Sunday, 3 October 2021

United Airlines Dubrovnik Flights to Continue after "Incredible" Season

October 3, 2021 - United Airlines Dubrovnik flights will continue next year from May 27 and run even longer - until October 26!

Great news for Dubrovnik Airport as United Airlines announced they would continue on the New York (Newark Airport)-Dubrovnik route next summer, citing an incredible season this year, reports Ex Yu Aviation

The United Airlines 2021 summer schedule ended on Saturday, October 2, though the airline will resume flights from Newark from May 27, 2022. The route will run 4 times a week, on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday and the schedule will run even later next year, until October 26. United operated this route using Boeing 767-300 aircraft.

“We feel really bullish about Europe for next summer. We had a look of that this summer. We started in a few new markets. In fact, we loaded those for sale very late. And those new markets are actually, some of our top performing city fares, because Croatia and Greece in particular, made it clear to the world that they were open for business. And in fact, our customers responded to it immediately, and our new flights degrees did incredibly well," said United’s Chief Commercial Officer, Andrew Nocella, emphasizing that the service was launched for American citizens and residents as they were allowed to travel to Croatia throughout the coronavirus pandemic. 

“Flights from the US performed well above our expectations. These incoming tourists stay in Dubrovnik, which serves as a base for them to explore other places - nearby islands and Dalmatia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Furthermore, these flights are important as they have enabled cargo transport to the United States. As a result, each aircraft departs with around ten tons of exportable goods to the States," said General Manager of Dubrovnik Airport, Frano Luetić. 

Recall, both United and Delta Air Lines launched flights from New York this year, though Delta operated from JFK Airport. Ex Yu Aviation adds that Delta likely won't restore flights to the Croatian coast next summer as the airline has already scheduled all of its European routes introduced this year.

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Saturday, 21 August 2021

Jet2 Flights to Dubrovnik Airport Extended through End of October!

August 21, 2021 - Jet2 flights to Dubrovnik Airport have been extended from London Stansted and Manchester until the end of October. 

Dubrovnik Airport is currently connected to about 50 international destinations with about 40 carriers. The traffic intensified in August, and all airlines increased the number of flights, including from British low-cost leisure airline, which announced that they were extending the season to Dubrovnik Airport, reports HRTurizam.

"Dubrovnik - sightseeing and island-hopping adventures through the day give way to evenings of waterfront wining and dining. Dubrovnik’s Old Town takes centre stage, with its network of ancient alleys, pretty piazzas, and terracotta rooftops all wrapped up in grand stone walls. Out of town, emerald islands and secluded coves await. All of this has resulted in increased demand, and in response, and Jet2holidays have made the following additions:

  • Manchester – season extended until the end of October, with three weekly services operating until then, including Saturday and Sunday flights.
  • London Stansted - season extended until the end of October, with three weekly services operating until then.
  • Flights and holidays also available to Dubrovnik from BirminghamEdinburgh, Leeds Bradford and Newcastle in Summer 21," writes Jet2 in an announcement on August 21.

Visitors from the United Kingdom are traditionally among the top 5 visitors in Dubrovnik-Neretva County and the City of Dubrovnik. From July 1 to August 17, they realized 114,622 overnight stays.

"The Dubrovnik-Neretva County Tourist Board independently launched a media campaign in the United Kingdom in late July and early August, and in cooperation with, a campaign was launched to promote destinations throughout our county. If the epidemiological picture continues to be favorable, we can expect visitors from the United Kingdom to achieve good results in 2021. We hope that the extension of flights will enable even better results from this significant market for us," states the Dubrovnik-Neretva County Tourist Board.

Dubrovnik achieved one million overnight stays. The most numerous guests are from the United Kingdom.

According to the eVisitor tourist check-in and check-out system, one million overnight stays were realized in Dubrovnik from the beginning of the year to August 16, 2021, which is an increase of 87 percent compared to 2020. In the same period, in 2020, there were 276,178 arrivals, which is an increase of 73 percent.

