Tuesday, 31 May 2016

MU / FIV: University of Split Art Exhibition

On Wednesday June 1, the Media Art/Department of Film and Video/Arts Academy from the University of Split (UMAS) will be hosting their annual exhibition MU / FIV.

Sunday, 17 April 2016

New Exhibition: Current Archaeological Digs in Croatia

While the UNESCO exhibition in Jelsa is still open (until the end of May), we will soon have another one to visit, this time in Stari Grad.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Which One Will be the Best? Uštipak World Championship in Vrlika on Saturday.

The second year of the Uštipak World Championship will take place in Vrlika on Saturday and you will have a chance to decide for yourself, which one is your personal favourite.

I still hope, there will be a sour-dough version as I suggested last time, so am very curious about that. The competition starts at 19:00 and the most helpful director of the Vrlika Tourist board Dijana Maras calls all Uštipak-fans to help tasting and eating the best pieces of Uštipak in the world.

And after even the last Uštipak is eaten, head down to the Culture Centre (Dom Kulture) for an Evening of Poetry and Exhibition of paintings, organized by the Artistic and Literary Association "Vlaho Bukovac". The theme of the event is Free Art and the exhibition will take place until August 6, 2015. Entrance is free!!

Have a great time in Vrlika on Saturday!!


Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Exhibition at the Tin Ujevic Tower in Vrgorac

The birth place of the famous Croatian poet Tin Ujević is turned into an gallery, as Vrgorac artists exhibit there this summer. The very popular Kapetanović tower is open for visitors from 9 till 13 and from 17 till 20 every day with a lovely host Kate to show you around.

The exhibition is growing as the summer progresses and these are the latest pieces (from Vrgorac tourist board FB page):

Don´t miss this wonderful place full of history and art in Vrgorac.

Friday, 19 February 2016

Old Postcard Exhibition in Sinj Soon

The Cultural and Artistic Centre of Sinj (CACS) is organising an exhibition of old greeting cards and postcards on the occasion of the upcoming Easter holidays - With a Postcard Against Text Messages.

The Galiotović Gallery will be hosting the exhibition with postcards older than 50 years, some even more than 100 years - like this one from 1914 posted at the CACS FB page yesterday (from personal collection of Frane Čović).

According to Ferata.hr, the exhibition will open on March 16, 2016 and will last for a week. It will be set up to present the beauty and meticulous handwork of masters who painted the former usual means of communication and at the same time highlighting the way they were used in those days. In addition, workshops and playrooms for visitors with special emphasis on the younger population will be organised.

The CACS urge all interested to borrow their greeting cards and postcards featuring Easter from their family and private collections to enrich the exhibition. All borrowed material will be properly recorded and returned after the end of the exhibition.

Postcards can be brought every work day from 8 to 15 to the Sikirica Gallery (loft).

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

FIGA Food Bar Hosts Penis Caricature Exhibition

FIGA is a great place to come for a light snack and a neon cocktail and why not enjoy all the great flavours in the company of penis art hanging on its walls?

The penis caricatures each have a funny name that definitely draws associations to people we have met throughout our lifetime such as Liar, Mommy's Boy, Poisonous, House Type, and the list goes on.

Its unsure how long the exhibition will be on display but pop in for a look around, even if you don't plan to order off the menu.

FIGA Food Bar is located on Buvinina 1 at the end of the popular Dosud street in the palace.

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