Tuesday, 23 May 2023

E.ON and Pliva Put Largest Croatian Solar Power Plant into Function

May the 23rd, 2023 - Pliva and E.ON recently put the strongest (but not the largest) Croatian solar power plant to date into function in Novi Marof. With everyone focused on the green transition and in a country with as many annual hours of sunshine as Croatia has, the move is an excellent one.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, Pliva and E.ON recently officially put the solar power plant in Savski Marof at Pliva's production location into function. As both groups emphasised at the time, this is currently the most powerful Croatian solar power plant yet, with an installed capacity of 9.71 megawatts, which will meet thirty percent of Pliva's annual energy needs at that particular location.

Pliva and E.ON have otherwise been working on this joint project for the past year now, and this Croatian power plant was constructed earlier on and connected to the HEP system, and although neither side stated the amount of the investment, they said that it was "financed by an energy purchase agreement, that is, a PPA (power purchasing agreement)".

This new Croatian power plant covers 60,000 square metres, which is why it isn't the largest in Croatia, but it is currently the strongest in terms of installed power, boasting more than 17,800 solar panels.

"The most modern solar technologies were used in the construction of this power plant, and Pliva will bring energy savings of more than twenty percent annually,'' pointed out the president of Pliva Hrvatska/Croatia's board, Mihael Furjan, emphasising that this is an important part of their sustainable and green business strategy going forward, and that they are happy that this they've also contributed to the achievement of ESG (sustainable) goals both in the Republic of Croatia and in the European Union (EU) as a whole.

The president of the board of E.ON Hrvatska, Andreas Roring, is also very satisfied with that group's overall cooperation with Pliva, and he thanked and congratulated everyone on their work, adding that they now operate in fifteen markets, including across the Republic of Croatia.

"We're pleased that our customers in Croatia increasingly recognise the need for investments in energy. Solar panels have potential and they're the future, and they contribute not only to sustainability but also to savings and greater protection against the market rise in energy prices," said Roring.

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Wednesday, 22 December 2021

Valamar and E.ON Launch Largest Solar Power Plant Project in Croatia

December 22, 2022 - The most ambitious solar power plant project in Croatia has been launched, implemented by Valamar and E.ON Solar, which operate within the E.ON Croatia Group.

The cooperation between E.ON and Valamar included the installation of solar power plants at 26 Valamar hotels and camps along the Adriatic coast, which covers 5 percent of Valamar's total electricity needs, reports HRTurizam.

Cooperation with Valamar is the first and largest project in Croatia under the ESCO financing model in which power plants are owned by E.ON's company Solnet, and all energy produced is intended for Valamar for its own consumption.

For many years now, Valamar has been investing significant funds in energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, which we will continue to work on intensively in the coming period, said Flavio Gregorović, director of the technical department at Valamar Riviera, adding that the move would increase their competitiveness and provide them with a new renewable source of electricity.

“The amount of electricity produced in the installed solar power plants is sufficient for the entire needs of one of our most successful resorts, Valamar Isabella Island Resort on the island of Sveti Nikola in Porec.

With this initiative, we are sending our guests an additional message about the importance we attach to sustainable development and socially responsible business, in which Valamar has invested more than 400 million kuna in the past five years," concludes Gregorović.

E.ON hired more than 60 experts of various profiles on the project, who realized the services of designing, installing, commissioning, and financing the project, which represents a significant step towards green and sustainable tourism. The use of renewable energy sources also contributes to the EU Green Plan for environmental protection and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, in which E.ON and Valamar are examples of good practice.

"This collaboration took place in unstable pandemic conditions, but we nevertheless showed that a strong partnership of two leading companies, each in its field, can bring added value both for our business and for guests who are increasingly aware of sustainable and green tourism.

Croatia has a significant solar energy potential which, if used properly, contributes to reducing operating costs, increasing profitability, and minimizing market risks of rising electricity prices. We are glad that Valamar recognized us as a reliable and professional partner and showed us the confidence to use the sun's energy for their benefit, but also for the benefit of Croatian sustainable tourism," said Vedran Belamarić, Director of E.ON Solara.

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Thursday, 9 July 2020

E.ON Buys Gas Distribution Companies from Nova Gradiska and Kutina

ZAGREB, July 9, 2020 - The E.ON Croatia energy company on Thursday acquired two gas distribution and retail companies - Plin-Projekt from Nova Gradiska and Moslavina Plin from Kutina, becoming the third-largest gas distributor in Croatia with 43,000 customers.

With the acquisition of Plin-Projekt and Moslavina Plin, E.ON Croatia has become the 100% owner of another two gas distribution and retail companies with 19,000 customers, the company said in a statement on Thursday without disclosing the value of the transaction.

In recent years, E.ON has taken over two gas companies in Croatia - Koprivnica Plin and Montcogim Plinara. With the latest acquisitions, E.ON has become the largest gas distributor in the country, with 43,000 customers within the 1,650-km gas network.

"We are successfully continuing to achieve our strategy to become one of the leading companies on the Croatian gas distribution market," CEO Karl Kraus said in the statement.

Until this year E.ON Croatia had operated under the name RWE. As a result of the reshuffling of the European energy market, German energy giant E.ON took over RWE's subsidiary Innogy, of which RWE Croatia and its affiliates were part.