From January 1 to August 16, 2021, most tourists in Dubrovnik were from France, the USA, Croatia, Germany, the United Kingdom, Poland, Russia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Netherlands, and Ukraine. Furthermore, most tourists were from France, the United Kingdom, Germany, the USA, Croatia, Russia, Poland, the Netherlands, Spain, and Italy in the first half of August. Currently, in August, most guests in Dubrovnik are from the United Kingdom, followed by guests from France, Germany, the USA, Russia, Italy, Croatia, Poland, the Netherlands, and Spain.

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Wednesday, 18 August 2021

Flights to Croatia: Ryanair Zagreb Boosts Operations, Blue Air Split and Dubrovnik Routes

August 18, 2021 - The latest flight news to Croatia as the Ryanair Zagreb base boosts operations on two lines, and Blue Air Split and Dubrovnik routes are on the horizon. 

The newly launched Ryanair Zagreb base will boost operations on two routes from September 1, reports Ex Yu Aviation

Namely, the airline will operate four weekly flights to Charleroi compared to the existing two, while there will be four weekly rotations to Gothenburg compared to the existing three flights a week. 

Furthermore, Ryanair will station a second jet, the Airbus A320, in Zagreb from September 1, thus launching nine new routes. 

Ex Yu Aviation reports that Romanian low-cost carrier Blue Air will run seasonal flights from Bucharest to Split and Dubrovnik in 2022. The new routes will work from June 23 and June 28, with two flights per week on the 189-seat Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

The airline is introducing seven new routes next summer, with Split and Dubrovnik included. 

Eurowings has also announced that it will introduce its third route to Zagreb Airport, a year-round flight between Dusseldorf and Zagreb, which was canceled in 2019. The route will run on Tuesdays and Saturdays beginning August 31.

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Tuesday, 3 August 2021

Airline Destination Dubrovnik Only at 50% of 2019 Tourism Numbers for July

August 3, 2021 - Airline destination Dubrovnik isn't recording the record tourism numbers as the rest of Croatia. And there is one big reason why. 

While many Croatian destinations are recording tourist figures significantly closer to those from 2019, southern Croatia is still lagging behind. Thus, Dubrovnik realized only 50 percent of tourist arrivals in July compared to the record 2019, reports 

"According to the eVisitor tourist check-in and check-out system, there were 115,323 arrivals, and 422,679 overnight stays in Dubrovnik in July 2021, i.e., 152 percent more arrivals and 131 percent more overnight stays than in the same period last year. At the same time, foreign tourists realized 107,729 arrivals and 396,215 overnight stays, while domestic tourists realized 7,594 arrivals and 26,464 overnight stays. Compared to the record 2019, 50 percent of tourist traffic in arrivals and 53 percent of tourist traffic in overnight stays were realized in July," the Dubrovnik Tourist Board announced.

Such figures in the south are not really surprising. During the COVID-19 crisis, many guests decide to travel with their vehicles for safety. Dubrovnik is the southernmost destination that is not connected well by car, and it is necessary to pass the corridor through Neum. The Adriatic pearl thus remains an air destination. 

According to the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, most guests who stayed in Dubrovnik during July were from the USA, France, Germany, Croatia, Poland, Russia, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Ukraine, and Austria. It is also worth mentioning that direct lines from the USA to Dubrovnik were introduced at the beginning of July, which probably influenced the guests from the USA to take first place on the list of those who visit Dubrovnik the most.

According to the Dubrovnik Tourist Board data, the current tourist turnover is at 72 percent concerning the same period of the record 2019, which best describes the tourist situation in Dubrovnik. Namely, the beginning of July did not look particularly promising. Still, the situation improved sharply after the planes started flying from the USA and the opening of the British market, which is extremely important for southern Croatia. Namely, the British are Dubrovnik's most loyal guests.

