of the group's business through social responsibility and solidarity.

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Friday, 5 July 2019

First Five Star Camp in Dalmatia Opened, Set to Operate All Year

While hotels and private apartments are both rife along the Croatian coast, particularly in Dalmatia, there's still room for another type of tourism which until now has sort of ''kept its head down'' - camping.

While camping has of course always existed and been made possible in Croatia, particularly in rural Istria, it hasn't been something that has had much investment or effort put into it until quite recently, with the emergence of the popularity of glamping and other takes on it.

Falkensteiner, which has been present in Croatia for a long time now, has bitten the bullet and opened the doors (or unzipped the tent, rather), to Dalmatia's first five star camping facility in a historic city.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Marija Crnjak writes on the 4th of July, 2019, this new and ambitious project is worth a massive nine million euros, according to a statement from the company which is promising lovers of camping and the outdoors a truly unique camping concept.

In Zadar, otherwise the oldest continuously inhabited Croatian city, the popular Falkensteiner Group has now opened the very first five star camping facility in Dalmatia, which will be open all year round.

"With this unique location in the city centre, guests can expect exceptional design, excellent cuisine including vegan meals and dairy and lactose free meals, top quality and friendly personal service, and the professional care of children at Falky Camp.

There is also a Wellness Spa with saunas, relaxing massages, facials and body treatments, and special showers for an exclusive spa experience, an outdoor bar, an outdoor pool and a separate children's pool with two water slides, entertainment for kids, lots of sports and attractions for teenagers and lovers of active living, modernly equipped sanitation, a hybrid vehicle charging station, a sea view restaurant, and all pets are welcome,'' they say from Falkensteiner.

Falkensteiner Premium Camping Zadar is located within the Falkensteiner Borik Resort, it consists of 369 spacious and fully equipped units, which include 269 lots (parcels), 87 mobile homes, and 13 glamping tents. The camp is designed in accordance with sustainable development, and is also devoted to the green concept and to the proper recycling of waste.

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Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Of Monsters and Mermaid Schools: Innovative Family Tourism at Falkensteiner Punta Skala

June 19, 2019 - A busy summer of family fun awaits at Falkensteiner Punta Skala, where this year's attractions include monsters and mermaid schools.  

How do hotel resorts stand out from the rest in an increasingly competitive industry? And what additional attractions are on offer apart from the classic sun and beach combination. 

One resort which always seems to offer something a little different each year is Falkensteiner Punta Skala in Petrcane, just north of Zadar, a luxury resort which is actually the largest successful foreign tourism investment on the Croatian coast. 


Apart from providing an oasis of luxury and calm on an increasingly busy coastline, the Falkensteiner team are constantly looking to provide that little bit extra for their guests, as I found out during a visit last weekend. And this year's summer will be groundbreaking indeed for two new attractions which will keep 


Time Out London called it 'the number one thing to do in London this summer" in 2018, and the place to be for the summer of 2019 is Falkensteiner Punta Skala, as the luxury resort will have rather large and fun addition for much of the summer - the largest bouncy castle in the world. Come and try The Monster in Croatia!    

A staggering 300 metres in length, with a challenging array of obstacles along the route, The Monster has been an unqualified hit in the UK, embarking on a UK tour last year. This is the first time that The Monster has left the UK, and it will be taking up residence at Falkensteiner Punta Skala from June 24 until August 4.


As the official promo material states:

"The world’s craziest inflatable obstacle course is a phenomenal 300 meters long and will be accessible for kids from 7 years + and all adults! You can jump, skate and cross various thrilling obstacles and just for the brave, the pinnacle of the track is a huge 18-metre-long slide. Unforgettable fun that no one can miss!" 

The Monster is open to the public as well as resort guests and is sure to be a big hit, as well as a memorable family day out for those looking for something a little different than the standard day on the beach. Tickets can be purchased via Eventim.


And just as I had never heard of The Monster, so too I had never come across a rather intriguing sport which will be available at Punta Skala - and free for guests - from August 6 to August 25 - a Mermaiding school, where you can learn to swim like a mermaid or merman.

A quick Google search told me that this is becoming a global 'thing' but I think - like The Monster - Punta Skala is the first to bring it to Croatia. 

Professional instructors from Austrian Mermaids will be conducting training sessions throughout the August period mentioned above, with morning sessions for little mermaids and afternoon sessions for teenage and adult mermaids. As you can see from the video above, it looks a lot of fun. And if you want to capture the moment, there is enough a specialised Austrian Mermaid Underwater Photographer, Harald Slauschek, who can record the experience for posterity. Mermaid Month will take place at Falkensteiner Hotel Diadora. 

falkensteiner-bracera (2).jpg

And while you are there, it would be a pity not to check out some of the other facilities in the resort after a day of action-packed fun. Among the new additions to the resort for 2019 is the new Hideout lounge bar. It is difficult to get a closer place to chill by the sea...


And after a cocktail or two, what better way than to enjoy the famous Zadar sunsets than at Bracera, the waterfront restaurant surrounded by nature whose top tables are on a terrace jutting out into the sea. A truly divine spot. 

Learn more about the tourism treats that await at this outstanding resort on the official website

falkensteiner-bracera (1).jpg

Friday, 8 March 2019

The Monster in Croatia! Falkensteiner Family Fun, World's Largest Bouncy Castle

March 8, 2019 - A fabulous family entertainment addition to the Adriatic this summer, as Falkensteiner Punta Skala near Zadar will host the world's largest bouncy castle. Are you ready for The Monster in Croatia?