But when looking at the situation in the first seven months of this year, it doesn’t look particularly satisfying. In the first seven months of 2021, Dubrovnik-Neretva County realized only 31 percent of arrivals and 43 percent of overnight stays compared to the same period in 2019. Such results are conditioned by the poor tourist performance of Dubrovnik, which achieved 23 percent of arrivals and 27 percent of overnight stays compared to 2019, but also the surrounding area, which predominantly affects the tourist results of the county. The President of the Dubrovnik County Chamber, Nikolina Trojić, believes that the reason for these figures lies in guests' structure and the destination's character.

"Dubrovnik and its surroundings are a dominant airline destination, and we know that this market segment is more difficult to recover. The main market for the Dubrovnik area for years was the United Kingdom, which participated with 30 percent in overnight stays. It will be significant in improving tourist numbers, but it is not easy to make up for the absence of the British with any other market overnight. Also in the top ten destinations are three overseas, which were also more or less absent due to the pandemic," Trojic explains.

However, this year's results indicate a slightly better season than last year, where the number of arrivals in Dubrovnik in the first seven months of 2021 was higher by 65 percent and the number of overnight stays by 78 percent.

"The basic question is how long it will last. It has been known that September has been the month with the best occupancy and financial results in Dubrovnik for years. However, there is still concern whether the fourth wave of the pandemic will stop such good bookings and announcements. If that happens, Dubrovnik will have to seek state support again to preserve employment, to preserve the core of the economy," Trojic says.

The owner of a travel agency and an occasional transport company, Vesna Lukić, believes that the decline also occurred due to the absence of cruiser arrivals, at least in the number in which it was common.

"Whether we consider cruisers desirable or not, it is obvious how much they had an impact on the percentage of visitors to Dubrovnik. Even ships coming to Dubrovnik do not sail at full capacity again, so with the decline in arrivals and reduced passenger capacity, bubble groups have played a role," says Lukic, who notes that the number of flights to Dubrovnik is also negligible compared to other airports in Croatia.

"The fact that a direct flight connects Dubrovnik with the USA is great for the promotion of the city, but unfortunately, one swallow does not make spring, so even those few flights do not make a season," Lukić believes.

He also notes that Minister Brnjac stated that we could not compete with Malta because they are primarily an air destination, and we are a car destination with which she disagrees. He says the issue is not well resolved either.

"In the last few days, we have witnessed abnormal crowds at the border crossings that surround us, so this statement is even more incredible. Guests who wait for hours in traffic at extremely high temperatures will certainly not take with them from vacation what we would like but will return indignant and with recommendations not to go to Dubrovnik," Lukić notes.

As he says, the number of entities that depend on tourism in Dubrovnik-Neretva County is huge; the number of visitors is not enough for everyone to find 'their place under the sun,' and without the expected (and desired) income another difficult winter is coming. Therefore, her predictions are not at all optimistic.

"We are a destination that is still guided by the policy that we are beautiful, and that is why our guests come, and that still works on the principle of tourism as we had in the early '80s, so this scenario is expected," Lukić said and believes that southern Croatia needs strong changes in terms of tourism and radical changes. Otherwise, it could easily happen that the 2022 season will not be much better.

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Saturday, 3 July 2021

First Delta Air Lines Flight to Dubrovnik Lands with Full Capacity On Board!

July 3, 2021 - The first Delta Air Lines flight to Dubrovnik from New York (JFK Airport) landed this morning in the Adriatic pearl at 10:51 am.

225 passengers arrived on the flight, which is the full capacity of the airplane.

"We are very excited to be in Dubrovnik and to bring American tourists to Croatia. We know how important tourism is to your country and how it accounts for 25 percent of your gross domestic product. We are happy to help bring American tourists to the world, especially Dubrovnik, such a wonderful destination. I spent three days here, and I really enjoyed it," said Delta Air Lines regional sales manager Thomas Brandt, as reported by Dubrovački Dnevnik.

He added that the flight was full in both directions and that it was extremely sought after and popular from day one, and that it was similar to other flights that would fly on the New York-Dubrovnik route.

Brandt said that all passengers on the plane can order food and that they adhere to all hygiene regulations and high standards to protect against coronavirus.

"These flights are significant, not only for the City of Dubrovnik, which is the most desirable destination for American tourists, but also for the whole of Croatia. They announced that they would meet the rest of Croatia. When tourists come to such a destination, they know no borders and will certainly visit other parts of the country. This was already evident from the recent conference in Dubrovnik when numerous American agents arrived. They also looked at the rest of Croatia and offered it to American tourists. This is just more proof that Croatia has decided to prepare well for the upcoming tourist season and remove all barriers that exist when entering the country, and at the same time create a positive epidemiological situation," said State Secretary at the Ministry of Tourism and Sports Sandra Herman.

The director of the Croatian Tourist Board, Kristjan Staničić, answered the question of what is expected from the U.K. market.

"Like everyone in Croatia, we look forward to the further decisions by the British government on the travel of their citizens outside the British border. The British market is essential for Dubrovnik and the Dubrovnik area. Therefore, I am optimistic and convinced that many Britons will start coming to Croatia, primarily to Dubrovnik. Still, we have to wait for their government's decision," he replied.

Director of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County Tourist Board, Vladimir Bakić, also touched on the issue.

"This is a great encouragement when it comes to the US market. The fact is that the decision on how they can travel to other EU countries will enable transit passengers to come to Dubrovnik. As for the British market, it’s all up to the British government. According to the latest announcements, we expect that it will be possible for those Britons who have been vaccinated with two doses to traveling, and there are over 30 million of them. It would be a great opportunity, and without it, it will be difficult to expect some progress given all the circumstances with the epidemiological situation around the new strain of the virus that has spread there and is spreading to the rest of Europe," he replied.

He pointed out that, apart from Dubrovnik, visitors from the USA were the second-largest group of guests in Korcula's hotels.

"Dubrovnik is the most visited when it comes to guests from the United States, but they are also happy to visit the surrounding area," Bakić said.

The director of ZL Dubrovnik, Frano Luetić, said that landing the Delta Air Lines flight means a lot, especially because the British market has not yet opened. As he says, flights from the USA could in some way 'pull us out of the situation' and improve tourist figures in southern Croatia. He added that the Airport has been renovated and can accommodate aircraft of this capacity because it has the longest runway in the country, and stressed that ZL employees have been preparing for the past month to accept all US procedures and systems that are demanding. However, they received praise from their American colleagues.

Mayor Mato Franković is satisfied with the flights, but appeals for vaccinations.

"The fact is that we have established an air bridge, that the health security in Dubrovnik is at a very high level, today there are two newly infected ... Things are going in the right direction. But we need to raise the level of awareness of all those fellow citizens who have not yet been vaccinated. According to our estimates, the vaccination rate is 47 percent in Dubrovnik, which is not enough. If we want our season to last in September and October, we have to get vaccinated," said Franković.

"I don't understand people who are anti-vaccine and who 47 percent of us who got vaccinated obviously consider us fools. And we did not get vaccinated to protect our health, but on the one hand to reduce the possibility of the spread of the infection in the city, and on the other hand to ensure the recovery of the Dubrovnik economy," added Franković, who believes that the Government has the right to introduce restrictions for those who do not want to be vaccinated, but can.

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Friday, 2 July 2021

United and Delta in Dubrovnik! Flights from New York in Operation

July 2, 2021 - With the launch of United and Delta in Dubrovnik, the Adriatic pearl now has flights from New York through October. 