Time Out London called it 'the number one thing to do in London this summer" in 2018, and the place to be for the summer of 2019 is Falkensteiner Punta Skala, as the luxury resort a few kilometres north of Zadar will have rather large and fun addition for much of the summer - the largest bouncy castle in the world. Come and try The Monster in Croatia!  

the-monster-in-croatia (3).PNG

A staggering 300 metres in length, with a challenging array of obstacles along the route, The Monster has been an unqualified hit in the UK, embarking on a UK tour last year. This is the first time that The Monster has left the UK, and it will be taking up residence at Falkensteiner Punta Skala from June 24 until August 4.  

the-monster-in-croatia (2).jpg

In addition to the course itself, there will be professional animators from the UK (English and German speaking) who will be adding to the fun as you tackle the various challenges in front of you. 

the-monster-in-croatia (5).jpg

The Monster in Croatia will have a slightly different theme than back in the UK, where it is known as a fun adult party. There will be plenty of fun at Punta Skala, that is guaranteed, but it will be aimed more as a family experience, available to all from the age of seven. 

In addition to the bouncy obstacle course, there will be a hospitality area for food and drink, as well as a DJ providing the tunes to enhance the enjoyment.  


Resort guests can enjoy free entrance for a minimum of 2 overnights in Falkensteiner Family Hotel Diadora **** S, Hotel & Spa Iadera ***** or Premium Apartments Senia. 

the-monster-in-croatia (6).jpg

The Monster will also be available to non-residents, so if you are looking for something a little different for the family in the Zadar region (or beyond), a visit to the Falkensteiner Resort - one of Croatia's most luxurious - will be a day out to remember for all. The resort is set on a spectacular peninsula on the water, and it boasts, among other things, the largest wellness centre on the Adriatic - a fine place to relax after a couple of hours of bouncing fun. 

the-monster-in-croatia (7).jpg

Of course, finding a place to house something as big as The Monster might be a challenge for many locations, but the ample Punta Skala grounds offer several options. 

the-monster-in-croatia (2).PNG

The Monster will be located close to Hotel Diadora, as you can see above. It will be open daily from 10:30 until 21:00 (opening times may vary, depending on the weather). 

Tickets will be priced at 25 euro for a 3-hour pass, which compares very favourably for the £20 for 30 minutes back in the UK. 

the-monster-in-croatia (1).jpg

An aerial view of the luxury Falkensteiner Resort Punta Skala - all that is missing from the photo is the world's biggest inflatable obstacle course - and that will be available from June 24. 

the-monster-in-croatia (3).jpg

As the official promo material states:

"The world’s craziest inflatable obstacle course is a phenomenal 300 meters long and will be accessible for kids from 7 years + and all adults! You can jump, skate and cross various thrilling obstacles and just for the brave, the pinnacle of the track is a huge 18-metre-long slide. Unforgettable fun that no one can miss!"

Check out The Monster official website for more information.


The resort is located close to Petrcane, 12 kilometres north of Zadar, and a short drive from the main Zagreb to Split motorway, so the catchment area for visiting tourists is broad. 

the-monster-in-croatia (8).jpg

While the arrival of The Monster in Croatia is probably the most high-profile event that the resort has staged, Falkensteiner Punta Skala has a reputation for innovative and activity and gourmet events. 


One of the gourmet highlights of last summer, for example, was the launch of a pop-up sushi restaurant, with Mediterranean-Asian fusion. The restaurant featured Japanese chefs, as well as a Japanese partner - Jiro Kambe, owner and CEO of the local Kali tuna farm.  

the-monster-in-croatia (9).jpg

Legendary German football captain is a regular summer visitor with his annual soccer camp, and other sporting events for this season include the resort's very own Punta Skala Triathlon, fitness training with Steve Maxwell, and Tennis Days with Joachim Johansson, the former Swedish player once ranked in the world's top 10. 

the-monster-in-croatia (4).jpg

The 5-star Falkensteiner Iadera also played host to the 2018 Nikola Tesla EV Rally, the quiest rally in the world, as about 50 Tesla and other electric vehicles descended on Punta Skala. 


I was fortunate enough to be on the rally, and very much enjoyed the hospitality - I was not alone as you can see from the impression of a fellow rally participant from Canada, above. Many participants agreed that as well as a relaxing stay, it was the gourmet highlight of the rally

the-monster-in-croatia (10).jpg

You can learn more about Falkensteiner Punta Skala on the official website, but for 2019 highlights, The Monster is going to take some beating. 



Saturday, 7 July 2018

Pop-Up Sushi on the Adriatic: A Japanese Tuna Masterclass at Falkensteiner Iadera

July 7, 2018 - One more strengthening of the quality gourmet ties between Japan and Zadar Region, as Falkensteiner Iadera opens a Japanese pop-up sushi restaurant, with some of the highest quality Adriatic tuna starring on the opening night. 

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Four Islands in a Day as Nikola Tesla EV Rally Moves from Losinj to Zadar

June 8, 2018 - Testing the electric vehicle infrastructure of Croatia's islands, the Nikola Tesla EV Rally heads south from Losinj to Zadar. 

Thursday, 3 May 2018

A Successful Foreign Investment on the Adriatic: Meet Falkensteiner Iadera

May 3, 2018 - Many foreign investments in Croatia run into difficulty and fail, but when they succeed, the results are often spectacular. Meet the biggest tourism investment on Croatia's Adriatic coast, Falkensteiner Punta Skala and its Hotel Iadera.