More good news arrives from the Croatian coast as two major US airlines have launched to Dubrovnik! Namely Untied Airlines officially began operations on Thursday, July 1,  from New York’s Newark Airport, connecting New York and Dubrovnik for the first time in 30 years, reports Ex Yu Aviation. The inaugural flight on the 214-seat Boeing 767-300ER aircraft had just two seats available in economy class as of Thursday morning, the aviation portal added. 

United will depart from New York on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays and arrive in Dubrovnik the following day through until October 2. United has also timed its flights to ensure they connect to 65 cities in North America. 

Delta, on the other hand, will launch operations from JFK Airport today (July 2), running four times per week on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays through October 3. Delta will operate this service using the 26-seat Boeing 767-300ER aircraft.

“Throughout the pandemic, we have made great efforts to promote the city and to maintain the destination’s visibility with special emphasis on the US market. Our efforts have paid off. Seven weekly nonstop flights from the US are a huge success for Dubrovnik’s tourism. The American market is the second biggest in Dubrovnik, right after the UK. This year we expect excellent results from this extremely important market for us, and we hope to see continuous growth in the years ahead," said Dubrovnik Tourism Board director, Ana Hrnić.

“This service will significantly contribute to the return of our American guests to Dubrovnik and Croatia as a whole in these difficult times," the Dubrovnik Airport General Manager, Frano Luetić, added. 

Delta will offer 24,406 seats between New York and Dubrovnik this summer and United 22,684 seats. 

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Tuesday, 1 June 2021

Two New Wizz Air Flights to Croatia Announced from Vienna!

June 1, 2021 - The latest flight news to Croatia as two new Wizz Air flights to Croatia from Vienna will land in Dubrovnik and Split! 

Avio Radar reports that Hungarian low-cost airline Wizz Air has announced new routes from Vienna to Dubrovnik and Split! 

Namely, the Vienna-Dubrovnik line will operate twice a week, on Wednesdays and Sundays, from July 4 to September 26, while the Vienna-Split line will also operate twice a week, but on Mondays and Fridays, from July 2 to September 24.

This is only the latest from Wizz Air, which has announced a series of flights to Croatia this summer. 

Last month, the airline announced its return to Dubrovnik after several years with a connection from Rome (Fiumicino Airport) three times a week, from July 1 to October 30, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Tickets were also released on the Warsaw and Dubrovnik line just over a week ago, which will operate from July 3 on Wednesdays and Saturdays, until September 19. 

Wizz Air has significantly increased its operations to Split this year.

The low-cost airline will run between Rome and Split from July 2 every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, until October 29. 

From June 13, WizzAir will operate between Lublin and Split, on Thursdays and Sundays, until mid-September. From June 11, it will run between Poznan and Split every Monday and Friday, also until the end of September.

Wizz Air also has lineds from Gdansk, Wroclaw, and Krakow this summer. While the airline had announced a line between Split and Oslo this year as well, the airline has decided to completely withdraw from the Norweigan airport. 

To put things into perspective, Wizz Air connected Split with only four international destinations in the summer of 2020! 

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Wednesday, 26 May 2021

Flights from Scandinavia to Croatia Return Thanks to SAS, Norwegian, TUI, Nova Airways!

May 26, 2021 - The latest flight news to Croatia as flights from Scandinavia to Croatia return this summer thanks to SAS, Norwegian, TUI, and Nova Airways. 

Croatian Aviation reports that SAS, Norwegian, TUI, and Nova Airways are announcing the start of operations on their seasonal routes from Scandinavia to Croatian airports.

After several months, Scandinavian airlines are resuming traffic on their seasonal international routes to Croatian airports. Pula, Split, and Dubrovnik will again have direct connections with several cities. A look at the flight schedule for June.

Lines to Split begin first

The first flights this season have been announced to Split Airport. From June 5, Norwegian will operate once a week on the Stockholm - Split - Stockholm route, and from the end of June, daily flights have been announced.

In addition to Stockholm, Norwegian plans to introduce the Copenhagen - Split - Copenhagen route (daily) from the end of June, and flights on the Oslo - Split - Oslo route have been announced from June 17, three times a week, every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

SAS Scandinavian Airlines will resume operations on the Stockholm - Split - Stockholm route from June 5, and as of June 16, two flights a week have been announced on this route, on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

As of Wednesday, June 9, SAS introduces the Copenhagen - Split - Copenhagen line, which will operate twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. At the beginning of July, the company will introduce a regular line between Oslo and Split.

In addition to the two mentioned carriers, from Friday, June 4, TUI will operate once a week from Stockholm to Split. Nova Airways will also operate on the regular charter line Gothenburg - Split - Stockholm from the beginning of June.

At the end of June, the return of SAS to Pula

From the end of June, SAS Scandinavian Airlines routes to Pula Airport have also been announced. These are three international lines, from Copenhagen, Oslo, and Stockholm.

The line from Copenhagen to Pula is announced twice a week, on Tuesdays and Sundays, the line from Oslo once a week, on Mondays, and the line from Stockholm twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The lines will be in operation from the last week of June, and an increase in the number of weekly operations is expected from July.

Norwegian is currently not selling tickets to Pula Airport for this summer season.

Lines to Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik has SAS and Norwegian flights in the announcement; both mentioned airlines should resume traffic to Dubrovnik in the last week of June.

SAS is currently planning two lines to Dubrovnik from Copenhagen and Stockholm. The line from Copenhagen is announced once a week from June 28, on Mondays, while the line from Stockholm is also announced once a week, on Sundays, from June 27. The carrier also plans to increase the number of operations towards Dubrovnik in early July. 

Norwegian currently offers only one line to Dubrovnik Airport. It is a line Stockholm - Dubrovnik - Stockholm, which should have its first flight this season on June 28. Three flights a week have been announced, on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, and from July on Saturdays.

Four lines from Zagreb

According to current announcements, Zagreb will have four direct lines to Scandinavia this summer.

At the beginning of June, Croatia Airlines will increase the number of operations on its regular route Zagreb - Copenhagen - Zagreb with a morning departure from Zagreb Airport, and in June, flights on this route will be available daily.

From July 23, Ryanair will introduce the Zagreb - Gothenburg - Zagreb route (three flights a week), while from September, regular flights from Zagreb to Oslo Torp and Malmo have been announced (both routes two flights a week).

In previous years, Norwegian operated on the line between Copenhagen and Zagreb, but this line is not on sale on the airline's official website this year either.

Flights from Zadar to Stockholm

Since the end of June, Zadar Airport has announced a regular direct Ryanair flight between Gothenburg and Zadar; two flights a week have been announced, on Tuesdays and Fridays, and in July, there will be as many as four flights a week on this route.

In addition to Gothenburg, Zadar will be connected to Stockholm and Aarhus in July.

Rijeka, Osijek, and Brac, the three remaining airports open to international traffic, currently have no scheduled flights from Scandinavia for this summer season. 

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Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Iberia Flights to Split and Zagreb Return Next Month!

May 25, 2021 - The latest flight news to Croatia as Iberia flights to Split and Zagreb return next month, while the Dubrovnik line will increase to four flights a week! 

Croatian Aviation reports that Spanish national airline, Iberia, will resume traffic to two Croatian airports - Zagreb and Split - from the beginning of June.

Iberia is running again to Zagreb and Split from the beginning of June! Since March, the Spanish national airline has been operating on a regular route between Madrid and Dubrovnik and will reintroduce routes to Split and Zagreb next month. 

Return to Zagreb

These lines were not in operation in the summer of 2020, and the airline only had reduced traffic to Dubrovnik Airport. Still, in the summer of 2021, Iberia will operate to the Croatian capital, Split, and later to Zadar, which will restore traffic on all lines Iberia had in the summer season of 2019, before the pandemic.

The Madrid - Zagreb - Madrid line was announced on Friday, June 4. Initially, Iberia aircraft will operate on this route three times a week, on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Three flights a week have been announced throughout June, and A320 aircraft will operate on the route.

Iberia will offer a total of 4,104 seats between Zagreb and Madrid in June.

Madrid - Split - Madrid from June 1

In addition to Zagreb, Iberia will return to Split Airport as of June 1. In the first half of the month, two flights a week are announced, on Tuesdays and Saturdays, and from mid-June, flights on Saturdays and Sundays are added.

As early as the end of June, Iberia will operate between Madrid and Split five times a week, every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Currently, 16 rotations have been announced on this line in June, with 5,472 seats available for sale between the two mentioned cities.

More flights to Dubrovnik

As we mentioned earlier, Dubrovnik is the only Croatian airport to which Iberia operated in the summer of 2020 and is also the company's first destination in Croatia this summer season.

So far, two flights a week have been available on this route, and as many as four have been announced since the beginning of June (from Friday to Monday).

From Friday, June 18, Iberia plans to operate daily between Dubrovnik and Madrid, with A320 aircraft, so that the Spanish company will offer the largest number of seats to Dubrovnik. There are currently as many as 7,182 seats on sale.

Zadar from July!

Regular flights on the route between Madrid and Zadar are currently postponed to the beginning of July (from July 3). Two flights a week have been announced on this route, on Tuesdays and Saturdays, but given that the start date of operations is still quite far, there is no need to hurry with booking because the airline could continue to cancel flights on this route.

In June, Iberia will have three lines to Croatia with a total of 15 weekly operations. Between Madrid, Zagreb, Split, and Dubrovnik, there are as many as 16,755 seats on offer.

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Saturday, 22 May 2021

American Demand for Dubrovnik and Croatia Increases by 205%

May 22, 2021 - The relaxation of measures to combat the pandemic, given the decrease in infections and the current vaccination campaign, is one of the reasons why the American demand for Dubrovnik and Croatia as travel destinations for this summer season has increased considerably.

Dubrovnik undoubtedly stands out as one of the most popular destinations to visit in the summer. And although the city has a lot to offer twelve months of the year, and this is something that has recently been worked on through the digital nomads project as an ideal destination to work remotely, it cannot be denied that its beaches, islands, history, and nightlife place it at the top of the rankings made by hundreds of prestigious tourism and travel magazines and portals each year.

As writes, Croatian destinations are increasingly being searched on the US market, so the well-known American magazine Forbes published data that the search and American demand for Dubrovnik on online search engines are continuously growing, said the director of the Croatian National Tourist Board in the USA, Ina Rodin.


Credit: Mario Romulić

A Forbes article states that on the popular KAYAK travel search page, the American demand for Dubrovnik as a travel destination for this summer season has recorded a search jump of as much as 205 percent, followed by Zurich with a growth of 167 percent, Prague with 144 percent and Reykjavik with a growth of 143 percent. The article states that the growth of search is directly related to the easing of passenger restrictions in Croatia and Iceland, and mentions that Croatia and Greece are currently the most sought-after destinations on the Click & Boat boat rental site.

The well-known American television network CNBC states that Croatia's Internet search is growing by 31 percent and Iceland's by 22 percent. Although Americans are expected to travel the most in their own country in 2021, airline searches rose 47 percent after European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen's optimistic statement hinted that vaccinated Americans could travel to Europe this summer. The renowned American newspaper The New York Times also writes about the conditions of arrival and stay in Croatia, as well as the measures that are currently in force.

The American The Wall Street Journal also makes recommendations for European travel, and the list includes, in addition to Greece, Croatia, and Dubrovnik, which were mentioned as perfect destinations for this year's American vacation.

According to the CNTB, 70,000 overnight stays from the US market have been made in Croatia so far this year, which is an increase of 38 percent compared to the same period last year.

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